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For questions about the formatting on Stack Overflow; how to use it and when to use it.

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Removing blockquote formatting also removes newlines

I'm not sure what makes the blockquote formatting button so attractive to new users but they sure do love to use it for code. The problem is, an editor trying to fix it by selecting the problem block ...
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Upload code with formatting [duplicate]

How can you learn to upload the code step by step with images or videos? The words are hard to translate into something understandable! Does AI artificial intelligence not help?
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Where art thou, tags? Or a request to make tag formatting guidance easier to discover

I've been fixing tag formatting on meta for tag-related requests for years. For those unaware, its syntax is [tag:name] for tags on the main site and [meta-tag:name] for those only present on the ...
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Should we discourage the use of <h1>/<h2> at the very start of an answer? [duplicate]

I’ve noticed that some answers start with a a <h1>/<h2> not to structure the answer in different parts --there’s only one-- but to attract eyeballs. I guess there can be legitimate uses; ...
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How do you present a directory tree in a post? Is it OK to post an image of a UI widget?

I have seen people posting screenshots of their directory structure from a text editor or IDE as shown below: Others display the structure in text format as shown below: |mysite/ | |/assets/ |/assets/...
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How many headings does a user add to answers?

I wonder whether SEDE could figure out how many headings (#, ##, ...) a user uses in their answers. I came up with this query SELECT Id AS [Answer], LEN(Body) AS [Length] FROM Posts WHERE ...
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Bug on Safari: list starting with a code block fails to display the bullet point

Given the below formatting, on a Mac Safari, version 15.6.1 (17613. as well as on an iPhone Safari, version 15.6.1 This Markdown: - ``` code ``` Loses the bullet on Safari: On your ...
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Could we have proper footnote elements?

Problem We currently don't have a dedicated way to create footnotes (although there are some workarounds here). The most commonly used approach is to use <sub> or <sup> tags. However, ...
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Snippet formatting issue when editing/submitting an answer [duplicate]

This snippet is a valid "Question" but it's an invalid "Answer" on Stack Overflow. Keep getting this error when I try to submit this code snippet as an answer: Your post appears ...
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Mixing monospace and normal text doesn't look nice

Sometimes I want to pluralize a Python class name, but the plural "s" should not be monospace, since it's not code. For example this answer: The letters should line up.
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Seems like a bug in code formatting checker that blocks posting an answer [duplicate]

The formatting checker prevents posting a reply. The reason is "unformatted code", but there isn't any. Up: The advice from Mike M. below fixed the issue, Thanks! (blank lines between lines ...
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Text and code blocks under spoiler

I'm trying to ask a question and put additional information under the spoiler. The best solution I've found looks like this: >!Text block >! >!<pre><code> >!code block >!<...
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When to use code-formatted tables or Markdown-formatted tables

Given a code-formatted table: +------+------+ | id | name | +------+------+ | 1 | Paul | | 2 | Nash | | 3 | Anne | | 4 | Lily | +------+------+ and its corresponding Markdown-formatted ...
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Table formatted correctly in preview, but not when question is posted [duplicate]

There appears to be a slight inconsistency in the rendering of tables in Markdown. If a table isn't preceded by an empty line, then the table is rendered properly in the draft editor, but not when the ...
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HTML formatting inside highlighted code blocks is no longer supported - how can I fix my posts? (Obsolete)

This question isn't relevant anymore since the site once again supports HTML formatting inside code blocks. Stack Exchange implemented the plug-in workaround noted in the answer, to resolve an issue ...
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Is having the ability to apply rich text formatting inside code blocks important?

For many years, it's been possible to apply rich text formatting to code blocks inside posts by formatting the code block using the HTML tags <pre><code> and using more HTML tags inside ...
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Why would Stack Overflow code blocks (only) suddenly be displayed in italics?

Okay, it's not April 1st, so the new fonts must be serious. I'd like to express a like or dislike of the new fonts to those who decide such things without starting a flame war. Or is there an option ...
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Table formatting: fit-to-content option?

Would it be possible to have tables which are sized to fit the contents, rather than using the full width available? Something like this, but with the last column hidden. Id Name Quest Favourite ...
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What causes new contributors to miss the last line in a code block and paste the image as a hyperlink?

I very often see new contributors asking questions like this: function foo(){ return "bar"; } enter image description here I personally don't know how they get there, especially for the ...
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Multi-line quotes always show up in a single line [duplicate]

I expect the following quote to have 2 lines: > line1 > line2 But it actually renders as a single line: line1 line2 I assume this to be a bug since it defeats all my expectations of quoting ...
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Is there an easier way to generate tables in posts?

I have seen a post on how to use table formatting inside Stack Overflow question posts. However, it seems to be really overwhelming to insert all the formatting for tables on your own by hand: once ...
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Should there be a warning for code containing bidirectional Unicode text?

Articles on the misuse of bidirectional text have been making the rounds recently. Put simply, this abuses the concept of bidirectional Unicode text to compile something different from what it ...
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Is it possible to get the raw Markdown of a post in-browser without trying to edit it? [duplicate]

I'm writing some notes down for myself, and these notes involve citing parts of a Stack Overflow post with a lot of Markdown. Manually copying the text and pasting it into my notes does not preserve ...
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Is formatting that is designed solely to call attention to a question or answer allowed?

I strongly agree with the answers in, "Is using 'header' markdown okay in answers?" I use headings quite frequently in my answers, but generally only an H4, and only when there are multiple ...
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Does the blog comments section support markdown?

