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This tag is for questions specifically about the process of asking questions on Stack Overflow.

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Why is there a size limit for posts?

I just tried to submit a really big post - ~32600 characters. The post included the log from running my program inside Xcode and the script I made to prepare the App Bundle. Trying to do that I got an ...
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How to post a question that doesn't cross the text limit but has an image that explains things better?

In the following question, and I made an effort to explain what I desired with a paragraph of text in addition to an image to illustrate the problem, but Stack Overflow asks me for more text. I have ...
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Why don't my questions get views? I asked 15 questions on my account, but only 6 questions have been answered

Why don't my questions get views? I asked 15 questions on my account but only 6 questions have been answered. Is access to my questions restricted? Why? I don't know what is going on regarding my ...
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Ask Wizard generating inline image links instead of using references

Lately I've been seeing a lot of questions on Stack Overflow with Markdown issues. It seems that when the new Ask Wizard went live, it had some problems formatting Markdown content, such as Code ...
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Where is the "Answer your own question" button?

I just found the solution to a problem that had me bugging out for weeks and had me scraping the entire Stack Overflow website. I thought it would be useful to share it with other people, so I went ...
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Should I create a tag-specific question template and ask new users to refer to it for asking good question?

I work on the tag mongodb most of the time on SO. Usually, the questions are about some query composing, like "how can I achieve behaviour xxx?". For us, people who are trying to help, ...
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Why was this flagged 'Your question appears to be spam.' as a new user?

I attempted to post the following question using an account I created for work and it wouldn't let me, giving me the red message: Your question appears to be spam. Can I add a custom soap ...
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Code blocks surrounded by single backtick then triple backticks

In the past couple of days I've noticed a number of questions that have their code blocks entered like: ` ``` code ``` ` There's a line with a single backtick, then the normal triple-backtick code ...
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Stop asking me to check existing questions if there are no relevant matches

Every time I ask a question, I have to click submit twice. First because I want to ask a question and then a second time because SO is spamming me with possible duplicate questions. I never check for ...
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Should we make it clearer when someone is asking a more generic question over an specific implementation question? [closed]

For instance, I was looking for a problem that was a more generic one and found this question: Global variable doesn't get updated that, in fact, was not about a global variable problem, but ...
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Can I ask about possible errors in my code or for a "review"?

I am currently developing an application in Rust that uses a protocol in which I am quite new. And I would like someone to tell me if my code is good or what it can improve, or if I'm doing something ...
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Show a warning when on Stack Snippets throwing errors

Tl;Dr: Make use of the Ask question warnings to reduce the misuse of Stack Snippets. Automatically run it in the background when the user click the "Review your questions button", if there ...
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How can I request "simpler" answers?

Sometimes I ask questions, and get answers that assume that I know a lot more than I do. To be clear, I am not a "beginner programmer" in general (I have been programming for years and have ...
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Is the New Question Form for New SO User's Working to Prevent Low Quality Questions? (maybe a revisit?)

This time of year Stack Overflow seems to get bombarded with numerous low-quality questions. That's understandable. It's about a month and a half into the fall semester and burgeoning programmers are ...
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What is the correct SE site for a question about sfdisk? [duplicate]

I asked this question about sfdisk. I thought it was about programming, since reformatting or copying data back and forth is often a function of what I do in programming. Apparently it's not, so it's ...
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Is there something wrong with my question?

I recently reached out on Stack Overflow to get help with an issue. I provided detailed screenshots and the specific part of the code where I'm getting the answer, but it keeps getting downvoted and ...
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Do we have guidance for first time askers not perceiving themselves as programmers?

I know that we have some guidance for first-time askers, but do we have something for "non-programmers"? I have found a lot of questions about google-sheets, google-apps-script and other ...
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How can I improve this question so that I get an answer?

Recently I asked How does Operator Precedence affect Order of evaluation?. It came to me as a surprise that it was not very well received, because as far as I am concerned it follows the guidelines of ...
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Is it good to add/keep words like "Error", "Uncaught TypeError", etc. in the title of the question?

A Stack Exchange rule is explicitly telling: Avoid inserting tags into titles in any of the following formats: [tag]: [question title] But there are lots of questions which are using this pattern ...
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Is there a minimum length to consider a question as 'a good one'?

I stumbled upon this question Is there a minimum length to consider a question 'a good one'? This question seems... fairly self explanatory as it is, but my first reaction was to think of it as an ...
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Got no answers, got too low reputation for a bounty, just give up?

I hope this is the right place for the following issue: my question got only one non-helpful comment. Now two months later, I have still not been able to come up with a solution on my own. As I have ...
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Unable to post question due to large number of characters

I am trying to ask a question about HTML and XPath. It requires HTML code to fully understand the issue, but the problem is that whenever I try to post it this message appears saying that you cannot ...
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Disable the location (site-chooser) option when asking a question in Stack Overflow for Teams

I would like to request a feature to remove the location (site-chooser) option when asking a question using Stack Overflow for Teams. Although it defaults to the team's environment, it would be best ...
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When a question pertains to specifically configuring an editor, shouldn't it be migrated to Super User? [duplicate]

So, I see like a ton of reputation gained from like these really simple & basic questions about Visual Studio code. The highest scoring answer on my account is about configuring the color of ...
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What do we do when we cannot post code due to licensing issues?

I have been facing some problems with my production code and I've been trying my best to give all the info I can in my SO posts. The only problem is that I am not allowed to post my code on any forum, ...
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How can we communicate more clearly about the purpose and necessity of effort in questions?

