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For questions concerning various error messages that users receive throughout the site..

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Failed to upload image; an error occurred on the server [duplicate]

When I tried to add pictures to my question like usual, I received this message: Failed to upload image; an error occurred on the server
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"There are too many pending edits" on a locked post [duplicate]

I tried to edit this question to remove the "best way" phrasing to make it less opinion-based, but when I try to do so I got this error: There are too many pending edits on Stack Overflow. ...
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Unable to post code and error on Stack Overflow (while asking question) - {} not seen, whitespaces and Ctrl+K doesn't work

I wanted to post a question on Stack Overflow. I tried posting a code with its error. But, it showed some indentation error in code. I was not able to find any {} above to resolve the problem. ...
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Erroneous "no longer accepting answers"... Or?

Recently when I attempted adding an answer to my own question I got the "we are no longer accepting answers from your account..." error message when attempting to post. I'm fairly sure my ...
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Poor contrast on "custom flag too long" message in dark mode

This also happens in SOfT, but that isn't considered on-topic here.. When flagging a comment (or post) in dark mode on Stack Overflow, and the message is too long, the warning/error is somewhat ...
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How can I avoid "An error occurred submitting the edit" error message? (working July 13th)

July 13th: it works again, so far. July 12th: I have (again) some of my answers I cannot edit (others can edit them, but I cannot) "How to make git maintain a file containing ...
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Are code fences officially preferred yet? User found error message saying otherwise!

I found a question on SO where the asker had been presented with an "error" message: Oops! Your edit couldn't be submitted because: Your post appears to contain code that is not properly ...
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The "Report ad" functionality doesn't work; the URL it attempts to post to results in a 500 error

I'm trying to report an ad (for reasons that are not relevant here). I open the "Report Ad" dialog, fill in the information required, including a screenshot of the ad itself, but the attempt ...
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"You cannot register at this time" error when trying to register on Meta Stack Exchange

I wanted to upvote the feature request Can we have a way to edit bounty custom message? But when I attempt to create the account on I get this dialog The "Log in" ...
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I can't upload an image from the clipboard [duplicate]

Not sure whether this is the right place. If I try to upload an image (pasted from clipboard or from the file sys), an error is raised. {"Success":false,"Error":5,"...
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Again: It was not possible to perform this tag search at this time due to an unexpected error

When opening the following error is shown: It was not possible to perform this tag search at this time due to an unexpected error. Probably related to the deployment ...
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Server Error: Failed to upload image; an error occurred on the server

I can't upload images. I'm using Chrome in MacOS Monterey. The image is a snapshot. I tried to use paste, and to upload from the local storage. It's a less than 200KB jpg. The upload image dialog ...
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Improving the error page with relevant, current information

When Stack Overflow is down/offline, we usually see the "Stack Overflow is currently offline" page with a bunch of error code images and links to and SO's Twitter page at ...
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Snippet formatting issue when editing/submitting an answer [duplicate]

This snippet is a valid "Question" but it's an invalid "Answer" on Stack Overflow. Keep getting this error when I try to submit this code snippet as an answer: Your post appears ...
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Unable to post question due to large number of characters

I am trying to ask a question about HTML and XPath. It requires HTML code to fully understand the issue, but the problem is that whenever I try to post it this message appears saying that you cannot ...
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Notify others about post being edited [duplicate]

(This question is probably related to users <2k rep only.) I'm often facing this issue in the edit review queue, but it happens "in the wild" too sometimes. When you start editing the ...
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When I go to ask a question, I get "Comments must be at least 15 characters in length." and I can't submit the question [duplicate]

When I go to ask a question, I get "Comments must be at least 15 characters in length.", and I can't submit the question. I have tried in Chrome, Chrome Incognito, and Firefox. This seems ...
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Can't post question because of error: "Comments must be at least 15 characters in length."

When I try to post a question on Stack Overflow, I get the following error message: Comments must be at least 15 characters in length. Nevertheless, I see no "Comments" area to add a ...
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Oops! There was a problem updating your profile:This email address is already registered. If it belongs to you, log in above or visit [duplicate]

I'm having this error while trying to update my profile. Can anyone please help me figure out, what's the problem.
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While editing a question, this piece of text causes the error: "contain code that is not properly formatted"

I am editing one of my questions on Stack Overflow. It raises an error: Your post appears to contain code that is not properly formatted as code. After some digging, I find it is about this text: (...
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Ill-formatted code error preventing answer submission: Xml comment breaks answer submission

This question was earlier titled as just 'Ill-formatted code error preventing answer submission'. After finding the cause, it was amended to help potential future searches. See my answer that follows. ...
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Stack Overflow inviting users to move a discussion to chat when one of the participants doesn't have enough reputation

In this related question: Stack Overflow should not invite you to move a discussion to chat when one of the participants doesn't have enough reputation The accepted answer (Feb 9 '15) states that: ...
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Unclear error message when trying to edit an answer

This seems like a bug to me. I do not know how to report a bug, that is why I'm writing here. Steps to reproduce: Follow Enumerate existing text in vim (make numbered list out of existing text) Start ...
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Unable to post updated answer

I faced the following error while trying to post an update to my existing answer, Not being sure where to report this bug, my first attempt was to ...
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How did a moderator manage to break this question by trying to close it?

