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Comments are small addendum to each question or answer, intentionally limited in size and formatting, and second-class citizens.

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What rules should there be for commenting on answers that are suspected to be AI-generated?

The core issue There have been a number of comments accusing users of posting LLM-generated answers (e.g., posts created using ChatGPT). There's also been instances of users (a user?) trying to entrap ...
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Why is the Community Bot giving partially incorrect advice as comments? [duplicate]

I commented on this question asking for a MCVE. There were only about 10 lines of code and not enough detail from the OP. However, the Community Bot later posted asking for an MCVE but asking for less ...
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What was the content of the first comment ever posted on Stack Overflow?

According to this blog post from Jeff Atwood, the commenting feature was introduced on September 6, 2008: Stack Overflow didn’t always have post comments. The first comment ever was on this post by ...
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Can we have automatic pretty links to questions in comments? [duplicate]

I adore that you can write a link to a Stack Exchange question in a post like: and it automatically expands to Why is "using namespace std;" ...
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Double "new contributor" message

If I try to post two comments in a row on a question asked by a new user, I get a double "new contributor" thingy when I try to post the second comment: This was on Firefox 116.0.3. I don't ...
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Is leaving many pointless comments a bannable offense?

I recently wrote a question about hiding for me personally all comments by a user who left many irritating useless comments under posts in a tag I'm active in. I was looking for this because I assumed ...
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Should staff be commenting on non-answers to their own questions instead of deleting them?

I just noticed this: Hey Tim, sorry to nitpick, but answers are for solutions to the original problem. If you have an additional question, they're better left as a comment (50 rep) or an entirely new ...
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Is there a way to hide all comments by a user?

There is a user on the main site who leaves meaningless or useless comments in one particular tag that I am active in. Those comments do not warrant anything other than NLN flag, and that user is very ...
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4 answers

Downvotes and false accusations of using ChatGPT: how do I handle it?

I am a new contributor who joined yesterday. I have answered some questions, but some people accused me of using ChatGPT when answering questions. I take the time to read the documentation and I give ...
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Should users encountering benign but irrelevant comments flag them as not needed?

I just flagged the following two comments from the question Is it worth bothering to align AVX-256 memory stores?; Good question! I don't know the answer off the top of my head and don't have the ...
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Should Stack Overflow questions be as short as possible and rely upon comments to discover where to add information?

If you don't know much about a subject and are looking to learn, is it generally better to write very short questions on Stack Overflow and then only add information when you are prompted by ...
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2 answers

Are comments that merely correct terminology acceptable?

In C++, we say "data member" not "member variable". This led me to leave a comment underneath a helpful question which used the wrong term, along the lines of: The right term is &...
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A plea for not prematurely removing "Please see my update" comments

Update: The discussion here led to the following feature request. When askers provide feedback / ask for clarification on an answer of mine, and it warrants a response of general interest (as opposed ...
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Hovering link to question show the wrong title based on link itself

I see a link to this post: How can I convert my Java program to an .exe file? Here it is: As you can see, the question is named "how can i convert" with lower cases but the question have ...
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Why is it easier to write answers than comments without enough reputation? [duplicate]

As someone who isn't confident enough to provide answers, I often find myself wanting to post a comment. Why is posting answers easier than posting comments? I've been struggling to get enough ...
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Add a comments:x search operator to allow for searching for posts with a given number of comments [duplicate]

It would be useful, for various reasons, to search for posts with certain numbers of comments. A search operator could allow for searches like comments:0 to search for posts with no comments, ...
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How come all my comments were deleted, leaving the other ones?

How to get the number of fields in a variable of type struct? There was a longer exchange of comments, I discovered today that all of mine were deleted and all the others were left untouched. How can ...
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Comment rendering bug with inline code [duplicate]

I just encountered this beauty: It looks like inline code does not get rendered properly in the comments by not breaking succeeding spaces or some sort of escaping problem.
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Is it okay to delete a comment to re-post it with mistakes fixed if the edit grace period has ended? [duplicate]

Sometimes I comment on an answer. After a little, I check the comment and it's wrong (usually because I posted it while working). But, for Murphy's law, five minutes passed. So, if no one posted ...
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2 answers

Why are my comments explaining why I voted to delete an answer continuously deleted without explanation? [closed]

My question was answered, but the answer is not actually a useful answer to my question. I voted to delete that answer, because I started a bounty and need correct attention. When an answer is NOT ...
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How to improve my "please edit the question" comments

How can I (or should I?) write comments to prompt editing of the post? Generally, I write comments to request clarifications/improvements to questions strictly for warm fuzzies. Somewhat unfortunately ...
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51 votes
2 answers

Is there more I should be doing about a user's useless comments, or are they actually "helpful"?

Over the past few months, I've seen a specific user constantly posting what I can only describe as utterly useless comments. With comments that just consist of things like: CDDC CDDC CDDC CDC is ...
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2 answers

Spellchecking on comment box is annoying [closed]

I'm not sure if this is something caused by a change on Stack Overflow, or a browser update (I'm using Google Chrome 110), but comment boxes now have squiggly red underlines for spelling mistakes code ...
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3 answers

Should users repeatedly redirect askers to an external site for official support?

I have noticed that many questions with a specific tag on Stack Overflow are receiving a lot of comments by the same user that contain a link to the official repository from that open source library. ...
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40 votes
3 answers

Should I flag comments that are encouraging OP to use ChatGPT to write their code?

