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A post ban means that a user is blocked from asking new questions, or posting new answers.

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Why am I getting answer ban if I only have just 3 answers with one downvote? [duplicate]

I also checked deleted answers, but all of them have 0 votes. Is this 1 downvote from a guy in a bad mood or something really enough to ban people from answering? Or is there something else? I could ...
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How can I improve upon properly answered questions?

I have been banned for not contributing positively to the community with my questions. I am expected to improve my already asked questions. This website provides guides on how to do that. My problem ...
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How can I improve my question to remove a question ban?

I run into a "circular reference" problem with my question: original question I don’t have any idea how to be more specific on the problem (how to generate the list of the quarters of the ...
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How much setting bounties are effective to get out of question ban?

Setting Bounties drop attention to your questions. So if I set a bounty on one of my well-written unanswered questions, will that be effective to get rid of my question ban?
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Are migrated questions affecting my history?

Recently, I got unable to ask new questions in StackOverflow. I understand that I should not appeal this is meta, but what I want to know is that why my migrated questions affect my questions' history....
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Help me improve my mainly "OpenGL in Python" questions

I was banned from creating questions on Stack Overflow as my prior questions apparently weren't fitting. I would be very glad if someone could take a look at them and tell me what exactly I should ...
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Help fixing some of my questions in order to (hopefully) lift the question ban

I have asked 10 questions in total on Stack Overflow. Of those, 7 are negatively-scored, 2 have scores of 0, and 1 has a positive score. I am now hitting a question ban, and I see that what I should ...
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A dummy review queue could benefit question-banned, new users to learn how to ask good questions

For new users who get placed in a question ban, I think that some percentage of them aren't necessarily lazy and just don't realize the damage they are doing to the site. I myself actually was placed ...
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Are deleted questions actually salvageable?

I'm currently under a five-day question ban. It hinders my learning progress. I have so much more questions to ask! As I understand, it's because some of my questions were downvoted, though I'm not ...
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Stack Overflow question bans. Questions and Ideas [duplicate]

Before I continue, I just want to say, that I am not mad for my ban. I completely understand it. I just don't understand what was wrong with my questions in the first place and would like to know. I ...
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How can I improve a question if its basis is fundamentally flawed?

I recently received a warning that I was close to losing the ability to ask questions on SO some time after a particular question received a large amount of negative score (-6) and was deleted for &...
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Request to show countdown to when banned account will be allowed to post a new question

I am requesting a feature that will display the number of days before a banned user can ask a new question on the Question Limit Reached page. Something like you can ask a new question in 30 days or ...
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How to make positive contributions while having an answer ban

I already tried a few times to answer a question. But every time, I am told I cannot give answers. I checked the history, and it turns out that I have given 3 bad answers over the last 9 years. Mostly ...
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Why do I always get downvotes on Go questions? [duplicate]

I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong on my questions in Go as I always get downvotes. Do you think something can be improved in these questions? Can I do something else to avoid being banned? Deleting ...
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I received a question ban without seeing any warnings

Update: I am now unbanned! I finally did get that warning too. Thanks! Update 2: Rebanned... Update 3: I asked support for help, and they untied bad questions from my account! I'm unbanned now. I ...
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Request to let banned users ask one question every week [duplicate]

I noticed that other Stack Exchange sites allow banned users to post, but they limit the number of posts they can post per week to 1. Why wouldn't this site follow suit? I know the system can be ...
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Request to halve question ban duration from six months to three

I have gone through the question ban article and learnt that, after being banned from asking, the system will allow a time interval of six months to pass in order for that account to ask a new ...
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Question bans aren't a good way to make users improve their questions. Can you remove the 'question ban?' [duplicate]

People like me-they don't ask good questions. They never will until they have asked a ton of questions. I think you should remove the question bans permanently for all users. You could add some sort ...
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Can we please change the policy on banning people from asking questions?

Apparently my account is being blocked questions because there are questions that I've previously asked that have not been very popular, or have been down voted or deleted. As a result, I can only ask ...
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Need help improving my question to remove the Question Ban

Here is the question that I think is preventing me from asking further questions: Do I need to use Firebase to Access All Hacker News Articles? I have a Question Ban was imposed on me about 5 days ago,...
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Is it possible to improve a bad question to aid in a question ban?

I have this question. As of the writing of this question, it has a score of -2. I've edited it a few times to try and bring up the score, to try and get out of my question ban. It seems that it's just ...
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Looking for suggestions on how to improve my questions in order to dig myself out of a question ban

I just checked that I got questions banned. It says I have reached my question limit: Now I am not complaining about why I got question banned. I am just curious that how did it happen when I make ...
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How can I improve my "permanently" bad questions? [duplicate]

I have a lot of questions on SO that have either no votes or a tasty sum of downvotes. I know there are a lot of questions concerning downvotes and how to improve questions, but I'll take it a step ...
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Deleted questions not in browser history or wayback machine [duplicate]

I got banned from asking questions on Stack Overflow, definitely deserved. Now that I think I've learned my lesson and improved my knowledge, I'm trying to get unbanned. I used to delete my own ...
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What information can I use to determine which answers need improving in order to lift an answer ban?

