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The accepted answer is the answer the question owner thought best met their needs. This tag is for discussing issues related to accepted answers, not indicating that a question has an accepted answer.

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Is it a bug that I can gain reputation by unaccepting and reaccepting when starting at 1 reputation?

I have 1 reputation to start, I previously accepted some answers and gained reputation from that, but I lost that reputation due to downvotes, so I still only have 1 reputation. I unaccept an answer ...
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Why do people think that straight code answers are acceptable?

From my experience, answers on this site that are literally just code don't really help all that much except for solving that specific problem. It is important that especially new users to programming ...
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Why does accepting answers not automatically upvote them? [duplicate]

I've seen this a lot on my own answers, where they have been accepted but received 0 upvotes. Is there a reason why this is possible, and not just automatically upvoted on accept? On the other hand, ...
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A user marked his own answer as correct after marking mine

I invested in checking a user's question. He marked my answer as correct, and then after two days he suddenly wrote an explanation that was not at all clear and unhelpful that he got it right and ...
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Why are accepted answers included in the review queues? [duplicate]

I was recently looking at the Late Answers and First Answers review queues and something like three review tasks in a row were for accepted answers. Why are accepted answers included in review queues ...
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OP accepted my answer but deserves the credit

The OP derived a solution based upon my answer. He graciously commented on me being a contribution to his solution, and updated his question to include his own solution. The OP's answer is a better ...
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What should we do when two answers are of equal quality? [duplicate]

I just saw this question here, and my answer and another person's are both correct. If I were the OP, I wouldn't know which to accept. How should we accept answers in this situation?
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What is the best practice for following up after your question has been answered?

I've recently asked this question and, now that it got an answer, I'd like to know how to follow up with it. The problem is that I couldn't really get that specific answer to work in my environment ...
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Question fixed multiple times with my answer(s) but another one was accepted. Should I flag it?

I've answered this question in real-time. The code published in question had multiple bugs, so I edited my answer multiple times. The author updated the question's code with the fixed code after every ...
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Tweaked message when changing an accepted answer

Occasionally I see +15 pop up for an accepted answer only to find, when following the link to see which question it was, that the OP has swiftly moved the acceptance to a different answer. There is ...
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2 answers

Disable reputation earned from having an answer accepted

The OP of a question has the ability to mark one of the answers to their question as "accepted". This is a publicly visible signal to everyone else that the answer worked for the OP. However,...
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1 answer

When tied for votes, show accepted answer at top [duplicate]

Accepted answers are no longer at the top, but should be when tied. At time of writing, that doesn't seem to be the case (1). Please favor accepted answer in a tie.
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Feature request: "Post notice" suggesting to accept an answer

In line with the abandoned rule proposal, I suggest the implementation of a "Post Notice" question banner in the style of the "Close Vote" banner, visible only to question authors, ...
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OP forgot to follow the answers for a question for which they raised a bounty, but accepted an answer after the bounty expired [duplicate]

I answered a Stack Overflow question which had a bounty. Eventually, the bounty period expired, and the OP, who raised the question and started the bounty, forgot to follow this question for some ...
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Is demanding answer unaccepting acceptable? [duplicate]

Sometimes you stumble upon questions that are exactly what you want to know and since we want to keep this site from having x duplicate questions you don't want to ask your own, of course. The problem ...
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2 answers

Why do some people accept an answer on SQL that works well with only hundreds of data, not million?

I have tried to answer on questions considering data in huge amount and in the production phase. But most of the time these are not marked as accepted. Should I have to change my coding style? SQL ...
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What's the longest time between when a question was asked and when the first accepted answer was entered?

I've gotten a few Necromancer badges for answering questions that were months or even a couple of years old. In some cases, the OP came back around to grant my answer as the accepted solution. It got ...
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Frustration when person who asked the question doesn't accept the answer [closed]

I recently started answering questions, and it's annoying when you spend your time writing and answering and finding a solution, and the person that asked the question doesn't even let you know if you ...
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Is it okay to request a newbie user to accept and upvote? [duplicate]

There are multiple questions related to this case - here and here. Some of them suggests that it is okay to comment with the SO link. But, I have my doubts due to the following reasons. Today, I ...
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Why doesn't Stack Overflow meta sort the answers by votes like in the main site?

The main site, sometime ago, changed the rules to sort the answers by upvotes, and not show the accepted one on top. Why wasn't this also implemented on meta? Example (at the time of publishing).
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2 answers

An accepted answer was deleted yet the user was not deleted

My question held G Clark's post as the accepted answer for nearly two years with ~40 upvotes. I now notice that their answer has disappeared even though G Clark's account still exists with their ...
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2 answers

Mark question as complete

On many SO and SE-specific sites, there are many questions that have been resolved by comments but not an actual "answer". When looking through the "Unanswered questions" filter, ...
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Unattended questions by the OP [duplicate]

There are lots of questions in Stack Overflow, more depending on the specific tag, where obviously, the more the language or framework is used, the more questions there are. I got to think that there ...
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Why is there no privilege for being able to change the accepted answer to a question? [duplicate]

I just noticed that my next 2 milestones (and the only ones left) don't allow me to do the one thing I really want to do, which is, have the privilege to change the accepted answer on questions where ...
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2 answers

An answer is accepted even though the OP explicitly states that it isn't what they want. Should it be unaccepted? [closed]

This answer received a comment from the OP: I have seen this example before but does not match what I need. I understand accepting or not is up to the OP, but still, the green tick gives out bad ...
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2 answers

How to mark an answer as accepted

I'm being prompted to do so however there is no green checkmark next to the answer. I ended up answering my own question. It is clearly shown as Answer 1 - not a comment. I just want to mark it ...
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7 votes
2 answers

What is "Have you considered accepting an answer or starting a bounty for this question"?