This question Php dosen't insert query into database shows a page with the message: Oops! Something Bad Happened! A moderator confirmed that this happened when they tried to close the question: ...
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"Oops! Something Bad Happened!" In my activity tab

I'm getting what seems to be a timeout error in random activity tabs across SO: ...
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Oops! Something Bad Happened! - when trying to create a Chat Room

Getting the error message 'Oops! Something Bad Happened!' when trying to create a Chat Room. Is this a temporary error on the site or could it be something related to my account? I've never used the ...
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The "Question Ban" error page should warn NOT to create new accounts

When a user account has asked too many low-quality questions, they are blocked from asking more questions. Attempting to to ask a new question from that account will result in the following error page:...
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Are error messages required to be posted in English?

Recently a conversation arose in a chatroom regarding an error message in a post: Skript: C:\Users\<omitted>\AppData\Local\Temp\Signatur.vbs Zeile: 274 Zeichen: 1 Fehler: Typenkonflikt: '[...
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Title can't contain what? [duplicate]

I don't want to post spam and I have no idea what's wrong with that title. It describes axactly my problem, IMHO. I was unable to read what exactly the title may not contain, so I zoomed in a bit: ...
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I received a 500 error after taking a survey for a question

I noticed a new thing this morning about taking a survey for this question on Stack Overflow. After finishing it, I received the following error: This page isn’t working is ...
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When attempting to automatically move comments to chat, an error message appeared containing the string "null"

I was commenting on this question and the message appeared to move it to chat. I clicked on it and received null I've searched SO but couldn't find anything helpful. And after reloading the page I ...
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Make it clearer what is going on with the "This content is not allowed" functionality

In reference to this question, I tried to edit the title to this: Kotlin Error Reading Phone Contacts and got the above mentioned error. There's no clear indication of what the problem is, and ...
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Simplify reputation threshold message

I refer to this message: Thank you for your interest in this question. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on ...
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Account not allowed to suggest edits

I started having this issue recently with editing questions on Stack Overflow (only Stack Overflow, not other stacks where I hang out frequently.) At the website, I can't even see an "edit" button. ...
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What exactly is a Suspicious Request and what triggers it?

There have been several reports over the past few years of users occasionally getting an error message from Stack Overflow of the following form: Sorry, your request could not be completed because ...
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always getting suspicious request on Pluralsight assessment [duplicate]

Previously I was successfully able to add Plurasight ID Assessment skill IQ. But now when trying to add new skill always getting error: Sorry, your request could not be completed because it looked ...
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Stack Overflow for Teams admin settings page failure for several hours [closed]

I am trying to access my admin/settings page ({my_team}/admin/settings) for my team and I receive a generic error (
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Your post appears to contain code

Is it possible to override that error message? I have the feeling something changed in the way the content of the questions are checked, it is the second time I gave up and did not post a question ...
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Commenting broken? [closed]

Is it just me or is writing or editing comments broken? It either takes forever or it shows an error or a (pretty cute) dead robot..: For a while it seemed as if it only happens when submitting with ...
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Provide the ability to go back to page if there was an unexpected error [duplicate]

Today I hit "Refresh" in my browser when viewing a question and got an error message: The error itself seems to have been something trivial as the site was up and I could still otherwise access the ...
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I have this error message when I try to write a code in Stack Overflow [duplicate]

"Your post appears to contain code that is not properly formatted as code. Please indent all code by 4 spaces using the code toolbar button or the CTRL+K keyboard shortcut. For more editing help, ...
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Error in Job preferences: "Sorry, something went wrong"

When I press Save in my profile section Job preferences, it appears the error message Sorry, something went wrong near the top of the page.
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Odd looking "Close" button on error message [duplicate]

So, I tried to edit suggest on a post today, and got an error message that it already had a pending edit. Okay, I'll edit later. Sure. I was about to close the message when I saw something odd: It ...
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I cannot edit a question because of a title I didn't change? [duplicate]

Ok, ok, ok! Hold on; don't get the duplicate hammer out just yet! I know that we have this question here: Can't edit question - title already exists I read it. It is tagged status-completed! This ...
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"Body is missing" when you didn't confirm inserting a link

The message "Body is missing." is annoying. It happens when you want to save post edits but forgot to confirm inserting a link. The body was present; the message was neither informative nor helpful. ...
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No error pop-up(s) on edit button click on review page(s) [duplicate]

When I am reviewing First Posts on StackOverflow, and I have to many pending edits (or any other errors), the pop-up that should tell me that, doesn't show up like it does when click on 'edit' on the ...
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"Quality Standards" error not very useful?

Inspired by Can anyone PLEASE tell me how I can ask questions on Stack Overflow?, I tried to figure out exactly what error the user could have possibly encountered. Lo and behold Should the red box ...
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Switching to full site on code formatting error causes a 404 error

When answering a question and you get the error: Oops! Your answer couldn't be submitted because: Your post appears to contain code that is not properly formatted as code. Please indent all ...
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What is going on here? There is no code

I tried asking a question on Stack Overflow and got a weird message saying I didn't have properly formatted code. Does anyone know what is going on here? Putting that line in code blocks didn't make ...
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