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Strange behaviour upon unchecking 'Show skipped reviews' when at last page of review history [duplicate]

To reproduce this behaviour, visit the a review queue's history tab. I'll take First Questions as an example. Because of the amount of skipped reviews, checking the option to "Show skipped ...
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Understanding the review decisions of other users

I'm trying to help the community by reviewing via the various review queues. Sometimes, I am wrong, even if I only vote for languages and frameworks that I know. I see it when I am the only one to ...
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Discrepancy between CV review queue history and all actions on profile

If I look on my profile on the all actions tab and look at the CV review tasks I see what action I took on what post. This however doesn't show the current status of the questions, like [closed] or [...
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Documentation review history shows all users [closed]

I appear to have access to everyone's documentation review history . This didn't used to be the case - is this a bug, or did I not get the memo?
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Review History Time Machine [closed]

The review history time machine (not a real thing) cannot go back to the beginning of time. As of today, the review history dates back as followed: Stack Overflow Close Votes ~ 100000. Low Quality ...
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Review history pagination ignores "show skipped reviews" setting

When I browse my own review history, I usually uncheck the "show skipped reviews" option to hide the reviews I skipped. The problem is that this option is lost everytime I change the page, i.e. the ...
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How can I review my reviews?

The stupid test post caught me out. Obviously, this is not the first time, as for some reason I got a two-day ban. This seems harsh, but hey, I'm cool with that. What I can't seem to find is, how do I ...
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