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Questions tagged [low-quality-posts]

Anything related to posts of low quality, such as flagging posts for "very low quality", or the low quality answers review task.

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Is it time to end the allure of acquiring SO "rep points"?

Context: This page directs any who would answer a low-quality question with (abridged): Not all questions can or should be answered here ... avoid trying to answer questions which... ...are unclear......
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Spam audits in LQA review queue show grayed [duplicate]

Many of the audits in the Low Quality Answers review queue are obvious spam links. As a rule, the corresponding answers are deleted as spam, which you can see if you click through to the actual ...
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2 answers

Is there a new template based tool for helping to ask questions?

This morning I have run into several questions that seem to use some kind of templating system to help users ask questions.
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Recent flood of very low quality questions and non-questions with the Python tag today - what is going on?

I am wondering if Stack Overflow has been compromised by spammers. Within a few minutes, I have flagged a lot of questions which are either non-questions or low-quality and they all have the python ...
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Should I flag questions which answer themselves as "Very low quality"?

Case: sqlite3.IntegrityError: UNIQUE constraint failed: Copy-paste in case it's deleted: db = sqlite3.connect("books-collection.db") cursor = db.cursor() # cursor.execute("...
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What to do about question with multiple low-quality answers?

I noticed this question on SO that lacks certain details like the OS that the OP is using. The question has multiple low-quality answers all of which have been upvoted. In fact, the highest voted ...
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2 answers

Apache AGE (of Despair)

At the suggestion of a Mod in chat, I'm putting out a call for help in flagging the chaos in the apache-age answers which I (and several others) have noticed. I'm not an expert in this area, but even ...
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27 votes
2 answers

How should non-English answers with code be handled in the Low Quality Answers queue?

I have seen this answer but it was not made clear specifically how answers such as this should be handled. The answer includes a non-English description of a code block. Given the facts that: Non-...
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How should I handle typo answers in the Low Quality Answers queue?

Occasionally, I find one sentence answers in the Low Quality Answers queue. They are often: I had to restart my computer/IDE/whatever Or Not reproducible or caused by typos type answers such as: ...
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8 votes
1 answer

Create tag-specific validation rules to help improve low-quality questions

As someone who spends a lot of time answering questions in roblox, I see a lot of questions from beginners both to coding and to Stack Overflow. This has led me to believe that the site does not do a ...
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1 answer

Is it a good idea to skip upvoted answers in the Low Quality Answers queue?

I noticed that upvoted and/or accepted answers cannot be deleted via review in Low Quality Answers. A moderator ends up deleting the post anyway, invalidating the task. Here is an example: If such ...
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0 answers

Can't retract VLQ flag on a question after it was edited [duplicate]

I flagged a question as VLQ. The flag is still pending. Now the question has been edited into an actual question. I don't get an option to retract the flag. The flag popup just looks like this: There'...
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Why was my "very low quality" flag declined on an off-topic question? [duplicate]

I found this very low-quality post here. It's a very long Minecraft error. The user points to "code" that looks like a stack trace. I thought this was obviously off-topic for Stack Overflow, ...
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34 votes
6 answers

Is there a recent change of the way on how we flag non-English content with low quality?

One of my recent low-quality flags on non-English content is declined. The reason given is: Use Needs Improvement > Needs Details or Clarity flags instead for non-English questions. https://meta....
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Many answers were given in a short period [duplicate]

I just left a comment beneath an answer by a new user. The answer was wrong in several aspects. I visited their profile and was amazed at seeing they gave a staggering number of answers in a short ...
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39 votes
4 answers

Are employees of collectives exempt from site-wide conventions?

When going through the First Questions queue I came across this question (question has been deleted, see the Internet Archive for <10k rep users). It contains an image of code, so I cast my close ...
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15 votes
3 answers

How many typos in a question is considered too many?

