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Questions tagged [legacy-stack-overflow-jobs]

This tag is NOT for questions about the new Jobs product introduced in 2024. For questions and issues concerning the former Jobs tab on the main Stack Overflow site, which was fully removed in 2022.

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How can I be listed as person of a StackOverflow company page that I work for? [closed]

How can I be listed as a person (under the "People" section) of a company I work for in the StackOverflow Companies section? Maybe I miss something, but I could not find any documentation ...
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1 answer

Search company by technology is broken?

When I search the company by technology, e.g. if I click the button "python" I was directed to a broken link The same with any ...
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Add link to "Sunsetting Jobs & Developer Story" from the 404 page for Jobs

Currently, when visiting old SO Job URLs (e.g., the visitor will be redirected to the 404 page which says: Page not found Oh no! We can't find the page you're looking ...
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Fear-free guide to getting started has fear-inducing 404

When new users sign up for Stack Overflow, they get an email with the subject "Your friendly, fear-free guide to getting started". At the bottom it links to various SO services: The link to ...
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Broken jobs links in various headers/footers

This link in the footer for the Stack Overflow blog 404s since jobs is no more: Same with these links in the footer for These links in the footer for ...
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1 answer

Job link on tag page 404s

Tags that have jobs associated with them have a "[tag] jobs" link on them: Since Jobs is no more, this link now 404s. It should be removed.
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4 answers

The Future of our Jobs Ad slots

Over the course of the next few weeks, you may see some changes to the content in the right-sidebar on Stack Overflow, and I am here to let you know what to expect. For background, as you probably ...
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How do you export Stack Overflow Developer Story data? [duplicate]

Developer Story is sunsetting on Apr 1, 2022. I'd like to know all the ways to export my data. I realize there's the PDF export, but you lose certain data, like the Pluralsight assessments, for ...
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-4519 votes
111 answers

Sunsetting Jobs & Developer Story [closed]

TL;DR – On March 31, 2022, we will discontinue Stack Overflow Jobs and Developer Story. This includes all job listings, saved searches, applications, messages, recommended job matches, job ads, ...
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What does Stack Overflow Jobs' "Easy Apply" look like to a recruiter?

When sending an application as an email, I know roughly what the recruiter's experience will be using their email application. In using the "Easy Apply" feature I wonder what the recruiter ...
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How to change name in the messages section? [duplicate]

On StackOverflow jobs, I changed my profile name to "Nav", but when I see the messages inbox section, my full name and email ID is displayed. A recruiter who messaged me, did so by using my ...
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26 votes
1 answer

Code comment visible on company pages

It seems that there is a code comment rendered at the end of all company pages, under their jobs section. It says: // This view is proxied, which strips out the layout, so we need to "re-include&...
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1 answer

Does "No office location" imply that the company will allow working from anywhere?

Take this example. Does it mean they'll let one work from anywhere they want? Or, looked at from the other side, what inputs do company provide when creating these job entries in order to show "...
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1 answer

Remote jobs without a location restriction (worldwide) [closed]

The 'remote' option on the jobs website is often linked to being within the geographic boundary of a specific country (most often USA, Canada, and UK). The feature request is to allow searching for ...
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1 answer

The careers message "Report" button does nothing

I tried to report recruiter spam on Stack Overflow Jobs, but the button doesn't do anything. The Firefox console prints the following error every time I click: Error: $(...).modal is not a function ...
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Job messages not displayed

When I open my personal message box on Stack Overflow I get a blank list, even if I have many messages. As you can see in the screenshot below, in the dropdown there are two job messages but I cannot ...
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Share tag page in message from company in Jobs

In Stack Overflow Jobs when sharing a link to a tag such as[php] then the last square bracket isn't considered as part of the url In this case, the ...
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Add industry, company size and role to Jobs RSS Feed

The RSS feed on currently returns a XML like this one: <item> <guid isPermaLink="false">150823</guid> <link>https://...
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Responding to old recruiter message caused me to be part of their company

Yesterday I noticed that I had an old (almost two years) recruiter message in my SO Jobs inbox that I never marked as interested/not interested. So I clicked "not interested". But apparently ...
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Why would my job search status ever be automatically changed?

I saw this blurb in SO jobs today: What is the justification for ever automatically changing someone's job search status? It has been a while since I've looked at it, but I'm pretty sure it was set ...
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When replying to messages regarding jobs, will each option provide an opportunity to input a custom message?

The two (2) available options presented for action on a message regarding employment are both very vague and limited: I'm Interested - Can I include a custom message with the reply? I'm Not ...
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Developer Jobs Directory doesn't look good when using dark mode [duplicate]

This page looks bad when using dark mode. (The titles don't have enough contrast.)
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6 votes
0 answers

Wrong profile image shown in Jobs

I just happened to see this in Jobs and I was surprised: This identicon isn’t my profile pic or the image shown under identicon if I go to edit my profile (more context on my choice of profile image ...
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10 votes
2 answers

"Developer Jobs Directory": Headings have bad contrast when using dark mode

The headings in the Developer Jobs Directory have bad contrast when using dark mode: This problem seems to have existed since dark mode was introduced, as it can also be seen in this capture of the ...
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Add option to filter felon friendly employers to promote equal opportunity

While looking around on Linkedin, I noticed that last year they rolled out a feature called the Fair Chance job filter. This feature, in their words, will "help job-seekers easily identify ...
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1 answer

How do small companies post jobs on Stack Overflow?

