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For questions regarding Stack Overflow accounts and linked accounts on other platforms.

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How can I recover a Stack Overflow account with just a username - no email?

I have a 10-year-old SO account that I used to log in with username and password. I still have those credentials. I tried to log in again today after being inactive for over one year, but now there ...
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How can I get my wife's account back?

I'm guessing my account and my wife's account were merged since we share the same IP address. She recently tried to log into her account, entered her e-mail and password and logged into my account. ...
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It wants to join a community with the wrong account [duplicate]

I have a Stack Overflow account with years of reputation. Then I made a mistake. I joined Meta, and the math group, and a few other groups under the Stack Exchange umbrella, using a newer email ...
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I am scheduling a deletion on my account; will this delete my other Stack Exchange accounts too?

I am deleting my Stack Overflow account, but I am paranoid that it will delete my Arqade account as well. Will it be deleted or will it stay there?
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I lost all my reputation and badges when I updated my password, so where do I get that fixed?

I went on vacation, came back to a dead laptop. When I got a new one I tried to log on to Stack Overflow and could not remember my password. So I requested a password reset. Got the email, changed the ...
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Is there a way to separate the account into two, one for questions and one for answers?

The reason is, recently a FAANG company asked me for my Stack Overflow profile. But I have asked some questions recently that may appear basic. Sometimes, it may be due to me not using that feature, ...
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Why is my e-mail address flagged as "temporary"?

I registered for Stack Overflow just last week, but had to fall back on a different e-mail address, because the registration process gave me the error message "We do not allow temporary e-mail ...
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Stack Overflow account has disappeared

When trying to log in to my Stack Overflow account, it claims that there isn't any account linked to my email address. When trying to log in to my Stack Overflow account, it hasn't let me because of ...
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Why is it showing "Page not found" when I confirm my email address?

Why does it show "page not found (404)" when I click on Confirm my email address and also display a message saying Your email is verified? Here is an image for reference.
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Does merging accounts also link edits and flags?

I'm thinking about merging this old account with a newer one, but I'm worried about this. My newer account has >80 flags and about 40 edits (accepted, not flagged against the account), but ...
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Answering on behalf of the company?

I got an internship offer from a software development company to work in the user support department. They are developing an open-source project. They would like for me to answer questions related to ...
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Verification email is not showing up in my inbox [closed]

When I opened my settings on Stack Overflow, I typed in the email that I wanted to change to, and after I clicked on the "send verification email" button, nothing shows up in my inbox. How ...
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Is it possible to change the email address linked to an account?

My account is (was) associated with a Gmail email address. This Google account is one that I removed ages ago (Thursday, July 21 2016). Now my Stack Overflow account has many points and badges. It's ...
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Stack Overflow vs Stack Exchange accounts

I visit the Stack Exchange family of sites often but never created an account. Today I found myself looking at a question on Stack Overflow and decided to create an account. Honestly, I hadn't really ...
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Why was my Stack Overflow account deleted? What happened to my old account?

This account existed for years. I was in undergraduate courses in the IT area for more than 8 years before 2015. But today, when I logged in (with the email and password I knew), the site told me that ...
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Should moderators delete accounts shared by multiple individuals?

Reviving this topic again, but asking from a moderator's perspective: About promotional group accounts If an account was brought to our attention (flagged) for being shared by multiple individuals (...
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Fail to change SO password

I have tried to change my password. My Account → Settings → My Logins I see four Stack Exchange logins: two with my mail addresses surrounded by what appears to be two Stack Exchange and further down ...
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New user account that only differs in a single upper case letter [duplicate]

I was quite surprised when I saw that I (well, not really) asked this question until I realized that the user asking that, is named A_horse_with_no_name - but my account uses a lower case a. While I (...
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Strange user profile occurrence (possibly relating to account merging?)

I was visiting the New Users page as I've frequently done this month, to see who was coming close to me (because I proudly am first on the list :), when I noticed a user I hadn't seen before. ...
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Shared "team" Stack Overflow accounts [duplicate]

I just read the following question How should I deal with this answer by a developer of the product in question? and noticed that the question in question (hehe) has been answered by what appears to ...
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How should I deal with a user who repeatedly creates new accounts to ask poor questions? [duplicate]

I have an enormous issue with something that is going on in the tag I watch. It's been a few months now that a certain user creates new accounts continually to ask poor questions. As someone who ...
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How to remove multiple email IDs from an account and only keep one

I have two email IDs for the same account on Stack Overflow. I am getting logged in with either of the email ids now. Even if I am trying to create another profile with the email id which I want to ...
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From Google SSO to normal account

When I signed in for the first time in Stack Overflow, I decided to do it with my Google Account. In other words, instead of creating an account with a username and a password, I used the Single sign-...
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Should I login to every Stack Exchange site independently?

I have a profile on Stack Overflow and Meta Stack Overflow. I don't remember if Meta Stack Overflow asked me to create a separate login/profile and now I want to start with the other Stack Exchange ...
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I have connected my Stack Overflow account to Tex.SE and Meta.SE: Can't login with another device

One week ago I set up this SO account. I was active on the site. Then when I went to Tex.SE and I logged on/connected using my SO account. Now I am on a different computer; logged on to SO. But when I ...
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How to reuse GitHub sign up for on other Stack Exchange communities? [closed]

I signed up to via GitHub. Now I realize the other Stack Exchange communities do not offer this option. However, I would like to use the account for other Stack ...
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What does this mean in the Stack Overflow survey?

