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This tag is for questions specific to downvotes, the community's way of telling peers that their content can be improved. Downvotes on the Meta site have different meanings to on the main site.

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How can this question be improved? [closed]

I posted this question and within minutes it was downvoted and closed due to not being "focused on one problem". I believe I made the particular issue in question clear without deviation, ...
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Seeking clarification on question ban and downvote [duplicate]

Yesterday, I posted a question that was downvoted, leading to a ban on my account. After thoroughly reviewing the guidelines, I didn't find any aspect of my post that violated them. The downvote came ...
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Cannot search for negatively scored questions of specific thresholds

Whenever I type score:.-10 in the search bar, I just see this: However, ironically, this error does not occur if I search for really downvoted posts score:.-100 or 'moderately' downvoted posts score:....
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People should be educated not to downvote a question just because the answer is no [duplicate]

I have noticed that if I ask a question about something that is technically impossible, such that the answer is "no", it gets downvoted. But if the question is good, it shouldn't get ...
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Why could this question have been downvoted? [closed]

Composer called via doApplication mingles stdout and stderr Why could this question be downvoted? Is it badly put? Could it be improved? If not, could the downvotes be cancelled? I usually just delete ...
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Why is my question downvoted?

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: LLVM IR segfaults My post keeps getting downvoted (other ones to). I would like to know what I am doing wrong and how to improve.
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Why was my question downvoted and closed? [duplicate]

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: Why does this ASP web page not refresh data? A few minutes after posting I saw my question had been downvoted and closed. I don't get why as I exposed a ...
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Downvotes and false accusations of using ChatGPT: how do I handle it?

I am a new contributor who joined yesterday. I have answered some questions, but some people accused me of using ChatGPT when answering questions. I take the time to read the documentation and I give ...
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55 votes
2 answers

Should I serial downvote ChatGPT answers? [duplicate]

According to this answer, legitimate serial downvoting is pointless because it will just get reversed. When I see a user who has posted a ChatGPT generated answer I always look at their other recent ...
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2 answers

Any way to fight downvotes spam? [closed]

Just noticed that someone downvoted a question and all 5 answers which all are basically correct: Is there any ...
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2 answers

The Stack Overflow community has turned sour on most questions these days

I have been asking questions on Stack Overflow for over 10 years. I can summarize my experience like this: My top ranked questions are easy things you can easily look up on documentation sites, like &...
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My post keeps getting downvoted for no obvious reason

I am not very active on my Stack Overflow account and recently asked a question: Mix multiple audios into one with ffmpeg The question got downvoted to -5, without getting any feedback or answers. In ...
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Add datetime type information to a post that I voted on

Would it be possible to have somewhere the information on when we upvoted or downvoted a post (in case of post was edited by OP or someone else)? For example, see the tooltip below. It's a feature I'...
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Why is SO discouraging questions and answers writing? [closed]

I have been continuously feeling that SO nowadays discourages Q&A writing on SO. I come across a problem, and I do: - Search (Google, Bing, etc.) - Find similar a question and answers that links ...
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Welcome to Stack Overflow! -1 [duplicate]

This is not a duplicate of Why is Stack Overflow so negative of late (N.ed: since 2014). It's a constructive board for considering three banal constructive points, and eventually their positive ...
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Should correct answers be downvoted if a well answered duplicate question exists? [duplicate]

I sometimes see good answers to duplicate questions. I vote to close the question as a duplicate. If the older question has as good an answer as the new duplicate, should I downvote the new answer? On ...
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How can I remove an answered question which is receiving a lot of downvotes?

I have recently posted two questions: one on SO and one on Meta. One of the users started to abuse me and I received a lot of downvotes. I deleted my meta question, but it was undeleted and still ...
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Encouraging helpful edits

I think that currently there is no real incentive for people to correct mistakes in their questions/answers, as downvotes tend to persist (as do upvotes). In my original question I gave an example ...
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Why is a "why has this question been closed, and how can I improve it" meta-question being downvoted?

I wrote Why is this question closed as 'unfocused'; how could it be improved? I've acquired the answer to "why was this closed?", and I'm happy with it. I'm not looking to get the ...
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Why is it OK for someone to downvote my question without attempting to be helpful? [duplicate]

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: How do I keep Android Studio from stopping my app when I close Android Studio? Going into Stack Overflow, I thought this was a site designed to help ...
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1 answer

People keep voting down my questions

What is the real purpose of voting down questions and answers? I thought it was a way of saying that the question is not clear, doesn't include own work to try to fix the problem, etc. Recently a few ...
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How to prevent having a thorn in your side when you can't delete your old question? [duplicate]

I'm a low rep user, but active mostly on SE. I'm still working on it (can see that from recent question and answer), but I believe I now understand how to be decent when both asking and answering ...
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1 answer

Downvoting question that isn’t closed [duplicate]

I posted this question. It wasn’t closed and it got a great answer in response. However, it was downvoted. I generally prefer a good reception to my questions. I read the main reason to downvote on ...
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Why was this question downvoted so heavily?

I was taking a look at my questions to do improvements due to my question ban. I noticed this question in particular which has a lot of downvotes and I can't understand why. It seems clear, has no ...
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-60 votes
1 answer

Only enable positive reputation to be awarded on Stack Overflow [duplicate]

I question how useful negative reputation is for meeting the needs of people using Stack Overflow and also for Stack Overflow meeting its objectives. I understand that negative reputation can be a ...
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Is there anything to do about an unfair downvote on a clear question? [duplicate]

This is a question about something not clear in of the official Microsoft documentation about C#. The first comment on that question clearly mention that something is actually missing from the ...
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3 answers

Can somebody downvote a question or an answer just because they didn't like it? Could it be a reason for a ban?

