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Peer voting on questions and answers is the primary way users gain reputation, and also how many items are sorted to the top.

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Feature Request - Add datetime type information to a post that I voted on

Would it be possible to have somewhere the information on when we upvoted or downvoted a post (in case of post was edited by OP or someone else)? For example, see the tooltip below. It's a feature I'...
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Is it OK to ask others to upvote own answer as a "thank you"? [duplicate]

Sometimes I have a situation that a single comment solves the whole problem. The person who asked the question is thankful for the solution and often says that they will delete their question (because ...
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Community reward for correct and unaccepted answers?

It is frustrating to witness something like this answer. Someone invested time and effort into someone else problem, and it seems too much to ask for a button click. I know life isn't fair. And the ...
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Can we make the answer score and up/downvote buttons sticky so it scrolls with you for long answers?

Currently, if I'm reading a long answer and by the end of it decide it was a good one and is worth an upvote (or the other way around and a downvote), I need to scroll all the way back up to the start ...
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Why do some bad questions not have negative votes? [closed]

Take a look at this question: Import .bk file into oracle db It is terrible with the user having done no research either. But yet it did not get any downvotes, and I am wondering why. Is it because ...
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Results of the vote arrows styling experiment

TL;DR: Overall, the experiment was a success with a positive lift in overall votes in the variant group, however, we will not be graduating the experiment. In June, we conducted an experiment to test ...
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Voting corrected for a single vote [duplicate]

Today I got -10 with label "voting corrected". Its page says: When a single user continually votes (up or down) on many of your posts within a short period of time, the system considers ...
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Updated button styling for vote arrows: A/B testing has concluded

This experiment has concluded. We've gathered and analyzed the results in Results of the voting arrow experiment. This week, we're rolling out a test to update the appearance of voting arrows for ...
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Why was my question about a difference in behavior between .NET 4.7.1 and .NET 6 poorly received?

I recently got question banned and as a result I am very careful when writing a question. Today, I was once again downvoted when asking what I felt was a solid, well written question. As I have ...
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Is it okay to request a newbie user to accept and upvote? [duplicate]

There are multiple questions related to this case - here and here. Some of them suggests that it is okay to comment with the SO link. But, I have my doubts due to the following reasons. Today, I ...
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New design: "X votes" should be "X score"

Apparently, we have a new design for the question list. The left block, containing a summary of the question's "statistics", looks like this: That line that says "38 votes" is ...
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I don't understand how reputation works [duplicate]

There's somebody with one closed question with a score of zero and 27 reputation. I clearly don't understand how reputation works. Could someone explain it to me?
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Retracting the downvote even if the answer was not edited [duplicate]

At the moment it is not possible to retract a downvote when the answer was not edited. I have DV-ted the answer by mistake (I wanted to upvote it). But system does not let me change it. You last ...
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Should "Hot Meta Posts" also include highly active but controversial meta posts with many downvotes?

On meta, there are many times where downvotes don't reflect that the question/answer is badly written, factually incorrect, or generally off-topic, but that there is some form of disagreement between ...
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Is it okay to advise people not to vote on a certain answer to your question?

I recently stumbled across a question about some setting in NetBeans. The original poster of the question had edited (revision 3) their post with the following: PLEASE DO NOT UPVOTE LenglBoy ANSWER ...
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It is time to hide a user profile's total upvote/downvote count from public view

This has to do with the public statistics regarding a user's total upvoting and downvoting count, which can be seen by any visitor in the Activity menu. This feature request proposes to hide the up ...
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Submitting an up vote to a question submits unposted answer too [closed]

I was writing an answer to a bounty question and was waiting for the OP's reply to my comments under the question. Meanwhile I had the answer written, I upvoted the question and in the result it ...
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Voting on articles behaves differently from Q&A when you're not signed in

On article pages, e.g. this (unpopular) one, even though I wasn't signed in, I clicked the vote buttons. Instead of showing a dialog inviting me to join Stack Overflow like I'd see on a question/...
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Tag badge scores gained from votes are lost without change in reputation

I've been trying to get the flutter silver badge and I'm pretty sure I had a score of 281. Yesterday, I noticed my score in flutter was reduced to 218 from the 281 that I had. There is absolutely no ...
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Can I upvote or downvote my own question?

Can I upvote or downvote questions and answers asked and given by me? And even if I am able to upvote them, will my reputation increase because of that? Also, if I answer my own question and then ...
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Should vote count be hidden for new questions? [duplicate]

I noticed that when a question gets downvoted, it sometimes tends to attract 2 types of voters: the ones that go with the rest and downvote it too, and the ones that upvote just because of pity, to ...
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Could answer copy detection be included in the up-vote score for each answer?

An idea came to mind today, inspired by the recent April fools of having a limited amount of copy's available to an end-user. I would assume in general that far more people would copy and paste the ...
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Why can duplicate questions be voted upon?

From what I know, duplicate questions are just there so that future visitors can find the original question faster through search engines. But then why can they be voted upon? The only quality that ...
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When out of votes for the day, triage tricks you into thinking you have votes

I am out of votes today, but I decided to do 3 or 4 reviews in Triage. I saw a question which I wished to vote on. Normally, if you are out of votes and you click either the upvote or downvote button, ...
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How to find how many votes I have cast on one user's posts?

