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The undisclosed algorithm through which all new questions are passed to determine if they can be posted on Stack Overflow.

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Impossible to write or edit posts on SO using `begin snippet`

Attempting to write or update a Stack Overflow post that uses the begin snippet directive seems to be impossible currently. For example, attempt to edit any answer in this post, and it will be ...
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Quality filter preventing including links to jsfiddle tricked by using backticks

I recently came across a question that had backticks enclosing the entire content, as you can see in this screenshot: The jsfiddle URL at the end is not a proper link, nor is it rendered as inline ...
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Should the string 'noob' be added to the blacklist for question titles?

Problem There appear to be quite some not descriptive question titles that boil down to [program language]-noob here..., noob-question why does y do y? (See for yourself.) The actual questions might ...
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Why was this flagged 'Your question appears to be spam.' as a new user?

I attempted to post the following question using an account I created for work and it wouldn't let me, giving me the red message: Your question appears to be spam. Can I add a custom soap ...
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Is the New Question Form for New SO User's Working to Prevent Low Quality Questions? (maybe a revisit?)

This time of year Stack Overflow seems to get bombarded with numerous low-quality questions. That's understandable. It's about a month and a half into the fall semester and burgeoning programmers are ...
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Unable to post question due to large number of characters

I am trying to ask a question about HTML and XPath. It requires HTML code to fully understand the issue, but the problem is that whenever I try to post it this message appears saying that you cannot ...
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"Mostly code" is rejected but "mostly screenshots" goes through

According to its author, was at first rejected for containing mostly code. The author then replaced the code with a ...
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Is this the desired result of the algorithm for detecting incorrectly formatted code? [duplicate]

I think I have a case where the algorithm for detecting incorrectly formatted code isn't producing the desired result. I could be wrong, or this could be a non-fixable issue. Here's what happened: I ...
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Exempt edits from "Title cannot contain" for high-rep users

Could we please lift this restriction from edits by users with a significant amount of reputation? Ref: What triggers my title rejection? In other words, I am proposing a new privilege "use ...
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Existing answer detected as improperly formatted code while trying to edit

I'm trying to edit the regex community-wiki reference post, but any change I make gives me the error: Your post appears to contain code that is not properly formatted as code. Please indent all code ...
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Is filler allowed to bypass "It looks like your post is mostly code; please add some more details."?

This is not a duplicate of How should I flag questions trying to get around the “This post is mostly code” filter? because my flag was declined, meaning that the answers there are irrelevant to my ...
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I don't post code, but the editor requires me to format as code

Question in question: The Facebook app I create doesn't present in my profile setting. How to find User ID for Facebook App ID? While I'm not sure which part the checker thinks it as code, I ...
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Trying to ask a question about running C/C++ code from CosmosOS but it thinks that I want to run C from C# [duplicate]

I'm am developing a basic OS using CosmosOS devkit, and I have a question: Title: CosmosOS - Run C/C++ code from kernel Tags: c# cosmos c c++ ============================================ Hello, I am ...
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A Markdown table is detected incorrectly as a badly formatted code block

I tried to post this on the new tables feature thread on Meta Stack Exchange but I don't have enough reputation to post an answer or even a comment on the question. It might only be a Stack Overflow ...
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Error when trying to save edit - Title cannot contain X [duplicate]

I tried to edit this post. The title is "Automation Error in VBA." I did not modify the title at all but when I try to save the edit, I get the following error: Title cannot contain "...
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Stack Overflow question quality filter wants me to format formatted code

I was making a pretty big post on Stack Overflow. I spoke of multiple ways to approach the problem at hand and some of my solutions. Therefore, it involved lots of code. It looks like this (sorry for ...
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Preventing newbies from asking the whole freaking problem statement [closed]

I have come across questions like this frequently, and have always noted that such questions are usually asked by newbies, who do not know how to ask on SO. However, I think such questions can be ...
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What is being done to improve new question quality?

TL;DR What exactly has been tried in the past to address new question quality, what is currently being done, and how are the current tactics being assessed? Intro This post is to highlight my ...
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Which part of my previous post "is NOT properly formatted as code" on Stack Overflow?

Could anyone specify which part was wrong with my description in my previous post? I've just asked a question on Stack Overflow here. In the process, I couldn't post my question because of the ...
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How to comment citing the OP which contains `-1` [duplicate]

In some DOS question, the file mask was given as *-1. How would you quote that in a comment if you e.g. want to ask for clarification? I have tried: *-``1 in order to separate the minus from the 1. *...
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Add to the list of sites that prompt to put code in the question itself?

As far as I am aware, if someone asks a question and pastes a link to websites like JSFiddle, JSBin, or CodePen, they get prompted to put code in the question itself. Lately I've been seeing links to ...
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Possible bug in volume of text required in question setup on main Stack Overflow?

On the main Stack Overflow site over the last two days, I've seen at least 3 new questions where there has been a need to add a large block of unnecessary text to the question, in order to override a '...
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Syntax is not getting highlighted/accepted even if I use (Ctr+K) or indent the code myself

I have tried everything from using '```python' to indenting myself. The code which I want to upload does get highlighted in grey when I use the above methods but the syntax doesn't get highlighted. ...
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Please blacklist "The question says it all" in question bodies

Multiple times a day I see questions starting with The question says it all. as the first sentence of the body. Current example: Why Doesn't Case 1 Do Basically The Same Thing As Case 2 (...
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Why does Stack Overflow think this question title isn't valid? [duplicate]

I wanted to edit this question title to make it more generic and got this confusing error message: Title cannot contain "Object.keys doesn't work with DOM nodes". However the following title is ...
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Add warning for code surrounded by '''

I have seen so many people confuse ``` with ''', resulting in a post that needs to be edited. Can the linter add a warning that ''' does not highlight code, or can it be added in the sidebar?
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Code is showing when getting warning about URL shorteners

Recently, I was editing this and I received a warning about URL shorteners: Seems like this is a kind of leak.
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What do we expect users to do when the quality filter rejects their title?

