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This tag is for questions about answers: how to answer, whether specific answers are appropriate, and so forth.

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How can I improve this answer to an HTTP spec question?

I received a downvote to this answer to a question about the HTTP spec that I don't understand. Given that my answer is directly copied from the spec, the only reasons I could think for the downvote ...
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How can I improve this answer to a regex question?

I recently provided this answer (screenshot for <10k users) to a question about a regex, and it received a downvote fairly quickly. I'd rather get ahead of bad posting habits if I can, so I was ...
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-21 votes
1 answer

How can I get unbaned from an answer ban? [duplicate]

I have only five questions and get more downvotes than I get the downvotes. That let I ban. I have asked on Meta Stack Exchange, but it does not have any answer. I tried to edit the posts, but it ...
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2 answers

Are OpenAI answers under CC BY-SA?

I understand my answers will now be used by OpenAI to produce LLM based AI(s), per "Our Partnership with OpenAI". OK, but I licensed my answers to SO under CC BY-SA. Will the output ...
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Potential bug in answer display for a specific question

I recently answered a question. The question and the answer has no vote nor been marked as answered. Anyway the question list layout shows it as answered: While the answer is clearly not marked. ...
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Are answers speculating on what the problem might be considered answers? [duplicate]

I'll periodically run into answers along the line of The problem might be X. or Did you try y? As an example, I recently encountered the following answer in the VLQ queue: You might be suffering ...
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-25 votes
1 answer

How can I answer a question when I can't find any "answer" button? And why can it ever happen? [closed]

I want to answer this question, but on that page I cannot find any button or link like "answer". Is this a technical problem with the Stack Exchange engine or is this that I have ...
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42 votes
4 answers

Saying "thank you" is not NAA anymore?

I raised an NAA flag on this answer Answer to: Blank space appearing at bottom of all webpages in Google Chrome on iOS [closed] which got declined. As I explained in my comment underneath the post, ...
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24 votes
4 answers

Is it link-only when there is a link and description but no code?

As one of your newest moderators, I've been handling a bunch of not-an-answer flags. One NAA flag was for this answer: The flag comment said that the link was broken. When reviewing the flag, I: ...
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Add a "provide explanation to the answer" note in Help Center or FAQ

Yesterday I came across this answer. It's code-only, and I commented that it would be better to provide some explanation to this answer. But the answerer commented the explanation, not added it to the ...
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-4 votes
4 answers

Return delay between answering to 3 minutes for users with <125 rep

This is a formal proposal and request that the rate-limiting be changed, so that users with less than 125 reputation do not need to wait 30 minutes between posting answers. For most of the lifetime of ...
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-9 votes
1 answer

I wish to delete my own answer but a Mod just undeleted it. Do I have any rights, here?

I have an answer which I wish to delete. I wrote it a while ago. I have enough points to do this, and I did do this. I just noticed that a mod recently undeleted that post. Does this mean that I've ...
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17 votes
6 answers

Should answers be general or specific?

In the answer from Colombo to this question, they provide a comprehensive general answer and suggest that the original poster can work out the solution from there. R newbie asking about loops I ...
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27 votes
4 answers

Is it acceptable to fundamentally change own answer? [duplicate]

Assume I have answered a question incorrectly. Should I fundamentally change the answer if I found another approach, or should I delete the original answer and post another one?
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12 votes
2 answers

Is it wrong to make a more general answer when a previous answer had already answered the specific question?

I found this question which already has an accepted answer there. While it's true that my answer doesn't directly answer what's asked in the title, it's answering part of the title that could be the ...
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-42 votes
2 answers

Force users to accept answers by restricting them from asking if they don't [duplicate]

Can we have a limit on users posting questions and then not accepting answers for those? As this becomes challenging for the person answering and people who face similar issues simply ignore answers ...
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46 votes
3 answers

If I appreciate the effort and scope of an answer but cannot verify its correctness, is upvoting appropriate?

