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For questions about suspected user spam, the spam flag or combating spam as a community, use this tag.

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Is it hidden advertisement? [closed]

Here is the question, straightforward and precise. Here is the answer, similar. Everybody is happy. Then after some time an update is coming: Alternative solutions like AKHQ, CMAK RedPanda Console, ...
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Possible spam that could also be an innocent Q/A - looking for advice

Tonight in the Triage review queue, I came across what looked at first sight like a run-of-the-mill low quality 'write my code for me' question. I was about to flag it as unsalvageable, since the ...
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Code could not be submitted, because it triggered the spam filter [duplicate]

There is an issue with the code in this question about extracting strings in Chinese in Python. If I attempt to edit the post to contain the code which the OP posted as a comment, this error/warning ...
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User's first ever post wrongly (in my opinion) auto-deleted for being spam/abusive [duplicate]

The revision history shows the original post before it was auto-deleted. No abuse is apparent and the only "spam" is a link to a book on Amazon. Why was this deleted? https://stackoverflow....
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How much self-promotion is too much?

For specifics: I am asking about this answer. I recently saw an answer that did indeed answer the question, but then also linked to a youtube channel and asked for others to like and subscribe. I can ...
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I have found 16,809 similar, inappropriate(?) user profiles. There are more. Now what?

I've found two pools of users whose profiles are probably machine generated. Their creation dates spike near certain days. The users don't seem to have done anything (no posts, no comments, last ...
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Why was this flagged 'Your question appears to be spam.' as a new user?

I attempted to post the following question using an account I created for work and it wouldn't let me, giving me the red message: Your question appears to be spam. Can I add a custom soap ...
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Should we burninate the [spam] tag?

For context, the tag description for spam says: DO NOT USE THIS TAG ON QUESTIONS THAT ARE SPAM, we have a special flag for that! Questions about bypassing somebody else's spam filter are also not ...
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When are extremely low quality questions with links spam?

Some time ago I came across this question which is no more than 'How can I make a site like this <link>'. When I saw this, I thought it was so low quality it was hard to believe it was a serious ...
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Failed an audit on a post listed as spam or offensive, to me it looked like just a wrong answer [duplicate]

This review had an answer about reflection with a link to a repo from the author of the answer. Screenshot for <10k users: However bad the answer is, I clicked Looks Ok. I did so having viewed the ...
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I am seeing new Triality questions seemingly copy pasted on Stack Overflow. Intended?

Here is an example low-quality question and the verbatim one on Triality. The Stack Overflow question is all title with an advertisement body: The answers also read like advertising for the site with ...
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Vagueness of Spam flag / flags in general?

When a question contains links to pornographic material, material intended to be of sexual nature, explicit text or all of the above, are users powerless at flagging content as spam because the rules ...
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Temporarily suspended from reviewing and the automated message?

This is the suspension message I received. This isn't a big deal, but I wonder if it's necessary to make accusations in the automated suspension notification? It seems to me that simply telling the ...
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What is a Sockpuppet Ring?

I've seen the term "sockpuppet ring" come up several times during discussions about spam. But I'm having trouble understanding what it refers to.
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Is there a flood of spam regarding koa recently?

Recently, I notice that there is quite a number of new questions regarding koa. Most of the questions are just a dump of some code structure and ask no seeming question. They could be asking for "...
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Oceanbase tag used for fake questions and answers

I noticed that all questions under the oceanbase tag and almost all answers are probably fake: Almost all are extremely vague and short, except for a couple that seem to contain just a bit of script, ...
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What is the correct action to take when encountering spam in the Low Quality Answer review queue, once you've flagged it for spam?

I know the correct course of action on the answer itself is to go to the question post and flag the answer as spam (since you cannot flag from the LQA view). However, what action should we take on the ...
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New breed of spam?

I just noticed a new-to-me tactic for spammers on this question (probably gone by the time I post this). It seemed to be originally a LQ question, then within seconds of me asking for clarification/...
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Email from moderator saying I shouldn't vote to close spam, even though I had also flagged it

I know there is no need to vote to close after flagging a question as spam. However, I don't visit SO so much these days, so my close votes aren't in so much demand. Does SO really need to send me an ...
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Influx of "quickbooks" promotional "questions" [duplicate]

I've noticed that there's been an influx of "quickbooks" promotional "questions" lately, usually all bearing similar text. I don't have an example, because they all seem to be ...
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Can the Spam filter see repetitive questions?

This question has been posted 3 times, from what I have seen, this morning: Can the filter recognize repetitive questions and deal with them?
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How is this spam? [duplicate]

I was in the Triage queue and this audit popped up. Any single place / tool / site to list all AWS regions an AWS service is available in? I went into the flag menu and then decided otherwise from ...
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Spam mask does not appear when viewing answers from within review queue

I was in Close votes review queue and came across this review task. When clicking the answer tab I see: However, when I go to the actual answer I see the spam mask that I would have to click through ...
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How should I deal with a question that mainly contains a link to a service/product? [duplicate]

I flagged this question as spam because it contains mainly a link to a website that offers a paid service. The code example that would make the link redundant and the question obviously not spam and ...
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In "Low Quality Posts" is it required to cross-check external links with profile pages to identify Improper Self Promotion?

