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Questions tagged [code-formatting]

For posts about making code appear correctly in questions, answers and their comments.

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2 answers

What causes single backticks on every line of code?

There is an issue where code blocks contain single backticks around every single line, rather than triple fences around the entire code block. This destroys the formatting. An example can be seen in ...
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Bug in formatting code [duplicate]

Have a look at this question, in particular at my answer. There is a for loop in the answer, which is now formatted correctly as code (each line is indented by 4 spaces). If you look at the original ...
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2 answers

How to fix the error "your post appears to contain code that is not properly formatted as code"

How do I fix the below format? I keep getting the error: "Your post appears to contain code that is not properly formatted as code." My code is indented 4 spaces and is between '''codeblock ...
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1 answer

Font in code blocks [duplicate]

Has the font in code blocks changed recently? Is this intended? Being exclusively active in the r tag, I'm very irritated by the distracting misalignment of < and -, which together are the ...
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Can the New Question wizard check for multiline code inside single backticks?

Every day I fix up numerous questions that have multi-line code blocks enclosed in single backticks rather than triple backtick code fences. Or they don't put a newline between the triple backticks ...
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code formatting lost after edit, revert would not fix it

I made an edit to this answer, (changed "unicode" to "str") however when I saved the edit, the code formatting was lost. I quickly reverted the edit, however the code formatting ...
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2 answers

When is it OK to upload images of code/data/errors? [duplicate]

When is it OK to upload images of code/data/errors? – If your answer is never, can we please talk about it? Don't get me wrong. I don't endorse uploading code/text in an image instead of uploading ...
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5 votes
0 answers

Are code fences officially preferred yet? User found error message saying otherwise!

I found a question on SO where the asker had been presented with an "error" message: Oops! Your edit couldn't be submitted because: Your post appears to contain code that is not properly ...
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3 votes
1 answer

My post "appears to contain code that is not properly formatted as code", but I did wrap code in <pre><code> tags [duplicate]

I was trying to answer a coding question in JavaScript. I had some code and used <pre><code>, put my code in, then typed </pre></code>. I then came across this error when ...
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'Code zoom' feature to view code in expanded popup [duplicate]

Right now, viewing code on Stack Overflow is quite inconvenient as it's displayed in a small text box where lines don't wrap. I hope a "code zoom" feature can be added - similar to the one ...
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1 answer

Code blocks surrounded by triple backtick then single backtick

Off the back of Code blocks surrounded by single backtick then triple backticks, it looks like the original problem was not exactly resolved, but more reversed. I'm seeing a lot of questions come ...
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1 answer

Correct use of code block formatting?

Is the following correct use of a code block (the curly braces icon) in a Stack Overflow question? def __init__(self,rect_len,rect_wid,stylus_in): self.len = rect_len self.wid = ...
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1 vote
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Indented code block italicizing text contained within asterisks

I stumbled across this question which has some peculiar formatting in the code block. I noticed that some of the text within the code block was italicized, which I was under the impression could not ...
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70 votes
2 answers

Code blocks surrounded by single backtick then triple backticks

In the past couple of days I've noticed a number of questions that have their code blocks entered like: ` ``` code ``` ` There's a line with a single backtick, then the normal triple-backtick code ...
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31 votes
2 answers

Should I use inline code when mentioning a class, function, interface name? [duplicate]

I always use inline code when mentioning class, interface, and function names within my English sentences. In my opinion, this makes it better to read as it separates English words and grammar from ...
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1 answer

No-break space in code block renders as normal space [duplicate]

Problem: In a code block, a no-break space is substituted with a regular space. In certain cases, the writer's intention is to utilize a no-break space, not a regular space. Situation: In this ...
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How to paste Python code in Stack Overflow without DIY [duplicate]

Here is an image of correct code (in fact, code of a previous question): If I copy this code and paste it in a code sample in this editor, I got this (another image): So I'm obliged to add a tab at ...
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Are there any Stack Overflow rules regarding line indentation in formatted code?

... or in other words: Why would someone want to edit an answer just to remove four leading spaces of a few code lines? Example: - should I have known ...
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34 votes
1 answer

Why does the first line of a code block often get an extra level of indentation?

See the code block in the first revision of this question Hi! I am learning c and I don understand why this code doesnt work. Notice that the first line #include <stdio.h> is indented an extra 4 ...
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1 answer

Mixing monospace and normal text doesn't look nice

Sometimes I want to pluralize a Python class name, but the plural "s" should not be monospace, since it's not code. For example this answer: The letters should line up.
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-51 votes
6 answers

Do you agree that questions/answers on Stack Overflow should be included in code blocks as comments instead of long explanations?

What people usually do is to to write explanations of their problem outside of code blocks, but it would be shorter and clearer to write the problem settings as comments in the code block. Here are ...
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9 votes
1 answer

Prevent wrapping inline code

I've just made an edit here, but the way the inline code wraps is not sensible. Is there a way to indicate that " ".join(map(shlex.quote, sys.argv)) should not be broken over lines? I don't ...
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Text and code blocks under spoiler

I'm trying to ask a question and put additional information under the spoiler. The best solution I've found looks like this: >!Text block >! >!<pre><code> >!code block >!<...
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What causes these list item marker display issues for content that begins with a code block? [closed]

Yesterday I made an edit that produced some unexpected output. It seems that when an item in an ordered or unordered list begins with a code block, in (at least) Firefox (but not Chrome) the list ...
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38 votes
0 answers

Posting properly formatted code is poorly explained and harder than it needs to be

Every day I leave comments on the site asking users to fix their code formatting, or notes that I have already done so. True, a lot of it comes down to apathy (or lack of consideration) on the part of ...
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5 votes
1 answer

HTML formatting inside highlighted code blocks is no longer supported - how can I fix my posts? (Obsolete)

This question isn't relevant anymore since the site once again supports HTML formatting inside code blocks. Stack Exchange implemented the plug-in workaround noted in the answer, to resolve an issue ...
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Is having the ability to apply rich text formatting inside code blocks important?