Background I've noticed a pattern recently in low-quality questions. A lot of them have this basic form: I have an assignment: [copy and paste from assignment - summary: student is tasked with taking ...
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Where can I ask questions like can someone convert this code to xyz language? [duplicate]

Where can I ask questions like can someone convert this code to xyz language? I don't think it should go to Stack Overflow. Where can I do that?
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Should I improve/rewrite an existing, unanswered question or ask my own near-duplicate?

I recently had a problem and looked for a solution here on Stack Overflow. I found a similar question asked by someone else, but with almost no details, which might be the reason why no answer has ...
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Make it clear that high score of the old basic questions doesn’t guarantee a similar question will be welcomed today

I believe some newcomers could be tricked by the high score of the old questions into thinking that questions like “how do I increment variable in [language]” (okay, that’s exaggeration but you got my ...
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Should asking syntax related questions always lead to a "not enough research done" downvote?

Syntax documentation is always available for everyone. So, should asking a question related to syntax always end in a downvote, because the questioner didn't search through the helpfiles or documents? ...
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What's the best way to post a "How to ask a good question?" article for a specific subject?

I've seen, which I suspect most people haven't. What I'm wondering is what is the best way to provide information about asking a question about a specific ...
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How are the placeholder tags selected for a question?

I was posting a question at Stack Overflow. The placeholder (placeholder="e.g. ( angularjs jquery)") for tags seemed a bit outdated to me. How are they selected?
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Feature Request: Show tags on proposed similar questions

When creating a new question, it would be helpful to show the tags of the proposed similar questions. The title may be similar but the context may not. Please give some in the list already by showing ...
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What are the rules regarding what a new asker can post? [closed]

I'm referring specifically to somebody with very low rep, say 1, 2, or 3. How much code can they post, and how big can a question be? If too big, is it OK to post a link to the code somewhere? If so, ...
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Was this question about pngquant alternatives and image optimization in PHP correctly closed?

I posted this question about a PHP alternative to pngquant I used to use pngquant to optimize images uploaded to our website, works fantastic. But our new server has shell_execute and similar ...
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Can't post question because of error: "Comments must be at least 15 characters in length."

When I try to post a question on Stack Overflow, I get the following error message: Comments must be at least 15 characters in length. Nevertheless, I see no "Comments" area to add a ...
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Staging Ground Workflow: Question Details & Actions

We have previously mentioned our plans for a new section on the site called the Staging Ground, which is aimed at improving the new user onboarding experience and increasing the quality of first ...
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What is the expected content of questions in the Go community? [duplicate]

Whenever I post a question in the Go community it gets downvoted. I also post other questions in different groups/topics and I get a bit of everything: sometimes a downvote, sometimes an upvote - all ...
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2 answers

Is it okay to ask questions about how to learn something?

I'd like to ask a question about a particular issue I have when trying to improve my knowledge of programming languages. Specifically, once I have a working knowledge of a language, I find it hard to ...
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New User Experience: Deep Dive into our Research on the Staging Ground – How do you feel about review badges & opt-in settings for the Staging Ground?

Last week, we posted here on Meta about the new feature that we are launching, called the Staging Ground – a place where newly registered, low-rep users would receive help from higher-rep Stack ...
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54 answers

Introducing the Staging Ground, an attempt at improving the first-time asker experience - What was asking your first question like?

Stack Exchange sites are some of the best knowledge resources available. The Stack Exchange network is built on the premise that good questions (asked with a good process behind them) can get good ...
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Feature Test: Ask Wizard for New Users (trial has completed)

This experiment was live from 2022-03-21 14:20 UTC until 2022-04-06 12:00 UTC. Initial data from the test looks to be positive. We plan on doing some bigger data analysis on the results and will post ...
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Can I get an explanation what did I do wrong with my questions and why did I get -1s without any comment?

Recently, I asked two questions: Animation issues with Scrollable Tabs in Bootstrap 5 when translating lib from jQuery to JS How to auto-adjust the height of a WebView in Xamarin.Android (or Android)...
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3 answers

Questions about LaTeX: when should I post in TeX - LaTeX Stack Exchange vs Stack Overflow?

I've been wanting to ask questions about how to make some specific kinds of table in LaTeX. Eventually I decided to ask my question in Stack Overflow. But should I use Stack Overflow or TeX - LaTeX? I ...
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Can I ask if a given Fatal Python error is rare enough that it helps the Python community to try to reproduce it?

I've asked several successful and very specific SO questions with minimal reproducible examples (MRE) and understand the importance of same. I now have the unusual situation of a screen shot from a ...
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Where are new users supposed to learn that they should show code and error messages as text, not as images?

Recently I saw a question by a new user, where they showed the error message they were getting in the form of a screenshot of their IDE. I added a comment, telling them that they should include the ...
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How can the ask question page be improved in the case the validation checks out OK?

When trying to post a question, a validation step checks if the question is ready to publish. I assume that this workflow was constructed very deliberately and with a lot of feedback. Yet, I find it ...
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Regrouping the two code code insertion icons for clarity when asking a question [duplicate]

As part of my interaction design studies, we analyzed Stack Overflow. Thereby I saw that many users mix up both icons used to insert code. When they are asking to insert a runnable code snippet, they ...
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Working on a project that you have multiple questions for

I am looking into creating a taskbar replacement for Windows 10 in C#. Because of this, I need to replicate some features of the taskbar, such as having a list of icons of apps that are running, ...
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Is it possible to ask general 'how to' questions?

Is it possible to ask general 'how to' questions? I think 'how to questions' are helpful for everyone. Yet I think they tend to get bad feedback in 2021. In particular, is the moderating bot stepping ...

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