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This tags is for general questions about users and user accounts.

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What's the link between a moderator candidate and me? [duplicate]

As many others, I've received an invitation to vote for candidates for moderator. One of them has the following statement in their presentation: If you've seen my comments or recent posts My ...
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1 answer

Why do some accounts have a profile picture with a crossed-out, grey human figure?

Normally, accounts on SO either have a profile pic that’s set by the user or a geometrical shape like the following: However, on some accounts, I’ve seen the following symbol in place of the profile ...
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2 answers

Some API requests to /users are failing with status code 404 errors

I was wondering whether there are recent any changes to the /users endpoint of Stack Exchange API? I was sending queries that worked previously (also worked yesterday), but I got error code id of 404 ...
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How is this account older than Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

While browsing through Meta SO, I came across the following account: User Jeremy. The account is currently suspended. However, what caught my attention is the fact that the account was created 15 ...
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1 answer

"quarter" and "year" result in "Users" tab are wrong

The "quarter" and "year" tab in the "Users" tab results are incorrect. Since the tooltip says the range is calculated from "2023-01-01 to today", but the result ...
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44 votes
7 answers

Why is everyone so helpful? [duplicate]

I’m very grateful that so many people help and even take time to write code to make examples, but my question is why? How come people take their time to look for questions and help? It sounds dumb, ...
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96 votes
3 answers

Stricter trust model in the face of bot flood?

Do we need to consider, however remote, the possibility that the sites will be unfeasible to moderate in the near future unless we transition to a stricter trust model? ChatGPT is banned, but can we ...
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96 votes
2 answers

Users using other people's Twitter / GitHub on their profile

I've found questions dealing with impersonation of real people but these are primarily about the user names, and mostly in the context of politicians and celebrities. What about a user who sets the ...
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1 answer

Should I tell someone to accept answers to their questions [duplicate]

Should I encourage users to go through their history and see if they feel that some of their questions received answers worth marking accepted if they have a history of asking questions, and many of ...
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1 answer

Is there a chance to get the info why and which user was removed?

Usually we get the info that a user was removed with deduction of points. I would like to know why and which user was removed? Is this possible? I am aware of this
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1 answer

Canceling points on answers to deleted users' questions acts as disincentive to answering to new and low-reputation users

I lost 35 reputation points received on an answer to a question posted by a deleted user. For an established SO user this is not much, but I am relatively new and reputation points do provide ...
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0 answers

Congratulations Darin Dimitrov for reaching a million reputation [duplicate]

Today, Thursday, 11 August 2022, I just noticed that Darin Dimitrov reached 1 million points of reputation on Stack Overflow. Darin Dimitrov loves writing code and is really passionate about it. And ...
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Should curse words / swearing be acted upon in ways other than editing? [duplicate]

I just noticed some bad language in a question on Stack Overflow: Of course, I could easily edit it out, but then I thought maybe users who use insulting language have to be reported to the higher up ...
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6 votes
0 answers

Why is my Meta Stack Overflow reputation different in the Stack Exchange sites menu? [duplicate]

I am curious... why is my Meta score different than my Stack Overflow score in the Stack Exchange Sites dropdown menu? Is this a bug? It's not out of sync for either of the site profile pages. I've ...
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What should we do about users who are only looking for help with malicious code? [duplicate]

Today I encountered a user who has asked two questions, the second of which was deleted. The second question was a code dump of obfuscated Python code with a vague debugging request. After the fact, I ...
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2 votes
0 answers

How can I see the all-time reputation graph of another user profile? [duplicate]

When having a look at a profile of some long-time users, you do not see the full-scale interactive reputation graph. I think that the beginning even of a 12-years profile is interesting as well. On ...
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68 votes
2 answers

What should I do about an experienced user with a history of asking bad questions?

I was halfway through typing a boilerplate comment welcoming someone to Stack Overflow and selecting the appropriate help links to read in order to ask the question properly, when I noticed that the ...
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-14 votes
2 answers

Is it really wrong to use gendered pronoun about users with a gendered avatar or username?

On this Meta site (much less reason to write about specific users that way on the main site and if yes, the username or "OP" is used), is it really that wrong to use "he" or "...
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-9 votes
2 answers

Any reason to keep extremely rude users here?

I'm aware of a user who has zero contributions, and uses profanity. I've flagged the comments as Unfriendly or Unkind. But the user is still with us. It is hard to understand. Does Stack Overflow ...
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How did this user get 16 different and unrelated badges on the same day? [duplicate]

I was looking at the late earners of the Caucus badge, when I noticed that way after the election closed (17 hours after), bimal george earned the badge. So I went to their profile, and I discovered ...
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6 votes
3 answers

Is it okay to create two user profiles, one to answer the other's questions? [duplicate]

This is rather a strange situation. I recently came across this question, in which a question was asked by one user, and answered 9 minutes later by another user whom the evidence suggests is another ...
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12 votes
3 answers

Is it okay for somebody to reopen duplicate questions regularly?

Recently, I found that an active user in one of the tags I visit, dup-hammers questions in a peculiar way. The person mostly closes questions as duplicate when others answer them. Those questions are ...
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52 votes
1 answer

Instantly deleted comments?