If I appreciate the effort and scope of an answer but cannot verify its correctness, and I am not the asker, is upvoting the answer a correct thing to do? For example, I came across this post. I might'...
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Editing a locked answer gives the wrong error message [duplicate]

I tried to edit this locked answer and got an error: There are too many pending edits on Stack Overflow. Please try again later. However, that seems to be the wrong error, even if it is a true ...
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How can I manage historical answers for different versions?

Answers to question How do you alias a type in Python? trickled in with time, and are bringing in new functionalities by version. In order to make the answers stand out with the version the answer ...
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10 votes
1 answer

How might old answers be moved to a more suitable (also old) question?

I was trying to perform regular maintenance on a popular Python canonical, and encountered an answer that addressed a matter tangential to the actual question as asked. It turned out to be something ...
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29 votes
2 answers

Should I accept a bad answer or write my own?

I recently posted a fairly standard Stack Overflow question about how to use an existing library to accomplish a task. (I'm being purposely vague to avoid shaming the answerer.) I didn't receive any ...
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29 votes
9 answers

How can we encourage answers that are helpful to people other than the asker?

I just received an SO survey, to which I responded quite negatively. I think current questions are mostly terrible, and current answers are mostly terrible. Here's an example showing one kind of ...
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7 votes
1 answer

What should be done to questions OP solves themselves without posting an answer?

In this particular question, the OP solves the problem on his own for which the question was asked. You can read the comments to see them mentioning: Thanks, I found the way to compile it correctly, ...
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30 votes
3 answers

Is it forbidden to suggest to create an GitHub issue/discussion for other problems?

An OSS maintainer sometimes posts an answer to a question of their OSS. And they sometimes prefer GitHub to Stack Overflow. In this situation, is it OK to suggest, in the answer, to create GitHub ...
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Why are all these answers not answering the actual question?

I just stumbled across this question from 2013 about an error message received when trying to authenticate with Google in iPhone Safari. The error message mentions iFrames. The author self answered it ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Poor questions should not be answered by people with high reps. Why are they? [closed]

I came across this meta post : Should one answer terribly poor questions? and thought answering poor questions are not the norm, at least among people with high reps. But then these are counter-...
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-25 votes
1 answer

Can we hide the tail end of overly long answers?

The Problem Many questions have answers which are of high quality, but which are also extremely long (compared to how short they could be). Some examples (see the accepted answer): What is the copy-...
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Is using a screenshot and reference link wrong?

I've recently answered a question with a screenshot from a reference site. It was a table so I pasted a screenshot to preserve styling. I also added the reference site link. This was downvoted by ...
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How do you make your answer stand out from the influx of generative AI content?

I've had a few years hiatus and could not find any article that underscores this question, so please go easy on me. I also just got somewhat up to speed about the strike as posted here, so I know this ...
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23 votes
1 answer

How can I avoid "An error occurred submitting the edit" error message? (working July 13th)

July 13th: it works again, so far. July 12th: I have (again) some of my answers I cannot edit (others can edit them, but I cannot) "How to make git maintain a file containing ...
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2 answers

How do I save my high-quality answer to a duplicate question?

I wrote a self-answered question that was labeled as duplicate. I don't agree with that, but my question is, how can I save my high-quality answer now? Duplicates are automatically deleted, aren't ...
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74 votes
2 answers

What flag to use for answers that say "use ChatGPT to fix your errors"?

I just came across an answer post that (essentially) just said "Use chatGPT to help correct your errors" (To be fair, the answer had a tiny bit of actual information, but I would say nothing ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Can you flag duplicate if the old question contains an answer which is not answering the old question but answering the new question?

Sometimes, a question can be misunderstood by someone and resulting a good article but off-topic to the question it is answering. If this answer happens to be a good answer to another question, does ...
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I asked a question then later found a blog post on the web that perfectly answers the question: Can I copy-paste the content of the article? [duplicate]

Here is a concrete example: What is the difference between using and not using <type>pom</type> for a dependency (in the <dependencies> section)? In the meantime I've found a really ...
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-8 votes
1 answer

Do answers have to be "standalone"? Can an answer add useful information to another answer?