My company would love to post open jobs on Stack Overflow. We're currently about 750 people. When I try to open an account on Stack Overflow Talent, I get a canned response saying: "...
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1 answer

UI Bug in Jobs page popover (transform)?

When I first open the Jobs page there is a popover ("Follow your favorite companies") but I can't read it because of transform: translate(-43px, -40px); on it. I recheck the page on a ...
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2 votes
1 answer

"Jobs" needs an interface to exchange CV with 3rd party services - or is there any?

Unfortunately, there are many companies who link to some external application-flow on Jobs and there doesn't seem to be any rule for them, like the similar "no link-only answers" would ...
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Unable to archive some messages

There are 3 old messages in my jobs inbox that I am unable to archive. No matter how many times I do it, individually or in bulk, they always reappear on refresh. When I look at the Network tab, this ...
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Accidentally mislabeled a job; how to fix it?

I posted an SRE job on Stack Overflow, but mislabeled it by putting a field named "Role" and filling it as "system administrator". The job is for a site reliability engineer and ...
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4 answers

Make suggestions in tech selector more neutral [closed]

I am wondering if we can change the suggestions in the input boxes to not point at specific programming languages somehow. Right now, it reads like a value judgement to me. I read this as HTML and C# ...
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For the Job application page include the job title of the applicant

When applying for a job could it be nice that at the top of the page the job title could be included so that when writing the cover letter all the relevant information would show on the page instead ...
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7 votes
1 answer

Name change not propagating to the SO jobs section

I changed my display name everywhere on Stack Overflow, but I still get recruiter messages sent to my old name. What am I missing? Also relevant: apparently this account is also associated with my ...
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11 votes
1 answer

Body scrolls above the company header

When visiting a company page (example) and scrolling down, the top nav bar (Jobs, Companies, Saved Jobs, etc.) disappears, and the main body & right sidebar can be seen through the hole where the ...
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1 answer

Stack Overflow showing less jobs based on IP address / location

I am a bit confused: I am currently in New Zealand and looking for jobs in Vienna. When I use my Kiwi computer I get the following result (Image 1) when I look for a Job in Vienna (4 Jobs). However, ...
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9 votes
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Please add Job-Type "Part-time"

I have a feature-wish for the Stack Overflow job-filter. What I sorely miss is to be able to filter for "part-time" jobs: There are Part-Time-Jobs in the list, but as you see in the screen-...
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edit option for job messages/replies

Provide edit option for job message or replies. That helps to review and edit if any changes need to do. Edit option can be temporary time based or until recruiter replies to it. Providing more ...
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Flickering Job details

I recently noticed some flickering in a Job proposal:
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1 answer

Rates for advertisements on Stack Overflow?

Could anybody please let me know the rates of posting a job advertisement for our company on the site? I've sent an email and completed an inquiry form but am not receiving a response.
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7 votes
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Job preferences: allow users to enter a custom role

I know this post doesn't hit the target user base on SO, but it would help me and perhaps other members like me who have a career in a non-technical position with programming being a serious hobby. ...
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Search through Stack Overflow job messages

It would be great to have a possibility to search through the Stack Overflow Jobs messages (!/inbox). Currently, it's very inconvenient to find something ...
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0 answers

Jobs search returning unexpected results

I have performed a job search for the string "director" with "Remote" as an option selected. My query URL: ...
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Job application cap?

When applying to jobs, after a few (2, 3) submissions the job listing gets locked to the jobs on the first page (only the first jobs after a search appear, something like: . This is the end of the ...
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Jobs in Stack Overflow

I am a professional programmer. But, I am new to Stack Overflow. That's why I don't have much more reputation. But, currently I am in need of a job. Even, my education qualifications isn't good (i.e. ...
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17 votes
1 answer

Request to change position of 'Looking for a job?' dialog

When I am reading a question, I see this 'Looking for a Job?' dialog: See this video for more details. I feel like the 'Related' dialog should be placed on top of the 'Looking for a Job?'. Because the ...
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2 votes
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I cannot opt out of emails [duplicate]

I set all email preferences to off, yet I receive job emails with annoying follow-ups. Also, there isn't any one-click unsubscribe in those emails. I always have to log in (and then I can’t turn them ...
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Stack Overflow Jobs Easy Apply Submit does nothing

I've filled out all required fields and attached my resume but when I hit Submit it takes me to the top of the page immediately with no feedback. Checking under Applications my submission is not ...
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Jobs page Remote filtering button functions only if you press label or checkbox

The remote job filtering button on the Jobs page only works if you click the checkbox or label. The other areas of the button is not effective.
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In dark mode the text in the Job Search Status modal is hard to read

The text color is not visible in Job Search Status modal
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Easy apply option for all jobs

I'd like to request for this again. I'm aware that many job listings on StackOverflow jobs are syndicated. I know it may be difficult to implement what I'm suggesting. However, I'd still like to ...
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