For many years, it's been possible to apply rich text formatting to code blocks inside posts by formatting the code block using the HTML tags <pre><code> and using more HTML tags inside ...
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Why can I publish a post here, but I get an error when I try to post the same text on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I don't understand why I can't post my question on Stack Overflow, but I can post it here. The text is exactly the same, but when I want to post it on Stack Overflow I can't do it because a message ...
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How can I add foldable code or text when answering someone’s question on Stack Overflow?

How do I add foldable code or text on Stack Overflow when writing a question or an answer? <details> <summary>Click to expand!</summary> ```HTML <h1>Hide this until someone ...
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-2 votes
2 answers

Give a code block a filename

It's relevant and useful to include the name of the file that a code block should go in. For example, an update to a Next configuration would go in the next.config.js file, an NPM script would go in ...
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14 votes
1 answer

Putting code in quote blocks when not quoting anything - is removing the quotes correct?

I've noticed recently a new (citation needed) "trend" where some users are putting their code blocks/fences inside quote blocks as well. These code blocks aren't, however, quoting anything; ...
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Why are strange backslashes (escapes?) suddenly appearing in rendered code? [duplicate]

I've noticed that lately strange backslashes are appearing more and more frequently in edited code. Here is another example. Is this a user failure or a bug in the site's code rendering?
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1 answer

Is the new editor's inline code tool supposed to break up code blocks?

Earlier today, I encountered a question with several lines of code that had been entered as individual, inline code blocks instead of a single, fenced code block. I assumed the OP was unfamiliar with ...
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1 answer

I miss the highlighting of code, etc [closed]

I much prefer the colored highlighting that was applied to 'code' before about a week ago. Is there a way to re-enable that? Or configure the pages to work with a different CSS? Or something else? I ...
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Syntax highlighting Java code in response to a Kotlin question

I provided an answer to a question tagged kotlin and javafx. The code blocks in my answer were predominantly in Java. Without any language tags on the code blocks, the syntax highlighting for the Java ...
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2 answers

Formatting MySQL code in order to be able to submit a question

I can't make a post because Stack Overflow keeps insisting on some formatting, even though my code is already formatted. This was a preview of my post. Notice how code is already "parsed" by ...
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1 answer

Why does TOML code block formatting look so bad?

I have a Stack Overflow answer here that includes a TOML code block. I have tagged the code fence: ```toml But the resulting highlighting looks very poor and does not even highlight the comments ...
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Styling in code fences [duplicate]

I recently supplied an answer and the two asterisks were causing italics so I kept messing around until I figured out a solution. Is it expected behavior that regular code fences of triple back-tick ...
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1 answer

Why was my code highlighting edit rejected?

I suggested an edit to a question's code block, from: ```import requests ... to: ```python import requests ... This was a simple case of an asker writing unintended Markdown, and the edit fixed that....
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Partial syntax highlighting in a question [duplicate]

On questions where the code overflows, the syntax highlighting stops wherever the end of the content visible without scrolling is. Scrolling down a bit fixes the issue. This problem occurs in Safari ...
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1 answer

Why would Stack Overflow code blocks (only) suddenly be displayed in italics?

Okay, it's not April 1st, so the new fonts must be serious. I'd like to express a like or dislike of the new fonts to those who decide such things without starting a flame war. Or is there an option ...
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Automatically apply Kotlin code formatting to [android-jetpack-compose] questions

I have noticed that applying some tags automatically adds code highlighting to code blocks. Obviously all language tags apply the appropriate formatting, but some technology tags also do this without ...
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3 votes
0 answers

Is there a comprehensive list of languages the code highlighter supports? [duplicate]

The triple backtick is my go to, to format snippets of code. ``` I regularly use them like: ```json for JSON ```py for Python ... and many more Does a list of the linters Stack Overflow supports ...
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1 answer

Displaying HTML first on Stack Overflow snippets [closed]

Currently, code snippets are displayed JavaScript first, then CSS and finally HTML. Regardless of the order they appear in the post source or anything. This does not make any sense to me. Does it for ...
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68 votes
6 answers

Should code be edited so that it is visible rather than being in one long line?

In many instances, I have seen code that is poorly formatted or all in one line (like below using R). Is it appropriate to edit the code so that it is more legible? I know in some instances these are ...
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301 votes
7 answers

Change the code block button from inserting indentation to triple-backticks

Working with indentation as formatting is a very annoying experience and it's clear that new users have a problem with it. Also, many users seem to be in support for triple-backticks. There are many ...
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39 votes
4 answers

Is it frowned upon to use backticks around a word or even part of it to refer to some function or keyword as part of a sentence?

I'm talking about things like "you can do that by taking your usersArray and mapping it to each user's name", essentially incorporating part of the inline code into the natural flow of the ...
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91 votes
3 answers

Should there be a warning for code containing bidirectional Unicode text?

Articles on the misuse of bidirectional text have been making the rounds recently. Put simply, this abuses the concept of bidirectional Unicode text to compile something different from what it ...
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Code highlighting broken? [closed]

On Windows 10 with Firefox 93.0 I get this interesting to read code: Related question
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Post shows more content when edited than actually exists [duplicate]

Today, I wanted to edit the following question: Discord Global DM Wait Time I just wanted to change the format so that the post could be more descriptive. But when I was redirected to the edit, I ...
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