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For questions concerning various error messages that users receive throughout the site..

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No error message is shown in the review queue when suggesting an edit is not possible

I was reviewing first posts, and making a ton of edits (lots of minor formatting fails) when suddenly the edit button stopped working. This was briefly puzzling, but trying to edit a random question ...
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What's the joke in the Stack Overflow 404 page code?

I have journeyed thus and bruised into the lands of the error page on Stack Overflow. There, upon the hill I see a vision as such: For those reading with images off: # define v putchar # define ...
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In review mode we have no alert when we try to edit a pending review question [duplicate]

I read a question from review page, I would like to edit it to format the code but the button doesn't works, with no message. I go to the question page, click on edit and I had this error message: So ...
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4 answers

"It looks like your post is mostly code, please add some more details"

After editing my post, Stack Overflow doesn't allow me to submit it. It looks like your post is mostly code, please add some more details I have added some code and modified several parts of it, ...
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How can I see all the images of the error page?

So, SO is down at the moment, and so when I try to load a question I get an error page with a URL like this: That page has a title of "...
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Heading, followed by code: Your post appears to contain code that is not properly formatted as code

A few moments ago I encountered a pretty annoying bug with the code detection and the preview-function, when I wanted to post an answer. While the preview looked like this: Some Title code that ...
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2 answers

Seeing "It was not possible to perform this tag search at this time due to an unexpected error" intermittently

I have been seeing this a few times while on Stack Overflow. The first time was on April 29th, and I had it just a few minutes ago. I thought it was only for the "php" tag, but did browse ...
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1 answer

Error page when opening specific proposed change [closed]

I'm in the "Proposed changes" tab of the JavaScript topic, where I try to open this proposed change: It redirects to the following error page:
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Please change the "spam" error message

It took me half an hour to figure out why my answer was being blocked as spam and how to get past it. It turns out that it is nothing to do with the message. The reason is that it contained too many ...
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44 votes
1 answer

New tags warning when trying to ask a question is not shown

We have had two users (1 (10K only), 2) over the past 24 hours that tried to convince the meta crowd that there was an issue with posting their question. Both of them failed to define a clear enough ...
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Can't post question because of error: "Comments must be at least 15 characters in length."

When I try to post a question on Stack Overflow, I get the following error message: Comments must be at least 15 characters in length. Nevertheless, I see no "Comments" area to add a ...
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I cannot edit a question because of a title I didn't change? [duplicate]

Ok, ok, ok! Hold on; don't get the duplicate hammer out just yet! I know that we have this question here: Can't edit question - title already exists I read it. It is tagged status-completed! This ...
146 votes
1 answer

Oops! Something Bad Happened! - Allow Refresh (F5) to redirect to/reload the non-error page

I just got an Oops! Something Bad Happened! error, while opening this question. This question works now, it was only a temporary problem. However, when this happens, you get redirected to this URL. ...
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2 answers

Missing link in "Please see: Why can't I post LMGTFY links?"

I just tried to post a LMGTFY link in a comment (ok, ok, I realise it's rude, I shouldn't have tried it in the first place) and was greeted with a message informing me we're not allowed to do that (...
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No warning when code is badly formatted when it's indented 4 spaces but no line is skipped

When discussing unformatted code on meta, I noticed that there is a bug in the warning that says that code isn't formatted. For example, if I enter this, the warning works fine: However, the ...
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404 Error page says "We found this program" but does not actually contain a program on mobile [closed]

To replicate this, visit any Stack Overflow URL that does not exist, like Here is what that looks like on iOS 10, Safari: It says: We did, however, find ...
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Error & warning message box overlapping in question's title

This is a minor design problem -- the error and warning message boxes are overlapping- Edit As per the comments, @Antoine Pelletier asked, he can't reproduce this bug. So I just giving the details ...
41 votes
2 answers

Title that contains Japanese character doesn't show proper warning

Mistakenly I was about to post a question in Japanese to instead of That was prevented by the warning of title that contains not proper string. Title cannot ...
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Error message when leaving role blank is quite difficult to read [closed]

As always, a beautiful picture is worth more than a thousand words, especially those which can not be read. .message.message-error has a color: white, which may be fitting for other places, but not ...
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Misleading message is given when flagging with 0 remaining question flags

I have searched extensively for this, and am surprised it's not already raised. When you have 0 question flags remaining, clicking "flag", then selecting a flag option (not the "Other" flag), and ...
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Unable to post question due to large number of characters

I am trying to ask a question about HTML and XPath. It requires HTML code to fully understand the issue, but the problem is that whenever I try to post it this message appears saying that you cannot ...
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13 answers

Are error messages required to be posted in English?

Recently a conversation arose in a chatroom regarding an error message in a post: Skript: C:\Users\<omitted>\AppData\Local\Temp\Signatur.vbs Zeile: 274 Zeichen: 1 Fehler: Typenkonflikt: '[...
69 votes
2 answers

When you access (Meta) Stack Overflow from Indonesia, Singapore or Sri Lanka you might be greeted with a Varnish error

The following error occur on and off when you're located in Indonesia, Singapore or Sri Lanka: This happens both on Stack Overflow as Meta, as well as on other sites across the network. One of ...
23 votes
1 answer

Improve the "404 Not Found" error page for deleted questions

We all know the 404 Error page that appears when one follows an invalid link. Short and succinct, it says "We could not find the page you requested" and then follows with a little programmer humour. ...
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Question tags appear on top of error message in the Z order

I recently stumbled upon a question that I had downvoted because I hate fun. In a brief moment of weakness, I tried to undo my downvote, only to learn that it had been locked in. All good, except&...
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Error constantly occurring when reviewing proposed change [closed] Whenever I go to review the above proposed change in documentation, it always comes up with the message We ...
30 votes
2 answers

How did a moderator manage to break this question by trying to close it?

This question Php dosen't insert query into database shows a page with the message: Oops! Something Bad Happened! A moderator confirmed that this happened when they tried to close the question: ...
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Warning message appears twice in question's title

After seeing this question this morning, I decided to try it out as I'd never seen the warning message before. I typed in the same question title, and noticed that the warning message is actually ...
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Oops Something Bad Happened to the chat error page

The chat error page has a very primitive layout compared to the other error pages. On closer inspection, the error (from the console is) jQuery is not defined It is unfortunate that jQuery is not ...
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Title can't contain what? [duplicate]

I don't want to post spam and I have no idea what's wrong with that title. It describes axactly my problem, IMHO. I was unable to read what exactly the title may not contain, so I zoomed in a bit: ...
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Adding my post into Top Answers on my profile returns the error: "The link you provided does not lead to a StackExchange answer. Please try again."

I am trying to add one of my posts to my Stack Overflow CV (even though it is useless/downvoted), but it doesn't allow me and shows the following error message: The link you provided does not lead ...
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Odd looking "Close" button on error message [duplicate]

So, I tried to edit suggest on a post today, and got an error message that it already had a pending edit. Okay, I'll edit later. Sure. I was about to close the message when I saw something odd: It ...
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Unclear error message when trying to edit an answer

This seems like a bug to me. I do not know how to report a bug, that is why I'm writing here. Steps to reproduce: Follow Enumerate existing text in vim (make numbered list out of existing text) Start ...
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