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Questions tagged [global-inbox]

Use this tag for questions about the drop-down global inbox and its functionality. For questions about the notifications themselves, also include the [notifications] tag.

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One unread comment shown although there aren't any unread comments. Is it a bug? [closed]

There is one unread comment in the global inbox, but if I search for it, I cannot find it, and when clicking on unread comments, I do not find any. This is since 04.06.2024. I clicked on "Mark ...
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Got notifed of a response to a comment but now I cannot see my comment or the response and there is no history

I recently added a comment regarding this issue How to reject merge request in GitLab? which asked a follow up question looking for clarification on if the feature in question was enabled by default. ...
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Inbox messages stay unread [duplicate]

For a few months now (I'm not sure how long), messages in my inbox stay unread after I click on them and read them. The only way to remove the unread marker is to click on the envelope icon so it ...
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Clicking on inbox notifications in mobile Firefox on iOS takes me to footer of linked page

Since I think a couple of weeks back, clicking on inbox notifications in Firefox on iOS to open them in a new tab now opens the desired page, but scrolls it down to the bottom of the page rather than ...
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Inbox fails to update with new messages after reading one new message

Several times now, I've noticed a problem with the Inbox where it doesn't properly show new messages. This only happens on tabs that have been open for a while, where I've already received and read an ...
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Mark comment in inbox as read when comment is opened via the link to that comment in an email

If I click on an unread comment in my inbox, the red number decreases (or goes away if the number was one). This "red number" decrease doesn't happen if I click the link for the comment (the ...
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Opening a notification in new tab doesn't mark the notification as read

I often open notifications in a new tab and recently they don't go away when you click and open in the tab. So after opening and reading the comment, I need to click notification again to hide it and ...
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"Unread" filter for inbox doesn't work

I have 9 "old" unread messages, but the "Unread" filter doesn't show any of them. New ones do get shown if there are any, but not old ones. I could go to the "full inbox" ...
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Why has the Stack Overflow inbox become so ugly?

Today I placed a comment on one of the threads. I got 2 replies from the OP and saw the number "2" in my Inbox indicator. However when I click on it, I saw only one (1) new message (the one ...
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Inbox message's activity indicator showing negative number

Due to some reason, the recent inbox messages indicator is showing a negative number. NB: all of my messages are read.
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Inbox notifications not consistently marked as read after clicking title

When I click an inbox message on my mobile browser (Firefox with uBlock), the message is not consistently marked as read. I also can't reproduce it consistently, but it seems to happen when I click ...
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1 answer

Code appears when clicking the inbox

This only happens to me in Stack Overflow and Stack Overflow PT-BR, including Meta. With Google Chrome, I am not using an AdBlock. I am using an extension that blocks tracking/third party requests (...
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Not all unread messages sent by the same user appear in the inbox [duplicate]

At the beginning the indicator showed there were 2 unread messages, but when I clicked the inbox button I could see just one, and the indicator showed there was 1 message left. I had to refresh the ...
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Is it possible to mark all messages as read instead of having to click on each one?

Is it possible to mark all messages as read instead of having to click on each one? I have messages piled up that I have already read in the comments / answers / questions and don't want the red ...
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Scroll of "Recent inbox messages" doesn't work properly

Scroll of "Recent inbox messages" is bigger than the content height. How you can see I'm able to scroll last seen message so high. But this scroll is not infinite. The scroll reaches the ...
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Why do I now have to click through comment notifications to get rid of the red number? [duplicate]

Until recently, the comment notification widget (the white number in the red circle atop the "inbox" icon) could be cleared by clicking on the widget and then clicking away. Now, however, I ...
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Multiple notifications for the same post should be marked "read" as a group

Create some trackable content inside Stack Overflow (e.g., leave a comment on a question) Someone responded with two or more separate comments tagging me I receive two or more notifications that lead ...
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Is there a way to delete inbox notices, not just mark them as read?

Stack Overflow recently released new inbox enhancements. When I go into the "full inbox", it shows that I have 1836 pages of notices, going back 12 years. I don't need all of those ...
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How can I mark a single inbox notification as read?

My inbox shows a red icon and indicates many unread comments. If I click and read one such a comment, nothing happens. How do I mark a single inbox notification as read? It is disturbing to see the ...
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Message inbox doesn't remember "All" or "Unread" selection

At the top of the new inbox, there's a dropdown where you can select if you want to see "All" or only your "Unread" notifications. When you pick "Unread" and then reload ...
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Message inbox full of read messages is very dark and out of place

Apparently, we got a new inbox recently. Now, "read" notifications are literally grayed-out, making the entire box gray. This feels completely out of place, it's the darkest element on the ...
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Was there a UI change that prevents the inbox count from resetting when the mailbox is clicked without selecting a message?

This question is similar to Inbox notification counter doesn't go away anymore after clicking outside the window, but I didn't see the issue appear until today. Between yesterday and today (maybe the ...
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Is there a way to prevent inbox from clearing new notifications?

New notifications in the inbox are highlighted, but this highlight disappears as soon as the inbox is closed Is there any way to prevent this behaviour? My current process of reading notifications is: ...
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Inbox notification counter doesn't go away anymore after clicking outside the window

I noticed(since last few hours) that whenever I get a notification now and when I click on the notification icon, the notification window opens as usual. But the unusual thing is that even when I ...
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Why did I receive a notification in some foreign language?

