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This tag is for general questions about questions that have been closed because they are off-topic or otherwise do not meet the criteria defined in the FAQ.

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My question was closed, what did I miss?

My question, found here: What is a simple, fast method to draw triangles to bitmap in C#? .. was closed. As far as I can tell the close message only says it invites opinion. I don't think this is ...
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Understanding Question Closure on Stack Overflow: A Concern and Feedback on Current Community Policies

I recently posted a question about implementing reusable background services in Flutter for Android and iOS. However, it was closed with the reason "This question needs to be more focused." ...
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Ways to improve question asking [duplicate]

Again, my question was closed. It was, as far as I can tell, focused. I even edited it to narrow the scope. There isn't any question there's an answer to it. How can I improve? Cheap and cheerful way ...
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On topic question closed as duplicate of off-topic question with historical significance

I just ran across What does the 'git add .' ('git add' single dot) command do? which is marked as a duplicate of Git for beginners: The definitive practical guide. The duplicate target ...
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Why is my question deemed lacking in information while in fact it isn't? [duplicate]

A few days ago, I asked a question on another Stack Overflow forum. It got closed a couple of days later. However, it seems clear that I have provided all the information that was claimed missing for ...
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Why make Stack Overflow for public? [closed]

If Stack Overflow is here to help people overcome obstacles and learn the ways of programming, why throw out questions that is genuinely asked with intentions of being answered and helped? I asked a ...
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How to resolve a question-posting issue that is not getting properly resolved?

I posted a question to Stack Overflow yesterday which was rejected because I was told that it doesn't address a programming-related issue. I edited the question with a very detailed explanation of how ...
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What else should I have put in this question? [closed]

My question Why is it adding a horizontal scroll bar was answered, but I need guidance about how I asked it. What else should I have provided? I couldn't provide all the ancillary files because there ...
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Discrepancy between question header and close banner on months ago calculation

Today I was doing some moderation on is there a difference between software architecture and web development architecture? and saw that the question header shows the question was asked 5 months ago, ...
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Guidance re-writing a question closed as opinion based

I had a question closed as opinion based. I'd like to ask the community if the problem here was the wording I used, that is, how the question was written, of if the subject itself is not suitable to ...
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How can I protest question closure? [closed]

What is the way to protest question closure in case I don't want to alter it? The question is well formed and even answered. Some people marked the answer as useful, so the question could help others. ...
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How is this straightforward question about the need to recompile for different architectures problematic?

This question is exactly the type of question/answer Stack Overflow needs: If we compile a C++ program on an Intel processor without using any processor-specific feature, would it run on some other ...
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Why was my question closed for being "not about programming or software development"?

I posted this question about troubleshooting SSH errors on Stack Overflow today. The question got closed, and I want to know why it should be closed. As a disclaimer, I am not trying to complain but ...
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What can be done about people who edit a question in order to make it look like it doesn't belong on a particular site? [closed]

Background I am trying to solve a problem related the web app that I build for a client, involving Google Analytics failing to display data. I searched across all Stack Exchange sites and found that ...
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Is there a Stack Exchange site where I can post this question?

I asked a question as to where the source for the Java JDK was, and the question was closed by a bot and later deleted. The question is:
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How can I edit/update an empty duplicate dialog box? [duplicate]

I wanted to change the duplicate target for Why is decimal multiplication slightly inaccurate? to Is floating point math broken? But the dialog does not have the "edit:" link that they ...
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Why delete a closed question waiting for review?

I have posted a question which wasn't correct in respect of the minimal reproducible example. It got closed, and two people voted for deletion. Why did they vote for deletion since the question will ...
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"It does not meet Stack Overflow guidelines guidelines"

Double "guidelines", one inside the link and one outside, should be removed.
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Question closed since it's opinion-based

I'm trying to write a question to get a better understanding of what advantages an EKS cluster provides over a traditional ECS system: When should I use EKS over ECS? However my question got closed ...
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Forced to lie in order to get my email server configuration question answered: is there any better approach?

I asked a question: "Can you send an email to an address, have it be accepted by the mail server, and then the mail server silently deletes it?" on Stack Overflow and it was downvoted and ...
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Why was my question on the AWS CLI closed?

I'm quite confused as to why my question was closed: How can I use wildcards to `cp` a group of files with the AWS CLI Wouldn't this fall under "software tools primarily used by programmers"?...
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After 6 years, a question was closed as a duplicate in favor of a lower-scored question. Should it be the other way around?

Question being closed: Reading file using relative path in python project Has a score of 124. Has an accepted answer with a score of 205. Has next answers with a total score of 56 Yet after 6 years ...
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Why isn't my question about Nvidia driver dependency issues accepted by Stack Overflow guidelines?

I'm having trouble understanding why my question does not meet guidelines ("This question does not appear to be about programming within the scope defined in ..."). I asked for help on ...
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Misleading instructions for Closed question [duplicate]

My Stack Overflow question was closed with the following message: I chose the second option, "post a new one", and invested serious time and effort to improve the clarity of my question ...
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What does a developer tools question need to be welcome on Stack Overflow?

