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Questions tagged [historical-lock]

Historical locks are used on off-topic questions which still have some value. Only moderators can add and remove locks. If you're sure the question state should change, then you should raise an "in need of moderator intervention" flag and explain the issue and your reasoning. If unsatisfied with the results, you can post a question with this tag. If you're unsure the question should be locked, use this tag to discuss adding or removing historical locks.

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12 votes
1 answer

Who can modify a locked post for me? I found an invalid URL that needs to be updated

The question is this: Git for beginners: The definitive practical guide There is a link to Git guide, but that does not work. It should be Git guide (without underscore) I have sufficient reputation ...
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11 votes
0 answers

On topic question closed as duplicate of off-topic question with historical significance

I just ran across What does the 'git add .' ('git add' single dot) command do? which is marked as a duplicate of Git for beginners: The definitive practical guide. The duplicate target ...
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-9 votes
1 answer

Should the question “Why can’t I accept my own answer?” be undeleted?

I just came across a blog post titled Accept Your Own Answers on the Stack Overflow blog. It links to a now-deleted question on the main site titled Why can’t I accept my own answer?. I understand why ...
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9 votes
0 answers

Can't search for indirectly locked posts

For context, I'm trying to hunt down all locked posts linking to imageshack. A search with an unspecified lock status, sorted by votes for a higher hit rate, yields these two high on the list: These ...
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  • 27.9k
6 votes
2 answers

How can I improve an answer to a locked question?

There is this question about getting the location from the IP address: Getting the location from an IP address The most recently edited answer has a typo in it leading to a redirect to a domain ...
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-20 votes
1 answer

What should we do with closed/locked questions with 1000+ votes and that are highly useful to the programmers community?

The questions Text editor to open big (giant, huge, large) text files and Best Free Text Editor Supporting *More Than* 4GB Files? don't meet today's "on-topic" standards, so I understand why ...
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48 votes
3 answers

Does this "Clang vs GCC" question deserve to be Historically Locked?

This question: Clang vs GCC - which produces faster binaries?, which was asked 11½ years ago, was (rightly) closed as opinion-based ("Seeking recommendations …" may also be appropriate) but ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Is a historical lock appropriate for this recommendation question?

The following question has been recently locked with a historical lock: Is there a properly tested alternative to Select2 or Chosen? This is a recommendation question with answers offering a few links ...
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-22 votes
2 answers

Can we delete downloading a FTP directory recursively? It's off-topic, locked and also answered elsewhere

This question is about using a venerable FTP client (probably netkit's FTP client since the original one has passed hands several times in distributions). There's nothing programming here, no API, ...
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16 votes
2 answers

How to find those old gems on SO?

There are some entertaining Q&As from the early years of Stack Overflow which are no longer on‑topic, such as: What is the best comment in source code you have ever encountered? What was the ...
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8 votes
0 answers

Could we have a way to 'close' or otherwise archive outdated post on teams? [closed]

Funnily enough, doing so on main sites is a thing that's being worked on, in a manner of speaking. I'm considering two specific scenarios There's a specific situation that's no longer relevant at ...
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-9 votes
1 answer

Why was this question locked? [duplicate]

A while ago I asked a rather unpopular question (which was subsequently auto deleted by the community) about this answer with 75 downvotes and which more or less only consists of an opinion and a ...
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14 votes
5 answers

Does this question need a historical lock?

I recently came across the question How to identify unused CSS definitions in SOCVR. Reading it, it does seem like it's a closable question. I would probably choose "Needs Details or Clarity"...
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  • 2,270
-17 votes
2 answers

Reopen Nomination: question about opening Terminal for programming

This meta post is in regards to the "historically locked" question here: Open terminal here in Mac OS finder 568k Views | 443 Bookmarks | 682 Upvotes | 900 Upvote Accepted Answer I am ...
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7 votes
1 answer

Why is this C# question historical locked?

I ran across this C# question as part of a discussion in SOCVR about this question that was originally marked as a duplicate. The question does not seem to be off-topic, which means a historical lock ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Why was this question about debugging an Android device closed and locked?

