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For questions about the user interface elements (inputs, checkboxes, etc) that make up this site.

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Incorrect icon in Recent achievements tab and Featured section

Today I surprisingly found out that the Recent achievements tab is shown with Cross Validated icon instead of the normal StackOverflow icon. I can replicate this on both Chrome and FF. Reloading ...
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New buttons - "Click again to undo" instead of just clicking the opposite button -- what is the support for it?

I recently voted on a question on SO, then reconsidered my vote as there was subtleties that were not needed. When I went to retract my vote in the normal way by clicking the opposite arrow, the vote ...
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Continuation of the voting button design rollout

Please continue to process the voting button design rollout by reverting¹, then applying abstraction. There is absolutely no obligation whatsoever. If you asked me what I'd wish, then I would say: ...
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Missing space in bounty text [duplicate]

I opened a bounty on my question Setting dependencies between mapped Airflow tasks. There is a missing space between the second and third bounty description sentences: I observed it in two different ...
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Collective icons are causing unnecessary new lines

Example on a Google Pixel 6 phone with Chrome:
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It's too easy to lose custom bounty-request text

I was typing up a bounty request, and I wanted to include some text from the question I was bountying, but when I clicked elsewhere in the window to select that text, the bounty popup window ...
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Discrepancy between question header and close banner on months ago calculation

Today I was doing some moderation on is there a difference between software architecture and web development architecture? and saw that the question header shows the question was asked 5 months ago, ...
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Inbox message's activity indicator showing negative number

Due to some reason, the recent inbox messages indicator is showing a negative number. NB: all of my messages are read.
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'Code zoom' feature to view code in expanded popup [duplicate]

Right now, viewing code on Stack Overflow is quite inconvenient as it's displayed in a small text box where lines don't wrap. I hope a "code zoom" feature can be added - similar to the one ...
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Prevent line breaks in comments' timestamps [duplicate]

Depending on the comment length, there will be a line break in the middle of the timestamp which makes it quite difficult to read. I would think that using non-breaking spaces   or applying a ...
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Spellchecking on comment box is annoying [closed]

I'm not sure if this is something caused by a change on Stack Overflow, or a browser update (I'm using Google Chrome 110), but comment boxes now have squiggly red underlines for spelling mistakes code ...
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Show OP engagement history statistics on questions [duplicate]

Motivation It is a frequent occurrence on SO that OPs do not engage with the responses they get. They do not vote, do not accept and do not comment on any of the sometimes multiple answers they ...
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For certain extremely common duplicates, it should be possible to put prominent warnings up front

I just closed yet another question about an extremely common error message as a duplicate of its canonical: Truth value of a Series is ambiguous. Use a.empty, a.bool(), a.item(), a.any() or a.all(). ...
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Why do I now have to click through comment notifications to get rid of the red number? [duplicate]

Until recently, the comment notification widget (the white number in the red circle atop the "inbox" icon) could be cleared by clicking on the widget and then clicking away. Now, however, I ...
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Extend the selection area of each item in the various option dialogs

As an example, on the "Share feedback" dialog, I have to click on the <label> element to select the relevant option, but the labels don't fit the whole size of the option, so I have to ...
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Reopen queue: can't choose "Leave closed" as "doesn't meet a Stack Overflow guideline"

It seems that in the Reopen Votes queue it is not possible to choose "Leave closed" with a community-specific reason: choose "Leave closed" -> "Submit" popup opens ...
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The "Review your question" button is not activated

It happened on classic "Stack Overflow" which was about coding. I don't even know how to comment it. Here is an image: The "Next" buttons have been pressed too. How can I submit ...
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Unread inbox messages indicator does not go away [duplicate]

For the past day or two, the red unread inbox message indicator has not gone away after reading the messages; the only way to remove it is to "Mark all read". This is pretty irritating, ...
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Message inbox doesn't remember "All" or "Unread" selection

At the top of the new inbox, there's a dropdown where you can select if you want to see "All" or only your "Unread" notifications. When you pick "Unread" and then reload ...
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Message inbox full of read messages is very dark and out of place

Apparently, we got a new inbox recently. Now, "read" notifications are literally grayed-out, making the entire box gray. This feels completely out of place, it's the darkest element on the ...
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Was there a UI change that prevents the inbox count from resetting when the mailbox is clicked without selecting a message?

This question is similar to Inbox notification counter doesn't go away anymore after clicking outside the window, but I didn't see the issue appear until today. Between yesterday and today (maybe the ...
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16 votes
3 answers

Can we make the answer score and up/downvote buttons sticky so it scrolls with you for long answers?

Currently, if I'm reading a long answer and by the end of it decide it was a good one and is worth an upvote (or the other way around and a downvote), I need to scroll all the way back up to the start ...
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Late answers queue 'Other action' text uses 'question' instead of 'answer'

While reviewing Late answers, I noticed that the text under Other action reads You have taken one or more actions on this question and have finished your review. Shouldn't this say answer instead of ...
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Stack Overflow text input should have basic IDE-like tabbing/indentation support

Intro There are a few posts related to this (namely Tabbing multiple lines of code on Stack Overflow, Tabbing multiple lines of code on Stack Overflow, and notably Markdown editor indent and outdent ...
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Results of the vote arrows styling experiment

TL;DR: Overall, the experiment was a success with a positive lift in overall votes in the variant group, however, we will not be graduating the experiment. In June, we conducted an experiment to test ...
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How can I log out from my Stack Overflow account? [duplicate]