There's a high point count user who posts a lot of answers in a tag I read. The answers are generally okay, but occasionally when someone asks a tricky question, I find the answers are wrong. I leave ...
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1 answer

Close vote and voting rights [closed]

Does the voting rights of a person get revoked if they close vote on every question that they encounter? What do we do if we know such persons which the system can verify?
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-25 votes
4 answers

A proposal to put all answerers on a path to curating better content

What's not working well and why: New users very, very, very seldom understand the difference between a good, clear, unique, on-topic question and a question that should be closed. In fact, we have ...
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1 answer

Users with most posts edited

I've seen several Stack Overflow users like mplungjan with a huge amount of edited posts (12,000+) which I think is really impressive. I'm very curious and would like to know if there is anything that ...
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288 votes
9 answers

Congratulations BalusC for reaching a million reputation! [duplicate]

Today (15 July 2021) a very well respected and brilliant member, BalusC, has reached a million reputation points! As of today, he has posted 17,102 answers which we greatly appreciate.
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-37 votes
1 answer

A suggestion about simple questions [duplicate]

Do you think you can request experienced users to leave the question to new users if the question is simple, something like this? To answer the questions posed by @Hovercraft Full Of Eels Your ...
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-9 votes
1 answer

Pass ownership of an answer to another user

Give credit where credit is due! I recently got an upvote on this answer. There is nothing special about the answer; I just help someone out. However, this answer is largely based on the content of an ...
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1 answer

Is there a way to know who voted to close my questions?

I want to know who voted to close my questions. My two old questions were voted to close yesterday. I think there is a stalker who voted to close all my questions.
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119 votes
4 answers

How do moderators deal with users who are neurodiverse (e.g., have autism, mental problems)?

The moment you read this, please be gentle to me. Thank you. This is my very first question on Meta. I'm feeling very good and scared at the same time. Every second I'm building this question makes me ...
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15 votes
4 answers

What is the time (and the evolution) for the experienced users to get an answer to their questions?

Context I am not asking a lot of questions on Stack Overflow, but for about 2-3 years I feel that I need to wait for more (and more frequently place a bounty) to get an answer. This made me think if ...
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17 votes
1 answer

How to handle a user who is pestering me to answer all of their questions? [duplicate]

I am in a situation that I am not sure how to handle. A few days ago I answered a few questions that were by a user, now whenever they post a question they comment on one of my other answers asking me ...
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7 votes
1 answer

How to search posts by multiple users?

I can search a particular user's posts by: user:555 I tried to search multiple users' posts at the same time, like: user:555 or user:666 But only user 666's posts come back. Is there any work around?...
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-16 votes
2 answers

Is there a way to block a Stack Overflow user? [duplicate]

There are a lot of people on here with serious ego problems, and I have been having increasing problems lately with people getting upset that I mark their answers as wrong, then stalking me and going ...
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12 votes
3 answers

What level of experience do most answerers have? [closed]

When I look at the feed of questions that I'm given, on almost all of them I think something like "I know nothing about that" or else "Figuring this out would take me so much effort ...
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49 votes
3 answers

Do GDPR's protections on "personal information" entitle users to vandalise/remove their own posts?

This revision is the result of a user's reasoning that the GDPR entitles them to replace an accepted and upvoted answer with things like "Content no longer relevant to the question". I was ...
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74 votes
4 answers

New SO user not agreeing with the guidelines

I recently saw a duplicate answer for a question, so I left a comment: Welcome to SO. Though we thank you for your answer, it would be better if it provided additional value on top of the other ...
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519 votes
9 answers

Congratulations VonC for reaching a million reputation [duplicate]

Today - Sunday, 29 November 2020, I just noticed that VonC reached 1 million points of reputation on Stack Overflow. VonC has a position of Development Architect at Softeam at CACEIS Paris, France. ...
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883 votes
23 answers

Congratulations for reaching a million, Gordon Linoff! [duplicate]

I just noticed that Gordon Linoff reached today, August 20, 2020, a million points of reputation: This comes after an astonishing amount of 71,839 answers (and 0 questions!). He only joined in 2012, ...
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2 answers

Stack Overflow Member Spotlight

Good morning everyone, I am new to programming and have benefited so much from this site over the past couple of months. While it is just one of the many resources I am using to deepen my ...
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3 votes
1 answer

How is it possible that a user has more edits this week than in total? [duplicate]

I was looking through the week's best editor, and this user was first: But when I go into the users profile, this is what I see: Apparently this user has in total 253 edits, but in a week has ...
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27 votes
0 answers

Users doing Google first-level customer support

I have a slight issue with the behavior of a few users here. I won't link to them specifically, but they all have (or had) the same "About me" in their profile which says (or used to say): ...
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16 votes
0 answers

What's with all the users named InteractiveMesh?

I have been doing some research today using SEDE and I have noticed 40 accounts which are all called "InteractiveMesh". Some of them have a single answer and some of these answers are signed "From: ...
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0 answers

Seeing posts on the main question view where the user name is a recent answer provider and not the original poster [duplicate]

I've been thinking that I am going nuts, but quite often I see questions on the main question view where the "asker" name is in fact the name of somebody who has answered the question. When it happens,...
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3 votes
1 answer

Where could I see the top question-askers?

I have tried to find a list of the "most question posters" on Stack Overflow, but I haven't been able to do so. I always wondered if I'm the one with the most questions...
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-14 votes
1 answer

How does the community handle power users who lose their grip?

In a recent thread I encountered a user with a lot of reputation and amazing track record making irrelevant and wrong meta comments, and also deleting some genuine and relevant discussion from the ...
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1 answer

What can be the cause of a user deletion?

I've come across this question: Angular 8: Create Facade Pattern for Subject-Observable design, Publish/Subscribe which has been asked 3 days ago and has an active bounty since yesterday. The user is ...
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Logout flow makes no sense, leaves users confused

I don't usually log out of my account, but recently decided to on a computer where I don't usually use Stack Overflow. The logout process is highly confusing and I'm not sure what actually ...
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12 votes
1 answer

About people suggesting alternate methods or services for helping out

Premise: I've limited experience about SO and SE in general, so I don't know if this is a common issue; also, this is a matter I find difficult to find out about in here, as its description might be ...
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