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For questions concerning various warning messages that users receive throughout the site

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Can a migration-like "flagging guidance" message be added when raising LLM flags?

Tl;dr When a user raises a flag containing certain keywords/regexes (like "GPT"), remind them to include rationale in the flag. Rationale One of the reasons that LLM flags can be slow to ...
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Impossible to write or edit posts on SO using `begin snippet`

Attempting to write or update a Stack Overflow post that uses the begin snippet directive seems to be impossible currently. For example, attempt to edit any answer in this post, and it will be ...
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Strange deletion warning trying to clean up old questions (that aren't mine)

Occasionally I encounter old questions that got popular, but which are actually pretty bad. One common case is that the question Needs More Focus due to really being two questions in one, each of ...
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The title-starting-with-tag block doesn't work if there is no space after it

I stumbled upon a question (no, I'm not linking it here to avoid the Meta Effect) that has a title like this "[TAG ]Some error message". That isn't a very good title, but after testing it ...
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"Are you sure you want to add another answer?" when my old answer was deleted

Today on a whim I decided to scroll through answers of my own that were deleted, to see (among other things) what sort of awful nonsense I was getting up to back in 2010. I found that my answer for ...
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HTML Tags showing in text area

I tried deleting my question after it got closed and it gave me an error saying that I can't delete it due to people having invested time into it. However, the <a> tag is visible inside the text ...
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Problem with upvote warning message [duplicate]

I don't know if this is the right way to bring it to notice, but when upvoting your own question (I know you can't) the warning message displayed is scrambled with special characters. Some problem ...
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Text in pop-up notification messages is incorrectly encoded (renders with HTML escape characters)

Very minor UI bug - was voting to delete an answer here (5 years late, and doesn't add anything new) but could not due to misclick, and saw in UI that an apostrophe character is rendered with html ...
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Add a little space between the location input box and the warning message

Go to Edit profile and settings and enter an imaginary location in the Location text box, say, 'Sagiri Mountain'. You will be warned that this location isn't recognized ('We don't recognize that ...
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The delete option warns about question bans even they don't exist on MSO

When I went to delete a post: We do not recommend deleting questions with answers because doing so deprives future readers of this knowledge. See "I've thought better of my question; can I ...
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Deleting question on SO for teams warns of question ban that won't happen [closed]

When deleting a question on SO for Teams: The message is wrong: question bans don't exist on Teams.
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2 answers

What is "Have you considered accepting an answer or starting a bounty for this question"?

In 'Questions' section of Stack Overflow, my questions are listed showing below. However, for the 4th question, the message "Have you considered accepting an answer or starting a bounty for this ...
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Should the pastebin link warning suggest using code fences instead of indented code blocks?

When editing a question with a link without accompanying code (e.g. How do I create tileable solid noise?), a warning is displayed saying that the link needs to be accompanied by code: ...
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Exclamation mark on Developer Story tab

There is a little exclamation sign beside my Developer Story in my Stack Overflow account: But when I click the Developer Story tab, the exclamation mark disappears. And there's nothing wrong with my ...
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Inappropriate warning haunting my answer entry field: "Provide a complete example to reproduce your SQL question"

I decided to necropost on this Off-topic: Cannot reproduce question in an attempt to steer researchers away from the accepted answer. I would normally vote to close, but because I don't have a hammer ...
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Possible spam detection by the system [duplicate]

While reviewing I came across this triage: Our system has identified this post as possible spam; please review carefully By the looks of it, question is no way near to spam. I don't understand why ...
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Discourage screenshots of code and/or errors

Can we add some guidance to discourage new users from posting screenshots of their code and/or errors? It may not be the most common problem, but I've run into it more than a few times. New-ish user ...
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My post "appears" to contain unformatted code

I was answering a question and always got the sickening response: I tried seeing if I left anything out, but I found nothing... My answer is a bit long for a post and can be found in plain text ...
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