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For questions about the PluralsightIQ plugin inside the Developer Story feature.

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Adding a PluralSight assessment to Developer Story [closed]

I'm unable to add any assessment. Looking for an answer, I did try resizing the window and to dig into the HTML code as some users mentioned in various questions/comments. But as I can see, the option ...
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Pluralsight SkillIQ Improved?

Back in 2018 the community considered whether Pluralsight's Skill IQ tests were of relevance or value to Stack Overflow (Pluralsight IQ credibility). Part of the discussion noted that an ongoing ...
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Can't add Pluralsight IQ to developer story header

I found a similar bug reported almost a year ago which apparently got fixed. So I'm going to report this one too hoping it would get fixed soon. I took the PHP Development Fundamentals IQ test on ...
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Why some PluralsightIQ assessments does not show relevant tag

I have finish a few PluralsightIQ assessments and wanted to share that in my SO developer story. For express the tag was automatically added, and for angular there is no tag added. What is the reason ...
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Generate Pluralsight IQ marks in PDF from Stack Overflow account [duplicate]

It has been a long time since this feature-request and it hasn't been implemented yet. I hope the user is given choices like: Print Pluralsight IQ test marks in PDF Yes No Many Community members ...
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Developer Story Skill IQ Bug. Readding Improved Skill IQ will not add it to the profile header

There seems to be a bug with the 'Add Skill IQ' feature. I have previously added Pluralsight Skill IQ for JavaScript back in October 2020. I have retaken the assessment recently in November 2020. ...
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Impossible to find "Add to Stackoverflow icon" on Pluralsight Skill IQ

I have passed the Skill IQ test on the Pluralsight website. However, I can't find the famous "Stackoverflow" button mentioned by all. After multiple refreshes and tries on both Stack Overflow and ...
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always getting suspicious request on Pluralsight assessment [duplicate]

Previously I was successfully able to add Plurasight ID Assessment skill IQ. But now when trying to add new skill always getting error: Sorry, your request could not be completed because it looked ...
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Pluralsight IQ share gives suspicious request

I just took a couple of IQ tests on Pluralsight and would like to insert the results into my developer story, but it keeps giving me this error: I couldn't find any related informations about this, I ...
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Why don't PluralSight IQ scores show up to employers on Stack Overflow?

This Pluralsight IQ thing doesn't show up on the developer story being sent to employers in my case. I tried downloading a version of the one sent to the employer and nothing regards the Pluralsight ...
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Pluralsight's "AWS Cloud Compute" skill does not have tags on the Stack Overflow badge

I passed the assessment for "AWS Cloud Compute" skill on Pluralsight. I tried to add the badge of this to my Stack Overflow dev story. I noticed that badge does not have any tags. It is an issue ...
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Can't link pluralsightIQ to Stack Overflow developer story [duplicate]

I have got PluralSight Skill IQ score Which I tried to link in my developer story by clicking on stack overflow icon. But I get redirected to 404 page. Below is the URL in browser on 404 page. ...
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Link on Developer Story Page returns 404 error [duplicate]

The "Get your Skill IQ" link on my Developer Story Page is returning a 404 error. Clicking here Gives I'm using Firefox 63.0.3 if it makes any difference. Am I the only one with this issue?
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Not logged in at Pluralsight

I was able to get a Pluralsight assignment before and I was successfully logged in with my Stack Overflow linked account. But now it doesn't work anymore. Clicking "Get your Skill IQ" on Stack ...
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Remove Pluralsight IQ from timeline or header

I feel that it's a bad thing that the results of Pluralsight IQ tests are displayed both at the header of my Developer Story and on my timeline. Is this duplication really necessary? It directs user ...
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Unable to cancel adding an Assessment on Developer Story

I was exploring the options one has available to include on one's Developer Story, and happened to notice that I can't cancel an attempt to add an Assessment item: Whenever I click that button it ...
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Include Pluralsight score in the Developer Story PDF [duplicate]

Right now, the Pluralsight Skill IQ verification appears in the Developer Story. However, when we save the story as a PDF, the verification is not included in that file. I think it would be reasonable ...
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How to post a PluralSight score from another email

I accidentally followed an ad link (on SO) to PluralSight rather than a link from my SO account profile (or email), and then blundered again by using a different email from the one my SO account is ...
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Pluralsight IQ credibility and quality/relevance of their tests

I did the "MySQL" test and found the questions heavily weighted towards the DBA role (eg obscure questions about log file configuration etc.) rather than the coder role. Since the results of such ...
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Incorrect questions in Pluralsight IQ test

I just did the Pluralsight IQ test after seeing fellow chat members do it and reading the featured SO statements. The questions in the test I took (was JavaScript) were awful, some of them were ...
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Dealing with bad Pluralsight IQ results

Suppose my internet connection goes down during a Pluralsight test, which is timed, and I get a very bad score. Assume also that I've already used up the 1 free re-try, so the very bad score stands. ...
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Is any link established between Pluralsight/Stack Overflow accounts?

When sharing a Pluralsight IQ test result on the Stack Overflow developer story, does this establish any linkage between the Stack Overflow and Pluralsight accounts? If so, how can this link be ...
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Can Pluralsight milestones be displayed in a different way (without imgur)?

Pluralsight Skill IQ scores are apparently shown as images from imgur. In my brilliant country(and perhaps in some other countries / or ISPs) some sites such as (it may be hard to ...
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"Pluralsight Skill IQ assessment" asking me to create an account

I was going to do take the Pluralsight Skill IQ assessment, it said its free but when i provided the information and agreed on terms, i was redirected to login / create account on pluralsight and when ...
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Pluralsight skill iq test added to dev story seems to be displayed wrongly

I just took and pass my 1st pulralsight skill iq test and got it added to my dev story where its listed without any details like the score, validation, etc. I tried one more time and the same happened....
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Developer story Traditional view needs Skill IQ [duplicate]

With the blog post Pluralsight & Stack Overflow: Helping the World’s Developers Learn New Skills and this meta post, Add an assessment to your Developer Story The SO Developer Story has got a new ...
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Assessments are not visible in Traditional view of Developer Story [closed]

I just added some assessments to my Developer Story and discovered that they are not visible in Traditional view: Story view Traditional view
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Add an assessment to your Developer Story

TL;DR We’ve added a new item type called ‘Assessments’ to Developer Story. You can take a free skill assessment on Pluralsight and add your Pluralsight Skill IQ to your Developer Story. WHY ...
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What is Pluralsight IQ and why does it show on my Developer Story? [duplicate]

I use Developer Story to track my score (yeah vanity) just to spot this: Is it an advertisement, or is Stack Overflow affiliated with Pluralsight now?