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For question regarding the design of the Stack Overflow website, e.g. for issues with the layout, use this tag.

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Stack Overflow name not visible in dark mode [closed]

In desktop view, the name Stack Overflow isn't visible in dark mode: Please fix it.
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Missing orange logo with dark theme [duplicate]

Now that the dark theme is under reconstruction, could we please have the orange logo back? The white logo is dull. The orange logo is displayed perfectly on the tab of Edge, so why not where it ...
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Able to vote twice in Triage

In triage, I was given a question. In this case, I marked the question as "Looks OK", and voted up on the question and the answer. Before moving to the next question, I was given the random ...
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Is SO showing too many non-question elements to newcomers arriving at question pages?

TL;DR: 75% of what newcomers see when they follow a link to an SO question has nothing to do with the answer they came looking for. And I don't think that's right. This morning I was looking, as most ...
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New colour scheme makes it difficult to see the symbol of silver badges

Recently, a new colour scheme was introduced on Stack Exchange. In the new scheme, in Meta SO, the question asker’s profile has a grey background: This grey background makes it difficult the spot ...
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Dark theme SO is desaturated [duplicate]

I noticed that Stack Overflow's UI has recently been desaturated. Maybe it's just my monitor, and in this case please correct me. However, this change affected dark theme a little too much in my ...
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Contrast problem for new font color of Stack Overflow dark mode

I don't know whether it's just me or not, but I feel the new font color of Stack Overflow Dark Mode makes my eyes hurt, because using #8CBFF2 as font color and #2D2E2F as the background does not fit (...
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Is there someway to use the old dark mode?

I really don't like the new colors, is there a way to get back the old colors for the dark mode?
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Dark theme got high contrast colors

I noticed today that the color scheme was changed on Stack Overflow website, at least for Dark theme. The new color scheme is much more high contrast (relatively) than it was before. I even went to my ...
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Why is CSS content not loading in my browser? [closed]

I'm experiencing an issue where the CSS on Stack Overflow is not loading properly. When I visit the website, it appears that the styles are not being applied, resulting in an unstyled page. I'm using ...
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Unify the look of accept and recommend votes

A recent addition is the "recommended by collective" feature. It appears as a small button below the accept button and when active shows a small message above the answer. This is now ...
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Delete comment popup temporarily unresponsive

The "delete my comment: confirm / cancel" popup is always unresponsive for several seconds. Anyone else experiencing this, and any way to fix it? Cases: Yes on PC, Windows 10 Enterprise, ...
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Font in code blocks [duplicate]

Has the font in code blocks changed recently? Is this intended? Being exclusively active in the r tag, I'm very irritated by the distracting misalignment of < and -, which together are the ...
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Stack Overflow Collectives: The article propose popover is positioned absolutely behind the sticky header

In Stack Overflow Collectives, the "Article Propose Popover" popover, which display: Simply submit a proposal, get it approved by a Recognized Member, and publish it. See how the process ...
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Collectives Updates to the Community Bulletin in the Right Sidebar

Update — November 15, 2023 This temporary (90-day) experiment has been launched. A notable change from the initially stated matching logic is that we’re no longer matching on title, because it ...
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Poor contrast on "custom flag too long" message in dark mode

This also happens in SOfT, but that isn't considered on-topic here.. When flagging a comment (or post) in dark mode on Stack Overflow, and the message is too long, the warning/error is somewhat ...
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Stack Overflow Blog sidebar overflows into footer

On macOS, browsing with Safari or Firefox, when you scroll down to the bottom of the blog homepage, you'll notice the sidebar content is overflowing awkwardly into the footer: System: macOS 13.4.1, ...
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Collectives icon is slightly shifted to the top

Collectives icons on questions list in the tag section are slightly shifted to the top: More closer look: Reproduced on iPadOS 16.6, Chrome 115.0.5790.130
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Font size for comments in Collective article is bigger than comments on a normal post

While engaging with an article within the Collective section, I noticed a discrepancy in the font size of comments compared to regular posts. Specifically, the font size in the Collective seems larger ...
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The add post to Collection search box shows incorrect vote and view counts

The process for adding posts to collective collections includes a search box. When a post appears in the results, information is provided about the post. However, as can be seen below, the vote and ...
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Increased font size on mobile browsers

I just noticed that the font size has increased on the main site while browsing on mobile devices. I check this on multiple devices and browsers and it was consistent. Question titles and section ...
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Improve warning box color when editing a previous version of a post

When editing a previous version of a post, the following warning box shows. As you see, there's a red dotted border around the box, which I think is quite unclear. Can it be fixed to be similar to ...
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Testing native, sponsored banner ads on Stack Overflow (updated August 14)

UPDATE: We have concluded our tests of the native banner ads on Stack Overflow on July 20th, 2023. With your feedback on this post and the ads’ performance metrics, we have gathered sufficient ...
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Get rid of the horizontal scrollbar from the top bar somehow

Can we somehow get rid of the scrollbar on the top bar of the site while browsing on a mobile phone in portrait mode (narrow screen)? It seems that the easiest solution is to hide the "Products&...
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Can I ask about the possible design of a proprietary software given the observed behavior?

I've written a question along the lines of "How does WhatsApp's View Once feature work", where I ask what the existence of such a feature implies in terms of API offered by the OS and used ...
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Please update generated flair images to new design, supporting higher resolutions [duplicate]

An oft-overlooked feature SO has, is the ability to generate a flair image for your user profile. You can find the page for them, here: Here are some rendered ...
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Why is the vote count off-center for locked questions?

