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For questions about the various emails sent by Stack Overflow, e.g. a list of filtered questions, unread inbox messages and bounty expiration notices.

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Why is my e-mail address flagged as "temporary"?

I registered for Stack Overflow just last week, but had to fall back on a different e-mail address, because the registration process gave me the error message "We do not allow temporary e-mail ...
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How can I follow my own question (so I get notice of comments)?

I would like to get an email when someone has posted a comment or solution to a question that I have asked. I have seen a couple of questions/discussions about this, and they all mention a "...
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Stop the wizard implicitly opting me into receiving emails if I've disabled email notifications

When I try posting a question using the Ask Wizard, I fill both parts of the body, then fill in tags, then click to review my question. At that point there is a checkbox at the bottom that says "...
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How do I save my Stack Overflow email settings?

When I attempt to unsubscribe from the spam emails I receive from Stack Overflow I'm required to log in and update my email settings. When I update them, the changes don't save. Even when I click the ...
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Receiving Stack Overflow emails again, despite opting out

Since 12th May 2023, so four days, I suddenly got promotional or research e-mails (offering me 30 dollars for something and a few days later asking me to complete the developer survey) from Stack ...
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Broken link in Staging Ground email and not-rendered HTML content

I've just created my first question on Stack Overflow and got the "Welcome to the Staging Ground" email. I want to report that the two links at the end of it are broken: they both try to ...
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How can I get email notifications about new questions on Stack Overflow for Teams? [closed]

How can I get notified by email about the new questions asked on Stack Overflow for Teams?
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Validity of Feedback program with monetary compensation

I recently received an email from 'Jose Santiago at Stack Overflow' and '[email protected]', claiming to be from Stack Overflow, offering a $30 gift card in exchange for a 30-minute ...
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Received SO Teams domain migration notice on an old email address that I no longer use [closed]

I just received an email that begins with this: Date: Tue, 13 Dec 2022 21:14:31 +0800 From: Stack Overflow Support <[email protected]> To: iBug <Email C> Subject: Welcome to the ...
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Please allow me to turn off Teams weekly email digests without turning off emails about answers/comments on my posts in Teams [closed]

Here is what the email preferences page look like for Stack Overflow: And here is how it looks like for Teams: Notice the lack of options to turn off weekly updates. You can either receive both the ...
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Verification email is not showing up in my inbox [closed]

When I opened my settings on Stack Overflow, I typed in the email that I wanted to change to, and after I clicked on the "send verification email" button, nothing shows up in my inbox. How ...
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Find the email that I register in my Stack Overflow

I have many emails on the same mobile number, and I have a Stack Overflow account. I deleted Chrome and downloaded it again. All emails are gone and I can't remember what emails are on my mobile ...
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Did Not Receive Confirmation Email to Add Login

In Stack Overflow, I went to edit profile -> my logins -> add more logins, put in email and password - but did not receive a confirmation email (checked junk email). How do I update my login ...
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Fear-free guide to getting started has fear-inducing 404

When new users sign up for Stack Overflow, they get an email with the subject "Your friendly, fear-free guide to getting started". At the bottom it links to various SO services: The link to ...
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Am I able to transfer records (Answers/Questions/Others) on Stack Overflow from one email to another? [duplicate]

Since my current Stack Overflow is based on a non-permanent email, all information/data stored by this email account will be eventually deleted. So can I transfer email accounts on this platform while ...
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Oops! There was a problem updating your profile:This email address is already registered. If it belongs to you, log in above or visit [duplicate]

I'm having this error while trying to update my profile. Can anyone please help me figure out, what's the problem.
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Unsubscribe link broken in Developer Story E-Mail

I just got an email about something I didn't even know existed - Developer Story and the discontinuation thereof. No biggie, there's an unsubscribe link at the bottom. But that leads to a 404 (not ...
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New official secondary domain:

tl;dr We'll be using as our main domain name for marketing activities - all products on will stay the same. We'll start transitioning today with /company, and the ...
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Is legitimate? What is it for?

I sent a report about a site where Stack Overflow content appears to be reproduced in violation of the license (as suggested in earlier versions of this FAQ; I was not aware that it had changed) and ...
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Is there a way to view whether a 'watched tag' notification was sent by Stack Overflow?

Our community uses a Discourse category that is subscribed to specific Stack Overflow tags to improve visibility of questions within the community. At some point in the past year, these notification ...
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New Email Unsubscribe Feature

We are happy to announce a new email unsubscribe feature for all Stack Overflow accounts. We believe it’s important to provide everyone with a simple solution to control the types of emails they ...
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Was a duplicate of the Overflow #93 (from September 30th) sent on October 7th to all subscribers?

