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Indicates that the feature request will not be implemented, or that a bug will not be fixed at present time.

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Synonymize [404-page] to [http-status-code-404]

Both 404-page and http-status-code-404 refer to the same thing, where a specific path is not found. The former page is a result of the latter status code. I don't think that difference warrants a ...
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Make [anonymous-namespace] a synonym for [unnamed-namespace]

Please make anonymous-namespace a synonym for unnamed-namespace. "Anonymous namespace" is a colloquialism in the C++ community which has established itself, which is equivalent to "...
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3 answers

Is the SO .htaccess tag off topic and should it be removed? [duplicate]

After a lot of chatter about .htaccess questions being off topic on Stack Overflow, I wanted to pose the question.... Should the .htaccess tag be removed? Does it describe the contents of the ...
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What changes were made to the Code of Conduct on May 31, 2023?

There is no clear delineation of what is new/changed and what is the same among the "updated" code of conduct announced on May 31, 2023. What was changed/added?
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Please help to undelete my question that was auto-deleted by a bot so I can do something about it

I asked this question at the beginning of 2023: With no comments or replies for a few ...
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2 answers

Show OP engagement history statistics on questions [duplicate]

Motivation It is a frequent occurrence on SO that OPs do not engage with the responses they get. They do not vote, do not accept and do not comment on any of the sometimes multiple answers they ...
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Empty title for downvote/removal entries of articles in Activity>Reputation view

Looking at the Activity>Reputation view of my own profile, I see nothing where the title of the post should be: The posts in question were articles posted by a plagiarist employed by Microsoft. ...
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Proposing the creation of an [auto-fill] tag for the CSS keyword

I would like to create the tag auto-fill, which would be for questions about the CSS grid/repeat function. This ("auto-fill") is a specific keyword in CSS, so I think it would be a useful ...
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Uninstall [installation]?

This tag is even more vague than its friend failed-installation that was uninstalled removed back in 2017. I don’t feel that it brings much information to a question, and I’m not sure why would anyone ...
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2 answers

APSW tag significance

I do not see any significance to the apsw tag apart from product promotion. It appears that this tag was created by the developer, and over the years it has been assigned to 13 questions only. Even ...
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ChatGPT should be incorporated into the site [duplicate]

ChatGPT is a tool. We should adopt all useful tools. This site is in the best position to do this adoption. I propose that before the question is published the OP gets the opportunity to read the ...
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1 answer

Should the meta-tag [robots]' tag definition be expanded to include AI generated content or could we create a new tag for it?

Currently the tag definition of robots says: For posts about various bots operating on Stack Overflow, as well as about the rules surrounding their development and usage. Don't use for posts about ...
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1 answer

Should there be a "fun" tag on meta?

I just wanted to celebrate my 365th day in a row on Stack Overflow. By starting a "discussion" about how many years other people have on the "clock". But since I know that there ...
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Can you add a Mastodon profile to your Stack Overflow profile whilst keeping your website link?

I would like to verify my Stack Overflow profile from my Mastodon profile. I can achieve this by replacing my website URL with my Mastodon URL, but this would mean that my website would not be ...
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45 votes
2 answers

Let's say bye bye to [hello]

There is a hello with no questions in it if you go to the "Newest" tab for the tag: But also hovering over the tag on the same page shows it has one question: This is a known issue - the ...
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Let's [do] some blacklisting

The tag do has been burninated in 2014. However, it was recreated (even though there are not many questions). I can imagine this tag being created and removed frequently. Therefore, I propose to ...
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'An error occurred' when saving a post on review queues

I was reviewing in the First questions review queue. When I clicked on the save button, it successfully saves the post but gives an error An unknown error occurred. Is this a bug?
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1 answer

Adding "lack of effort" as a close vote reason [duplicate]

I frequently come across SO questions that have code snippets just copy/pasted from poor online sites and asking what is the problem with that code and why it doesn't work. The main problem with these ...
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Suggest [python-os] when [python] and [operating-system] tags used

I frequently see operating-system used in Python questions that use the os module. These questions aren't about operating systems, and this presumably came about because os is a synonym (1837 ...
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2 answers

Could someone please create the [triembed-quercus] tag? [duplicate]

We've created a new open source project for tooling to simplify the programming of Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs). As part of formalizing the project open source community, I plan to direct ...
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68 votes
3 answers

Suggested edits take way too long to be reviewed due to a 2017 change to the top bar. Let's revert it

Prior to 2017, the top bar used to show a count of pending suggested edits to 2k+ users. Then, the top bar was completely redesigned to remove any numbers related to reviewing, and instead only show ...
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1 answer

Press [right-click] -> delete

1. Does it describe the contents of the questions to which it is applied? and is it unambiguous? The tag doesn't really add something to the understanding of the question. It simply describes a user ...
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Should the [ts] tag be a synonym to [typescript]?

Currently, the ts tag doesn't seem to exist. I believe that it should be a synonym for typescript. This makes sense given that js is a synonym for javascript, py is a synonym for python, and cpp is a ...
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-24 votes
1 answer

Shouldn't this be undeleted?

