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Use this for questions about the interaction design, behavior, and organization of the site, in terms of user experience.

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Bright, red, aggressive color ads in Stack Overflow

This is related to the question Make the 'Check out these companies' sidebar have less aggressive colors in dark mode Stack Overflow seems to have been recently inundated by advertisements ...
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When on a meta site, how can you return to the main Stack Overflow site (or whatever site you came from)?

Too many times I've caught myself falling down a Meta rabbit hole, and not being able to get back (quickly) without putting in my address bar. I figure there should be a little ...
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Conclusions from title-drafting and question-content assistance experiments conducted by Stack Exchange

We’d like to share some results from our experimentation with two earlier releases: the first, a tool to generate titles for your post, and the second, a tool to help users format their questions’ ...
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Improve warning box color when editing a previous version of a post

When editing a previous version of a post, the following warning box shows. As you see, there's a red dotted border around the box, which I think is quite unclear. Can it be fixed to be similar to ...
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New buttons - "Click again to undo" instead of just clicking the opposite button -- what is the support for it?

I recently voted on a question on SO, then reconsidered my vote as there was subtleties that were not needed. When I went to retract my vote in the normal way by clicking the opposite arrow, the vote ...
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Provide a "grace period" to undo/retract bounty assignments (in case of misclicks)

When you upvote or downvote on something, you have a few minutes to change your mind. But when you award a bounty, it's just one click and it's done. There isn't even a confirmation! I've just ...
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Adding duplicates on a small-screen mobile is impossible again [duplicate]

I am again unable to edit the list of duplicates from my phone. In brief, when a question is closed as a duplicate, gold-badge owners in one of the question's tags are able to edit the list of ...
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Following a company page sends me to a JSON response page

When I'm trying to follow a company page on Stack Overflow, it redirects me to a new page containing a JSON response: {"following":false,"success":true} I think there's an error ...
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It's too easy to lose custom bounty-request text

I was typing up a bounty request, and I wanted to include some text from the question I was bountying, but when I clicked elsewhere in the window to select that text, the bounty popup window ...
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There is no undo option after removing (or un-saving) a saved item

There is no undo button in the temporary success message, after unsaving a saved item. The menu items are already very close together so what if I click the wrong option by accident? I can't undo it.
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'Code zoom' feature to view code in expanded popup [duplicate]

Right now, viewing code on Stack Overflow is quite inconvenient as it's displayed in a small text box where lines don't wrap. I hope a "code zoom" feature can be added - similar to the one ...
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How can I include Tailwind CSS as external source in a Stack Snippet?

The recommended way of directly including Tailwind CSS according to their documentation is to add <script src=""></script> to the HTML head. But when ...
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How can we improve the wording & navigation to the "not reproducible / caused by typo" flag reason?

As a reminder, we close no-longer-reproducible/caused-by-typo questions because: While similar questions may be on-topic here, this one was resolved in a way less likely to help future readers. Here'...
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Images as overlay

It bothers me that, whenever I click on an image inside a post, I get redirected to the site where the image is hosted (Imgur in this case). Can we make it so images are shown as an overlay in the ...
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ChatGPT banner is polluting search results

The text of the banner is the first thing shown in some of Google's search result previews. It's easy to make this show up by explicitly including chatgpt in your search query - e.g. searching for ...
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Message inbox doesn't remember "All" or "Unread" selection

At the top of the new inbox, there's a dropdown where you can select if you want to see "All" or only your "Unread" notifications. When you pick "Unread" and then reload ...
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Can we make the answer score and up/downvote buttons sticky so it scrolls with you for long answers?

Currently, if I'm reading a long answer and by the end of it decide it was a good one and is worth an upvote (or the other way around and a downvote), I need to scroll all the way back up to the start ...
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Wrong modal shown to select next badge in profile

After obtaining a new badge, two buttons show up in profile ("Summary" tab): First of them ("Track the next one") opens a modal, which proposes to pick a badge of another kind: I ...
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How can I log out from my Stack Overflow account? [duplicate]

I just want to log out. I am not sure what else to write here to meet quality requirements. Is it not important for your users to be able to log out? What if they have multiple accounts? Many ...
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Auto-focus the revealed text input upon clicks on the filter button in the review queues

Currently, after I click the filter button in the review queue and the text input appears, document.activeElement is document.body. It would be a nice quality of life feature if the text input element ...
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Why are the "Top Questions" list and "All Questions" list at disjoint locations in the nav scheme?

TLDR: Why doesn't the UX for the two different top level question filters look like this: FULL VERSION: Stack Overflow provides two separate high level filter options for question lists: "Top ...
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-30 votes
2 answers

Inclusivity of No-Code Developers [closed]

There are these developers nowadays that follow the no-code principle: the development is done without writing any code. What is the current status about this way of development. Does Stack Overflow ...
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Where did the "Share" link go? [closed]

I'm trying to link to another user's answer here on Meta. There used to be 2 ways to obtain a direct link to any question / answer: If I recall correctly, there used to be a "share" link ...
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"Go to page" buttons should have the ability to choose a specific number

When you are on the Questions, Tags, Users, or Companies pages you can scroll to the bottom of the page and see buttons to move forward/backward between the pages and also skip to the beginning/end: ...
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The search field in the top bar is tiny

Recently, the Stack Overflow search field has become tiny. This screen shot is from Mobile Safari on my iPad in portrait orientation: The tiny search field doesn't expand when I tap in it, so it's ...
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Why is the "Similar questions" prompt delayed? [duplicate]

Why do "Similar Questions" not show up until after constructing a full question with the new SO question format? I just posted a question on SO and was greeted with a new question format. ...
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Close button when trying snippets on full screen might not be noticable

On my recent question, since I was trying the stack overflow snippet in full screen for the first time I couldn't notice that there was a close button on the top right corner, and that would be the ...
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Introducing the Staging Ground, an attempt at improving the first-time asker experience - What was asking your first question like?

