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A request for assistance with one of the site's features.

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Add additional sorting options in search

I would like to have a "most viewed" and "created date" sorting option when searching for questions on the site (as shown in the image). This will also then open the door for ...
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What's the point of reviewing close decisions on answered questions [duplicate]

I'm spending some time to review close decisions on questions. I was asked to check this one: Injecting DbContext in ASP.NET Core - concrete type or interface? I understand that it is subjective, but ...
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Why was the threshold to mark an SG post as off-topic/duplicate changed from 2 to 3? Can it be changed back?

The Staging Ground's environment is a bit different. Typically, two users can together vote a question as being off-topic or as a duplicate. This means that reviewers can expediently handle questions ...
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Strange -200 "voting reversed", -426 "voting corrected" yesterday - a glitch?

At some point today, I looked at my "chalice" icon, and noticed that yesterday, I lost 200 reputation. The cause: "Serial voting was reveresed". I scratched my head, as over the ...
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How to handle Staging Ground comments that are helpful to answering the question

I encountered a comment on this Staging Ground post which is not about improving the question, but rather, potentially helpful in solving the problem: 400 means Bad Request, and the request is bad. ...
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When is the 2024 survey results date?

It's been a month since the 2024 survey closed. When will the results be available? Am I missing something? I don't think so because there's nothing in the Stack Overflow Annual Developer Survey page. ...
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How do I submit my Staging Ground question for re-evaluation?

I am a new user, and I have a question in the Staging Ground. A reviewer voted to "Require Major changes". I have replied to all comments raised by the reviewer, and I want to submit the ...
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Can someone post a question on staging-ground while question banned?

Can someone post a question on staging-ground while question banned? I imagine they could, and can't check it myself.
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Table containing array/list errors as "code that is not properly formatted as code"

Summary The following table fails formatting checks when I attempt to include it in a Stack Overflow answer. I am not sure how to format this table to avoid an error from Stack Overflow. Expected ...
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Why do some tags have a different description on-hover versus the description shown when you click on them? [duplicate]

Regarding tags at the bottom of a question, I've never noticed a difference between the on-hover tag description and the description shown when you click on that tag. But today, I noticed that some ...
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Why did I become blocked from writing new posts? [duplicate]

Why have I been blocked from posting more questions? I've posted 14 questions so far, and all have been received very badly. In my opinion, my questions themselves and how I posted them is quite nice. ...
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2 answers

Bounty awarded to the wrong answer

The bounty to Cannot get ProjectContext for Project Online from Sharepoint Office 365 and get a 403 in .NET 8 was awarded to the wrong answer. My answer is the accepted one, and also with the most ...
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Is it okay to ask questions about specific APIs with explanation?

My question that I'm trying to find an answer to is, in a broad sense, How to use Google Drive/Form's authentication process. I would provide more details such as what I'm trying to do, what I have so ...
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"Ignore tag" button is missing as of today

I just went to ignore a tag but the Ignore tag button is missing from the popup. Why? It used to look like A, but now it looks like C for me and might look like B for you. As far as I can tell, there'...
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Is it punishable to vote for re-opening own question?

I had a question ("Convert duration from or to a point in time to ...
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2 answers

Criteria for determining duplicate questions

There is a question with the same title but I'm sure my question is different. If a question is not answered, will another newly asked question be considered the duplicate question? If a question is ...
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Post about programmatically upgrading an OS using Salt incorrectly closed

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: using salt to upgrade Linux Mint OS This post was closed without any specific explanation. According to the boilerplate, This question does not appear ...
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Confusion about Staging Ground [closed]

Can I comment if I am not a reviewer? Do you think this question needs to be improved? I'm not an experienced programmer, but here are my opinions: I don't think this question provides a Minimal, ...
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Mass-replace [rest] and [api] with [magento-rest-api] in questions about the Magento REST API?

I recently created the tag magento-rest-api as I noticed there are a lot of questions about it, but now I would like to add it to past questions. There are 200+ questions with the tags magento+rest+...
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3 answers

How do I keep people from editing my posts?

This is quite straightforward, but I cannot seem to find anyone else asking this: How do I keep people from making edits to the body of my posts? While I somewhat see what Stack Overflow is going for ...
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Reach out to Quarkus

I think this page on could lead to support issues on the site. We already had this post today LTS should have it's own major version Can someone from the community ...
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1 answer

When is reputation actually regained from deleting a downvoted answer/question?

According to many posts here (like this accepted answer) you will regain reputation when you delete your downvoted answer to a question. I just deleted a downvoted answer to test and the score I have ...
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Was the minimum character limit for questions increased to 300 recently?

I was trying to edit this question into shape. Due to removing some junk text the body became shorter and I got this error message when trying to save: Body must be at least 300 characters; you ...
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Are there any stats, or way the community can obtain details on how Discussions are performing?

It's not a secret that, at least from users active on Meta, that Discussions as a feature has not been well received. Every time I visit the feature I feel like I end up flagging almost every post on ...
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"Abandoned" question deleted, but might truly have no answer. What to do?