I just received Issue #93 of The Overflow (Stack Overflow's newsletter). This is the same issue I received 7 days ago. (my timezone is CEST = GMT+2) Did this affect (all) other subscribers? Will ...
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The certificate for has expired

I wanted to change my email address and clicked the link in a newsletter I received, but the server had an expired certificate (roughly 20 hours ago). Shouldn't be a big issue to renew :)
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Meeting invite emails from employers are being sent to my original email address, not the one in my preferences

As far as I can recall, I get e-mails sent to the correct place in general, but when an employer sends me a calendar invite, it goes to the email address I used to create this account, not the one in ...
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Wrong Meta SE link in feed email footer

I've noticed this last time the following issue for feed emails: and it's not only for SO emails, but also for SOes:
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No email received after filling in "Contact Us" form

I have reported sites which reproduce Stack Overflow's content a number of times before, but now it looks like the email replies are broken since some time back. The Contact Us form says "Thank ...
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2 answers

Email notification about a question getting closed (as duplicate) is confusing

Following this question, I decided to post this one. This is part of the email notification you'll get if a question of yours is closed (as a duplicate): This question may be a duplicate. It is ...
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I cannot opt out of emails [duplicate]

I set all email preferences to off, yet I receive job emails with annoying follow-ups. Also, there isn't any one-click unsubscribe in those emails. I always have to log in (and then I can’t turn them ...
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Allow filtering which types of on-site inbox notifications are sent to my email

I would like to unsubscribe from minor edits to my questions and answers on the site - especially older questions that I have long forgotten and am not really interested (invested) in any more. I find ...
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I received The Overflow #51 twice, instead of #52

I just wanted to report that I received last week's edition of The Overflow (#51) again today. I guess that you meant to send out edition #52 today. Sorry for the short Q, but there's really nothing ...
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Re-email the lost issues of 'The Overflow'

I look forward to my weekly dose of 'The Overflow' which I get via email because I subscribed a while back. However, for the last two weeks I did not get the newsletter email. It seems my email ...
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Saved job search emails sending to my old email

I've changed & confirmed the email address in my Stack Overflow account which -as the settings page states- is affecting my other Stack Exchange services (askubuntu, superuser, unix etc.), but I ...
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Replying via email to recruiter SO message does not work

Yesterday I applied to a job on StackOverflow and then today received an email saying: [Company name] has sent you a reply: [...] You can respond to [Company name] by replying to this email or ...
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Is the Teams support email dead? [closed]

A few hours ago, a couple of edits were made to some posts on Meta Stack Exchange to remove mentions of the Teams support email address, [email protected], and replace it with references ...
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Lost any badges and Q&A count after "Oops! Something Bad Happened!" when I tried to change SO's Edit Email Settings

Please help me! Yesterday I tried to change email address in my Stack Overflow account's Edit profile and settings → Edit email settings. When I changed previous email to another and clicked on the ...
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17 votes
1 answer

Missing notifications for watched tags

I am watching two tags, but I am not receiving any notifications when new questions include one of these tags. I looked at the options contained in "Edit Email Settings", but I don't see any ...
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The login mail address is not yet updated even after updating the profile associated email address

I recently updated my mail address associated with my account. But while logging into my account, only my old email address works in the username field. When I try with the new mail address to login, ...
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Allow smaller time intervals for email notifications about unread inbox messages

Currently the shortest available interval for email notifications about unread inbox messages is 3 hours. It would be great if also options for considerably shorter intervals would be available. ...
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I just received 25 duplicate emails at once from SO Jobs

I received 25 legit but duplicate emails in the same minute from StackOverflow jobs. This is not a Job Alerts email, I've never been subscribed to job alerts. Staff are welcome to contact me in ...
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How could I be subscribed (by email) to my questions? [duplicate]

How could I be subscribed (by email) to MY QUESTIONS? As for others questions, I can click on FOLLOW, but on my question page, there is no such link... Is there some setting in My profile, which would ...
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Received email: "People have given you solutions..." but none of my questions have been answered

Related: Did I just get told off by email? If so, what did I do? I just received an email from Stack Overflow. The full text of the email is: You’ve asked, now it’s time to accept an answer People ...
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What can I do to stop unwanted emails from Stack Overflow?

I am receiving unwanted emails from Stack Overflow. The unsubscribe link in the email doesn't work. Can I unsubscribe another way?
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Stack Overflow Email Settings Don't Work

All settings in my Stack Overflow account for Edit email settings are returning 403 error responses. Meaning I can't unsubscribe from any of their emails.
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Why is Stack Overflow telling me, a long-time and 100k+ reputation user, how to search? [duplicate]

I just received an email from Stack Overflow with the subject line "Stack Overflow - Tips for searching". In the footer, it says "You're receiving this email because your Stack Overflow activity ...
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140 votes
4 answers

Did I just get told off by email? If so, what did I do?

I just received an email from Stack Overflow with the subject "Stack Overflow - Guiding question askers - Part 1", which appears to be (quite patronisingly and passive-aggressively IMHO) telling me ...
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Will an editor's edit explanation go to the specified user in the explanation?

Suppose you suggest an edit, and in the explanation box type something like: ”@username Corrected some spelling.” Will the message go to the username's inbox? (I, for one, don't intend to; I am just ...
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No job alerts via email

I no longer receive daily job alerts (the last I successfully received was in late February). It's a Gmail account. I'm under quota. I've checked both the Spam and Trash folders. One possible cause: ...
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Change email address in stackexchange jobs?

I'm not able to find where to change the email address shown in stackoverflow jobs that would show up in the red marked area of the screenshot. Can someone please help?
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Bounty expiration notifications off by day

I had placed a bounty on a question of mine on January 25 to reward an existing answer and to draw attention. I got a notice 6 days later, on January 31 that my bounty is going to expire in 1 days, ...
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Not getting notification by email when people reply to my posts [duplicate]

I am surprised that I am not getting any notification/alert by email when people respond/reply to my questions. Is it possible to get this information?
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