A new contributor just asked a very broad question, something like: Can you write a simple broadcast script in JavaScript or php just give me an example or if you brief explain please explain The ...
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Should I flag users that want to help but asking to remote control the PC, something like using AnyDesk, TeamViewer, or any? [duplicate]

I want to know if it is appropriate to ask somebody to use AnyDesk to try to resolve a problem in Stack Overflow programming question, something like this: oh ok, do u have anydesk ? I know he/she ...
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A user replied to my comment with a racist remark, I flagged it, both our comments were deleted?

The comments I'm asking about are no longer visible to normal users, but the question is here: How to Implement UDP Client Server File transfer in QT GUI in cpp? I was the first to comment on this ...
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Comment flags incorrectly rejected. How to resolve?

A question poster ended up posting two comments below their question with lots of details that should have been put in their question. I posted a comment suggesting the OP put the information into ...
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Are external URLs explaining a command not allowed?

Some user just posted a question about a Bash command, asking for clarity. The question was quite broad, so I've casted a vote close and commented a link to, with OP's ...
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6 answers

Staging Ground Workflow: Canned Comments - Revised

In October, we published a post about canned comments in the Staging Ground. We asked for input about what type of canned comments are frequently used, and whether we are using the right wording for ...
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What's the point of the nomination phase Q&A if it's hidden now?

Why are the comments under a candidate's nomination hidden? I would wager a vast majority of voters haven't been keeping track of the nomination phase and the comments under each nomination. Now that ...
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2 answers

Add option to delete all comments with a single click instead of deleting them one by one

Recently I was deleting my old comments and noticed that currently there is no way to delete all of the comments with a single click. Instead currently I have to click on each of the comments which ...
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2 answers

Where should we direct new users who post comments as answers?

I have been seeing this happen for as long as I've been using SE sites - people posting for the first time on whatever sub-site as an answer, when it is a comment or question. What is the best page on ...
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A Stack Overflow user said using this site is like cheating - How so when it's my own question?

On a previous meta question of mine, a user left this comment: "we don't have many places to go to ask questions and get help." - I have a B.S. in Computer Science. You can always contact ...
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42 votes
1 answer

Is the Low Quality Answers Queue review comment for link-only answers providing appropriate guidance?

Background The current review comment for "This is a link-only answer (and not spam)" reads: While this link may answer the question, it is better to include the essential parts of the ...
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40 votes
10 answers

Staging Ground Workflow: Canned Comments

Throughout this year, we’ve published several posts about different aspects of the Staging Ground. This post will focus specifically on canned comments that Reviewers can provide on the question. We ...
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Reply to Peter vs. Peter Cordes [duplicate]

In the comment section of my post, I have helpful comments from Peter and Peter Cordes. First Peter responds, then Peter Cordes. I want to reply to Peter. Peter: I'd question why... Peter Cordes: You ...
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2 answers

Are pastebin links acceptable in comments?

Most people know and understand that links to screenshots (or pastebins) of code or error messages are unacceptable in both questions and answers. The rationale is easy: one can simply copy and paste ...
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Should I tell someone to accept answers to their questions [duplicate]

Should I encourage users to go through their history and see if they feel that some of their questions received answers worth marking accepted if they have a history of asking questions, and many of ...
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3 answers

Moderators removing individual comments which do not fall outside of known guidelines or rules

I would like to know why some of my comments are being removed from questions posted to Stack Overflow. There has been one in the last few hours, in this question, which I have reposted, (not word for ...
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1 answer

Moderator declines to restore deleted useful comments that an answer referred to, so I *can't* now add them to my answer

(Update: apparently the decline message was a canned response, thanks @Cerbrus for helping me see this from the moderator perspective. Apparently people waste moderator time asking for non-useful ...
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10 votes
1 answer

Should comments asking people to 'meet in person' be flagged for deletion?

I recently saw this comment: can we meet in a person? I guess the author of the comment means 'Can we meet in person?'. Should such comments asking people to 'meet in person' be automatically ...
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Is there a non-SEDE or userscript way to find one's most upvoted comment?

To find one's most upvoted comment, a SEDE query can be used. Is there a way to do that from the Stack Overflow UI?
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15 votes
7 answers

When are "This worked in [related or unrelated technology]" type comments worth keeping?

Background Lately, I've been spending a fair amount of time doing comment analysis and have been looking through a few thousand comments a day. We have quite a few broad categories of comments that ...
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3 answers

Was I too rough to this asker?

Was my attitude bad in terms of asking a follow-up question and suggesting a for loop in the first comment, and later on the response on the person's rudeness? All possible 5 letter strings but with ...
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7 votes
2 answers

Where are comment flags reviewed?

They don't seem to meet the description of any of the review queue names/descriptions: Close votes: "Vote whether or not to close questions with close votes." Reopen votes: "Vote ...
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Allow commenting on deleted answers

Sometimes I'd like to comment on deleted answers, for example to say that the answer's idea is actually good and how the issue that led to its deletion can be fixed.
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Upvoting a comment on a deleted Article throws an error about deleted answers

First tested on this deleted article: Upvoting a comment on a deleted article throws an error about deleted answers. Admittedly, this isn't something people (those who know how to use the site) will ...
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Delete / update "please consider adding a comment" message when downvoting questions

When downvoting a (recent?) question, a prompt appears stating: Please consider adding a comment if you think this post can be improved. I feel like this should either: Take into account whether ...
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25 answers

Rule proposal: comments asking for accepts and votes shall no longer be allowed

Moderator Note: We appreciate the community's feedback on this and are not moving forward with this rule as currently proposed. We still recommend not leaving these comments, and moderators will ...
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