The help center about vote down privilege says: Downvotes should be used to indicate issues with quality, effort, or accuracy of a post: Downvote questions that don't show any research effort or don'...
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What can I do when a community is openly hostile? [closed]

This can be considered a follow-up to the following. Because it's the same people and the same problem, but I have a few additional questions. What should we do when one person tries to delete every ...
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Why do my questions often get upvoted while my answers get downvoted?

I'm an average Stack Overflow user. I ask some questions and I get some upvotes. I also thought about answering other people's questions. I don't know why, but I get downvoted every time I do that. ...
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2 answers

What's the justification for downvoting due to lack of effort?

The tool tip for downvotes reads 'This question does not show any research effort'. From another meta question Simply put, we don't care if the author already knows the answer or if they are even ...
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2 answers

My answer was downvoted for providing an answer to a "bad" question

I recently provided an answer to a question that was not perfect, but I deemed it reasonable for Stack Overflow. I posted the second answer here. When parsing strings, code is adding string contents ...
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1 answer

Why did my question about security get downvoted?

While learning web security, there was something that seemed to me like popular websites like Facebook and PayPal have a security issue (as they allow user enumeration) or I understood things wrong. I ...
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-18 votes
4 answers

How am I supposed to get good votes?

When I'm asking a question, it's because I don't know the answer. But what shall I do if everything I ask because I don't know the answer gets downvoted? I never get upvotes on my questions, but what ...
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4 answers

What's wrong with my answer?

I recently answered an interesting question and thought it was a good answer. Everybody was happy (the question was upvoted two times). Almost a day later I got three downvotes without any comments ...
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If a post I edited gets downvoted, will I lose reputation too? [duplicate]

The question title pretty much says it all. What would happen if I edited some user's post on Stack Overflow and said post gets downvoted? Would both the original poster and I lose reputation, or ...
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1 answer

Change downvotes with negative points to something else [duplicate]

We should promote positivity in the site. Thus usage of negative values for downvotes should be changed. My proposal: Avoid showing any number at all. Since it does not matter whether it is downvoted ...
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2 answers

Is it common for duplicate questions to get downvotes on meta?

I have a question on meta (that was migrated from the main Q&A). Originally, the question got a score of 4. Then it was closed as a duplicate, and shortly, it had a score of -4, and the question ...
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3 answers

What can you do when your question gets downvoted? [duplicate]

I had a question that started to get a few downvotes immediately after posting. I went to delete it, but got a message that said if I delete to many questions, I'll get a question ban... But if I don'...
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Post quality? Site etiquette?

I'm a long time lurker, a very recent poster. I've been active in other forums and feel like I generally have a really positive experience. But here, it seems that I'm off the mark a bit somehow and ...
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Delete / update "please consider adding a comment" message when downvoting questions

When downvoting a (recent?) question, a prompt appears stating: Please consider adding a comment if you think this post can be improved. I feel like this should either: Take into account whether ...
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What is the current advice for reversing an accidental downvote after it has been locked in? [duplicate]

I realize this has been asked and answered here, but the advice is from 2014 and I'm unsure if anything has changed regarding the advice or process for this scenario since then. On mobile either last ...
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Why does sort by Trending appear to favour recent downvotes over older upvotes? [duplicate]

I was reading through the answers to this question with "sorted by:" set to Trending, and noticed something curious towards the bottom of the page; an answer with fairly negative feedback (-...
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3 answers

Should asking syntax related questions always lead to a "not enough research done" downvote?

Syntax documentation is always available for everyone. So, should asking a question related to syntax always end in a downvote, because the questioner didn't search through the helpfiles or documents? ...
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1 answer

Downvoting working answers disrespects community and OP [duplicate]

I did my best to provide a working answer with additional information. If the answer does not work or is "bad" in some way, I am eager to ...
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Why are lots of meta questions about learning and improving poorly received?

I’ve read many Meta questions that ask for advice with improving poorly-received Stack Overflow questions. The authors seem to be posting in good faith and putting forth honest attempts to learn and ...
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Can I get an explanation what did I do wrong with my questions and why did I get -1s without any comment?

Recently, I asked two questions: Animation issues with Scrollable Tabs in Bootstrap 5 when translating lib from jQuery to JS How to auto-adjust the height of a WebView in Xamarin.Android (or Android)...
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44 votes
7 answers

Is my downvoting criterion, based on useless titles, too strict?

I was quite surprised to see that I have downvoted questions approximately three times as often as upvoting them. This seems to be a lot more than most users. My strategy for downvoting pretty much ...
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Asker answered their own question after they already accepted an earlier answer

I saw this question today, in which the asker had already accepted an answer and then posted their reply as an answer (repeating the same thing as the first answerer). Should I flag the asker's answer ...
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Did I do something I shouldn't have done? downvotes on my post [duplicate]

I checked over my question and it seems to be pretty clear in what I'm asking. Can someone explain to me why I was downvoted? thanks How can I add a semi-transparent rectangular background behind the ...
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40 votes
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Why did my question get closed? I believe it's high-quality but it was closed/downvoted very quickly

I asked a question I thought was very good quality, and it received two downvotes and two close votes without any explanation. I have answered/asked/voted a lot, and this recent interaction was ...
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