In the "Low Quality Answers" queue, how much cross-checking effort is required to verify that an external link in an otherwise-valid answer isn't improper self-promotion? In the "Low ...
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Alarming number of new spam users

I just visited the Autobiographer badge page, and scrolling through, I was alarmed to find a large number of obviously spam users. Looking at the links and and bios of these users, they're pure spam. ...
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What is considered promotional content?

I recently ran into a question with the [three.js] tag that asked for help with a 3D globe randomly disappearing. This question had a link to a working demo with the problem, and the code showing the ...
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Why was this answer deleted as spam and used as an audit question? [duplicate]

In the Low Quality Posts queue, this answer was used as an audit question, despite it obviously being a legitimate answer. Even worse, it was deleted by Community Bot as "spam or offensive ...
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What can be done to stop the support number spam campaign?

In the past few hours, we've gotten several dozen spam posts advertising support phone numbers, typically for Coinbase and QuickBooks. Unlike most spam campaigns, this one (from my vantage point in ...
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Multiple answers in a short time that may fall foul of the "disclosing affiliation" rules

Preamble: I don't think it's a duplicate of the suggested "what is the policy regarding self-promotion?" as that deals more with one's self keeping within affiliation rules, whereas this is ...
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Is it appropriate to recommend my own 'Question Wizard' tool?

A few years ago I built a little tool which guided beginners through constructing a question with an MCVE in Python. I commented on a few poor questions suggesting that they use it. Then I got a ...
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Why was this spam flag declined, yet the question marked as spam?

I reviewed my flag history recently, and I noticed something curious. Now, I haven't looked into my flag history for a long time, so this flag is actually over a year old. I understand if the answer ...
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Wallet spam ads getting out of control

Over the past several weeks I have seen a large rise in the number of a certain type of spam questions. They are mainly advertising some kind of customer support for digital wallet services. Here is ...
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Allow new users to flag their own posts [closed]

New users (<15 rep) cannot flag posts. To test this, I created another account and asked a question. Sure enough, the Flag link was missing. But this makes new users vulnerable to spam or offense ...
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What should be done about spam edited in to otherwise legitimate-looking questions after they've been answered? [duplicate]

I encountered this question: How Can i Push Latest Project Files From Git To Gitlab? (now deleted) which was asked yesterday, had two answers (one of which was accepted), then it was closed. A couple ...
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Is spam, by the definition in the help center, prohibited on private teams? [duplicate]

Assuming the admins allow it, is a post that is considered spam by the definition in the Help Center allowed on private teams, and if not, what actions should a non-admin take if the admins are ...
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Is it ever appropriate to edit and remove potential spam links?

I was reviewing low quality posts this morning and I came across this review. My thought process/reaction was like this: The post contains some code that at least attempts to solve the problem. I did ...
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Why was my spam flag on this question about Shopify declined?

I flagged this question as spam. Here's the content, in case it's deleted: Is there any way to use multiple discounts on Shopify and how to apply coupon on cart page. So, that i can retain my ...
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Is a question promoting code the OP wrote spam?

I was reviewing this question and promptly flagged it as spam due to the fact that it is promoting code the OP wrote. Now, however, I'm not too sure if I made the right decision. Obviously, it's not a ...
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What should I do when a Selenium question includes URL to third-party website? [duplicate]

When I read questions with tag "Selenium" I often see links to websites. Examples of such questions that have not been closed: Unable to get images from skechers in python How get value from ...
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Can someone explain why this post is not spam?

Can anyone explain why this question is not SPAM? The question contains a link to a product and it is added simply for the link building. Also, the question is unclear and does not provide a minimal ...
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Why is my answer deleted?

Why is my answer deleted? Are there TwinCAT 3 code formatter tools for structured text
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Why do people post spam on Stack Overflow? [closed]

This is something that I do not understand at all because the community tends to respond to spam extremely fast from what I have seen. It gets downvoted to oblivion and I can't see it staying on the ...
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Declined spam flag on clickbait question

I'm curious as to why the spam flag that I raised on this question was declined. The entire body of the question reads: I launched a website few days ago. Its about Deezer music. So I need an ...
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2 answers

Why did a moderator delete a highly voted answer and nobody answered the flag I raised?

Recently a moderator deleted my answer with 37 upvotes and it said: This answer was marked as spam or rude or abusive and is therefore not shown - you can see the revision history for details. I ...
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Can questions which are job offers be flagged using custom flags, or should we use only spam flags, or maybe not flag them at all? [duplicate]

Note: I am NOT asking Are job offers spam? since I already agree that it is. This question is more about how to properly handle such questions as my custom-flags was rejected. I recently saw a ...
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Does Stack Overflow check shared links in questions which may be malicious?

Usually we need to share some links so that our question is more clear. For example posting a link to the tutorial being followed or just linking to other questions in Stack Overflow. There may be a ...
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Review audit failed in triage - possibly bad review audit?

I was reviewing triage and came across a post which looked quite decent, and I was actually happy to blow the dust off the Looks OK button. But that was a review audit, and one that I failed. The post ...
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How can I report User Story spam? [duplicate]

I found this link in a comment on my blog: How do you report user profiles like this? Q374997 deals with posts, Q339215 with documentation, and Q368585 ...
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Post is marked as spam and hidden [duplicate]

My answer to this question was deleted by a moderator. The answer was once upvoted, is specific to the question and even contains a link to a fiddle that demonstrates a working solution. Even more ...
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