I came across this question, which contains a lot of typos (the original revision). To some extent, I consider it nearly incomprehensible. Being afraid of not having enough expertise in the context of ...
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42 votes
1 answer

Is the Low Quality Answers Queue review comment for link-only answers providing appropriate guidance?

Background The current review comment for "This is a link-only answer (and not spam)" reads: While this link may answer the question, it is better to include the essential parts of the ...
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The Low quality answers queue, I use "Looks good" for attempts that are incorrect? [duplicate]

It would help me to know what I should have chosen (Looks Ok or Recommend Deletion) assuming I chose to not skip nor edit these two posts: This is first example I’d choose looks ok, but chose skip. It ...
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1 answer

How to encourage people to use linebreaks and periods?

I wonder why people do not use line breaks and periods. I see many long paragraphs and sentences using commas. Some posts are really hard to follow and require (lots of/some) post-editing to ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Do dangling answers to a question, gone due to moderation, need deletion?

This is in the Low quality answers review queue: The question itself is no longer available. So I clicked "Recommended deletion". ...
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23 votes
0 answers

Some Reviewed Low Quality Answers are not being deleted

There's an odd thing going on with some NAA/LQP reviews. The reviews are being completed and the flags are clearing, but the post is not being deleted. Hat tip to CertainPerformance for noting the ...
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1 answer

Should I flag blatantly off-topic answers?

Sometimes I encounter answers that attempt to answer a question that is that completely unrelated to the parent question (Example). The example question is about Objective-C but the answer is about ...
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1 answer

Does forgetting a DBMS deserve a downvote? [duplicate]

I left an answer on a question that was not asked in very clear way. The user did not specify the DBMS and I gave an answer that was correct for T-SQL. I forgot to add this in the first draft; I then ...
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"This is a thank you comment" radio button not appearing on Low quality answer review queue [duplicate]

Scenario 01 I got the below answer (image 01) in the review. It's a thank you comment on the above post. But the system doesn't allow me to add "thank you" comment message (image 2). This ...
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-8 votes
2 answers

Why would choosing to edit/improve a review lead to a suspension?

Part1 I failed a review audit by clicking the edit button, and I would like to get some clarity why, and see if anyone else maybe agrees with my views in the bottom half of this post. This is a ...
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112 votes
2 answers

Microsoft Azure Customer Engineers Giving Low Quality Answers

I am new to Azure machine learning service and trying to post questions on Stack Overflow to get some help around issues that I face. The questions always get picked up by Azure Customer Engineers (...
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Why has this answer promoting a product been deleted?

Why has this been removed? It's a valid answer and the links are valid too. He may be promoting a product, but the answer is still valid. Low Quality Answer Test
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1 answer

Shouldn't this be undeleted?

This question was recently deleted. Though it's a question of low quality and not direct, the main error (the one with the StringVar)'s reason/cause hasn't been explained properly in other posts, and ...
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30 votes
0 answers

Turn the VLQ flag for answers into two new, more intuitive flags to improve flagging experience

TL;DR Remove the VLQ flag and instead add flags for link-only and non-English answers that have the same effect as NAA flags but provide better guidance for flaggers. The Very low-quality flag for ...
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1 answer

How should I handle this post in LQ review?

The answerer states that this is a comment, but to me, it looks like an answer as it includes a lot of explanation. This is the link to the review. There are many downsides to this post, such as the ...
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Failed audit with Looks OK for a good answer [duplicate]

I was reviewing Low quality answers and I had chosen option "Looks OK". Here is the review in question: This was an audit for my ...
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23 votes
2 answers

Was this audit wrong or am I missing something?

I failed an audit but I think it might be unjustified. I voted "Looks okay" but it told me the answer was deleted because of spam or something offensive. I can't see what's wrong with this ...
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Allowing low rep users to post inlined images certainly isn't an improvement. Roll back please!