Looking over my answer history from my profile page, I see multiple answers, but none with a negative score that would lead me to believe it is inferior (and which I can improve). What information can ...
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Fresh Question Shielding -- now with no effect on users with less than 5 answers

Based on the support for @HolyBlackCat's preferred rule modification to my previous meta question, I'd like to crystalize the level of community support for my feature request in the name of progress. ...
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A proposal to put all answerers on a path to curating better content

What's not working well and why: New users very, very, very seldom understand the difference between a good, clear, unique, on-topic question and a question that should be closed. In fact, we have ...
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Can't post question while question banned after 6 months of last question [duplicate]

So apparently I'm question banned on Stack Overflow. My last question was posted on Dec 18 2020, over 6 months ago, and from what I understood you get a temporary lift of your ban after 6 months after ...
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Is there some kind of special scrutiny near 20k?

I started a few weeks ago to have my questions systematically downvoted (last one was a moment ago). It is quite weird because their quality was maybe never stellar (though I always make efforts to ...
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The delete option warns about question bans even they don't exist on MSO

When I went to delete a post: We do not recommend deleting questions with answers because doing so deprives future readers of this knowledge. See "I've thought better of my question; can I ...
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Does contributing to Review Queues help to lift a question ban?

I have a question ban, but have been regularly editing, answering, commenting, voting, flagging, and now also reviewing. I know just about everything else can help against a question ban, but what ...
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Can I have links to my deleted questions? [duplicate]

I was banned from asking questions and I only have 4 questions that I can see in my profile. There were a few more that were deleted, and I'd like to get links to those, then undelete and edit them. ...
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Dealing with an ancient unsalvageable question which scored 0 points and had zero interest

Please note this question is being asked by a user that is banned from asking questions, is trying to do something about, is not trying to dodge the results of previous questions. I am wondering what ...
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What's wrong with my questions, and how can I improve them?

Coming from this meta question, as you can guess, I am actually question banned. I have read plenty of meta topics about being question banned and the only way out seems to be "Improve your ...
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Improving my broad question asking for advice that was also answered

Regarding this question: Laravel: How to request data from database and dynamically update html select element How can I improve this? I have stated my situation, what I plan to do and then if that is ...
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Can a user avoid a question ban by deleting and opening a new account? [duplicate]

I'm asking this because I suspect a user is doing this and it caused me to lose rep because they upvoted my answers on their questions. That user asked perhaps too many questions, which are sometimes ...
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Allow old, poorly-asked questions to eventually age away for purposes of the question ban algorithm

The question-banning system punishes people who have demonstrated the ability to ask a good question within their six month rate-limited window, because it remembers the entire history of their poorly-...
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I got a good trend of reputation on Stack Overflow. What got me banned exactly from asking questions?

Unfortunately, whenever I am going to ask new questions I am getting the error 'I have reached limit'. My latest questions had a good reception. What's happening? I am sorry. Maybe this is an insult ...
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Question that appears not to be from me in list of deleted questions

I am trying to tidy up my account, while looking my history of questions I noticed one I do not recall asking, it has been a long time since I can remember dealing with python. It was asked as showing ...
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The "Question Ban" error page should warn NOT to create new accounts

When a user account has asked too many low-quality questions, they are blocked from asking more questions. Attempting to to ask a new question from that account will result in the following error page:...
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Am I improving my questions and are self-answers useful?

Unfortunately, for the 3rd time in a row I have been question banned. This time I'm really taking it seriously. I have been going through all of my questions to try to improve them, answering other ...
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Will deleting questions with no comments or answers get me banned from asking? [duplicate]

Well, I guess the title says it all. Sometimes you post a question, and you realize the mistake only after posting it, when you are reading what you have posted. For instance, you post the question ...
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Can answer-banned users use the "answer your own question" feature?

Can answer banned users use the answer your own question Q&A style feature? I heard that if you post too many poor answers you can get banned or something, banned from posting answers only, but ...
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I have been post banned and I would appreciate some help improving some of my questions

I have been banned from posting to Stack Overflow after posting this question: Adding CORS headers to my NodeJS ExpressJS API but not working I am not really sure why I was downvoted twice, and I ...
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What should I do if I realize that my question is a duplicate?

I had a question in which there was a problem solving another problem. It already has three downvotes. Now I have found an easier and simpler solution to the base problem from another Stack Overflow ...
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Will self-deleted, 0-scored, unanswered questions count against us? [duplicate]

If I have too many self-deleted, 0-score, unanswered questions, could that result in a question-ban? Or in general, can quality bans be applied due to self-deleted, zero-scored, unanswered posts? ...
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What should I do if I am post-banned but I can not modify any of my bad questions to be good? [duplicate]

I know, I have three VERY bad questions on my Stack Overflow account. BUT! There is a problem. Those questions are REALLY BAD and I have no way of modifying them to good ones... I can only be un post-...
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Does banning from answers in one Stack Exchange community affect all the other Stack Exchange communities?

I started using Stack Exchange not long ago. Does banning from answers in one Stack Exchange community affect all the other Stack Exchange communities?
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If I edit my questions, will they be assessed by an automated bot or a moderator? [duplicate]

I have edited the majority of my questions to be more specific and I would like to know how long the timeframe (if there is one) is for an unban.
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Help undelete a question I've updated

I've had a question ban for a while and I've touched up some of my questions. Yet, the ban still has not been lifted, probably due to this question here. I've updated this question and think it makes ...
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