So recently a comment I put in an answer turned out to be useful (from another comment responded to me) so I turned it into an answer like this: To add to the current answer, you need to ... The ...
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2 answers

Where do the duplication start when an answer seems similar, but not fully?

Sometimes, answers could be very similar: use the same system/class/method/library, but they are not 100% copied. I found an example with this question: How do I read / convert an InputStream into a ...
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14 votes
4 answers

Why is it easier to write answers than comments without enough reputation? [duplicate]

As someone who isn't confident enough to provide answers, I often find myself wanting to post a comment. Why is posting answers easier than posting comments? I've been struggling to get enough ...
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10 votes
1 answer

How should I respond to internal errors in SaaS products? Is it acceptable to suggest contacting customer support as an answer?

These days (supported) SaaS/PaaS software and managed solutions are becoming more predominant in the world of programming. As a result I am frequently seeing questions that effectively can be reduced ...
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20 votes
1 answer

Improvement request for Stack Snippets when misclicking preview area

While I was answering a question from Stack Overflow, I put some code in the Stack Snippets area. Sometimes, when I want to change back the code that I have typed, I wrongly click on the sentence edit ...
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1 answer

Is the "trending" sort broken?

I stumbled across this question: How can I speed up Python's 'unittest' on muticore machines? By default, I have the Trending (recent votes count more) option enabled to sort the answers. ...
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35 votes
2 answers

Are answers written using machine translation or grammar correction tools considered 'AI-generated' for purposes of the ban on AI-generated content?

English is not my mother tongue so I am not very good at it. I use a translator tool to make my answer more efficient. Then I correct the grammar of the translated sentence using 'Grammarly extension'....
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20 votes
5 answers

How should we handle answers that don't answer the question, but evaluate the performance of other answers?

I've often seen users post answers that don't bring a new solution to the question asked, but simply calculate the time performance of other answers. Answers like: I ran multiple iterations of all ...
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25 votes
2 answers

How to deal with a user reformatting snippet data to be in a single line

A user is going around reformatting Stack snippets to put all provided data on a single line, effectively turning things like this: const data = [{ id: 'id1', entries: [{ key: 'key1', ...
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-42 votes
1 answer

Why is SO discouraging questions and answers writing? [closed]

I have been continuously feeling that SO nowadays discourages Q&A writing on SO. I come across a problem, and I do: - Search (Google, Bing, etc.) - Find similar a question and answers that links ...
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When answering, should we upvote the question and the other (correct) answers? [duplicate]

When answering a question on Stack Overflow and the other Stack Exchange sites, I usually upvote both the question, as well as any other answers on the question that correct and working. My reasoning ...
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-41 votes
2 answers

Why are my comments explaining why I voted to delete an answer continuously deleted without explanation? [closed]

My question was answered, but the answer is not actually a useful answer to my question. I voted to delete that answer, because I started a bounty and need correct attention. When an answer is NOT ...
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"Has recommended answer" filter also includes questions with answers written by a Recognized Member

When I navigate to the R Language Collective page and filter the questions by the "Has recommended answer" attribute, I see questions such as this one which are clearly labeled "Answer ...
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16 votes
3 answers

Should my edit be a separate answer?

I edited an answer here to make it more deadlock-safe: Why can't I use the 'await' operator within the body of a lock statement? Someone else has reverted my edit, saying that it changes the original ...
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57 votes
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Are all generative AIs banned?

I recently came across this answer. [The answer has since been deleted - screenshot here]. The answerer's profile acknowledges that We are an AI Generated response community, we are real humans who ...
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7 votes
0 answers

What do we do with community members that write only "Try this code:" answers? [duplicate]

I came across this answer and noticed that most of the author's answers are somewhat poorly written, in a "here is your code" manner. I also think I saw others suggesting changing this ...
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