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Trigger MRE error on

There are 20 posts containing a link to, some of which are questions not providing any minimal reproducible example. The site itself states “This paste expires in <30 days.”. Thus, most ...
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Render links of these formats [duplicate]

I would like to have links like: [Google]( to render as [Google]( and [Google Drive]( as [Google Drive]( [Google]s( ...
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Feature Request: [Broken external links] [duplicate]

I was looking for a solution to a problem related to rendering a JSON file in HTML. I searched on Stack Overflow and found the answer to a similar question referring me to another question which was ...
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What should I do if an answer has a good-turned-bad link, and the replacement cannot be found? [duplicate]

The link in an answer currently redirects to some casino advertisement (at least for me, maybe it behaves differently depending on location). Maybe the source still lives somewhere under a different ...
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Is it ok to quote short solutions from GitHub issues *verbatim* as answers?

I found an answer to a Stack Overflow question from a GitHub issue. The solution posted in the issue is short and to the point. Is it ok that I quoted the GitHub comment verbatim and posted it as my ...
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Using campaign URLs in external links

In some answers I would like to link to a blog post where I discuss a similar subject. It would be interesting to see what traffic is coming from Stack Overflow to my blog. Am I allowed to add Google ...
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Your article is in another castle: should link-only articles be allowed?

I noticed this article (now deleted) that was posted recently to the Google Cloud collective. It's essentially a link-only article: Seeing that articles (at least technical ones) are similar to ...
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Link-only answer when content's license is unclear

I came across a blog post that answers an unanswered question. I didn't write that blog post, and I'm not sure about that blog's content license, so I don't want to simply lift the code in an answer. ...
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Buy me a coffee/donate links in user profiles [duplicate]

I see that many SO users have buy me a coffee links in their profiles, is this something that one should do? Is this in accord with SO guidelines? I can't seem to find information about this subject.
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Should the pastebin link warning suggest using code fences instead of indented code blocks?

When editing a question with a link without accompanying code (e.g. How do I create tileable solid noise?), a warning is displayed saying that the link needs to be accompanied by code: ...
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Fixing up now-bad links to use Wayback Machine

In light of bobpowell dot net having been taken over by malware, as noted in How to report malware to Stack Overflow, does anyone have any objection to me editing the 26 posts I found with "...
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How to flag external plagiarism [duplicate]

I have seen the questions and answers relating to plagiarism but they all address answers on SO that have been plagiarized from external sites. But I have not found any information about the reverse, ...
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Are links to Zoom (or similar) meeting rooms acceptable in a question?

The question found here, How do I receive emails in e-commerce website on Laravel?, contains a link to what I assume is a personal Zoom meeting room. Is this considered acceptable? I do not find ...
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Is it acceptable to provide links to a "do my homework for money" site?

I just came across a question which was an obvious "homework dump". Someone commented (appropriately) to the effect that we don't do peoples' homework here. But they also added a link to a ...
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No Follow Links [duplicate]

My reputation is more than 2000 on Stack Overflow, but still, my links are nofollow. I thought that above 2000 points the nofollow restriction was to be removed. I am giving a lot to the community, ...
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Automatic creation of Internet Archive Wayback Machine links for external links [duplicate]

As per How to Answer: Links to external resources are encouraged, but please add context around the link so your fellow users will have some idea what it is and why it’s there. Always quote the ...
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Traditional view of Developer Story gives dofollow links to users with <2k rep

Stack Overflow "give users the benefit of a non-nofollow link in their profile (when they achieve 2k reputation)". Anything less would "open up a world of potential linkspam exploits" — Jeff Atwood ...
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Questions about how something was made on certain website [duplicate]

Is it ok to point to a website and ask how this or that effect/behavior was achieved? Long time ago I asked this way and immediately got downvoted. But it's completely valid inquiry about programming-...
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Are external files in already MCVE questions valid? [duplicate]

Are questions that already MCVE, but have external files related to the question valid? how run javascript with php variables I think it is one of the example, which OP already posted the code to ...
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Use of CodeSandbox vs built-in code snippets

Getting really annoying to see a lot more questions using codesandbox like this one: Material UI transition out and in on single button click Why aren't they using the built-in code snippets? There's ...
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Question with external link to code

Today I found this question, where the author posted an external link to the whole project, instead of putting the key pieces of code into the question (before edition): Running locally working app ...
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Links in the question [duplicate]

I recently tried to ask the question about different toolkit here: Is URL recognition possible in Qt. However I was pointing out that the SO is frowned upon using links in the question, especially ...
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Auto Highlight the https:// part of the link in the new insert link wizard

Stack Overflow has updated the insert link wizard Unfortunately the https:// that is automatically in the box is not highlighted. This means you can't just paste the link into the box anymore as you ...
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Why did this user delete a link to the reference documentation without explanation?

This was the revision: I thought it would be useful to provide reference docs for the property in question.
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How to cite a source when the source URL is suspicious

The site whyandroid appears to have been a legitimate site at one point but is now redirecting in a very suspicious way. (After multiple redirects it either asks you to install an addon to your ...
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Rextester has officially been hacked. Where do we go from here?

