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For questions about the user interface elements (inputs, checkboxes, etc) that make up this site.

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Are multiple info-bar popups for unregistered users the intended behavior of the site?

I loaded up Stack Overflow for the first time on a new computer last week, and was surprised to see three dismissible info-bar popups on my screen. This is 424 rows of pixels (if I counted right), ...
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"Top Questions" is Pointless

I'll admit that when Stack Overflow changes their layout I usually don't like it at first. Sometimes the changes grow on me, other times they linger and fester at which point you either just have to ...
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Removing my own comments is not "voting"

I cannot remove more than one comment of my own every 5 seconds. I find this annoying. Sometimes I only opt to write a reply when I realize I have found multiple issues to comment on, then wrap them ...
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Why doesn't a vote to the delete button show I already voted?

I noticed quite a few times that after I voted to delete a question (or an answer), the button for it shows as "X more votes are needed to delete this post" when simply hovering over it. If I click ...
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Revert to the old Upvote-Downvote buttons' design

Old: New: This doesn't look good and doesn't match Stack Overflow's UI standard and design style. Please revert to the old design. Edit: After the revert to the old buttons, the revert back to the ...
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Make the space between the time value and the units a non-breaking one

In rare cases, a comment of a certain magical length will cause the time stamp to wrap onto the next line in a confusing way: (Image shamelessly stolen from Shadow Wizard, exploiting his hard ...
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No space between search options

Check out this search example. It looks like an absolute mess above the search bar: It would be much better if the options were separated with commas and spaces: not closed, views>=1000, answers 0
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Close Snippet obstructed in Full Screen

Alter the z-index of fixed top bar when using Full Screen Snippets has been fixed. But click on the full screen preview and try to close the snippet? Hello! Click on the full page above right and ...
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Provide user interface to insert language hints

I find myself visiting What is syntax highlighting and how does it work? on a regular basis to figure out what languages Prettify supports and by what names it calls them. I guess many others don't ...
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New design: "X votes" should be "X score"

Apparently, we have a new design for the question list. The left block, containing a summary of the question's "statistics", looks like this: That line that says "38 votes" is ...
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Tell users that they can no longer review the edit as soon as they select a review option if the edit is no longer reviewable

I was reviewing a suggested edit (the specific edit is irrelevant to the question), and selected Reject and Edit. After doing so, I was surprised to see the suggested edit in the editor, instead of ...
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The tab widths of new-nav are too short

As titled. The tabs are too short. 100px is not even enough to show "need answers" completely. The maximum width should be longer (e.g. 300px). (btw the + new tab button can be changed to just + to ...
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Increase the time hints (yellow pop ups) show up in the website

Could someone increase the time that hints are displayed? Every time I up-voted an answer I was getting a small pop-up message: You have not voted questions in a while. Consider up-voting this ...
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For certain extremely common duplicates, it should be possible to put prominent warnings up front

I just closed yet another question about an extremely common error message as a duplicate of its canonical: Truth value of a Series is ambiguous. Use a.empty, a.bool(), a.item(), a.any() or a.all(). ...
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Triage → Unsalvageable → Should be closed… has been closed?

I encountered which contains an off-topic question. I attempted to follow the advice in How do I deal with off-topic posts in Triage?: Choose ...
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Job search 'Create alert' button is where the search button should be

When using the job search I type in the field then click the 'Create alert' button, thinking it is the search button. It's in the same place that the search button should be, it's the same colour and ...
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"Related tags" sidebar lists tags as related to themselves

Here's a minor UI issue I just noticed: when filtering questions by tag on SO, the sidebar redundantly list the tag(s) being filtered by as "related tags", as in this screenshot (look under the mouse ...
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Misleading UI when trying to raise multiple flags

I recently flagged a low-quality answer (full text of answer: "Your answer is may be best. Thank u.") with a "Not An Answer" flag. Upon further investigation I grew suspicious that there may have been ...
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Inappropriate warning haunting my answer entry field: "Provide a complete example to reproduce your SQL question"

I decided to necropost on this Off-topic: Cannot reproduce question in an attempt to steer researchers away from the accepted answer. I would normally vote to close, but because I don't have a hammer ...
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Collapsing comments produces misleading information

I went back to one of answers recently and I saw the following comments. The first comment is shown then my response. Unfortunately, the comments between these two are not shown and provide ...
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Inbox message's activity indicator showing negative number

Due to some reason, the recent inbox messages indicator is showing a negative number. NB: all of my messages are read.
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New questions displayed offset to existing ones when using "new activity" link

This may be a "feature" but I've noticed today that when clicking the xx questions with new activity link at the top of the list of questions in a particular tag, the new questions loaded ...
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Chat FAQ links differ from the content of the main FAQ page

Related to this question about why they look different, but not the same issue. That question was dealing with the poor UX and the fact that if you load the page with a fragment it works incorrectly. ...
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Discrepancy between question header and close banner on months ago calculation

Today I was doing some moderation on is there a difference between software architecture and web development architecture? and saw that the question header shows the question was asked 5 months ago, ...
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Late answers queue 'Other action' text uses 'question' instead of 'answer'