Stack Exchange sites are some of the best knowledge resources available. The Stack Exchange network is built on the premise that good questions (asked with a good process behind them) can get good ...
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Display tags summary by weekly or daily counts

The tags summary page shows tags ordered by total number of questions. Links to other views are available in the top right corner. It looks like daily and weekly counts are also being kept. But can ...
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Wouldn't it make sense to have quick links directly below the thread starter's question, if there are accepted answers?

is there a way to get a direct link to an accepted answer? I've seen this in a few other forums, and it seems logical to me. The total discussion is of course very relevant also, just different modes ...
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Delete vote retraction logic is confusing

This has happened to me a couple of times: I vote to delete a question or an answer and move on. Later, I come across the same post forgetting that I have voted for its deletion before, so I vote ...
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What does Close (1) mean in Stack Overflow?

I posted a question on Stack Overflow 1 hour ago and I just checked back and found that there is a close(1) below my question. It looks something like this: When I click on the close button, it ...
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The “Close” button for the snippet “Full page” doesn’t work when site isolation is enabled

If you create a snippet in a question or an answer and click on “Full page” then the “Close” button is not clickable. Am I the only one to whom this happens? This was tested in Firefox, Safari and ...
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Add anchor to "Related" section, please

Sometimes a questioner is likely to benefit from looking at the Q&As in the "Related" section on the page with their question. Unfortunately, that section is not usually visible as it is ...
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Double log out is confusing UX design

I find it counter-intuitive that the "log out" link leads to another page where you have the option to actually log out, e.g. I believe it would improve the user interface and therefore the ...
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Wouldn't it be handy to see an indicator of one's own question-specific participation on a given question page?

It would be useful for me to see a clear indication of my participation on any given question page—right at the top of the page—whether it be that I asked the question, answered the question, made a ...
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3 answers

Why doesn't Stack Overflow adjust its font size to the user's browser font size?

I am new to web development and I learned that it's important to make your website accessible to everyone. Why doesn't Stack Overflow, the place where most people go for web development questions, ...
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2 answers

Why is sticky-navigation back?

I noticed since last night (PST) that the much-maligned fixed/sticky header from 2017 has come back. There was a setting to control it, but unfortunately my SO settings page doesn't have the checkbox ...
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Site Admin. Why are some settings updated on "Save" while others "OnChange" [closed]

When I want to upload or change profile information it requires me to click Save which is fine. When I change one of my users to an Admin, it saves it after I select it. Seem inconsistent and in ...
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36 votes
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Please never remove clickable items in narrow displays

In light of this question on Stack Exchange Deprecating our mobile views, the seems to be some ongoing effort to update some of the views of the website, that didn't display optimally on mobile. But ...
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"Edit tags" link no longer focusing in tag editor area

When you use the inline tag edit feature to quickly edit the tags of a question without editing the whole question, the field for the tags automatically received the keyboard focus. This meant you ...
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53 votes
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Make the "Leave collective" button say so without the need to hover it

Inspired from this question: How to leave a Collective? The answer there exposes some (imo) bad UX: When you open the Collective, you should see two buttons at the top right; Ask Question and Joined: ...
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Add a new filter to see the answers I upvoted previously

Edit Oct 2021: I made an extension to solve the problem, Stack Overflow Upvoted Filter. It often happens that: I have an issue or a "how to do X" question (I might have had that issue ...
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19 votes
2 answers

Why does Stack Overflow use a monochromatic logo in dark mode?

Out of curiosity, why was it decided to keep the Stack Overflow logo monochromatic in dark mode? The light mode uses the colored logo. Wouldn't it have been a better choice to keep the logo colored ...
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Autofocus the 'email' field on login page

Apparently, this was asked 5 years ago: Set focus on email address field on the Login Page If you're like me, you hate using the mouse. I keep my browser secure on my work computer, so I have to re-...
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Clicking outside of the flag/close dialog should not dismiss the flag dialog

The close/flag dialog should only be dismissed when explicitly clicking on the "close" UI element (the little "x" on the upper right) Most of the time accidental dismissal of the ...
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Pressing Escape key while editing comment discard changes without prompt

Most of the time this happened to me when adding code-formatting to existing comments, since the backtick (`) is just below the Esc key in my keyboard layout. It's really frustrating that all the work ...
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Textarea in chat/disussion area should be more user friendly [closed]

I noticed that the textarea is not very user friendly, since you cant scroll: If you have too many lines, then you cant read them anymore.
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Stack Overflow has eaten too many cookies and developed amnesia

Every few days, when I first visit Stack Overflow, I am greeted again by the "Your Privacy" cookie settings popup: I click "Accept all cookies" and don't get the same prompt again ...
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"Is this answer outdated" how to improve UX [duplicate]

While I'm not sure if I'm in the right place to post it I'd like to share my thoughts about this new feature on SO and how to improve it: The sentence is a bit confusing. This is a negative question, ...
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