This question asks how to connect an Android device to your computer for debugging purposes. While it is a hardware-related question, it's one that's only likely to come up in the context of ...
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-10 votes
2 answers

Why is line intersection question locked and closed? [duplicate]

I found this post while searching for the topic, and am very surprised to see it is locked and closed. What gives? How do you detect where two line segments intersect? Checking the Help Center and ...
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148 votes
8 answers

Are questions about the motives of programming library developers on-topic?

This question about why libCurl is free has been closed 3 times and removed from the Hot Network Questions by a moderator. It seems to be opinion based: What is the incentive for curl to release ...
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18 votes
1 answer

Shell scripting question closed and locked

Was surprised to see that this question was closed and locked. I read this... When is it OK to ask shell scripting questions on SO? ...and I agree that questions on interactive shell usage is ...
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16 votes
1 answer

Why do historically locked posts not show up/down vote buttons, but collaborative effort locks do?

I've come across two different questions, one having a historical lock and one having a collaborative effort lock. I wasn't able to vote on either of them, but the historically locked post did not ...
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-7 votes
1 answer

Why leave very bad examples of posts on the site?

I was browsing the highest voted meta SO questions, and noticed some historically locked posts that seem really out of place (apparently the app shows these even though a regular browser hides them). ...
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  • 25.4k
21 votes
1 answer

Why does this question include the answer?

I was looking at What does Ruby have that Python doesn't, and vice versa? and it seems to me that the question shouldn't include the answer, whether it's a Wiki or not. I'm surprised that is hasn'...
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43 votes
1 answer

Is a historical lock really appropriate when there are plenty of questions closed as duplicates of it?

A small reminder about what is an historically locked question: It's considered to be a deleted question, but visible to all. It has no FLAG/DELETE/EDIT/VOTE buttons (so you can't improve it, can't ...
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-56 votes
1 answer

Questions from dead users should not be editable

In connection with the fifth anniversary of Aaron Swartz's death, there is a discussion on Hacker News that goes like this: codeulike says: This StackOverflow question from Aaron about using rsync ...
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1 vote
4 answers

Why is a "how to do X in python" locked as "historically significant but off-topic"?

I've been relearning Python after an 18 year lapse. As I have a question, I web search it. If there's a SO answer, I go for that one first, because I am familiar with the SO format and the often-...
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3 votes
1 answer

Under what specific circumstances will historically locked content be updated?

This came up in a recent question in which content from a historically locked question was updated. As I understand historic locks, they're meant for content which was on-topic at one point in our ...
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17 votes
2 answers

Can I update defunct URLs on a post that is locked with historical significance?

I noticed that one of my old questions has a couple of broken links. I would like to update the links in the question, however it has been locked with "historical significance" so I am not able to ...
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-1 votes
1 answer

Should we re-open the locked question "Should I use semicolons after every statement in JavaScript?"?

I haven't worked full-time with JavaScript for a while (mainly because my code is bug free) so I was a bit surprised to run across some example JavaScript code that didn't include semicolons at the ...
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36 votes
1 answer

Can we unlock an offtopic question, that doesn't seem to provide historical value, so we can vote on deleting it?

Best tools for creating website wireframes It is: Asking for a tool request POB (Primarily Opinion Based) Doesn't seem offer any historical significance It's asking about wireframe tools from 9 ...
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5 votes
0 answers

Collaborative lock for "Daylight saving time and time zone best practices"?

I came across this post: Daylight saving time and time zone best practices It was asked back in 2010, but is now clearly too broad. Its timeline has two attempts at closure but those were ...
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59 votes
1 answer

Time to lock "Time to take a stand" [duplicate]

Five days before the posting of this question, Joel Spolsky posted Time to take a stand (yes, it's been only five days!) and all hell broke loose. So many answers criticizing the post or suggesting ...
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19 votes
5 answers

Can we keep the good results to an off topic question on the site?

Functional, Declarative, and Imperative Programming Can we keep this question on the site please? Update: I'm researching a short essay for University, and when I placed the question in criteria in ...
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-6 votes
1 answer

Please correct the dead link on the locked post

Since it's not possible to flag, edit or report locked posts, I'm reporting the issue here. This post: What is the worst programming language you ever worked with? [closed] has the following dead ...
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25 votes
0 answers

Delete historically locked "What good technology podcasts are out there?"