I made a comment on the 'Privacy is an afterthought in the software lifecycle. That needs to change.' article and the formatting is very strange. I can't tell if I messed it up or if it just doesn't ...
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Doesn't formatting <b> tags inside a <pre> tag [duplicate]

Sometimes I write answers within the <pre>...</pre> tag to get more control over formatting the answers. Usually, I do this with the code-snippets, which may be required some emphasis. In ...
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Can't figure out formatting error while posting this question [duplicate]

I get the error below while posting a question on Stack Overflow. I've looked up elsewhere, used Ctrl + K, and added extra lines after the heading, but I am still getting this error. Your post ...
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Should we ban strikethrough formatting?

I often see answers that contain significant amounts of struck-through text, like this. I understand why the authors have done it; it's often to indicate where they've since updated their answer and ...
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Darker CSS for visited links on SO meta?

Depending on the context, previously visited links on Stack Overflow Meta can be quite tricky to spot. Example - there are four in the image below - they're somewhat tricky to spot (for me, at least): ...
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Is inline code formatting for comments broken? [duplicate]

Just noticed this today on this comment: It seems that the formatting is broken, there are lots of whitespaces inside of the inline-code and the grey background is extending beyond the actual comment....
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Why is the link formatting on my question not working as expected?

I just asked this question and it looks like the links aren't formatting properly. I suspect the problem comes from the . at the end of the first url (even though it's part of it for real) but if not, ...
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What kind of code format should I use for errors? [duplicate]

I was scrolling through Stack Overflow questions when I saw this one: Rscript Path Problem for exec() implementation R code in php It's a beautifully structured question, except I find the way the ...
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How is table with code formatted incorrectly? [duplicate]

Why is this table not formatted correctly? Base (base) Exponent (exp) Math.pow(base, exp) numeral(n).format('0[.]00e+0') logFormatter(n, base) 10 -5 0.000009999999999999999 10e-6 1 x 10⁻⁵ 10 -2.445 ...
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Not correctly formatted hyperlink

There seems to be some problem with the handling of links after <h1></h1>. It wasn't there some months ago. The problem is here and on the main site (I've noticed because I opened an old ...
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Using Keyboard Format for Product Names

I have seen people format product names with the keyboard format. ExcelO365 for example. I assumed this was the standard based the reputation of the people I saw doing this. Did I assume wrong?
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When is bolding considered unnecessary?

In the following example question, bolding was removed as unnecessary: The bolding was added so that by just reading the bold part you get a feeling ...
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Code block formatting looks OK in preview, wrong in main display

Note: The problem looks similar to this one and was indeed closed as a duplicate, but in that question the formatting in the preview is also wrong; here the preview is displayed correctly, but after ...
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Should we disapprove of uploading images of tables when asking a question?

Since the introduction of the table markdown should people still be using images of tables instead of the markdown? Or should we be enforcing the use of the new markdown? If we find a question that ...
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Different table formatting in editor and outside [duplicate]

I came across this badly formatted answer and wanted to edit it to correct the formatting. The table formatting is messed as can be seen: However when I click edit, formatting is OK: Is there ...
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Comment code format overflow covered by job

I just found a overflowing comment. It is covered by a job box (Whatever it's called). If there was some code there, it could not be shown. Can we change it to comment covering the job description? (...
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Significant reformatting of a question

I reformatted a part of a question to make it more readable. The difference is quite huge, it transforms inline code into blocks. Is this kind of initiative discouraged, i.e. should we edit only "...
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How to show plots in Stack Overflow questions [duplicate]

What is the best way to attach a plot, or a link to a plot (or image) to a Stack Overflow question? I have tried attaching as an image but to no avail. I believe there is a platform to do this. Does ...
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How can I write a link in smaller font on main site?

I am attempting to write links in smaller font. I know how to write text in small font. However, if I try to insert a link, it doesn't turn blue on the main site. It seem to turn blue here: https://...
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Format bug: edit → mark a text → click on **B** for bold or *I* for italic → start of the format change is slightly too late

If you click on edit, then mark a word, a line or multiple lines of text, then change the format e.g. to bold, the very first formatting change has a bug. Reproducible example at least at my laptop ...
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common mark migration breaks bullets formatting?

After migration to common mark formatting of the bullets is corrupted. Old formatting used 1 space for inner text but common mark uses 3 spaces. So after migration the bullets where not repaired at ...
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Why does (only) the code formatting sometimes not work in a question/answer?

Usually, when selecting the code (of course, in edit mode) and pressing Ctrl+K, or {}, the selection is correctly formatted as code: Sub Foo() 'Whatever in here... End Sub But sometimes, the ...
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Can we discuss the minimum 6-character requirement for editing a post?

I've fallen into this trap the past couple of days. The edits I couldn't make were: add a tag to a post to help draw people to a post asking a specific question (I wanted to add the regex code to a ...
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How to display a pandas dataframe on a Stack Overflow question body

I need to display a pandas dataframe in a Stack Overflow question body. I have already tried to display copying and pasting in a block of code but got completely unreadable. This is result I got: ...
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Bug: Interpreting C# code as incorrectly formatted code [duplicate]

When using the code format sometimes the color isn't correct. For example, in this question the word CPerson Blue is blue instead of Black: And the set is Blue, and get is Black: This is a ...
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List formatting is broken: neither bulleted nor numbered lists render in posts

I tried using - to add bullets, but it's not working. e.g. line1 line2 line3 I wrote it as such: - line1 - line2 - line3 It's also missing from my previous posts. e.g. see here This affects ...
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