I just want to log out. I am not sure what else to write here to meet quality requirements. Is it not important for your users to be able to log out? What if they have multiple accounts? Many ...
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15 votes
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Wrong ID and missing attributes in "Change Password" page

Some suggestions on the Change Password page: Current password: Label above the field has the for="password" attribute. But the ID of the input is "currentpassword" instead, which ...
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Can I customize Stack Overflow's display (e.g. hide "The Overflow Blog" box)? [duplicate]

I was wondering if there's some way to get rid of the box over in the upper-right corner of the Stack Overflow display ("The Overflow Blog" and so on). It's in effect distracting clickbait, ...
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13 votes
2 answers

Trouble adding duplicates to a closed question

Found a JavaScript bug when using the hammer. Steps to reproduce: Close a question as duplicate (or find an existing one) Edit the list of duplicate targets Click the link to add a new duplicate ...
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Notify others about post being edited [duplicate]

(This question is probably related to users <2k rep only.) I'm often facing this issue in the edit review queue, but it happens "in the wild" too sometimes. When you start editing the ...
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Revert to the old Upvote-Downvote buttons' design

Old: New: This doesn't look good and doesn't match Stack Overflow's UI standard and design style. Please revert to the old design. Edit: After the revert to the old buttons, the revert back to the ...
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-333 votes
21 answers

Updated button styling for vote arrows: A/B testing has concluded

This experiment has concluded. We've gathered and analyzed the results in Results of the voting arrow experiment. This week, we're rolling out a test to update the appearance of voting arrows for ...
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Code format button in editor doesn't work on iPad

Often on my iPad, when I tap the {} code icon to enclose text in a code block, nothing happens. Can the Stack Overflow team remedy this? I'm using Native iOS Safari version 15.4.1 (on an iPad Pro 11 ...
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17 votes
2 answers

"Go to page" buttons should have the ability to choose a specific number

When you are on the Questions, Tags, Users, or Companies pages you can scroll to the bottom of the page and see buttons to move forward/backward between the pages and also skip to the beginning/end: ...
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On mobile; comment menu has items of varying size, and rotating the phone changes them

For some reason just one of my comment notifications is larger than the rest: If I rotate the phone from portrait to landscape nothing much changes: But oddly, when I rotate it back, everything in ...
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Empty list for users who are in Teams, but with no shared teams [closed]

Users have a Profiles dropdown list on their profile: If you share a Team with the user you're looking at, there's a menu item for it: But for some users, there's the "TEAMS" heading but ...
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White text color on white background in companies filter search bar

On the "Best Companies hiring developers" page, when I was adding tags to filter the companies, I noticed that when a dark theme is selected the colour of the text and filter-search bar both ...
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Stack Overflow Error Message <a> tags likely not being displayed correctly [duplicate]

Consider: This is how I am seeing the <a> tag in the notification of not enough reputation points. Is this intended?
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How are the placeholder tags selected for a question?

I was posting a question at Stack Overflow. The placeholder (placeholder="e.g. ( angularjs jquery)") for tags seemed a bit outdated to me. How are they selected?
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Cannot comment on own question or its answers - is this a bug?

I've asked a question and answered it myself a long time ago. Today I got a notification that someone added a comment to my answer, and I wanted to add a comment to that myself (saying that I have not ...
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Typing out nicely formatted code on a cellphone is a far more awkward experience on the responsive UI than the old mobile site was

The box I'm typing in right now, on my iPhone 11 mini, seems to be 36 characters wide before it wraps. That's less than half the width of a 1970s punch card; I think it's fair to say writing code into ...
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Comment Section UI Problem [duplicate]

Today, I added one comment with some code that I copied from my Webstorm IDE so I don't need to write it here, and boom, I don't know why the UI is spoiled but just I want to inform Stackoverflow devs,...
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1 answer

Cannot open a question using the keyboard interface and the Enter key

Until now, I have been able to quickly open the first question on a question-listing page (such as the start page or the page of a tag) by pressing J and Enter. J has selected the first question on ...
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Yellowed bookmark

I recently noticed that one of my bookmarks is yellow. I have no idea why this is the case. Does someone have an explanation?
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Attempting to unfollow a question will remove it from bookmarks

I noticed an odd behaviour of the user interface. If I follow and bookmark a question and later try to remove the question from the followed posts list on the user page, the bookmark is removed, not ...
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Trophy floating in space

On this answer to "Why does GCC allocate more stack memory than needed?", there's a trophy icon (that's supposed to be immediately to the right of usernames) just floating in space: My ...
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Redundant Highlighting of Posts and Tags With Watched Tags [duplicate]

Similar to this answer posted 2 days ago regarding the word "Watched" being highlighted unnecessarily, the new design introduced today has the same effect of drawing user's attention away ...
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Home/Top Questions list has inconsistent eye icons added to "Watched" tags label [duplicate]

Currently the new "Watched" tag label on the question list only has an eye symbol next to it on the last question in the list. This does not seem intentional as it doesn't make a lot of ...
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New home page question layout is missing the yellow emphasis for watched tags

The new question list layout overall seems pretty reasonable, but there used to be yellow highlights for questions from watched tags. This was extremely useful for finding questions I care about ...
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204 votes
5 answers

Top Questions re-design in home page

I just noticed the new design for Top Questions at Home page. I feel that the previous design was much better. The new question statistic is too small and it's not easy to see all relevant question ...
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