In 'Questions' section of Stack Overflow, my questions are listed showing below. However, for the 4th question, the message "Have you considered accepting an answer or starting a bounty for this ...
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Is there a maximum time limit to accept an answer?

I can see Q/A about the minimum time to accept answers, ie. 15 minutes (or 2 days for self-answers). But what is the maximum time limit to accept an answer?
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How to extend my gratitude, when a contributor went out of their way for me [duplicate]

What can I give a contributor, except the joy of helping? How do I properly thank a developer when they spent two full afternoons with my very awkward issue? Do I encourage upvotes on their answer at ...
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Is it appropriate to change the accepted answer on an old question that now has a better answer? [duplicate]

I asked the following question 3 years ago: Can you define optional docker-compose services? At the time, there wasn't really a good way to do it, but the top-scoring answer was a reasonable solution, ...
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flagging comments that invite to accept the answer, am I doing right? [duplicate]

I noticed that a user writes in most of the questions he replies the following comment: If my answer is helpful for you, you can accept it as answer (click on the check mark beside the answer to ...
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Why does the UI still show "Accepted" icon for an "Accepted" answer which has been deleted?

This question is focussed on a specific problem that I found after executing the query, This query ...
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Accepted answer is missing [duplicate]

I sometimes see questions with a clear answer addressing the question and upvoted by other users, but not marked as the accepted answer (neither the rest of answers), so the question remains ...
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What to do if somebody's comment is the correct answer [duplicate]

I have asked 2 questions on Stack Overflow where one of the comments is actually the correct answer. In both cases, there is another answer which, while helpful, didn't solve the problem. So my ...
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Should I save my reputation, or let it be?

So I have this question on Stack Overflow asking for certain differences of C#'s floating-point values. It was a poor question, as the downvotes were added. I didn't care about the votes, but what I ...
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46 votes
2 answers

Show warning if accepted answer is heavily outvoted by subsequent answers [closed]

The feature request "Please unpin the accepted answer from the top" has a lot of upvotes, but is status-declined. Nevertheless, the problem of bad, wrong, or outdated accepted answers being ...
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Why does it ask me to wait for 2 days to accept my own answer? [duplicate]

I posted a question about an error message while trying to importing a file in python and no one posted their answers but I searched online and get to know the solution and it worked well and I wish ...
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Requesting again to unpin the accepted answer from the top [duplicate]

In 2016 I wrote the post Please unpin the accepted answer from the top. Although there was a lot of community support for it at the time, the request was declined because of a lack of consensus among ...
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Why wasn’t the bounty awarded to this accepted, upvoted answer?

I offered a bounty for my question … then I accepted the answer; but the bounty was not awarded to the accepted answer, which also had a score >= 2. Question link here
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4 answers

Should I 'Accept' answers that are "you can't do this", and if so When?

If my question was "How do I achieve <this>", or "How can I improve <this> process, instead of using <this> hacky solution I've constructed". Suppose the first ...
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Why wasn't I given reputation points for answer being accepted?

I answered the question Calculating a mean from a data frame with blanks with R which was accepted, but I did not get 15 reputation points for it. Although, I got 30 points for three upvotes there. I ...
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Is it correct to upvote an answer which I also accepted? [duplicate]

If a question I asks receives an answer which solved my problem, I should mark that as accepted. Should I also upvote the answer though? Will upvoting and accepting an answer give the answerer 25 ...
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18 votes
1 answer

How is it possible this accepted answer got deleted?

As we all know when an answer is accepted the author can't delete it themselves. It can be deleted by moderators, but the answer gets unaccepted during the deletion. How is it possible this answer is ...
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How to I provide positive feedback to user who comments/responds to my post

In the following post, How do I terminate a SwingWorker?, there is a user named "matt" who I would like to provide positive feedback, as he has been very helpful. How do I do that?
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Reputation to Accept Answer [duplicate]

In this question, the asker (a new user) said in a comment: Because I am knew to stack overflow, I am unable to upvote or mark your answer as correct, unfortunately. He had 11 rep at the time. It ...
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2 answers

How to mark question as resolved without accepting any particular answer

Is there a way to mark a question as resolved, without having to accept a particular answer? I asked a question on Stack Overflow, and although I did not a receive a satisfactory answer, the issue has ...
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I feel bad about accepting my own answer to my own question, what to do?

I always think someone may answer something better or more updated. Also accepting my own answer feels strange overall. (unless my own answer is much more upvoted than other answers, like 10x, but I ...
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Is it ethical ✔️ to put a green tick mark in your answer?

I noticed in this answer a green tick was added which seems to be used to encourage the answer to be accepted. Is this ethical? The person also commented that they would like their answer to be ...
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Should another answer be designated as the accepted one for this Python-related question?

The question is “Is there a way to clear the value of a variable in python?”, and the accepted answer is to assign to that variable a value of None. However, assigning to a variable a value of None ...
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New user unaccepted my answer and posted own implementation of my answer [duplicate]

Recently I answered a question with an approach to the user's question which after some clarifying comments with the OP was accepted. My approach wasn't meant to be directly usable as there were some ...
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