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refers to all questions deleted from Stack Overflow. The tag "specific-question" should also be used when referencing a specific question that has been deleted.

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Two accounts, one username, their deleted question & its bounty

I've observed what is described below on two separate occasions in the past couple of months: User with 1 reputation posts a fairly complicated question User with the same username but with more than ...
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Flag pop-up does not work in deleted question

I am trying to access the flag pop-up in this deleted question, in order to retract a custom flag that is no longer needed (since the question is now deleted); but every time I try I get the following ...
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Low-rep users should not see usernames of people who voted for deletion of their question or answer in the banner

In this feature request I would like to propose that the usernames of delete-voters get hidden from low-rep users in the deletion banner, similarly to how the usernames of close-voters already are not ...
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Should low-rep users really see who voted for deletion? [duplicate]

When a question was closed, the list of who voted for closure is shown only to users with close/reopen privileges, at least it says so in the banner - and that makes sense to me. I was then quite ...
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Simple questions should not be automatically considered off-topic and deletion-worthy

I came across this question recently and was somewhat stunned by the level of negative reaction to it. It asks whether there is a way to determine version information programmatically for a particular ...
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Is there any reason to keep a self answered question about an issue with beta software now resolved in the release version? [duplicate]

While working on some code using some new APIs in a beta release of Xcode 15 and iOS 17, I came across a bug and an ugly workaround. So I posted a question and a self-answer based on the issue and my ...
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Why delete a 'reasonable' (potentially fixable) question within 20 minutes of it being posted?

Three high-rep ('trusted') users decided to close and delete this question within about 20 minutes of it being asked. For those users without the required 10k reputation to see it, here are some ...
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How can we handle this deleted question that still has value?

I just answered this question, which then got deleted by the post author. However, I think it's a valid question, and one that will probably come up more often in the near future. For those unable to ...
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May my question be undeleted?

Maybe a long shot, since I'm the author. This unresolved question was deleted due to a ...
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2 answers

Was deleting this question the right choice?

This question (screenshots below) that I answered a few weeks ago was closed as a typo and deleted earlier today. And here's my answer: I can understand why the question could be seen as being ...
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Do "deleted" questions ever get deleted?

In my profile, under questions, at the bottom of the page, there's a link to my "deleted questions." I feel that these are weighing me down in my question ban, and really want to get rid of ...
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Avoiding over-moderation on questions

Yesterday I posted a question regarding PHP on Stack Overflow. It was not well received. I made it short and sweet because I thought it was a fairly simple question and didn't want to fluff it up. Of ...
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Why was my question 75732423 deleted?

I asked a question, and it was closed. It was "in review" for ten days and was closed today. I edited the question and "Submit for review" it 10 days ago, and checked the "...
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18 votes
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Why delete a closed question waiting for review?

I have posted a question which wasn't correct in respect of the minimal reproducible example. It got closed, and two people voted for deletion. Why did they vote for deletion since the question will ...
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Is there a way to recover my answer to another users deleted question?

A few times I have experienced that I spent time writing an answer to a question only to find that the question was deleted. This seems to cause my answer to simply disappear from the universe. Is ...
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What has happened to question #411290?

There's this question at Meta Stack Exchange and an answer to it. First comment under this answer points to the following question: Why do people think functional programming will catch on? http://...
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My question was deleted and I completely disagree with the reasoning

Here is the link to the deleted question: The reason for the deletion as stated: 'opinion-based' But how come that a similar yet ...
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Should the question “Why can’t I accept my own answer?” be undeleted?

I just came across a blog post titled Accept Your Own Answers on the Stack Overflow blog. It links to a now-deleted question on the main site titled Why can’t I accept my own answer?. I understand why ...
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Are deleted questions actually salvageable?

I'm currently under a five-day question ban. It hinders my learning progress. I have so much more questions to ask! As I understand, it's because some of my questions were downvoted, though I'm not ...
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Undelete a question [duplicate]

Following the answers on this question, I would like to request this post to be undeleted. I think the question had value; from what I can judge, my post just did answer it and ultimately, a couple of ...
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Should I delete downvoted questions? [closed]

People keep downvoting my question even when it has valuable answers. Should I delete the question? Can I report downvoters? There seems to be at least some decent users answering adding valuable ...
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Why can I see some deleted questions but trying to access others result in Not Found page?

Example 1: (Blurred by me on purpose) Example 2: List of ...
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How can I contact the author of deleted question if I have an answer to their question?

I am referring to this question: Sort algorithm to create a polygon from points with only right angle. I believe I have a solution to this question. Is it possible to contact the author to find out ...
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How can I improve a question if its basis is fundamentally flawed?

I recently received a warning that I was close to losing the ability to ask questions on SO some time after a particular question received a large amount of negative score (-6) and was deleted for &...
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22 votes
3 answers

Please stop deleting our content without coherent reasons (regex tag)

After becoming aware through other users that questions might get deleted just because they do not fit into the mood of some (few) others I dug into my own answers and noticed a considerable number of ...
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15 votes
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When calculating post percentage by tag, deleted posts are included in the numerator, but not the denominator

pyspark tag posts represent 117% of all this user's posts: Stats: In user's profile it's seen that he has 0 answers and 6 questions. But in total it makes 7 posts, as seen above. Apparently, the ...
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Can I unfollow all deleted posts at once?