I was reading through a locked question when I noticed that the vote count (actually, the votes text) is off-center: Why is this off-center? Same problem for the answers:
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Inconsistencies on notification banner themes

I realized that the new "[...] Code of Conduct" banner on the SO site is displayed using a light theme, even if the website is displayed using the dark theme: But on the Stack Overflow meta ...
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Search bar is unusable on smaller tablet-sized screens

I am using Stack Overflow quite a lot (for questioning and answering). Recently, I bought an Onyx Boox Nova 3 Color tablet with has a 7.8″ E Ink color screen with a resolution of 468x624 (in portrait ...
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Is it possible to change Stack Overflow overall text color to custom?

I would like to have the (high contrast) text color instead of piercing white to be kind and soft greenish like in military jets and such are used. Is there some kind of overall setting to make it ...
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Selected voting buttons on meta could use more contrast

I noticed that as of today, the design change to the +/- buttons which I recall seeing discussed a while ago has been implemented. The circles around the up and down arrows does (in my opinion) make ...
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The case of the excessive space in burnination banners

Burnination notices have gotten some excessive spacing at the top and bottom: This has also applied retroactively to completion banners: I have not checked the featured burnination notice, but I ...
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Messed up buttons in Tag Watching & Ignoring settings

Go to your user page > Settings > Email Settings > Tag Watching & Ignoring: The buttons work, but: When the input box is hidden, Done has no use. When the input box is visible, Add a ...
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Missing margin around "post your answer" button

When I'm not logged into my SO account, under the "Your Answer" field, I see the post your answer button, along with some text to the left of it (I'm not using an RTL layout) that has no ...
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On 10k Tools page, the "Highest score" question titles overlap "Lowest score" titles

The default view on the Tools page looks fine, but when I click on "Highest score" under the "Questions with extreme score" heading to see the expanded list, some of the question ...
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Collective icons are causing unnecessary new lines

Example on a Google Pixel 6 phone with Chrome:
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32 votes
3 answers

Remove "Recognized by XYZ Collective" text from the Recognized Member (RM)'s flair

Since the launch of collectives, there have been discussions (mostly negative) about the new look of Recognized Member (RM)'s flair when they post an answer. Some of the related discussions can be ...
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Odd strikethrough behavior in Suggested Edits

On this suggested edit I noticed some odd behavior in the strikeout: I observed this on iPadOS 16.2's stock Safari and no userscripts. I'm not entirely sure what's wrong, but this extension of the ...
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Broken snippet rendering [duplicate]

This question (in revision 1) has a really weird StackSnippet content that doesn't want to display properly. In the question it renders nested scrollbars: Scrolling down to the bottom of the outer ...
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Too much wasted space between question and answer input form because of moved 'Related questions' from side to center [duplicate]

Yes, title says it all: The new 'Related questions' section moves the answer box more to the end of page and makes it problematic to write an answer with code and have a look to a wanted result from ...
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34 votes
2 answers

The case of the missing space in migration banners

The migration banner has lost the space between its sentences: This happens in both sides, on the target site (as shown above) and on the original site: Please put the space back! Technically ...
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Make the spacing between the collective indicator and a tag the same as the spacing between tags in the question UI

I just noticed a spacing inconsistency and it's bugging me. In the question post UI, .js-post-tag-list-wrapper contents are li.d-inline.mr4.js-post-tag-list-item, where the mr4 class has margin-right: ...
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Can the survey request popup be made less obtrusive, please?

I was looking at a question on SO that happened to be in the Microsoft Azure Collective (I am intentionally not linking it and pixelating the question to avoid causing the Meta Effect on that post, as ...
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Dark theme topbar logo styling for dark mode

I'd really like to see orange part of the Stack Overflow logo when in dark mode. I noticed that the Stack Overflow image is just plain white on dark-mode vs the light-mode view: So I inspected the ...
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Companies Page glitching when scrolling 1 step down

The Companies page on Stack Overflow has a weird bug that makes the page glitch when scrolling with the middle mouse wheel, one step down. It can't decide between staying on top, or scrolling down. ...
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A/B testing the separation of The Overflow Blog from the Community Bulletin (testing concluded)

Update Feb 9: Testing has concluded. Update Jan 30: Test is now active on Stack Overflow for anonymous users. Background As part of the Content Discovery initiative, we’re announcing the next ...
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Why does Stack Overflow's code snippet show a different result compared with a normal editor?

Today, when I was answering a question, I observed that the result from the code snippet Stack Overflow give us is different from other editors. For example, this and this both shows the right result, ...
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Gap between tag buttons diminishes after in-place refresh of the question body

The tags under every question: When an in-place refresh of the question body happens (which is either because you have edited the question in-place or because you have clicked the "question was ...
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We’re bringing advertisements for technology courses to Stack Overflow

UPDATE: We have concluded this pilot study, and will discontinue serving advertisements for technology courses on Stack Overflow starting May 31st, 2023. With your feedback on this post and the ads' ...
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Collectives icon has wonky borders

Just a minor CSS issue when adding collectives icons next to the tag list, the right (and sometimes bottom) borders have some color leak (at least in Edge) when the site is in dark mode. You can find ...
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