I recently saw and answered a question on SO about Azure Boards. The question was later closed, but I'm not sure why. The close reason was that it is "not about programming or software ...
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Why is this question closed as 'unfocused'; how could it be improved?

Are there any languages that break the normal conventions of which enclosing glyphs mean what? Core of the question: Are there languages that don't use enclosing-glyphs in the most common manner: [] ...
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Newbie C++ question closed for a bad reason

The recent question C++ Classes should I use this-> in the .cpp file was closed as opinion-based -- but both alternatives OP provided are objectively wrong, given the c++ code provided. The (...
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Why do moderators close questions?

I have looked through thousands of closed Stack Overflow questions: I don't see why you guys ...
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Question closed within a few minutes [duplicate]

I've just posted this question. Within minutes, it was closed, no explanation given, with just a link to another question. I'm not sure this is a good policy. There's no explanation of why someone ...
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How to get feedback about a closed question? [closed]

This question, Where is a CAcert's password used?, got closed for being unfocused. Honestly, I thought it was fine. I am still looking for an answer. That said, supposing it was unfocused, or ...
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How can I appeal unfairly closed questions?

How can I appeal unfairly closed questions? I noticed that difficult and annoying* questions often get closed, not because they are unclear or lack details, but because the voter finds it difficult to ...
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Is it all just opinion? [duplicate]

As I have used Stack Overflow, as well as the larger network, a common recent experience has been that questions are characterized as "opinion based", which is then given as a reason for ...
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Why is this Java question closed?

A few months ago, I discovered Java time-based map/cache with expiring keys and upvoted a few answers. I come back to it a few days ago, and after reading a comment (that seems to have been removed, ...
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What is the problem with this question? Extremely similar questions have been well received [duplicate]

I have recently asked a question on Stack Overflow regarding a compiler bug in VBA. The exact bug I described has never been described online before, at least to my knowledge. It is a variation of a ...
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Someone else's question is incorrectly closed as a duplicate, but I don't have enough reputation to vote to reopen

I came across How to test private members and methods of classes? which is tagged c++. It was closed about 4 years ago as a duplicate of How do I test a class that has private methods, fields or inner ...
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Is it illegal to create a new similar question to answer a closed one?

This question has been closed: Travel Salesman Problem - maximize score of visited nodes within a given time frame Someone else created a new question and answered it instead of waiting for the other ...
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Why was my "How To" question about Google Maps API considered to be a software recommendation request?

My question How to use Google Map URL as a marker Google Maps? was closed with feedback "off-topic because it's seeking recommendations for books, software libraries, or other off-site resources&...
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What can I do to have my questions about Google's Looker Studio reopened?

I have two questions that I need opened and I have done everything I can to meet the criteria. I don't understand what more is needed. Why were they closed and how do I get them opened? I feel that ...
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"Opinion based" link should go to the "Don't Ask" page

Logically enough, the close banner for the "needs debugging details" close reason links to the page on how to create a MRE. However, the "Opinion Based" close banner links to the ...
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How can I improve the question to get it re-opened?

Referring to this question (now deleted): C# how to inherit from multiple base classes without interfaces I wrote the question today. It got almost immediately downvoted and closed because it "...
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Why was my question closed for not being about programming or software development?

I asked a question (picture below) about ML and it was closed because it is "not about programming or software development." Even though it really is not a specific code on the page What ...
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Are questions specific to Excel VBA's IDE considered on-topic?

I had a question that was removed for being off-topic regarding how to remove the ActiveWindow.ScrollColumn lines from my recorded macros. The reasoning behind the close was that my "question ...
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How can this question be more clear to reopen?

I asked this question: What are the available Signals in Java It immediately closed, claiming it was not clear enough. I edited (added the package name) the question to ask for a reopen, now I have 2 ...
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Focusing a question

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: Is there a function that can pivot a table like I need without an aggregation? How could I reword this to be more "focused"?
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Why is this definition question closed?

Asynchronous vs synchronous execution. What is the difference? It's a good question and has some good answers. This kind of question is meant to be broad and not "focused". I don't think ...
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Are questions about tar off-topic on Stack Overflow?

Are questions about software tools (like tar) no longer on-topic on Stack Overflow? I have been using Stack Overflow for over 10 years now and I can't remember a time when questions about software ...
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Which type of questions about Singularity containers are on topic on Stack Overflow?

I asked a question about Singularity containers,, and it was shut down pretty quickly as off-topic. I ...
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Don't understand why my question is closed

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: Is reverse proxy in front of Node reasonable? I don't understand why my question is closed as "opinion-based". I agree that it's somewhat ...
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How can I improve the clarity of this question?

I had a question about metric handling in Data Studio which was initially closed for "details or clarity". I edited it extensively according to the guidance of a highly-ranked user, and it ...
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Unsure on how to improve question

Earlier today, I asked a question on how to enable CORS headers on a CRM365 on-premises installation (Enable CORS on CRM365 (on-premises)). Maybe I missed something obvious, but unfortunately I don't ...
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