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"Migration" is the process of migrating off-topic questions from a Stack Exchange site to another.

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What should I do when a question in SG needs migrating?

Should I: Approve + flag to ask for migrating? Vote as off-topic + guide OP to the suitable site?
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Drop vote-to-migrate threshold to 2 of the 3 VTC's?

As @Shog9 mentioned when originally implementing 3-vote-close: [Previously], migrating a question to another site require[d] that 4 of the 5 votes all agree that the question should be migrated to a ...
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7 votes
2 answers

Are Kubernetes Helm questions on topic?

From time to time I stumble across questions about Helm charts. Tag information of kubernetes-helm doesn't contain a clause about what's on- or off-topic. Based an on excerpt from kubernetes I think ...
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Should Ask Different be added to the list of question migration sites?

Today I came across a question in the review queue that was asking about uploading a build to App Store Connect. The error the question was asking about seems to be entirely related to the upload ...
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34 votes
2 answers

The case of the missing space in migration banners

The migration banner has lost the space between its sentences: This happens in both sides, on the target site (as shown above) and on the original site: Please put the space back! Technically ...
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8 votes
1 answer

Migration— declined - Cross-Validated is part of the standard migration path

I haven't flagged many questions, but I recently realized most of the flags I've raised were denied. The most common reason was "declined - Cross-Validated is part of the standard migration path.&...
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1 answer

Was this question really not good enough for migration? [duplicate]

I flagged this question with a custom flag: move to This flag was declined with the reason "Questions should not be migrated away unless they are clearly (1) off-topic for the site ...
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5 votes
1 answer

When a question pertains to specifically configuring an editor, shouldn't it be migrated to Super User? [duplicate]

It is common to gain a lot of reputation from really simple & basic questions about Visual Studio code. The highest scoring answer on my account is about configuring the color of brackets in VS ...
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1 answer

Suggestion to moderators: inform newer users that posts may migrate

I have recently posted a question here on meta, that belonged elsewhere. Not knowing that moderators could (and would) automatically migrate my question over to the correct (meta) site, I flagged my ...
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2 answers

Migrate my question: will I get the reputation back?

This question didn't have luck here: How to do block-comments in Google Colab on a Mac with a non-American keyboard? There's also a closing vote, that suggests to move it to Super User. It seems a ...
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12 votes
2 answers

Migrate or close low- or medium-quality questions?

I frequently come across questions that (1) are medium- to low-quality and (2) clearly belong on Cross Validated (CV). (They're not completely hopeless questions, i.e. I think could be salvaged and ...
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-21 votes
1 answer

Move all off-topic questions to their own sites? [duplicate]

This is a suggestion, to move all off-topic questions to their own site. For instance, why are there still a lot of vi and Vim questions on Stack Overflow? There was Super User from the beginning, and ...
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50 votes
4 answers

Let's gift wrap our (good) machine learning theory questions for Cross Validated

Machine learning (ML) theory questions are off-topic on Stack Overflow. There is no question about this. Stack Overflow also has many, many, many excellent Q&A's on ML theory. They often have ...
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9 votes
1 answer

How should I flag my own question to have it migrated?

Applied usermod and chmod but still no write access This is my own post. I posted it on SO before I realized that it was a better fit for Unix/Linux Stack Exchange, and there was even an answer there....
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1 answer

Should I seek the migration of a page despite it not being off-topic AND against the OP wishes?

Long story short, I'm trying to grow the permanent-Beta community where I am a moderator. One of the things that I regularly do is ask Stack Overflow (SO) users to post their Joomla questions on ...
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1 answer

How should I have flagged this Vim-centric question?

When I flagged this Vim-centric question, I chose in need of moderator intervention and wrote This question is not about programming at all, but purely about vi/Vim, furthermore it provides plenty of ...
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47 votes
1 answer

Questions about Vim on Stack Overflow and migration to Vi & Vim

I wonder if we could consider actions that would encourage questions about Vim to be asked on Vi & Vim or migrated there from Stack Overflow. This has been asked in the past, but I wonder if the ...
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3 votes
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Closing custom flag yellow migration warning box, then clicking Flag Question button triggers "wait 5 seconds" error

It may be a little deceiving in this gif, but the occurrences per loop are: Click Flag question Click the mustard popup to close it Click Flag question to action the flag Receive red popup The first ...
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Migrating question from Stack Overflow to Meta [duplicate]

I had a question posted on Stack Overflow and was told it was more appropriate for Meta. Is there a way that the question can be moved to meta without having to repost? For now, I have manually copied ...
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1 answer

Why does SO not add more sites to "This question belongs on another site in the Stack Exchange network"? - Close reasons

This has been an issue for about 9 years (earliest post I could found was from June 2011, see below) now and I personally feel very uncomfortable with that it isn't fixed already. I clearly say "...
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7 votes
1 answer

Where is the decision line for migrating questions that seem primarily statistics related?

Three of us made statistics-related comments to this question: The first comment links to a post ...
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7 votes
1 answer

Add Cross Validated to the list of alternative Stack Exchange sites on the on-topic help page

Just made a close vote for a question that IMO could have been perfectly migrated to Cross Validated (CV), because it was of purely statistical content. (Even if the question already has an answer, it ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Where has this question gone to?

A question was asked a few hours ago and is showing as migrated: Clicking on the link to the question returns a 404. The 404 page states "This question was voluntarily removed by its author." ...
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30 votes
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Incorrect text layout in off-topic > migration close dialog

Today I went to close a question that I felt was better suited for the Mathematics stack exchange. The first thing I noticed is the weird setup of "belongs on" following the name of the website - this ...
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Is it a bug that I can upvote a question a second time after it was migrated? [duplicate]

This Stack Exchange question which I up-voted on Stack Exchange was migrated to Stack Overflow and I was able to up-vote it again. Thus, as of now it has 2 upvotes from one user (me). Is that a bug?
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1 answer

Why was this question migrated to Code Review?

