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For instructions and guidance on closing or migrating questions, and the reasons for those closures, use this tag.

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Is asking "How to do X?", but tag some external libraries, a hint of recommend external libraries?

For example the original version of Merging PDF files from list of files with full path : input1.pdf ; input2.pdf ; output.pdf doesn't ask for recommended tools for merging 2 PDF directly, but tags ...
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Stack Overflow is no longer useful

I have the reputation points that I have, because I truly loved this platform. I fear now that with all of these seemingly arbitrary rules, we now have a stagnant community, where power users, such as ...
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Can a robust library save a "needs more focus" question? [duplicate]

I came across this question : How to extract data from image, which asking extracting text from paper currently. I believe, if no libraries or functions can help to do that, it would be a very broad ...
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Dealing with the influx of "help me tweak my AI model" questions

Over the past two years or so, I have noticed a steady rise in the fraction of new questions - especially Python questions - about some machine-learning problem, wherein the OP is trying to improve an ...
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Does "I tried external tool T" turns a question into requesting external libraries/tools automatically?

So I came across this question:, which is currently closed as seeking recommendations of tools, but ...
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Needs improvement flag

Needs improvement A community-specific reason (Until I actually clicked on it I though this meant that the question was supposed to go on another site in the Stack Exchange network, didn't even know ...
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Should reproducible questions that become non-reproducible be closed and/or downvoted?

Should reproducible questions that become non-reproducible be closed and/or downvoted? For example, I answered question Error using Google Studio Formula with Case back in 2020 and it was closed today ...
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Will my question be closed as a duplicate if there is a similar question asked on other Stack Exchange sites? [duplicate]

Suppose I ask a question on SO or Meta SO. The question isn’t a duplicate of any question on SO or Meta SO. However, if my question is similar to a question asked on another site on the Stack Exchange ...
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Please can we update the "Seeking recommendations for books, tools, software libraries, and more" close reason

It's 2023, almost nobody asks for books anymore, but they sure do ask for tutorials. So can we please update this close reason to match? The "and more" bit is vague and unhelpful, so while ...
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How to vote to close as a "duplicate" after votes for "needs details/clarity" are no longer relevant? [duplicate]

Here's the question that gives more context: internet connectivity status with react js. The question was first asked without including any relevant code (see revision 1). Later, code is added (see ...
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What should I do when the duplicate target depends on additional context?

I found this question and (as I said in my comment) it could be either a duplicate of this (if the Socket in the question is a reference type) or this (if the Socket in the question is a value type). ...
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Are Kubernetes Helm questions on topic?

From time to time I stumble across questions about Helm charts. Tag information of kubernetes-helm doesn't contain a clause about what's on- or off-topic. Based an on excerpt from kubernetes I think ...
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Question about building FFMPEG closed as not about programming or software development

For hours I had been trying to build the FFmpeg library to incorporate it in my project for audio processing, but I just couldn't get it to work. I asked for help on the main site, but it was closed ...
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Why was my question downvoted and closed? [duplicate]

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: Why does this ASP web page not refresh data? A few minutes after posting I saw my question had been downvoted and closed. I don't get why as I exposed a ...
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Why was this question about "is this question on-topic" closed as a duplicate of "why are opinion based questions off-topic"?

I recently asked this question about whether it was on-topic to ask if there is a right way to organize child structs within a project's files. An answer to this question answered by saying No, ...
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Should this optimization question be closed?

Optimizing PyQt5 and Matplotlib canvas redrawing for real-time data processing, was originally closed as Needs more focus, deleted by the OP, opened as a new, subsequently deleted question, migrated ...
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Why was this question reopened when there were already many duplicates that solves OP's problem?

I recently closed Casting a void pointer to a 2D String array pointer (C/CPP) as it has plenty of duplicates which I found in the first search on Google. But then some user reopened this question for ...
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How can a user show "code" on a visual tool?

In this question, the OP is using an automated tool - one that records actions and then can be adjusted. There is no "code" to be provided. Yet, it has been closed, requesting a minimal, ...
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Can a C++ tagged question be closed as a duplicate of a C tagged question when the answer applies to both the languages

I come across many c++ asked/tagged questions for which there already exists many duplicate posts but sometimes those posts are tagged with only c. For example, suppose a user asks a C++ tagged ...
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Why was this question reopened when there were already many duplicates explaining the problem which could be used to solve OP's problem?

I recently closed Why does my code work without inheritance but not with inheritance in C++? as it has plenty of duplicates (around 6) of which I can found in the first search on Google. But then some ...
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Disagreement with question close reason

Question CreateFile (share file) returns error 1326 was closed with reason "Edit the question to include desired behavior, a specific problem or error, and the shortest code necessary to ...
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How do I appeal a question that was closed for a seemingly contrived reason?

My latest question has been closed. I find the reason contrived. Edit the question to include desired behavior, a specific problem or error, and the shortest code necessary to reproduce the problem. ...
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Opinion-based close reason doesn't seem accurate for my question

I don't understand how Make dapper SQL be syntax colorized is opinion-based. It's asking for a very specific technical task to be done, and the top upvoted answer gives a concrete and specific means ...
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Dealing with questions about improving the accuracy of neural networks [duplicate]

I've seen a lot of questions formed like this: My neural network is performing badly I have the following neural network, but it has a validation of only 0.6 and I need at least 0.9 Some code for a ...
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Can we change the rules for posting duplicate answers / marking questions as duplicate?