The following screen capture says it all when visiting A few days ago, I was blasted by someone on a Stack Overflow question for including a link to a Rextester demo. The user, who ...
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Is showing a link to GitHub source code acceptable?

I have seen Source code on GitHub (failed review) and I have a similar problem. I have a data structure that I obtained from academia that is not completely tested. The data structure is a single ...
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Please blacklist

Same reasoning as Trigger MCVE error on the content of is always temporary, and as such has a negative value for Stack Overflow. Current usage: 80 posts
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Require confirmation before allowing mostly-image or mostly-link posts

There are loads of new questions (mostly from new users) which primarily consist of a hyperlink to data or code or a picture of data or code. For example:
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Where shall we let the community update Xcode download locations?

A reminder of a common close reason (bold from me): Questions asking us to recommend or find a book, tool, software library, tutorial or other off-site resource are off-topic for Stack Overflow as ...
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Is a Microsoft MVP required to disclose affiliation?

Microsoft (124,000 active employees worldwide) has a system for rewarding non-employees, the "Most Valuable Professional". With apparently 3,024 active MVP worldwide, that's very few people compared ...
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2k views is no longer available

I came across a reddit post stating that unfortunately Chip Pearson has passed away, reference. With him his site ( ) went offline. It was a great repository for Excel (VBA) based ...
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How do you handle dead links? (

It appears that is no longer an official source on hibernate information, and that much of the site is now on However,
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Can we block or otherwise indicate a link whose destination differs from the text?

I read with interest this question about an audit fail: Audit Fail on Possibly Correct Answer to Obviously Poor Question The issue was a link where the text read like a Facebook URL, but the actual ...
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Is it OK to use YouTube links in a question?

I've found a programming example in a YouTube video that I'm struggling to apply to my own programming challenges. Is it considered OK on SO to reproduce examples from YouTube and / or include a link ...
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Trigger MCVE error on

There are 263 posts containing, some of which are questions not providing any MCVE. The site itself states “Your code is always private, and always expires in one week.”. Thus, most ...
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Triage guidance for Requires Editing: "Pull code in from hosting site linked in question", how it is handled in H&I?

Triage guidance suggests this as a reason to pick Requires Editing: Pull code in from hosting site linked in question... Above guidance is easily available for Triage reviewers because it is ...
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Wikipedia links not https, is there a special reason they shouldn't?

While editing this answer to a generic question, I was adding Wikipedia links, I noticed that the other existing (also Wikipedia) links where all HTTP, though mine were HTTPS. Shouldn't they have ...
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Linking to my own repository in the answers [duplicate]

I have a question about linking to my repository in my answers. Here's a situation. I'm top 2 answerer in the Laravel tag and top 1 in terms of number of answers. I'm saying this to show that I care ...
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Removing old links pointing to malicious or suspicious websites

I was looking at old (2+ years) questions with the owl-carousel, owl-carousel-2. In some of them users added links to the documentation. For some reasons those links aren't related now to the project, ...
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Providing a GitHub URL in questions

What are the guidelines/rules for providing a link to a GitHub project when posting a question? The reason I ask this is because there were instances where I attempted to replicate my problem in as ...
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3 answers

Is it ok to link to material of dubious legality?

My question in general is whether it's ok, in an answer to a Stack Overflow question, to put links to pages for which there's some reason to believe (not certainty) that they might be violating some ...
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Remove dead CSS frameworks from [css] tag wiki

I was looking at the CSS info page and noticed in the frameworks section that a few of them have been dead for a long time. For example, the Gumby framework has been dead for three years and there ...
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Should the posts posting links to own sites be treated as spam?

Following post was presented to me for triage review: It contains link to website apparently owned/developed by OP. This does not look obvious spam ...
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Is it spam to insert your own link into an answer to replace a defunct one?

I just had the following appear in my review queue. I believe I chose the right flag (spam) as the author/group had replaced a link in a ...
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Can I answer questions on Stack Overflow and promote my website link?

If I answer the technical questions with a full clear explanation of the whole concept, and at the end of my answer leave the link to my website, is that okay? Is it fine to promote your website by ...
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Malicious links in SO Triage tests cleanup and origination

I was reviewing posts, and received the following as a test (unsure if link is specific to me): While it's obviously spam, it contains a link which ...
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Using links to Code/Error Code

Today I saw a question which only contained two links, one to a screenshot of the sourcecode and one to a screenshot of the error the user get when hes running the code. Just like this: When ever ...
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Is this answer a form of undisclosed self-promotion [duplicate]

So I was looking to solve an issue when I came across this answer. The answer links to this blog post (cached version for people who can't see it) at the end saying that the author got the solution ...
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External link for code vs. posting code as an answer

In this question I posted only the code relevant to the purpose of the question, leaving an MCVE in an external link. Then after a few comments a solution for my question came up from the users, and ...
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