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refers to all questions deleted from Stack Overflow. The tag "specific-question" should also be used when referencing a specific question that has been deleted.

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Can I undelete my own self-deleted post?

For editing let's say comments in Stack Overflow, one has 5 minutes to do so. How does it work for deleting posts? Is there a time limit to undelete a post that one has deleted or can it be undeleted ...
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What should the system be deleting automatically that it already isn't?

So this question got me thinking... We have several automatic processes in place for cleaning up cruft, deleting questions that are very unlikely to help anyone else. They're fairly conservative ...
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Why was this post deleted when there are MANY just like it that weren't?

This post ( was deleted by moderators: Title: And another: How to get a 3D ...
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74 votes
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Used the maximum 40 votes in a day, and more, but I'm not stopped from voting yet

So I used the maximum 40 votes for a day, and I happened to earn the Vox Populi badge for that. However I've been voting for various questions and answers, and it's been 43 at the moment, but SO won'...
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Only allow questions to be deleted if a downvoted answer or no answer is present

Current situation Currently the following rule applies when deleting questions: Questions can be deleted if no (upvoted) answer is present The rationale behind it is probably that, in case an ...
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Why do some people delete good questions? [closed]

When I came to stackoverflow half an hour ago, I saw that I had 50 Rep less than before. I checked what happened and saw that a question got deleted which I had answered. The quality of the question ...
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What to do if I find a deleted question I just wanted to ask

I've just got a problem with git gui just like described in this question. Unfortunately, the question has been deleted by the OP. There's no answer, so not much got lost... except that the OP ...
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How to undelete an answer deleted by a moderator [duplicate]

I have asked a perfect question and got the solution. I posted it on the blog which is published on my company's website. I gave the link and explained the main components of the solution. It was even ...
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Why was this question removed?

The question was this one: What is SOA in plain English. Since I don't have 10k yet I can't access the question any more, or read the close notes. I wrote an answer to this question which got some ...
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How to handle users deleting their questions after receiving an answer?

I recently contributed an (seemingly correct) answer to this question (10k+) which the user has now deleted. The user recieved an answer in both the comments section as well as the formal answer ...
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I got 2 bountied questions, but the system thinks it's 3

Today I logged in to SO to see that apparently one of my bountied questions got deleted, apparently by Community's automated clean-up. Now, however, the system still thinks I have 3 active bounties, ...
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Self-deletion abuse must (somehow) be punished/made visible [duplicate]

Again, I answered a question which shortly thereafter was deleted. I recall only vaguely having seen the user before. Suggestion: Show in the profile the number of self-deletions. In this manner I ...
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Meta-meta: why is meta full of close-warriors?

Every time I see meta questions coming up in the Community Bulletin link on the side of SO, nearly all the questions are "close-warrior" topics (i.e. aimed at removal of content deemed bad to the ...
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3 answers

Don't take reputation away when a question is deleted

It seems unnecessary to take hard-earned reputation away when a question is deleted. If users upvoted for an answer, the one that provided the answer should be able to keep the points, even if the ...
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15 votes
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Valuable question morphing into less valuable ones

A question was asked about the HTML::PrettyPrinter Perl module. Essentially, the asker had copied the example from the synopsis and hit a runtime error. Once this problem was solved, the asker hit ...
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How to handle a reopen review on a question closed as a duplicate of a now-deleted question? [duplicate]

This just came up in the review queue: This question ( is closed as a ...
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21 votes
6 answers

Stack Overflow Deleted Questions Archive

What are some of the more popular questions on Stack Overflow that have been deleted? This is an archive of popular deleted questions on Stack Overflow, mostly from the days when a broader range of ...
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Unable to delete question with answers even with dialog that says it has answers

Here is the bug: Delete this answered question? We do not recommend deleting questions with answers because doing so deprives future readers of this knowledge. Repeated deletion of answered questions ...
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Improve the "404 Not Found" error page for deleted questions

We all know the 404 Error page that appears when one follows an invalid link. Short and succinct, it says "We could not find the page you requested" and then follows with a little programmer humour. ...
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New agressive delete policy completely demotivates answering

It is just now that I tried to answer this beginner question. I gave a short reply first to ensure that the question will not be deleted while I am writing an answer, as it has happened so frequently ...
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Where did my flag options go?

As I recall I used to have more flagging options than this. Did something change? Is this just because of my low rep? Or a recent declined flag?
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1 answer

Please do tell me why my question here was deleted?

The question I posted here: I was not given any warning, but directly got my question deleted. Please do tell what ...
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16 votes
3 answers

How to reference a SO question statically

Very often on Meta somebody asks a question like "should I delete this?" or "what is this user doing?". Unfortunately, when the question actually is deleted or the user banned, we lose the original ...
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How can I see someone's deleted questions or answers?

I know some users can see the deleted content from other users. How are they able to do that?
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3 answers

Where is my privacy?

I have deleted some questions which I asked and which got too many downvotes and I noticed they are irrelevant. So I removed them to make it clear but now I have asked a question which made people ...
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33 votes
2 answers

I didn't give enough information to answer my question, should I withdraw it?

I asked this question. In working on the issue today, I realized that the problem was due to a mismatch between the names of my form controls as given in the VBA and as given on the form itself. ...
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Does flagging on deleted posts work?

I edited my post some days ago I do not know ...
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Is deleting a question and posting a new one with issues fixed acceptable?

Let's say someone does the following: Post a question, Possibly have it downvoted and/or closed, Delete it Repost it with the problems fixed Is this acceptable? The 'correct' behaviour would be to ...
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8 votes
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Question with answer deleted?

There is a question I am pretty sure I posted an answer for it. However by checking the question later today it was deleted to my surprize. This is the link to a comment of the deleted question: ...
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Is it possible to see your deleted questions or answers anywhere?

I was wondering if there is anyway to view your deleted questions or answers as sometimes I remove an answer or question but would like to see it at a later date
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My question was deleted by the community account. Why?

I asked a question a week ago but I can see in my profile that the question has been deleted by the community account. May I know why that happened?
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46 votes
6 answers

Why were historically significant questions deleted?

For example: This question: What are some funny loading statements to keep users amused? used to have this notice on top: But since then it has been deleted on November 9th. I have seen this with a ...
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