I'm the maintainer of pypdf and PyPDF2. I started to give a lot of answers for pypdf / python+pdf as I gained quite a lot of knowledge in this area recently. pypdf/PyPDF2 wasn't maintained for a while,...
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What does a developer tools question need to be welcome on Stack Overflow?

I recently saw and answered a question on SO about Azure Boards. The question was later closed, but I'm not sure why. The close reason was that it is "not about programming or software ...
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What type of closure should we vote for questions containing code images? [duplicate]

There are many questions that contain code images instead of code in textual code-block form. I want to vote to close it. However, I don't know which type of close I should vote for. Is this what I ...
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Introducing a new close reason specifically for non-English questions

As was proposed and justified back in December, the Stack Overflow moderators have [finally] rolled out a new close reason (under the "community-specific reason" category) for questions that ...
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Why do moderators close questions?

I have looked through thousands of closed Stack Overflow questions: I don't see why you guys ...
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Request for further explanation on a specific triage queue audit I failed

I just got (and failed) a triage queue audit for this question: How does one create a cube with Julia and Makie?, which seems to be asking how to make a graphic for a shape. It shows an example of a ...
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How can we improve the wording & navigation to the "not reproducible / caused by typo" flag reason?

As a reminder, we close no-longer-reproducible/caused-by-typo questions because: While similar questions may be on-topic here, this one was resolved in a way less likely to help future readers. Here'...
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Proposing a Community-Specific Closure Reason for non-English content [duplicate]

The Overhauling our community's closure reasons and guidance project started back in April 2022. We've successfully merged the old Super User and Server Fault close reasons. This new "Not about ...
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Is it allowed to post syntax error problems?

It seems like some users use Stack Overflow as a debugging tool. Example post: - the OP asked the question with an error and a few minutes after that added ...
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Closing a question as a duplicate of 5 other questions that were all answered by the closing user

Today, I answered a question which later got closed by a user with the Gold Badge, as a duplicate of 5 other questions, which were all answered by that close-voting user. While I understand not every ...
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My question asking how Press & Hold Captcha works is getting close voted. Is Stack Overflow the wrong place to ask how something works?

How do "Press & Hold Captcha work?" has negative votes and is being closed & I cannot see the reason - quality, clarity, duplicate, off-topic, etc.
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Asking for wisdom, strategy and judgement? [closed]

Like others, I'm an active consumer of Stack Overflow, and I'm 2+ decades into my technical career. I often need to make decisions with imprecise information. Occasionally I ask Stack Overflow. These ...
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3 answers

About Beginner Questions [closed]

Firstly I should say that I (mostly) understand Stack Overflow's Q&A format. I have recently started answering questions more often and throughout the day I see many questions that are just asked ...
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Adding "lack of effort" as a close vote reason [duplicate]

I frequently come across SO questions that have code snippets just copy/pasted from poor online sites and asking what is the problem with that code and why it doesn't work. The main problem with these ...
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Are questions specific to Excel VBA's IDE considered on-topic?

I had a question that was removed for being off-topic regarding how to remove the ActiveWindow.ScrollColumn lines from my recorded macros. The reasoning behind the close was that my "question ...
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It is dishonest and counterproductive to consider best practices questions as invalid "opinion based" questions [duplicate]

Let me start with a simple but likely controversial statement: all answers (and therefore all questions) are necessarily opinion based answers, and any attempts to draw a distinction between "...
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How am I supposed to get good votes?

When I'm asking a question, it's because I don't know the answer. But what shall I do if everything I ask because I don't know the answer gets downvoted? I never get upvotes on my questions, but what ...
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Question does not make sense anymore since software update

I recently asked a question that basically asks "why can't I do this in TypeScript?" but since the merge of #50666 the question doesn't make sense anymore because what I ask to do can ...
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Which type of questions about Singularity containers are on topic on Stack Overflow?

I asked a question about Singularity containers,, and it was shut down pretty quickly as off-topic. I ...
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Should I delete my question, which has been closed with an inappropriate reason?

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: Can you provide examples of a couple of elegant CMD/PowerShell/WSH Hybrid bash scripts (portable scripts)? I don't believe those who closed my question ...
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For what reason should this question be closed? [duplicate]

I think all would agree that it is correct that this question: Need the explain for correct choices. "Kotlin" was closed. However I struggle to find the reason for it in the list. My options:...
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Where is the dividing line between what database interactions are on-topic vs off-topic on Stack Overflow?

I usually feel a question about databases is off-topic on Stack Overflow if it's about: Database server installation, maintenance (including backup/restore), troubleshooting Usage of tools and/or ...
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Suggestion: New close reason, or change the typo close reason

Or maybe just change the text for the existing close as typo. The current description is: Not reproducible or was caused by a typo While similar questions may be on-topic here, this one was resolved ...
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Is "because it is about elementary material that should be learned by reading a C primer" a valid close vote reason? [duplicate]

I just noticed someone voting to close a post with: I’m voting to close this question because it is about elementary material that should be learned by reading a C primer or textbook and working on ...
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What resource should we direct users to when closing their question as off-topic?

Over the past week or so, I have been working on addressing the concerns that were raised about the proposed new closure reason Not about programming or software development. Almost every issue has ...
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Please clarify why this question was closed [closed]

Please clarify why this question was closed: R functions for identifying dates of particular kinds? The reason cited was "We don’t allow questions seeking recommendations for books, tools, ...
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