While reviewing Late answers, I noticed that the text under Other action reads You have taken one or more actions on this question and have finished your review. Shouldn't this say answer instead of ...
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Drag and drop feature for re-arranging favorite tags

I was adding some favorite tags, I noticed that while adding lengthy tags, the favorite tags section started getting significantly taller, which wouldn't happen if I utilize the empty space in it by ...
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Message inbox doesn't remember "All" or "Unread" selection

At the top of the new inbox, there's a dropdown where you can select if you want to see "All" or only your "Unread" notifications. When you pick "Unread" and then reload ...
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User page questions list layout bug

"Have you considered accepting an answer or starting a bounty for this question?" displaces way too much horizontal space on the left side.
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"show removed posts" checkbox on tab=reputation should be moved to just above the list

Like (it appears, many) I was recently confused by multiple inexplicable drops of 2 reputation. I came here looking for answers, and found this excellent answer originally by Cody Gray, which ...
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Comments on question can break the page layout

Exhibit :
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Fix character count display for work entries with CV

Prompted by this answer: The counter at the top right indicates a character count relative to a required minimum. This is uncommon UI design. An indication x/y characters usually indicates that you ...
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Highlight Original Poster on question list

When perusing the list of questions, often questions that may be of dubious quality (negative score, on hold etc) are shown as having been modified. It would be useful to know if they have been ...
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Missing blue search-icon at the right side of the search-box?

I may be missing something, but I'm pretty sure the search line on the main page has this blue icon at the right side (of a magnify glass) - currently it is empty: It may be minor, but I could hit it ...
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Message inbox full of read messages is very dark and out of place

Apparently, we got a new inbox recently. Now, "read" notifications are literally grayed-out, making the entire box gray. This feels completely out of place, it's the darkest element on the ...
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Review overview User Interface drawing too much attention to what I can't do

A recent UI (User Interface) change is taking a lot of real estate in the Review overview for users with less than 2000 or 3000 reputation points. The big blue boxes, as seen here: I don't need the ...
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"Red dot" the review button when there's a reopen vote on a question you closed, and put it at start of queue

I easily lose track of questions I voted to close. Today I came back across a question I voted to close, and it has been fixed, but I can't answer it now until enough other people come along to vote ...
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Improve Text Usability/Readability by changing the letter spacing and line height

I would like to suggest a usability improvement for Stack Overflow. When answers and comments are more than a few lines long, readability suffers from how close together the text appears. The lines ...
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Set focus on email address field on the Login Page

I hate using mouse to select a form once I load any webpage which I know will require input of some type, so I just place both of my hands on keyboard and get ready to hit tab until I get to form ...
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New home page question layout is missing the yellow emphasis for watched tags

The new question list layout overall seems pretty reasonable, but there used to be yellow highlights for questions from watched tags. This was extremely useful for finding questions I care about ...
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Content in new answer posted notification banner is hardly readable

Couldn't it have been done better? Banner: full width It is very difficult to read what is written on this banner, especially those blue words.
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Make headings anchor-jumpable

The main feature: Headings could have an auto-generated id that could be used to constract a webpage link to an exact location of a lengthy Q/A. Such anchors could also be used to navigate within an ...
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Attempting to unfollow a question will remove it from bookmarks

I noticed an odd behaviour of the user interface. If I follow and bookmark a question and later try to remove the question from the followed posts list on the user page, the bookmark is removed, not ...
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Can we warn on "belongs to SE site" as close reason?

CodeReview's 2nd monitor has a nice little bot that tracks any mention of "CodeReview" (or similar) in comments. As you can see, many of those comments are closing comments, where the voters ...
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It's too easy to lose custom bounty-request text

I was typing up a bounty request, and I wanted to include some text from the question I was bountying, but when I clicked elsewhere in the window to select that text, the bounty popup window ...
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Are there any stats on how the new "Ask a Question" performed during testing?

I like the new "Ask a Question" interface. I particularly like the warning pop-up very new users get before they get to start writing: And the "expectations regulator" they get afterwards: ...
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Top bar messed up on iPad running iOS 9.3.5

This is how the front page looks for me on the first iPad running iOS 9.3.5 (horizontal orientation): The problem is, it's impossible to see the rest of the top bar, so I can't get access to messages,...
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Warning tooltip overlaps the header

Write some invalid title into the title field. Scroll down a bit. Result: The header should have highest z-index than that message-box.
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Shortcut key for select @name

Is there a keyboard shortcut available to select @name from options? A shortcut will really be very helpful in a long conversation.
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Button ordering in the reopen review queue

The review queues buttons tend to rank from “positive feedback” to “negative feedback” to mostly constant edit and skip. The question reopening queue stands out a bit: first &...
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Was there a UI change that prevents the inbox count from resetting when the mailbox is clicked without selecting a message?

This question is similar to Inbox notification counter doesn't go away anymore after clicking outside the window, but I didn't see the issue appear until today. Between yesterday and today (maybe the ...
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