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Questions flagged as duplicate, and what are, or are not, good reasons to do so.

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Can this codespace pygame post closed as a duplicate be reopened?

For the following question that's not mine: Is it possible to to run and display pygame features on GitHub Codespaces? ("pygame.error: No available video device") This question was closed as ...
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Do we have a canonical for parsing indented code with ast.parse?

While doing a cleanup of some other IndentationError questions, I closed a bunch of questions - including IndentationError during `ast.parse` and `ast.walk` of a function which is a method inside ...
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Stop closing duplicate pages; instead withhold rep on signposts

The Pain Points: For askers who treat SO as a help desk, a dupe closure is a point of frustration because they want to receive answers specifically tailored to their question. For answerers who ...
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How are duplicate chains resolved? [duplicate]

The question What is the difference between normal rvalue reference and template rvalue reference? is closed as a duplicate, but the linked duplicate (What is the rationale behind forwarding ...
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Duplicate question with downvotes

I have recently asked a question that was marked duplicate and received two downvotes. There aren't any answers to my question, only a comment with a link to another post that answered my question. I ...
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Why was this question closed as a duplicate? [duplicate]

My question asks about how to comment a line within a multi-line code segment: How to comment out one line of a multiline statement It was closed for another question that asks about how to do a line ...
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My question got posted twice - bug? [duplicate]

I posted a question on SO, and somehow two posts were created. The question ids are consecutive, 77669138 and 77669139. Within the HTML of both pages is the same dateCreated value 2023-12-15 22:38:03Z ...
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Rule proposal: Duplicate closure to roll-up questions is no longer allowed

There is a long-festering problem in some tags where some questions are closed by dupehammers, using a single roll-up question as the duplicate target. A "roll-up" question is defined here ...
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Do duplicates of "sin/cos/tan expect radians instead of degrees" needs to match the language?

For example, currently Why Sin(30) = -0.9880316240928618 in java, a Java question, in which the root cause of the question is about using degrees instead of radians in the sin() function, but now it ...
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Canonical for Java EE vs Jakarta EE

Java EE was donated to the Eclipse Foundation which had to rename it to Jakarta EE. In the process, they had to change the dependency coordinates of the specifications and change the root package name....
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Can we reopen this JavaScript-specific question about floating point precision that's currently closed as duplicate?

I came across this question: How to deal with floating point number precision in JavaScript? which is flagged as a duplicate of Is floating point math broken?. The problem is that the first question ...
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Questions and Articles are occasionally duplicated into two identical posts created in the same instant

I've noticed a number of incidences where a user posts the same question twice. However, these posts are created within the same second so this isn't a situation where a user keeps posting the same ...
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New questions have been overzealously marked as duplicates for YEARS [closed]

Ok guys, it's a meme at this point. New person asks question, and within 10 minutes it gets marked as a duplicate by some high-reputation user. And y'know what? A lot of times, perhaps the ...
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Is there any way I can try to save my Java question about getting a static nested class by name?

(Full disclosure: This issue has already been discussed in chat and then it was suggested I post about this on MSO.) I asked Fastest way to get a static nested class by name using reflection in Java? (...
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Why is my question still being closed after I've explained why it is not a duplicate?

I had this question (Sprite jumping around in a undesirable way when handling collision while flipping the sprite) which was marked as a duplicate of three questions and was closed. I edited the ...
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Will my question be closed as a duplicate if there is a similar question asked on other Stack Exchange sites? [duplicate]

Suppose I ask a question on SO or Meta SO. The question isn’t a duplicate of any question on SO or Meta SO. However, if my question is similar to a question asked on another site on the Stack Exchange ...
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Why is the duplicate close banner strange on this question? [duplicate]

This question looks like this right now: Notably, the place where the duplicate questions are usually listed is empty (leading to a rather awkward "This question already has answers here:" ...
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What should I do when I encounter a user who reasks an identical question when their question is closed? [duplicate]

A user asked a question Weird behaviour from European Central Bank API and it was closed as not appropriate for the site (missing debug details). That user then immediately asked the same question ...
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What should I do when the duplicate target depends on additional context?

I found this question and (as I said in my comment) it could be either a duplicate of this (if the Socket in the question is a reference type) or this (if the Socket in the question is a value type). ...
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Are multiple close reasons provided if a question was single-handedly closed?

I came across the following post and revisions: command won't add roles to the user It was closed by two users, one with the ability to single-...
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No obvious way to reject the duplicate

About 10 years ago I posted a question to Stack Overflow. Recently, it was marked as a duplicate. The problem is that the question is not a duplicate of that other question. I'm being instructed to ...
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What is a beginner-oriented canonical Q&A and how can it help me curate my watched tags?

This is intended to be a light satire to assist would-be site curators who find that the tags they're most interested in are flooded with low-quality questions, but who either misuse What is a ...
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How should we deal with "tool/technique -> problem" and "problem -> tool/technique" question pairs?

There are a ton of old pairs of questions I've noticed on Stack Overflow of the general form: Q1. When would I use X rather than Y? A1. In situation S, using Y naively would cause a problem P. Using ...
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How can many duplicates of the same question be handled?

There was recently a bug/new feature on selenium, related to Chrome not distributing the drivers on the same URL, and selenium now automatically fetching the driver from the installed browser. This ...
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Allow to use a question as a duplicate target if its only answer is yours

Today I've encountered an issue with a question that was very similar to a question that I answered a couple of months ago. The answered question was asked by a new user, who didn't have enough ...
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Is there a good way to intentionally ask a duplicate question?

