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Questions tagged [saves]

Use for questions regarding the Saves feature (which replaced the Bookmarks feature in October 2022). Do NOT use for questions about manual saving/downloading.

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Save question in more than one list

Simple suggestion. It could be nice to have the possibility to save a question or an answer in more than just one created list.
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Group save question to easily change list

I would like to propose a new feature to the "save question and answer page". When I save a question, it automatically moves it to the "For later" list. Then if I save a lot of ...
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"Save to" dialog is broken (for moderators)

When clicking the small bookmark button to save a post — either question or answer — a confirmation notice appears. If you have custom save lists, this notice includes a "Manage" button ...
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Why aren't my bookmarks being saved?

I've made a bunch of saves (questions and answers) over the past week or two on a particular topic. When I went to organize them in my Profile > Saves none of them are there. I've got some old ones ...
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Is it possible to save questions and answers to latest selected list? [duplicate]

Perhaps you can see this as a further step of this question: Saved Questions And Answers Currently, Stack Overflow allows people to save questions and answers to different lists by clicking on the &...
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How can I search within a specific saved list?

Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange have the feature to save a post and put it in a specific list for later use. I find this feature very helpful but I am not sure how to search within a specific saved ...
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There is no undo option after removing (or un-saving) a saved item

There is no undo button in the temporary success message, after unsaving a saved item. The menu items are already very close together so what if I click the wrong option by accident? I can't undo it.
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Default list for question saving

When it comes to question saving on Stack Overflow, they are always "saved for later". Through the user profile's Saves tab, it is possible to create lists to organize these bookmarks. ...
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Please add a warning when deleting a saved list

Please add a warning somewhere in this "Edit list" modal to inform the user that all their saved items in the list will be unsaved when deleting the list (or revert back to "All saves&...
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Allow moving multiple items at once between saved lists

Managing List of Saved Questions I believe it would be quite a good improvement if one could batch select the Saved items/questions in order to move them all at once between lists more easily.
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Russian text in Bookmarks/Saves view

I'm in the USA, don't speak Russian and haven't visited the Russian version of SO, if that makes any difference. I just went to bookmark a page, and the dialog that pops up and normally says "...
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10 votes
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Saves questions feature: cannot move question in created list

I saved the following question: Fastest method to escape HTML tags as HTML entities? in the "For later" list. Then I created a new list "Code for standard library". Previously, I ...
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3 votes
1 answer

How can I jump to the most recent change of a saved page?

The previous bookmark system allowed me to click on the date of the most recent change, which would then take my directly to the question/answer that got changed. The recent saves change does not ...
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'An error occurred' when saving a post on review queues

I was reviewing in the First questions review queue. When I clicked on the save button, it successfully saves the post but gives an error An unknown error occurred. Is this a bug?
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22 votes
4 answers

If I close question A with question B and B has an answer from me or if I linked to it in the comments under A; then B gets added to my saves

I've found a new bug today. When I hammer a page close using a post where I've already posted an answer, there is an automated prompt that tells me that the page was added to my Saves. If I hammer ...
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Add the name of the list to the tooltip when hovering over the unsave button

I noticed that when I hover over the "Unsave" button a tooltip appears that currently just says: "Unsave this question." I want that the tooltip should also mention the name of the ...
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Are people rarely saving answers?

If we see go to the badges page, and scroll down to the Answers section, we'll see something like this, where there's rarely (currently 1) any badges given out for saved answers: Favorite Answer ...
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3 answers

Allow exporting and importing Saves links/data

Now that Bookmarks has been renamed to Saves and we have the option to create lists within Saves, I think that users should be able to export and possibly import Saves data. For example, suppose I ...
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Access Saved/Bookmarked Posts

Since bookmarks are now saves, how can we access the saves in the search bar? Earlier there was a way to access bookmarked items, like this inbookmarks:mine in the search bar i.e. https://...
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How can we filter our "Saves" by tag?

I am using the new "Saves" feature to save references to coding questions and/or hints about specific libraries. As a novice, I find it really helpful as a way to store and retrieve basic ...
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Where did my bookmarked questions go?

I had a bunch of questions bookmarked, but now I can't find them on my profile page. A quick Google search shows me results that are all from 2014 or prior. Where did they go?
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A search box to narrow the number of questions shown under your profiles saves, votes, questions, etc

I'll save/vote on a question if it helped me. Later I might have difficulty remembering something from the post. With no search feature, the process of finding the question again in my bookmarks/votes ...
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