The question What good technology podcasts are out there? was asked and set up as a community wiki in 2008, deleted in 2010, then undeleted and locked as a historical question in 2011. I would like to ...
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-22 votes
1 answer

The "Why won't my helloworld.png compile?" question is on-topic [duplicate]

Why is this program erroneously rejected by three C++ compilers? Current status, which I believe is incorrect: locked by Will Jul 2 '13 at 18:08 This question exists because it has historical ...
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  • 60.2k
57 votes
3 answers

Can we delete this off-topic locked "historical" question now that its answers have finished becoming outdated?

Here Looks like it dates to 2008... was last touched around 2012? Given that Javascript has changed since 2008, I suggest burninating it, since IMO it does ...
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  • 60.2k
-19 votes
1 answer

Why is this question that appears historically significant deleted?

Questions that were once on-topic and popular, but are now off-topic, usually seem to be locked. This question seems to fit those criteria, but it's deleted (by Jeff himself). Why?
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32 votes
1 answer

I successfully flagged a comment on a locked post! [duplicate]

To clarify about a dupe: Upvotes and flags on locked post comments It isn't a dupe. That question is mainly focusing on the part of removing the button, or warning. It's tagged as bug, but isn't ...
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77 votes
3 answers

How has the scope of Stack Overflow changed?

We have some locked posts on the site. The reason why these posts are locked is that they "are no longer on-topic but have historical significance". I guess "no longer on-topic" implies that they were ...
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70 votes
3 answers

Historical Lock for "Why hasn't functional programming taken over yet?"

Would it be worth using an historical lock for: Why hasn't functional programming taken over yet? The question was asked in May 14, '10 and deleted on Feb 10 this year after up to 6 years. Lots of ...
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13 votes
1 answer

Old, off-topic, locked, low views, low score - delete?

Should we delete this question? My question: Why not delete it? (Or perhaps why can't we vote to delete?) I try to moderate as I come across content ...
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-9 votes
3 answers

I am skeptical about the reason for deleting Jon Skeet's answer on shortest "Hello word"

To a question “Hello World” in less than 20 bytes Jon Skeet has posted an answer: This might not seem that funny, but note that this was in 2008. This answer was deleted three years later: It was ...
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  • 51.8k
62 votes
2 answers

Can we re-delete "What is the best MySQL Client Application for Windows?"?

Link for 10k users for context: This question has been deleted again by a moderator. It would be nice to ...
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  • 4,479
-12 votes
2 answers

In what sense was this April Fools' post "off-topic"? I don't think we should be calling it that

We all remember this wonderful April Fools' question. My query is regarding the fact that it is locked. I am curious as to… why? Or, more precisely, why does the lock banner say: This ...
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40 votes
3 answers

Histo-Locked "C++ IDE recommendations" post - shouldn't it be removed by now?

Here's a historical post on SO: C++ IDE for Linux? This would be closed as inappropriate had it been asked today, but was kept for historical/social reasons. The problem is, the information in it is ...
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13 votes
1 answer

Should historically locked questions count toward 10M questions milestone?

In the context of the competition Let's predict the date of the ten millionth question on Stack Overflow I'd like to clarify which count of questions should be used. There are two: /questions ...
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-13 votes
2 answers

I think this old, deleted question should be undeleted and historically locked instead This question has 27,000 views and a score of over 700. Typically, such questions ...
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-4 votes
2 answers

Why moderators handle questions with "historical significance" inconsistently?

There is this question: What is the single most influential book every programmer should read? Which has a rather interesting history: Post Deleted by animuson♦ Question Unprotected by ...
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28 votes
1 answer

What can users do about outdated locked questions?

When searching Google I came across this question. It's locked, stating 'historical significance'. That's a bit vague, and the description only references a problem with the question. Nothing in the ...
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87 votes
1 answer

Historical lock for "Why does Java have the reputation of being slow?"

Is Java really slow? has 150 upvotes and 24K views. It has a top answer with 198 votes. It has been closed, reopened, closed, deleted, undeleted, and now has 6 pending delete votes. Given the scores, ...
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