Today I reached the 25k milestone. I received a message about that in my inbox. Normally this message is: You've earned the "Access to site analytics" privilege! Learn more about it in the ...
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Why don't we have an Unfollow option on answers stop sending notifications of comments? [duplicate]

I have posted a valid answer on a question, but the author of the question continues to come back with comments and refuses to try my solution. The answer is valid, but this person does not properly ...
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When a question is deleted, only partial comment is in my inbox

Several times this past month I have had partial comments in my inbox, and when I click on them I get the "Page deleted by author" message. All I have in my inbox is a partial message and ...
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Wrong icon showing up in inbox

This is basically the same issue as Wrong site icon appearing in my inbox and profile page, but that post has been tagged as status-completed so I'm not sure whether a new post is required or not. If ...
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Hard to keep track which notification was clicked on from dropdown select menu

This issue seems to have started with the introduction to the new "follow" option. Before if we got pinged (@username), we'd see the notification appear in the dropdown select on the top left, and if ...
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9 votes
1 answer

Message notification isn't working

Is there any recent issue with the message notification? I just noticed new comments on my answer but I wasn't notified.
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3 votes
1 answer

Why doesn't a comment directed to me show in my inbox nor under responses?

(A happy new year, everyone) Glossing over past comments, I found a comment directed to me that I did not remember at all. Also my inbox and responses folder does not contain that message: So, why ...
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Why was I just awarded a bunch of "Announcer" badges?

My "new achievements" grail recently alerted me that I received 36 Announcer badges today. I'm pretty sure I didn't just have 25 people hit all of these shared links, and I'm not even sure these are ...
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Survey for team I am no longer a part of [closed]

I've received a notification to participate in a survey for a private team that I have not been a part of for over a year.
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There should be a "snooze" button for items in the inbox

There should be a "snooze" button for items in the inbox. If I view an item, it becomes marked as read automatically, but I may want to be remindend of it again later. The snooze button would mark it ...
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Is there a way to get Stack Overflow "Recent inbox messages" via Telegram Messenger?

The question is really simple, is there a possibility? Through the RSS Feed Bot or some other form that is already used by members here in the Community and can share how it can be used. For example:...
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Why can't Stack Overflow update automatically

Why do I need to refresh Stack Overflow in order to see new messages, answers, etc.? Why can't it just update automatically? And why when I press the "go back" button in my browser (and it switches ...
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Stack Overflow navbar redirects to if clicked before the site is loaded completely [duplicate]

I am using the latest version of Chrome on Ubuntu 18.04 (Bionic Beaver). The site seems to have a bug. If a user is already logged in and visits it redirects ...
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Unread items in the achievements tab has some padding at the top

There is some extra padding at the top of unread achievements making it look unaligned as the below image clearly shows with red freehand circles and arrows: Chromium Version 74.0.3729.169, Linux
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Do deleted comments disappear from the targeted user's inbox?

Suppose someone posts a comment to one of my questions. I guess that comment would then appear in my SO inbox. Now suppose the commenter deletes their comment. Will the comment also disappear from my ...
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Internal server error when opening my inbox

When I try to open my inbox, the page takes a long time to load, and gives a 500 internal server error, it works fine on other sites (including SO Meta), but fails at Stack Overflow. This is the ...
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1 answer

Can't open election message in 'view all messages' mode

I see a notice for the current election cycle when I mouse over my inbox. But when I view all my messages, it doesn't show up as a proper message that I can click & read. Is this a bug? Mouse ...
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1 answer

Margins are off/unbalanced in inbox

The left and right margins of the list items of the inbox are unbalanced and make me uncomfortable. Chrome, Windows on 4k screen. Screen shot with obligatory freehand circles.
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18 votes
1 answer

Search in personal inbox

I intend to find an important notification in my inbox. There's over one hundred pages amongst which most are insignificant and of similarity. It's difficult to pick desired one. Is it possible to ...
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"Recent inbox messages" button not always working

The "Recent inbox messages" button doesn't work when on Stack Overflow or MathOverflow sites; still works on the Meta sites. I'm using Firefox 52.1.0 on CentOS.
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The election message and edited question message is not available in the Inbox on the iOS app

If there is a message, like for the election in the iOS app, there will be a Count for "Recent inbox messages". But if I tap on it, there is no message shown. Is it a bug? UPDATE Same issue i can ...
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Received email but it's not in my SE inbox

Today I received an email message from [email protected], that says "The following items were added to your inbox". The message contains part of a question from someone who read one of my ...
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23 votes
1 answer

Why does the UTC time only appear in the achievement tab?

I was bored and started clicking the tabs of the top navBar, and then I noticed one thing that I cannot explain to myself: As you can see, UTC time is displayed in the achievements tab: But it is ...
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10 votes
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Make the indicator of unread inbox messages more visible

Inbox indicator in the old top bar: Inbox indicator in the new top bar: That number has gotten a lot smaller.¹ I admit that it makes sense to still show the icon, so as to give an indication of ...
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Make All Documentation Notification Subscriptions Configurable in One Place [closed]

For a while now, I have been receiving inbox notifications for "proposed change", "topic request", etc. for topics on Documentation that I am not interested in. When digging deep enough through the ...
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New item in your Stack Exchange inbox wrong date

The date that I last checked my inbox seems wrong, I check my inbox daily while the email specifies that I last checked it on 2015-05-18.
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