This question was migrated to Code Review. However, it has multiple issues that disqualify it as a candidate for migration: It is off-topic on the target site. Close reason: Code Review requires ...
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What should I do with questions that clearly belong on another SE site, but aren't in the migration options? [duplicate]

Trying to ask the question in a way that doesn't run into cross-site politics. When a question belongs on another site, what exactly am I intended to do with it? Leaving a comment manually has ...
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-9 votes
1 answer

Add cross-(natural)language migration paths [duplicate]

Sometimes a question is asked in non-English, but still on the topic of programming (example). Such questions attract downvotes, which are most likely due to "can't read/understand" reason. In such a ...
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Should I answer a question that I think should be migrated? [duplicate]

I've encountered a question that isn't about programming, and suggested it to be migrated to a fellow site (a site that I'm familiar with, and can confidently suggest migration to). However, it's a ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Answers were migrated but not the question?

I was trying to get some stats on migrated posts when I ran into a problem. I had thought that every migrated answer would belong to a migrated question, but this is not the case. For example, ...
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-9 votes
2 answers

Is this topic valid? I think it is for Super User

I know it has about 454 votes, but it is not related to programming, so I think it should migrate or get deleted. It's obviously off-topic. Should we keep a post because it has so many upvotes even ...
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3 answers

Moderator declined the migration request with "you can delete this yourself"

My request to migrate my question to stats.SE was declined with "you can delete this yourself". WTF? I didn't ask for deletion, I asked for migration! As far as I remember, it was never a problem, and ...
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-27 votes
2 answers

Allow migration to Code Golf

Recently I have found this question: How can I simplify this code by using proper method?. It asks to simplify the OP's code, which is off-topic for Stack Overflow, but is on topic for Code Golf. I ...
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2 answers

Should "How to extract just plain text from .doc & .docx files" be migrated?

I noticed that if you search google for "word to text command line" the very first result is a closed question on Stack Overflow: How to extract just plain text from .doc & .docx files? (unix) ...
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1 answer

Proposal to add to list of destinations for Migration

I'm looking now at a question (Existence of solution of a linear Diophantine equation) which is off-topic for SO but suitable for I see that Closing -> Off-Topic -> Migration ...
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41 votes
0 answers

A migrated question should get its 'asked time' reset

This question was just migrated (~50 minutes ago as of asking this question) to Stack Overflow from For a brief period after it was migrated, it appeared on the "Newest" tab of the ...
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0 answers

What's up with custom flags for migrations

From question Cleaner solution to decrementing in for loop I tried to post a custom flag recommending migration to where it seems better fit and got a very long automatic ...
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42 votes
1 answer

Please don't send camera questions not about photography to Photography Stack Exchange

The Photography Stack Exchange site is about the art and science of photography, which is the making of images with light. Many people want to use consumer cameras as sensors and measuring devices, ...
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4 votes
1 answer

What to do about this off-topic question that's too old to migrate (but has a useful answer)?

I came across this question today: If I know the total amount of people will arrive to an event within 1 hour, what distribution should I use to simulate the arrival time? It's clearly off-topic for ...
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20 votes
2 answers

Why was I asked to not use the mod attention flag for migration?

This question was recently asked on Stack Overflow. I thought the question itself looked fine and could not find it to be a duplicate, however the question specifically asks for a mathematical ...
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-11 votes
1 answer

Let's remove the migration path from Main to Meta

Related (not duplicates): I also hate low quality / non-researched / clueless Meta questions that get migrated from Main Don't lock (meta) posts after a failed migration I saw it happen again - ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Original post left after meta-migrated post was deleted

A question on Stack Overflow was migrated to Meta where it was quickly closed as duplicate; but then the OP deleted the meta question. Now, the (formerly) migrated question is left on Stack Overflow, ...
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1 answer

Is this a question of Super User?

I'm a bit confused on migrating this question to Super User. The OP had asked about pausing or playing CSS animations when the browser tab is changed. OP had also attached a code with it. When, I ...
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0 answers

Migrating a question to another Stack Exchange network site [duplicate]

I want to migrate a question I wrote on Stack Overflow by mistake to the Graphic Design Stack Exchange site. When I try to close the question as off-topic and associate it with another Stack&...
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-23 votes
1 answer

Can we please move all vim questions to [duplicate]

There exists a Stackexchange dedicated to vi and vim Most of the questions on vi and vim on stackoverflow are significantly more on-topic on https://vi.stackexchange....
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17 votes
1 answer

Why can't we challenge a migration or off-topic?

One of my questions in Database Administrators Stack Exchange was closed as "off topic" and moved to Stack Overflow. This happened very quickly with no chance to defend the question. And while the ...
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40 votes
1 answer
744 views in the close reasons popout shouldn't go to

Go to a question, click flag and get to this page: (flag → should be closed… → off topic because… → This question belongs on another site in the Stack Exchange network) You see the top multiple ...
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Why do "homework dump" questions get migrated?

I came across a question with its title in Russian (see here). Nothing but a homework dump: You have been hired to write an application for a parking garage to automate the calculation of the fee to ...
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1 answer

How to flag something to suggest a move to a better site when it is already closed?

I came across this question today, How to name variables with units?, which, I agree with the closure on this site. While I would find it difficult to edit this question to be within the scope of SO,...
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2 answers

How to migrate a specific MSO question from SO to MSO?

The question Should we call it C17 or C18? is a meta-question that belongs here on MSO rather than a question that belongs on SO. How can we get the question migrated from SO to MSO? Normally, the ...
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