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Use this tag to report bugs and file feature requests related to the interface used to ask questions.

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Can't post question (Safari problem?) [duplicate]

I'm trying to post a question to SO and I'm hitting a weird brick wall. After typing in a title and a body, and selecting a few tags, I click the "Review question" button as usual, and... ...
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AI suggestions button in ask/edit question interface gives 404

I have just finished writing a question, and I noticed at the bottom of the screen a new "AI suggested edits for your question" section, with a "Get suggestions" button. This ...
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When confirming a post, why not show the page as it will be?

When I write a post I rarely bother to look it over before confirming I want to post it. The reason is purely because I very much prefer to see it in the actual page as it will be and then just edit ...
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Post Question Button Greyed Out

I started off using the Question Wizard. When I finished with the Wizard to the point where it gave me a single body for my question, I then toggled off the Wizard and chose to answer my own question. ...
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Stop asking me to check existing questions if there are no relevant matches

Every time I ask a question, I have to click submit twice. First because I want to ask a question and then a second time because SO is spamming me with possible duplicate questions. I never check for ...
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Show a warning when on Stack Snippets throwing errors

Tl;Dr: Make use of the Ask question warnings to reduce the misuse of Stack Snippets. Automatically run it in the background when the user click the "Review your questions button", if there ...
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Regression in new "Ask" page: tag usage guidance (tips) has been de-emphasized and is not obvious

We got tag tips, they are little guidance flavor that is supposed to try to nudge you into asking better questions when you use some tags on the site. Well, I doubt askers are reading it because it's ...
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Posting properly formatted code is poorly explained and harder than it needs to be

Every day I leave comments on the site asking users to fix their code formatting, or notes that I have already done so. True, a lot of it comes down to apathy (or lack of consideration) on the part of ...
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Guidance on the posting form is actively counterproductive vs how-to-ask guidelines

Whenever one goes to "Ask a Question" on Stack Overflow, the fields are labelled like so: Title Be specific and imagine you’re asking a question to another person Body Include all the ...
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How can the ask question page be improved in the case the validation checks out OK?

When trying to post a question, a validation step checks if the question is ready to publish. I assume that this workflow was constructed very deliberately and with a lot of feedback. Yet, I find it ...
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Make the "How to ask a good question" guide (much) more visible

I have been seeing so many homework/leetcode/whatever-website questions being asked on SO. They aren't good questions too. These people would just post the website question on SO, and call it a day ...
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What happened to the Ask Question Wizard / Guided Mode?

I've only checked the Ask Question Wizard when it was in the prototype phase and shortly after it went live. I was just trying to re-visit it now but I didn't have any luck. In the post linked above, ...
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"Question couldn't be submitted" and "Question is ready to publish" icons aren't aligned with background color in Dark Mode

Got this error in the Ask Question page, and saw that the error icon wasn't aligned with the red background: Same thing with the green icon: It looks okay in the normal mode, like a red shadow, but ...
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Meta community-wiki warning alert shouldn't contain anything about reputation [duplicate]

I have just realized that when checking the "Community-wiki" checkbox on a Meta question, the alert says (emphasis mine): Are you sure you want to make this post Community Wiki? Doing so ...
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Step 2 Question review redundant suggestions

"Step 2: Review your question" advises me to add a tag for the application I'm developing on, specifically suggesting ms-access even though it has already been added to my question. It seems ...
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Should we explicitly advise people to hang around after they post a question?

On the Ask A Question page, the user is presented with a bullet pointed list. I would propose adding one more bullet point, explicitly telling users to check in on their questions. Something along ...
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Is there a way to disable the 'review' step when creating a post on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I noticed something changed on Stack Overflow a while back. At first it didn't bother me, but lately it's really starting to annoy me. Whenever I write a post, even if I'm using the live 'preview' ...
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New question template keeps suggesting tag that is already added [closed]

See: The git tag is added, but it keeps being suggested. Add 30/11: I also see this now with the python tag:
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The page will not submit

I'm trying to post a question. I've entered a title and body, added 1 tag, and then hit the "Review your Question" button at the bottom of the page. The page "locks up". It won't accept any user ...
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Reject question titles with no English letters in them, warn about titles with too few a-z compared to other letters

There was yet again a question posted in a wrong language (now deleted, i.e. 10k+). Since there are other checks already in place, perhaps it would be worthwhile to require that a question title on ...
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Why did I suddenly get "Review Your Question" button on Stack Overflow when asking a question? [duplicate]

I've been using Stack Overflow for years and since the last two days (with the newest design changes on question posting) I've realized that I can't post a question directly. It says "Review Your ...
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Better guiding new users who ask a question to the page "guide mode" and the "how to ask"

I'm new to Stack Overflow this month. I notice that too many new users don't follow the how to ask guide and post really very bad formatted questions: bad title, non formatted code, unusable pictures,...
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Are there any stats on how the new "Ask a Question" performed during testing?

I like the new "Ask a Question" interface. I particularly like the warning pop-up very new users get before they get to start writing: And the "expectations regulator" they get afterwards: ...
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Feedback on the new ask question page - Formatting suggestions

I think you guys did a great job with the re-design of the ask question page. However there is this bit that I find can be improved. There are currently three (or even 4) ways to format code: ...
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Allow experienced users to skip the "New Question" UI

I have over 1K questions on SE/SOF family so might not want to see the extra fanfare of the newish design (as of 9/26/19) that seems directed towards new users: Is it possible to see the more ...
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The content on the right sidebar of the new "Ask a Question" page sometimes blinks and vanishes

When typing in the "Question Body" of the new "Ask a Question" page, the content on the right sidebar sometimes blinks and/or vanishes. Left: expected | Right: actual Is it a bug? If it matters, ...
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Thoughts on the new Ask (Public) Question page

I went to ask a question just now, and was met by a new page: This seems like it's pretty new and I haven't seen any meta posts on it. I thought I'd give some immediate gut-thoughts on this new page ...
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682 votes
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The Ask Question Wizard (2018) is Live!

Editors note: For the Ask Question Wizard 2022 see Feature Test: Ask Wizard for New Users (trial has completed) I'm really happy to announce that the Ask Question Wizard is now live on Stack Overflow!...
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The Ask Question Wizard Is Now In Testing!

A long overdue update to our last prototype announcement, our developers are pleased to announce that they've finished the review process and responsive design updates to the Wizard and it is now in ...
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“Ask a question” wizard prototype

You're all probably wondering who I am and where Joe is. I'm one of the developers on the Developer Affinity & Growth team with him, and I'm excited to tell you about a prototype that we'd love ...
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