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Chat is the real time, stateful web chat that's a part of every Stack Exchange site. Use this tag for questions concerning the chat functionality.

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CV-PLS old requests room moderator/CM authorization

Around a month ago, I created a new chat room intended for registering questions which should be closed, but don't have recent activity within the scope set by SOCVR. Any room with a collection of ...
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Chat high CPU usage and `replace is not a function`

When Chat such as (nothing interesting about that; it's currently empty) is open in Firefox, it takes up high CPU: The console is constantly spamming ...
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"Follow" for chats

Can we get "follow" functionality for chats, so we get notified about new messages even after we closed the tab? It's super useful for questions/answers. But with chats, I have to actively ...
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Chat - Unhide or unignore messages

I just opened a chat with just one eye open today and misclicked somewhere. I think I have either "hide" the messages or "ignored" them by accident. How do I undo this?
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Is there a way to search/browse my own chatroom history?

Is there a way to browse one's own history of participation in chatrooms? Specifically, I'd like a way to see all of my conversations that were started from a "Let us continue this discussion in ...
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What happened to the chat?

What happened to the chat? It seems it's no longer accessible. Why that weird redirect?
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Is there a non language specific general help chat room?

I was reading through the Mentors part of this post. I'm wondering if there's a sort of new user help room for new contributors to get help on how to ask questions and write answers. I know you have ...
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Chat transcripts should show moderator diamonds

If you join any chatroom on you will see something like the following: You can view a record of past messages sent in a chatroom by looking at its transcript: The names of ...
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Why don't we get notifications for chat room creations based on extended comment discussions?

Why don't we get a notification for creating a chat room? Whenever we comment for too long about a specific problem with another user, the system prompts us to open/create a chat for it. But, I never ...
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Flag a discussion in chat as no longer needed

Comments can be flagged as being no longer needed (NLN). If they are moved to chat, they are converted to messages in chat, which can no longer be flagged as NLN. The whole chat can also not be ...
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Should we use or avoid the chat feature, since future visitors may not encounter find the discussion in chat and may not benefit from it? [closed]

Stack Overflow offers chat to avoid long discussions in the comments. Should we really use the chat feature or avoid it to help the users who might come late to the questions, say about 10 years later....
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Why isn't chat more visible from the front page? [duplicate]

I stumbled upon the chatrooms of Stack Overflow only after I had seen the "Talkative" badge whose description has a hyperlink taking you to the chatrooms: Post 10 messages, with 1 or more ...
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What is the ideal way to unfreeze a tag based Chat Room? [duplicate]

This question relates to the frozen Selenium room, a user friendly room for discussing Selenium features, functionality, usage and implementation. The mentioned chatroom had been frozen and new ...
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How are "botted (i.e. using bots)" inappropriate conducts handled by moderators?

First of all, this is a hypothetical situation, which I thought of the other day. We now have chat rooms (one, in which I chat frequently) that use some sort of bots to relay messages between the room ...
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The "send" button in chat is super tiny

I am a new user, just got the chat privilege- And I noticed that that "send" button could use some enlarging. I tried with different screen sizes, but that button remained tiny. I tried ...
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Why does Chat have so many negative user IDs?

In Chat, there are users with negative user IDs: -1: Community -2: Feeds                                                    ... -17: SO Migrations These users do not exist on the main SO site. Then ...
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Can we edit a question to include additional information from discussion chat?

I was in a discussion with the original poster of this question and there was additional information added during the chat. After the chat ended, I edited the question but I didn't include the full ...
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Can the user who elects to have the SE bot autogenerate a chatroom have ownership of said room?

Often I find that a topic goes beyond a straightforward answer to a question, and a lot of discussion is carried out in comments regardless of the 'comments are for asking for clarification' rule of ...
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Textarea in chat/disussion area should be more user friendly [closed]

I noticed that the textarea is not very user friendly, since you cant scroll: If you have too many lines, then you cant read them anymore.
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Is it okay to give one's under-rep chatbot special access to their chatroom for typical chatbot testing & such?

I've been told in Stack Overflow chat that it's not okay to give one's chatbots without enough rep special access to their room just so that it could chat. I took that advice and kept it at Meta Stack ...
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Icons are not showing in Stack Overflow Chat

I have opened Stack Overflow Chat from mobile device but I saw new version of mobile chat but when I select message I do not see icons like below : Device Specs : Huawei P8 Lite (Android 6) on Chrome ...
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Stack Overflow inviting users to move a discussion to chat when one of the participants doesn't have enough reputation

In this related question: Stack Overflow should not invite you to move a discussion to chat when one of the participants doesn't have enough reputation The accepted answer (Feb 9 '15) states that: ...
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How can I stop following a chat room? [duplicate]

Around two years ago I joined the code jam room. I've never seen any users there, but it's not my issue. I just would like to know how to stop receiving notifications about upcoming code jam events. ...
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Oops! Something Bad Happened! - when trying to create a Chat Room

Getting the error message 'Oops! Something Bad Happened!' when trying to create a Chat Room. Is this a temporary error on the site or could it be something related to my account? I've never used the ...
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Double slash gets added to the URL when clicking on chat navigation

Whenever I click on the link that is on the sidebar (which shows the chatrooms) an extra slash is added always in the URL before rooms, e.g. The link is not ...
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Dark mode doesn't work in chat

It's time to realize again that chat is a thing that exists. Stack Overflow has gotten a dark mode, yet it doesn't work in chat. Given chat is part of Stack Overflow, it should also have a dark mode. ...
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Why is my real name showing in chat?