I am attempting to ask a question about what the replacement mechanism is for Apple's now-deprecated System Settings bundles for tvOS applications. In doing so, I had a bit of difficulty coming up ...
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Is there a way I can view questions by new members or low quality questions? [duplicate]

I will love to offer help more but most of the questions I see in my homepage are always too advanced for me to help. I think I can assist in questions that are in the basic to intermediate level of ...
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I couldn't ask this question for a long time because it kept prompting “It looks like your post is mostly code, please add some more details”

I was trying to ask a question. I finally succeeded, but only because I kept smashing on the "Post Question" button. The system kept telling me: It looks like your post is mostly code; please add ...
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What should be done in case of pasting big error log and it asks to write more details?

I posted a question recently, about some error log. I detailed all the steps and copied the error log. The editor wouldn't let me post as it was asking for more details. I ended up writing some ...
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How to force SO to accept a bad title? [closed]

This question: RTools not working? was migrated from, which seems like a reasonable decision. However, it has a subject line which would not be acceptable, as well ...
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Problem making sublists (or nested lists)?

I have prepared a question that includes a bullet list with four levels. The "Help" on lists says to make nested lists by indenting each subsequent level after the first by an additional four spaces. ...
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It should not be possible to post a question where the majority of the body is a link [duplicate]

A user posted the following question: [My DateTimePicker doesn't show calander when am running it on safari,but when I run it on chrome,it works corrently][1] [1]:
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Should we implement repeated characters validation in question title?

When I read recently asked questions from top questions page, I stumbled upon a question which has repeated dash (-) symbols in its title. Here is the question link:
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-35 votes
1 answer

New users have terrible experiences on SO, and will ultimately be the downfall of this site [closed]

It may not seem like it, but making it hard for new members to be part of your community is the first step in the downfall of an empire. Why do I say this? Because, so far my experience has been ...
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52 votes
3 answers

What triggers my title rejection?

Trying to improve the title of this question ("kubernetes yaml,error: got “array”, expected “map”" as of writing) by removing the tags from the title, I gave up frustrated, since every variation I ...
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Why are posts randomly disliked [duplicate]

Every time I post a question, for some reason I get 1 dislike always in beginning first second of the post. But then it's countered by likes which is good. But problem is that I can't post another ...
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"Improperly formatted code" when adding an additional image in an edit [duplicate]

I made a question on Stack Overflow and then tried to edit it so that what I entered in the entry box was the exact text shown below in the code block. The system would not let me post it, throwing ...
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Add a quality filter for single, long-paragraph questions

Current situation I often encounter questions, especially by new users, that are just a single very long paragraph, or a single very long paragraph followed by "Thanks" or "Can anyone ...
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How should I flag questions trying to get around the "This post is mostly code" filter?

I was scrolling through one of my tabs when I came across this question. Obviously, this is completely against site policy and is blatantly trying to get around the "post is mostly code" quality ...
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Prevent posting of questions which contain long strings of dots as filler

Just like the Stack Overflow "Ask Question" box already prevents you from posting a question with a title which already exists and has a number of checks which will prevent you from posting certain ...
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2 answers

Title that contains Japanese character doesn't show proper warning

Mistakenly I was about to post a question in Japanese to instead of That was prevented by the warning of title that contains not proper string. Title cannot ...
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Please remove the "question doesn't conform to standards"

My question was simple - how does IntelliJ associate jar files with scratch files, and where am I meant to put jar files for a scratch file to use? I had to make a mess of it though to pass whatever ...
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Error Message: (It looks like your post is mostly code...) appear for me while it's not? [duplicate]

I was going to ask a question to solve a problem in my code. I described it and inserted the code which has the problem, but I get an error message: It looks like your post is mostly code; please ...
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What algorithm determines whether "similar titles have frequently been downvoted and/or closed"? [duplicate]

I recently asked a question on StackOverflow and was warned: Questions with similar titles have frequently been downvoted and/or closed. What, exactly, is the algorithm / set of heuristics that is ...
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3 answers

Code correctly formatted, but I still get "Your post appears to contain code..." error?

I have posted code in Stack Overflow questions and answers many times, but for some reason the post shown in the attached screenshot is not being accepted. Note that the code correctly ...
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Bypassing the duplicate title filter by deleting, then undeleting

We cannot normally post questions with same title that already exist, but I managed to break that rule. I posted a question with the unique title and then I deleted it. Then I posted the same ...
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111 votes
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Can we automatically forbid or flag posts that start with the text "N down vote favorite"?

Yet again I see a post that has 0 down vote favorite as the first line in the question. This happened because the OP just copied and pasted a question that they already had and they caught the vote ...
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Fine tuning the low quality auto flags

I'm probably misquoting someone but it's said that "the best moderation is the one that doesn't have to be done". This opinion is usually held in SE and demonstrated trough the quality filter. We ...
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