Five months ago, I got to know about What is 'Serial voting was reversed'? when my reputation points went down by 382 points citing the reason as 'Serial voting was reversed'. Now, I'm a bit afraid ...
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Is it okay to tactically downvote (downvoting competing answers)?

When you downvote an answer, you lose 1 reputation. According to this post, this is to discourage tactical/strategic downvoting, where you downvote other competing answers to a question to bring you ...
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Review queue for posts without any votes

There seems to be a lot of posts that don't get any up/down votes. I think it would be a good idea to have a review queue just for unvoted posts where the action options are just to upvote or downvote....
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Why are proposed changes to voting, which limit or remove the use of downvotes, met with strong disagreement?

The comments and answers on many proposals to change the way voting works on Stack Overflow indicate there are strong opinions against many of these changes, mainly because such proposals alter the ...
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Is it against site rules for a sock-puppet to up-vote their own puppet's meta post? [duplicate]

We all know, and it should be obvious that sock-puppet accounts exist and in fact are allowed, as long as they don't perform actions that a single account couldn't do, such as up-voting itself (its ...
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Can a question marked as Duplicate still be voted on?

If I understand correctly, a question marked as Duplicate is a closed question. If someone had the link to a question like this could they still vote on it?
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Make text easier: "You last voted on this answer on DATE at TIME (/ x minutes ago). Your vote is now locked in unless this answer is edited."

Always confused me a bit when reading it, just because it is so brilliantly short: You last voted on this answer on DATE at TIME (/ x minutes ago). Your vote is now locked in unless this answer is ...
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Is it unethical to offer vote trades? [duplicate]

Recently, I provided a helpful comment on an answer. After adding its information to their answer, the author replied with a comment asking if I'd mind upvoting the answer (which I'd already done) and ...
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Downvoting bot causing closed question deletion?

I have been getting really pesky downvotes on old question daily. At first I thought this might just be some revenge downvoting, but I'm starting to see a pattern that suggests either I don't ...
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Undo downvote after 10 minutes rule [duplicate]

I accidentally downvoted an answer, but didn't notice it by time to correct it. How can I undo it after the 10 minutes rule? The answer I incorrectly downvoted:
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Is there a way to see my remaining votes? [duplicate]

Like the title says, Is there a way to see my remaining votes? Something like: -- Votes left today Or cast today? -- Votes cast today I know I can see it at the Suffrage, Vox populi or something ...
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Searching by vote type (not by score)

I understand some people read this question as if I'm discussing the merits of down-voting. This isn't the case. My question is - how could I collect empirical data regarding the use of downvotes, so ...
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Voting on posts with a bad internet connection results in confusion

When you open a page, read the question and/or answers, it's not uncommon for your internet connection to fail without you knowing (until you try to send a request by clicking on a link, etc). Let's ...
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What should we do when encountering suspicious rep changes? [duplicate]

I stumbled upon this user who mysteriously got all their questions and answers upvoted in a single day: What, if anything, should be done about that?
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Why do the colors in comment vote numbers differ? [duplicate]

I know that the numbers represent the number of votes a comment has, but what do the colors denote? I've seen dark red, light orange and black. But why would there need to be different colors? Why not ...
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Rate of new votes declining on Stack Overflow posts

Fewer and fewer people are voting on Stack Overflow posts. Check these queries: Votes - Posts - https://data....
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I want to see all deleted posts in my voting history

You can see your own voting history from your profile, if you click your profile and under the Activity tab, votes. If you reach 10K reputation, you gain the privilege to see deleted posts. Now in ...
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Chain upvoting / downvoting / flagging posts of a user? (Not revenge / grace voting.)

This answer to the question: Is it okay to look for good posts to upvote after downvoting a post states that: Votes should be on content, not on users. Do not go to the user's profile page to look ...
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33% of questions are ignored by community

I've noticed that a lot of my questions are ignored by community (by ignored I mean have no votes, no answers and only a few views) and decided to look at the situation over all questions asked by all ...
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4 answers

Downvotes research: why do we need that?

In this blog post The Loop: Our Community Roadmap for Q3 2020, the issue of downvoting has been mentioned. It reads: Downvotes research (July) Receiving downvotes on Stack Overflow can be a ...
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Some crazy ideas that might help voting and make the "Thank you" reaction redundant

I've been following the controversy around the introduction of the "Thank you" react, and one thing that stuck in my mind is that there is a perception that 1. Users don't upvote/accept ...
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37 answers

Data validation & background for the Thank You Reaction feature test

Thank you all for voicing your feedback and your concerns regarding the test of the Reactions feature. We would like first to give some additional background surrounding the intentions around this ...
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Make the new popups when hovering over votes less intrusive

There are a couple of popups that show when hovering over different vote buttons: As it is right now, these appear on the right side of the buttons, hiding a significant part of the Q/A's content, as ...
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What can we do to encourage downvoting?

Downvoting is a bigger privilege than upvoting and it plays a crucial role in keeping the content on this site clean. Downvoting is our most powerful tool for us, non-moderator users. Downvotes are a ...
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How to I provide positive feedback to user who comments/responds to my post

In the following post, How do I terminate a SwingWorker?, there is a user named "matt" who I would like to provide positive feedback, as he has been very helpful. How do I do that?
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There should be a way to show OP has upvoted the answer [duplicate]

I really don't know about you people. Sometimes when I upvote, I upvote an answer for the sake of that I have read/seen the answer as well as to show my appreciation since they've spent their time. I ...
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