It seems that the minimum 10 points rep restriction for posting inlined images recently was removed. Example: someone can help me, I don't understand my mistake? Showing those mostly useless ...
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-11 votes
1 answer

What can we do about highly upvoted bad answers? [duplicate]

This site of Stack Overflow is designed to sit on two stools: to provide quick on-site help for the person who decided to ask, and to constitute sort of a knowledge base for people who are coming from ...
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-17 votes
1 answer

Why was this VLQ flag on an off-topic answer rejected? [duplicate]

Yesterday I flagged this answer (now deleted by the author) as very low quality. My reasons were stated in a comment: The answer is off-topic since it's given in a different programming language. C ...
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17 votes
4 answers

In "Low Quality Answers", should we cross-check package references to identify Improper Self Promotion?

A couple of weeks ago, @dbc asked, In "Low Quality Posts" is it required to cross-check external links with profile pages to identify Improper Self Promotion?, to which I responded with my ...
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1 answer

Should I recommend to delete a partial answer from a reputable external source?

I was reviewing low quality answers and came across this answer. I chose to skip, as I don't know much (see anything) about iOS development. It contains a direct copy and paste query and reply from ...
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-8 votes
1 answer

Why was this answer deleted as spam and used as an audit question? [duplicate]

In the Low Quality Posts queue, this answer was used as an audit question, despite it obviously being a legitimate answer. Even worse, it was deleted by Community Bot as "spam or offensive ...
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1 answer

NAA flag declined: flags should not be used to indicate technical inaccuracies, or an altogether wrong answer

A question tagged java arrays string: Find frequency of consecutive digits N times Given a string of digits and a number n String = 500055 n = 2 then output -> 510352 explanation: here I'm counting ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Can someone explain why my review decisions (which led to a suspension) were wrong?

Today I visited Stack Overflow and learned my review privileges have been suspended until Nov 13th. I just started reviewing close votes and low quality answers last week as I earned the privilege. ...
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2 answers

Should I answer questions that include images of code (or violate other guidelines)?

I came across this C question which had code as pictures, instead of text. I answered the question and got 2 downvotes. Am I doing something wrong? To be clear, I'm not asking about why I shouldn't ...
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9 votes
1 answer

Change "Low quality posts" to "Low quality answers" in the help center

Following the most recent change to the review queues: Name change: Low quality posts → Low quality answers (Stack Overflow only) But some pages in the help center still reference using the old name....
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70 votes
7 answers

Why do we reward users for answering bad questions and would it be a good idea to incentivize those who downvote or flag them instead?

I've noticed that a simple way to earn reputation is by answering easy questions. Even if I don't know the answer to a question it will often be very similar to another question or only take a few ...
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3 answers

Low quality answer queue - why is this audit spam or offensive? [duplicate]

In the "Low quality answer queue", I came upon this audit, which I marked as "Acceptable". However, it was recently deleted by Community because it was flagged as spam or offensive ...
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-9 votes
4 answers

Fresh Question Shielding -- now with no effect on users with less than 5 answers

Based on the support for @HolyBlackCat's preferred rule modification to my previous meta question, I'd like to crystalize the level of community support for my feature request in the name of progress. ...
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-25 votes
4 answers

A proposal to put all answerers on a path to curating better content

What's not working well and why: New users very, very, very seldom understand the difference between a good, clear, unique, on-topic question and a question that should be closed. In fact, we have ...
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22 votes
2 answers

Skipped review posts looping

I am currently doing Low Quality Post reviews. Strangely, I seem to be in a rough loop where I can't skip beyond the same three or four posts: I doubt this is client-side, but I'm using Firefox 90....
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Does images of code denote a low quality question? [duplicate]

I’m confused, I flagged this question as Low Quality but my flag has been declined by a moderator? The first image link is to a large block of code which in my opinion is no use to anyone. If this ...
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"very low quality flag" declined - is that justified? [duplicate]

I recently flagged this answer as "very low quality" because it just copied (non-working) code from the question without any additional comment or statement. I wrote a comment to indicate ...
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