I read How do I unfollow a post?, but that has no real answer to it yet. When I visit the page with the list of questions that I follow (, I ...
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Do dangling answers to a question, gone due to moderation, need deletion?

This is in the Low quality answers review queue: The question itself is no longer available. So I clicked "Recommended deletion". ...
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2 answers

Can this question about NullPointerExceptions (NPEs) be undeleted?

I believe that this question has value on the site and should be undeleted. Unlike the duplicate target that asks about "what is" an NPE and "how to fix" it, this question asks for ...
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Many posts deleted during roomba operation show up in search results [duplicate]

This is an extension/supplement of the issue reported in Some deleted posts show up in search results I happened across a search earlier today which happened to contain several of these posts. When ...
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Shouldn't this be undeleted?

This question was recently deleted. Though it's a question of low quality and not direct, the main error (the one with the StringVar)'s reason/cause hasn't been explained properly in other posts, and ...
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Two questions with similar stats - one can be deleted by the owner, another cannot

Yesterday I answered a question. Today OP commented - "you realy helpt me" - and then deleted the post. The question has zero score and 1 answer (mine) also with zero score and not accepted. ...
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Should deletion of users also delete questions with accepted and upvoted answers?

It isn't very encouraging when a community bot deletes the question having an upvoted and accepted answer when the question author is deleted. I think it should be left to the humans and the bot ...
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Search brings up deleted results again [duplicate]

This seems to be a recurrence of a known issue: Some deleted posts show up in search results The advice given there is to flag for moderator attention. However, that does not seem practical, as I do ...
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My question got deleted by a moderator - I want to appeal and know why my post has been deleted

I am new here, so I don't have much experience here but still I would like to know why the moderator deleted my question in Stack Overflow. But I don't know how to appeal. Someone said that we can ...
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-9 votes
3 answers

Was this post closed then deleted for a valid reason?

I understand questions are closed as dupes if the community feels that a similar question has been addressed in another question, but, I find myself discombobulated regarding a recent post deletion ...
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Typo in help: s/signpoint/signpost

As pointed out in this recent question, the help page about deleted questions contains a weird non-word. Over time, closed questions that are not useful as signpoints to other questions may also be ...
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5 answers

Why would a question be deleted if it's on topic and not extremely low quality?

According to the help center post on deleted questions it states: Questions that are extremely off topic, or of very low quality, may be removed at the discretion of the community and moderators. ...
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How to get an answer, deleted by a moderator because of "code plagiarized without attribution", undeleted [duplicate]

I posted an answer to the question How to set TextBox.TextDecorations using a ComboBox. There I explained the various problems I encountered and how I overcame it. All of it was original content ...
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Where do we see our deleted posts in the latest ui on My Android 11 device?

Previously,we could see our deleted posts like answers and questions in a particular place (at the bottom of our profile page). But, we find it nowhere in the latest ui. So, where are they now? Or ...
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Community-deleted/Roomba'd questions are sometimes still showing/counting in the questions page for a given tag [duplicate]

While participating in the burnination of downloadfile, I took a look at all remaining questions at one point, and was returned with the following result when searching using the query [downloadfile] ...
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Immediate deletion of a closed question

What has happened to this question? It was asked by a newbie, and is definitely sub-standard. However, although I have only dabbled in Unity, it was pretty obvious from the posted code, what was wrong....
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Why is this deleted post not actually deleted?

I was looking through the annotated posts, and I came across: While connecting to the room in EnableX, I get an error message - “Token Invalid”. This question is both deleted, and not deleted, at the ...
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The "deleted:1" operator in search does not work well for Teams posts [closed]

When searching for deleted questions I posted with the query user:me is:q deleted:1, the deleted:1 part is respected for content on the main site, but I get all my questions (not just deleted ones) ...
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3 answers

Deleted questions becoming an issue, should be able to view and maybe lock

I'm seeing an issue where people are creating questions, getting answers, and then deleting them because they don't want to share the answers with the community. It's terrible, for sure, but the ...
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What is the correct response for a suggested edit review of a deleted post?

Closely related: Why are we reviewing edits of deleted posts? Was working on some suggested edit reviews and I got one for a deleted post. Cool. I rejected the edit because it was wrong (random ...
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-11 votes
2 answers

Community bot deleting questions from new users too aggressively?

I sometimes answer questions from people new to our trade. Like this one, for example.
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2 answers

Can we delete downloading a FTP directory recursively? It's off-topic, locked and also answered elsewhere

This question is about using a venerable FTP client (probably netkit's FTP client since the original one has passed hands several times in distributions). There's nothing programming here, no API, ...
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Why are notifications about replies to comments on deleted questions sent, if the person whose comment is being replied to has <10k rep?

On this question (Copy constructor using scope resolution operator) I've got a reply to one of my comments. However, as I have <10K rep, I won't be able to view the reply to the comment (apart from ...
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Deleted questions not in browser history or wayback machine [duplicate]

I got banned from asking questions on Stack Overflow, definitely deserved. Now that I think I've learned my lesson and improved my knowledge, I'm trying to get unbanned. I used to delete my own ...
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