I recently did the Stack Overflow developer survey. I see and think this question shouldn't be in the survey list, because it doesn't make any sense to me: Do you have Stack Overflow account? ...
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How to add people to Team without linking their Stack Overflow account

Recently I've been experimenting with creating Stack Overflow Teams for fun and interesting things like asynchronous book clubs. However, I've found that people I invite often already have ...
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Stack Overflow needs an entrance exam

Every day, we see hundreds of questions asked that are of such low-quality one might wonder why Stack Overflow even allows to post it. We keep closing and downvoting them, but the problem doesn't end. ...
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Logging in with a deleted Google account

On the 16th of this month, I got logged out of my other Stack Overflow account: 11691977. The problem: I deleted the Google account about a month ago (now unrecoverable), which I was using to log in ...
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Can I transfer my SO account into a new email address but keeping all other community accounts?

I have some Stack Exchange communities with an email Id which includes SO and I want to not only delete my SO account but I also want to transfer this SO account to another email ID before deleting. ...
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How do you recover assets from an account that is no longer accessible? [duplicate]

I have an old account that is blocked because the google account associated with it is deleted. How can you merge the reputation from those accounts into my new account, and declare the questions ...
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The number of accounts created during the private beta doesn't seem to match the user IDs

One of the questions on the Winter Bash 2020 quiz asks how many accounts were created during the first year of Stack Overflow beginning on the day the site was created, on July 31, 2008. The resource ...
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How can I remove my Stack Overflow account? I made a mistake [duplicate]

I absently made a Stack Overflow account and I don't want it. How do I delete it? Please help. I am getting spammed with email. My "special" email is only for "special" things ;), ...
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Incorrect join date in Stack Overflow

I have been facing a small problem with Stack Overflow. Actually, I joined stack overflow 3 weeks back. Here is my activity: As you can see, I joined Stack Overflow on Sep 21 or something close to ...
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How do you switch between your several accounts when you're already logged in? [duplicate]

I am using two accounts daily: one private account which I mostly use to access Stack Overflow, and a company account which I use to access my Stack Overflow Team. I am usually logged in with my ...
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Lost any badges and Q&A count after "Oops! Something Bad Happened!" when I tried to change SO's Edit Email Settings

Please help me! Yesterday I tried to change email address in my Stack Overflow account's Edit profile and settings → Edit email settings. When I changed previous email to another and clicked on the ...
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How many times I can make an "account merge request"?

I have already made one account merge request, long back ago, and SO team merged the account successfully. For some reason, I wish to make the same request again. So, the question is, Is there any ...
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Exclamation mark on Developer Story tab

There is a little exclamation sign beside my Developer Story in my Stack Overflow account: But when I click the Developer Story tab, the exclamation mark disappears. And there's nothing wrong with my ...
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No Follow Links [duplicate]

My reputation is more than 2000 on Stack Overflow, but still, my links are nofollow. I thought that above 2000 points the nofollow restriction was to be removed. I am giving a lot to the community, ...
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How can I toggle the answer check mark from a different account?

I marked one of my questions as answered by toggling the checkmark next to the response from greyed out to filled in. Now I wish to toggle the checkmark off because I do not think the question was ...
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Should I use my personal account or create a new one to join a company Stack Overflow Team? [closed]

I am being invited by my company to join their Teams account, and I don't know if it have any benefits to use my personal (this one) account to join the enterprise environment, or if it makes more ...
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My Stack Overflow account is deleted

I did not delete or recreate my account, but I see there is no question/answer from my history, I have been a member for more than six months for the ...
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How do I consolidate 2 different users into 1 [duplicate]

I just noticed that I have 2 different accounts with the same ID. Is there a way to consolidate them into 1? Clearly, I messed up once at work and created a new user (with the same user ID) rather ...
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What is wrong with my Stack Overflow account?

This morning I tried to connect to Stack Overflow and it suggested that I create a new account... I created it, and I saw this: (screenshot). You can see that on the menu I have a history, with ...
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SO account is not deleted one week after it was requested [duplicate]

Is it ok?
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Are there blocked countries in SO?

I'm asking this just before trying to finish my profile, the only remaining items for me are: "Where are you currently located?" and the assessment, which I already know I can't take, because my ...
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Stack Overflow seems to have forgotten my account [duplicate]

I have had an account on Stack Overflow for several years and had accrued some reputation points. Today, Stack Overflow failed to recognize my account (my details are stored in a password manager, so ...
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How can I disassociate my main Stack Exchange account from my teams account? [closed]

From time to time, I log out of Stack Overflow so that I can focus on my day-to-day activities. But I'm presented with a challenge: I recently started a trial of teams at my institution, so I'd like ...
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How can I change the password on Stack Overflow effectively?

It looks like that my password won't get stored in Stack Overflow. Every time I want to log into Stack Overflow, a message appears stating that my password is wrong. I can change it, but it ...
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