The question: I'm disappointed that this question is gone. I cannot even self-answer it with a "2 years later, no this appears to be impossible" ...
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trying to figure out what "last activity" actually was [duplicate]

This question is currently tagged with "L. Tyrone 4,298 modified 15 mins ago", but when I click through to the question I can't see any activity attributed to that user (edits, comments, ...
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I seem unable to get rid of the "Personalize your profile" popup

I have clicked "Finish setup", entered a tag I am interested in, clicked "Done", but the popup keeps popping up, and when I click "Finish setup" again, the tag I chose is ...
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Merge [html5-filesystem] and [origin-private-file-system]?

Despite what the cited one-off mailing list post said in 2014, it looks like the idea of an in-browser replica filesystem really did eventually take off, and is now adopted by all major browsers. (...
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Why does the developer's survey banner keep showing up? [closed]

Over the last couple of days, I've been seeing the banner that invites me to take the developer's survey even though I already have taken it. What's up with that?
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Staging ground edit did not make it to the published question [duplicate]

This question from staging ground did not match the one that got published: The author made an edit I suggested to remove a request for advice on a ...
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Why was this good answer from a 1.3M-rep user deleted by the Community Bot? [duplicate]

I asked a GitHub-related question a year ago, and @VonC helpfully answered it 5 months later. Both my question and his answer have two upvotes. Last month, the Community Bot deleted his answer. Any ...
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8 votes
1 answer

How to handle Staging Ground questions that get published with unaddressed issues

I encountered this question, which has major issues and has subsequently been closed. I offered some feedback and warned the new user that their question would be closed to try and soften the blow ...
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2 answers

About Me is too long

I wanted to edit my Stack Overflow ‘About me’, but even making my bio shorter results in the following Oops! There was a problem updating your profile: About Me is too long I can’t even save any ...
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How can I revert refusing consent in the 2024 Developer Survey?

I was trying to take the 2024 developer survey, but I mistakenly clicked the no consent in the first question, and now I cannot go to the page again. Is there any way to change my answer to consent ...
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May I stop getting "... new item in your Staging Ground Testing inbox" notifications? [closed]

Today, I got an email notification from Stack Overflow for Teams for the Staging Ground Beta testers The relevant part of the message body is 1 For You notification a question you answered is due for ...
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Synonym proposal: [codegen] → [code-generation]

These two tags are both in use for a mix of different kinds of code generation. 3,690 × code-generation 247 × codegen codegen seems to be occasionally used in the specific jargon sense “what machine ...
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Staging ground question title display issues

Question titles in staging-ground can display below the review sidebar when they contain long strings. Link to the question in the screenshot: This ...
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1 answer

No FFmpeg on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

This question shouldn't be locked, ffmpeg is a tool primarily used by programmers. I'm pretty sure a new mod did this (one unfamiliar with the land programming bash scripts). It was open for 9 years ...
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1 answer

How can I get unbaned from an answer ban? [duplicate]

I have only five questions and get more downvotes than I get the downvotes. That let I ban. I have asked on Meta Stack Exchange, but it does not have any answer. I tried to edit the posts, but it ...
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1 answer

What are the actual requirements to be able to review Staging Ground questions?

The announcement post mentions a minimum of 500 rep to be able to review Staging Ground questions. A comment by staff adds the additional restriction that users need to have asked two questions. I ...
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4 votes
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Editing staging ground questions is quite inconvenient

When editing staging-ground questions I noticed that the editor appears in a sub window, which makes it quite inconvenient to propose edits. Not only it's hard to keep track of the current cursor ...
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How can I opt out of seeing staging ground questions in custom filters? [duplicate]

How can I opt out staging ground questions being watched? At my specifically watched tags (c++) I don't want to see questions that didn't make it through that stage. The general concept seems to work ...
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16 votes
0 answers

What's the actual criterion for questions to enter the Staging Ground? [duplicate]

In the Staging Ground return post, we were told that the Staging Ground would get questions from first-time askers. However, I saw a few questions from users who asked other questions before. You can ...
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Disturbing ad with black circles and crosses [duplicate]

This ad has been showing a lot in the ads column to the right: It's massive, ugly and disturbing with its crosses in circles. I have tried using the "report this ad" link but nothing has ...
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Why is the GenAI ban no longer pinned in the right-hand sidebar?

Why was the link to the policy banning AI-generated content1 removed from the right-hand sidebar? It's not like the problem has abated. The link was there as late as last week, but now it's gone. 1 It ...
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We shall not [glance] at [glance-appwidget]

There's an Android library named Jetpack Glance, or as Google put it, A Framework. Anyhow, it's a library to develop Android App Widgets on top of Jetpack Compose runtime. Long story short, there's a ...
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Why aren't my bookmarks being saved?

I've made a bunch of saves (questions and answers) over the past week or two on a particular topic. When I went to organize them in my Profile > Saves none of them are there. I've got some old ones ...
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Request retagging [axum] for Rust web library

The axum tag was created for the Axum programming language, an actor-centric language by Microsoft focused on concurrency. It was only a short lived experiment, however, and it ceased all effort after ...
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A couple of questions regarding "Question closed as a duplicate"

I've asked this question in 2019: Assert request hasn't happened and then provided the answer by myself, thus answering my question. Today I've found in my mailbox a couple of confusing emails ...
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Does the Unsung Hero badge count answers to questions from deleted users?

I just read this question and tried out the linked query which states that I have 15 accepted answers with 3 zero-score answers. Counting them manually on my Profile gave me 21 answers with 5 zero-...
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