This question How to check if an image is a scaled version of another image was asked in 2010 and the accepted answer is from 2013. I think that in the last 10 years, there might be different and ...
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Why was my question on Python lists closed as a duplicate?

I wrote a question on how I can turn items from a Python list into variables (Variables for unknown amount of list items in Python) (now deleted). It said my question was a duplicate, but when I ...
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May old questions be repeated for new version of language standard?

This question is based on the following case: Recently, a question was asked which is clearly a duplicate of an older question. The new question was quickly closed as a duplicate, however, the answers ...
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What can we do with a cross-site duplicate that has answers on both sites?

I have answered this question on bioinformatics. It was first asked on Stack Overflow, and then, following a comment, also asked on Bioinformatics, but without deleting it on Stack Overflow. The ...
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What happens when the same user asks the same question twice?

So as a new user, I've posted an answer to this question, and later (a few minutes after) I found that the same user who asked the first question has asked another question and that question got a ...
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Is it ok to reask someone's non-mcve question?

Suppose there is a question that is what I want to find now, while the answer looks OK but the question currently looks failed to be MCVE, eg: Timeline effect CSS only I think it has only small chance ...
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Abuse of privileges? A moderator locked my question and removed all my edits and our back and forth discussion on whether my question is duplicate [duplicate]

Backstory (NOT ENTIRELY RELEVANT TO THE REAL QUESTION) I believe my question isn't a duplicate, but a moderator does (note: I do not care whether you believe it was a duplicate or not). I created ...
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How do I save my high-quality answer to a duplicate question?

I wrote a self-answered question that was labeled as duplicate. I don't agree with that, but my question is, how can I save my high-quality answer now? Duplicates are automatically deleted, aren't ...
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Users in the non-AI "write title during review" group of the title drafting experiment have an empty and non-interactive duplicate suggestions section

The duplicate suggestions section is inaccessible and invariably empty for users in the 'write title during review' test group of the title-drafting experiment. It is disabled and cannot be reached. ...
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Can you flag duplicate if the old question contains an answer which is not answering the old question but answering the new question?

Sometimes, a question can be misunderstood by someone and resulting a good article but off-topic to the question it is answering. If this answer happens to be a good answer to another question, does ...
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Adding duplicates on a small-screen mobile is impossible again [duplicate]

I am again unable to edit the list of duplicates from my phone. In brief, when a question is closed as a duplicate, gold-badge owners in one of the question's tags are able to edit the list of ...
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Why was my PowerShell dupe-target question closed against one that I feel isn't as good?

I had a question regarding PowerShell and null pointer exception (NPE) handling, designed to be a "general" or (I've heard it called) "classic" answer, asked and self-answered some ...
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Duplicate question, but years apart [duplicate]

What is the correct way to deal with a duplicating an old question? Given a question "How do I do xxxxx in JavaScript?" with a question and accepted answer from say 2013, how do I ask the ...
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Should this be a duplicate?

Should How to get messages in a channel in pycord and then delete them? be a duplicate? It's linked to the following four posts. How could I grab all chat messages in a specific channel in a discord ...
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How can I edit/update an empty duplicate dialog box? [duplicate]

I wanted to change the duplicate target for Why is decimal multiplication slightly inaccurate? to Is floating point math broken? But the dialog does not have the "edit:" link that they ...
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Should I create signpost (duplicate) questions on purpose? [duplicate]

I was just looking for an answer to a question and did not find it. Therefore, I was about to post my own question. But after a lot more digging, I finally found the answer on SO. Should I now post my ...
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I'd like to discuss about re-opening my question, as I do not find it to be a duplicate [duplicate]

Earlier this morning, I posted a question that I genuinely felt was not a duplicate in any way, shape, or form. However, it was downvoted and closed by a single user who felt that it was, and I wanted ...
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What should we do with flawed attempts to solve a problem, where the flaw is unrelated, both are common, and the question isn't explicit?

What should we do with flawed attempts to solve a problem, where the flaw is unrelated, both are common, and the question isn't explicit? This is an extremely common issue I've been running into with ...
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After 6 years, a question was closed as a duplicate in favor of a lower-scored question. Should it be the other way around?

Question being closed: Reading file using relative path in python project Has a score of 124. Has an accepted answer with a score of 205. Has next answers with a total score of 56 Yet after 6 years ...
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Strange deletion warning trying to clean up old questions (that aren't mine)

Occasionally I encounter old questions that got popular, but which are actually pretty bad. One common case is that the question Needs More Focus due to really being two questions in one, each of ...
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My closed question had nothing to do with the duplicate [duplicate]

I asked a JavaScript question and didn't get any answer in a few days and I put a bounty on it and got a great answer. Later that day, it was closed as a duplicate. The referenced answer was about &...
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A locked question is marked as a duplicate of an inferior canonical, under the old system

The question Python math is wrong has been locked, apparently after warring over whether to delete it after being marked as a duplicate. I agree that it is a fine signpost and should not be deleted. ...
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I think the question I closed as a duplicate shouldn't have been reopened

The question is here: Double Iteration in List Comprehension I had hammered it with what I consider canonical: How can I use list comprehensions to process a nested list? The question seems to have ...
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Question closed within a few minutes [duplicate]

I've just posted this question. Within minutes, it was closed, no explanation given, with just a link to another question. I'm not sure this is a good policy. There's no explanation of why someone ...
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Canonical question for new questions about importing data from Yahoo Finance into Google Sheets

Follow-up of Canonical question for importing content from dynamic websites using IMPORTHTML / IMPORTXML Google Sheets functions Recently I have found that many "bad" questions about ...
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