One of my questions (How can I get the current activity while using Firebase Cloud Messaging in Unity?) had its comments moved to chat. In the chat, it shows my real name, not Evorlor. It also will ...
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89 views broken collapse/expand functionality

Just noticed a bug in and it doesn't seem to have been reported yet. Edit (with a little help from my friends): turns out it was reported a few other times: cross-...
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Is it possible to delete or edit messages in chat?

Is there any way to edit or delete messages in chat without having to flag them for moderator's attention?
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How to create a new chatroom on Stack Overflow

I saw a question same like my question. There somebody asked same question but when I go in the chat column it show's chat. I go over there then I didn't saw create a new chatroom.
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When attempting to automatically move comments to chat, an error message appeared containing the string "null"

I was commenting on this question and the message appeared to move it to chat. I clicked on it and received null I've searched SO but couldn't find anything helpful. And after reloading the page I ...
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How to start chat on answer for question

When someone posts an answer to a question, sometimes there is a lot to talk about. I know that there is a way to start chats, but I don't know how. If it matters, I had 155 reputation when I posted ...
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(See full text) in chat shows no more text

This chat message has a link to show more text at the bottom of it, but when clicked there isn't actually any more text to show: Before click: After click:
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How can I start a chat room with particular user? [duplicate]

How can I start a chat room with a particular user? The are some users who often come up in searches related to technologies I'm interested in. How do I start chat with them?
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How can I find specific chat room in mobile web?

Is there a search feature in mobile web to search chat rooms ? Ex: How can I find Kotlin chat room ? (Without exploring pagination links one by one)
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2 answers

Chat as a means to onboard beginners to increase post quality

Imagine that new community members can only post in chat, and that they need to get 5 upvotes in order to earn the permission to make real posts. Only members with 30 pts can upvote them. I feel like ...
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Why am I not logged into Stack Overflow chat?

Every time I attempt to enter chat on Stack Overflow, it either tells me I am not logged in, or I am presented with this error message. I tested entering the chat on StackExchange and Mathematics, and ...
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Stackoverflow Chat Markdown does not work with returns [duplicate]

In the stackoverflow chat rooms, specifically the one Im using, and others I've seen this problem. When you return text (Shift+Enter) to type more, and then you try using markdown in that returned ...
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Chat keyboard issue in Chrome on iPad Air

I am able to use chat in Chrome on my iPhone, but for some reason it is unusable on iPad because the input area is invisible. I can view chat just fine, but when I try to participate, the input area ...
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How do I unfreeze a chat room?

So, I´ve wanted to give another question/input into the chat room of an answer of one of my questions after a longer period of +14 days. Unfortunately, I came across that the chat room was frozen ...
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Can't log in to chat after a profile merge

I am facing a similar issue mentioned in this question. I am able to log in to Stack Overflow, but not in chat. As mentioned in the answer, I recently unified two logins. Can someone help me?
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Why do the topic buttons in a chat room give me a 404?

In the SOCVR chat room, if I click the 'discussion' or 'moderation' buttons (right side of the page and above the room), it shows 'Page not found'. Why?
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Chat RSS feed for tagged/xxx not working

When you search for something in chat, you can use a phrase like tagged/xxx to find all posts with a particular [tag:xxx]. However, the search page's footer contains a link to an RSS feed of the ...
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How do I find a chat I took part in? [duplicate]

I recently chatted with another user on Stack Overflow and would like to have a look at that chat again. What search mechanism can I use to find that chat?
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Stack Overflow chat asks me to log in, but I am already logged in, still Duplicate of Stack Overflow chat asks me to log in, but I am already logged in but I can't find where else to get help for this.
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Continue in Chat Option Not Shown [duplicate]

All comments lost and admonition that comments are not for extended discussion and the discussion should have been moved to chat -- Okay fine: How to reverse order numbers in a text file then write ...
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13 votes
1 answer

Why does it always say `moving discussion to chat failed`?

The comment section always keeps poping this message to automatically move this discussion to chat? But 99 out of 100 times it gives me an error saying moving discussion to chat failed. Is there a ...
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What are the conditions creating a chat room after commenting?

There are chat rooms created after comment chains on Stack Overflow. I'm wondering what is the condition for it to happen? I've read meta posts like How do I turn comments into a chat room? But they ...
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Chat moderation: don't threaten, just do

Once again, there's a small hullabaloo in chat started by someone threatening someone else with... Moderation. That doesn't work very well. As a general rule, folks don't like threats. So if someone'...
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If I feel that a Room Owner is treating me unfairly in chat, how should I formally report my grievances?

Suppose I am in chat, and I feel like a Room Owner is picking on me. Maybe they kicked me for a reason I don't agree with, or they're just generally interacting with me in an unwelcoming manner. What ...
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