This question was recently deleted. Though it's a question of low quality and not direct, the main error (the one with the StringVar)'s reason/cause hasn't been explained properly in other posts, and ...
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Rename the [hoc] tag to [higher-order-component] or [react-higher-order-component]

As [hoc] is an abbreviation, I suggest to rename it.
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Merge [p5.js] tag into [p5js] tag

P5.js is a library that I'm highly active on, but when I started out of Stack Overflow I tried using the p5js tag and it failed, I was convinced for a year or so that the p5.js library wasn't ...
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2 answers

Render links of these formats [duplicate]

I would like to have links like: [Google]( to render as [Google]( and [Google Drive]( as [Google Drive]( [Google]s( ...
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Change tag 'tanstackreact-table' to 'tanstack-react-table'

The former one is generated from @tanstack/react-table, and is not very good
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There's no escape from HTML entities on the Blog

In the issue #129 of the Overflow, descriptions of "Interesting Questions" (as well as "Links from around the web") contain ' (likely not limited to in the general case) ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Do we need [effective-c++]?

There is effective-c++ tag. Currently it has 80 questions. Its tag info states: Tag for implementing and understanding guidelines and recommendations in any of the books "Effective C++: 50 ...
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-16 votes
2 answers

Make all *debug* tags consistent

Edited There are a number of inconsistencies in how *debug* tags are named. This request is to make the naming of those tags more coherent. My apologies to those who spent their time on the original ...
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25 answers

Rule proposal: comments asking for accepts and votes shall no longer be allowed

Moderator Note: We appreciate the community's feedback on this and are not moving forward with this rule as currently proposed. We still recommend not leaving these comments, and moderators will ...
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Should we create [gt-m] tag?

I'd like to create tag gt-m for GT.M. I get an error message that the tag name is too similar to gtm. Can we create this tag? GT.M is really the name this product is know under. GT.M is an ...
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2 answers

Chat with close voters about question closure

Read through the following scenario to see why I think being able to chat with the reviewing users of an issue is crucial: Scenario A question I posted recently (this one) was closed for needing to be ...
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1 answer

Request to let banned users ask one question every week [duplicate]

I noticed that other Stack Exchange sites allow banned users to post, but they limit the number of posts they can post per week to 1. Why wouldn't this site follow suit? I know the system can be ...
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3 votes
3 answers

Burninate [wordle-game], [wordsearch], [sudoku] and [crossword]

The game Wordle is in vogue right now, and we got wordle-game. There also exists crossword, sudoku and wordsearch. Are these really necessary? We don't have hangman, checkers. These game and puzzle ...
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49 votes
1 answer

Disable the Stacks editor in the new Ask Wizard

Please, I kindly ask you to disable the flawed Stacks editor for new users. Most new users don't know how to manually solve the issues caused by this editor which leads to garbage posts and broken ...
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1 answer

Can normal people suggest their own filter design? [closed]

Today we can see that there are many cool designs available for the user interface with some people's names. For example, "Bookface by Tom" and so on. Are they staff or moderators or just ...
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-17 votes
1 answer

Time-out for comments after "Answer your own question" self-answered Q/As

I shared a self-answered Q/A on a small stupidity, just to share this since this stupidity still had taken some minutes, and nothing could be found on the internet since it - yes - was a stupidity. ...
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"Top users" for this week is completely messed up

When I visit this page, showing the total reputation for the week per-user, the numbers are all messed up. For some users, it shows much more than just the total rep for this week, while for others (...
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-42 votes
2 answers

Question bans aren't a good way to make users improve their questions. Can you remove the 'question ban?' [duplicate]

People like me-they don't ask good questions. They never will until they have asked a ton of questions. I think you should remove the question bans permanently for all users. You could add some sort ...
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60 votes
1 answer

Please [downgrade] this tag out of existence

The downgrade tag has the following description: This tag refers to the process of replacing a particular system with an older version of the same system This tag does not really add useful ...
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1 answer

Synonymize [adoptopenjdk] to [java]

I suggest to synonymize adoptopenjdk to java. Similar to how the oraclejdk and openjdk tags are already synonyms of java.
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2 answers

Reputation from Stack Overflow Enterprise

I recently changed jobs and left behind 15k reputation and 115 badges on a private Stack Overflow Enterprise instance. It took me several years to earn that. Is there any way that could be anonymized ...
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-10 votes
1 answer

Should [scala] be removed in favour of [scala-2] and [scala-3]?

There is a growing issue with questions being asked about Scala 3 without the scala-3 tag, but only the scala tag. Historically, scala refers to Scala 2 (the scala-2 tag is moribund), but Scala 3 is ...
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Put a [pin] in [rust-pin]

Cleanup on aisle 3! I created the pin tag not realizing there is already a rust-pin tag. Could one be made the synonym of the other? My preference is for pin to be the canonical tag since it's shorter ...
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32 votes
2 answers

Should we burninate the [cryptocurrency] and [nft] tags?

cryptocurrency - 778 questions nft - 248 questions Does it describe the contents of the questions to which it is applied? and is it unambiguous? While they are in the same wheelhouse as blockchain, ...
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Should users be asked whether they're good in English before making a post?

There are many posts with bad formatting and English. They're just mixed in with everything else; it's just unorganised. So, should we ask users if their post has good English and punctuation? Yes ...
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Should we honor Zoe's election by burninating the [zoe] tag referring to a deprecated tool?

I was celebrating the election of our new moderator, Zoe, when I stumbled across a tag named after her: zoe! This tag only has one question. According to its tag wiki: Zoë is an open source tool for ...
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2 answers

Can we delete downloading a FTP directory recursively? It's off-topic, locked and also answered elsewhere

This question is about using a venerable FTP client (probably netkit's FTP client since the original one has passed hands several times in distributions). There's nothing programming here, no API, ...
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