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For questions concerning various warning messages that users receive throughout the site

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Multiple issues when adding images in new Ask Wizard

For about 7 years now, we've had a really useful, sitewide feature in place that warns new users (<15 rep) when they post an image. Example from Ask Ubuntu (from a new-user test account I created):...
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Should the pastebin link warning suggest using code fences instead of indented code blocks?

When editing a question with a link without accompanying code (e.g. How do I create tileable solid noise?), a warning is displayed saying that the link needs to be accompanied by code: ...
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Inappropriate warning haunting my answer entry field: "Provide a complete example to reproduce your SQL question"

I decided to necropost on this Off-topic: Cannot reproduce question in an attempt to steer researchers away from the accepted answer. I would normally vote to close, but because I don't have a hammer ...
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Strange deletion warning trying to clean up old questions (that aren't mine)

Occasionally I encounter old questions that got popular, but which are actually pretty bad. One common case is that the question Needs More Focus due to really being two questions in one, each of ...
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Add a little space between the location input box and the warning message

Go to Edit profile and settings and enter an imaginary location in the Location text box, say, 'Sagiri Mountain'. You will be warned that this location isn't recognized ('We don't recognize that ...
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The title-starting-with-tag block doesn't work if there is no space after it

I stumbled upon a question (no, I'm not linking it here to avoid the Meta Effect) that has a title like this "[TAG ]Some error message". That isn't a very good title, but after testing it ...
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Impossible to write or edit posts on SO using `begin snippet`

Attempting to write or update a Stack Overflow post that uses the begin snippet directive seems to be impossible currently. For example, attempt to edit any answer in this post, and it will be ...
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The delete option warns about question bans even they don't exist on MSO

When I went to delete a post: We do not recommend deleting questions with answers because doing so deprives future readers of this knowledge. See "I've thought better of my question; can I ...
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