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Broken table in "Ask like a human: Implementing semantic search on Stack Overflow" blog post

In the blog post titled Ask like a human: Implementing semantic search on Stack Overflow, there is ... this: Not sure what that was intended to be, but that's not easy to read. Can that be cleaned up ...
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Stack Overflow Blog sidebar overflows into footer

On macOS, browsing with Safari or Firefox, when you scroll down to the bottom of the blog homepage, you'll notice the sidebar content is overflowing awkwardly into the footer: System: macOS 13.4.1, ...
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Stack Overflow Blog top bar flair does not use thousands separators

The flair in the top bar of the new blog site is missing a thousands separator: My reputation is showing as 21988 while on the Q&A sites, it's shown as 21,988:
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Is the information in this blog incorrect?

I just saw this How terrifying is giving a conference talk? (Ep. 589) in The Over Flow blog at the right side of SO page. I read through it and I am now curious about this part. A very special ...
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Let's help the Stack Overflow Blog post find the sponsor, or why do the Blog's posts keep missing disclosure headers?

Today, yet another sponsored post appeared on the Stack Overflow blog. Such posts, apart from the "partner content" and "partnercontent" tags, are supposed to have a big header ...
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Reply section for blog comments focused on scroll

In the comment section of any blog article, whenever scrolling through comments on a mobile phone, the reply section is constantly focused (keyboard opens and screen scrolls down a bit to fit the ...
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Can the total sample size for the Pulse Survey results be included in blog posts?

I've noticed the Pulse Survey results on the Stack Overflow blog, and sometimes have wanted to share the interesting results with coworkers or stakeholders. However, I can't find the total sample size ...
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A/B testing the separation of The Overflow Blog from the Community Bulletin (testing concluded)

Update Feb 9: Testing has concluded. Update Jan 30: Test is now active on Stack Overflow for anonymous users. Background As part of the Content Discovery initiative, we’re announcing the next ...
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Should the question “Why can’t I accept my own answer?” be undeleted?

I just came across a blog post titled Accept Your Own Answers on the Stack Overflow blog. It links to a now-deleted question on the main site titled Why can’t I accept my own answer?. I understand why ...
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Can SO put "Paid Advertisement" or similar headers on blog posts that are written as extended advertisements?

"Blog" posts like are actually just extended long-form advertisements. Can this be disclosed at the beginning of ...
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2 answers

Should we point new users to recent SO blog posts and podcasts episodes that mentions entities that help people to learn to code?

Some recent blog posts and podcast episodes mention entities that help people to learn to code or improve their programming skills. Should we point new users to this content or other content more ...
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Copyright status of blog post containing Stack Overflow answers? [duplicate]

I've got an idea for a blog post I want to write which compares different approaches to a problem demonstrated in the answers to a question on the site. For a specific example: there are so many ways ...
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Can I customize Stack Overflow's display (e.g. hide "The Overflow Blog" box)? [duplicate]

I was wondering if there's some way to get rid of the box over in the upper-right corner of the Stack Overflow display ("The Overflow Blog" and so on). It's in effect distracting clickbait, ...
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Inaccessible image in Perl blog post

I noticed that the post Why Perl is still relevant in 2022 contains an SVG that is inaccessible to a number of users: When using a screenreader (VoiceOver), I hear "2009 image 2010 image 2011 ...
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There's no escape from HTML entities on the Blog

In the issue #129 of the Overflow, descriptions of "Interesting Questions" (as well as "Links from around the web") contain ' (likely not limited to in the general case) ...
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Numerous errors in the recent podcast about quantum computing

The latest podcast (see the blog post about it, along with the comments under it pointing out mistakes) discusses quantum computing and what they call the "quantum internet". It makes a ...
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Many syntactic, semantic, typing and style errors in the "Underscoring (or dunder-scoring) the importance of native type methods in Python" blog post

I was skimming the latest SO blog post, when I quickly noticed a rather obvious typo in the table of numeric built-ins: comlex should be complex! I wouldn't normally take much notice of a typo, but ...
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Broken jobs links in various headers/footers

This link in the footer for the Stack Overflow blog 404s since jobs is no more: Same with these links in the footer for These links in the footer for ...
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Your blog post on the Log4shell vulnerability is tone-deaf and keeps the actual community at arms' length

I'm a developer that works with an institution that has been impacted by this vulnerability, and boy am I dissatisfied with how this blog post was presented. Let's get the obvious out of the way - ...
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Link in the latest blog post is broken

The link in the latest blog post (Stack Gives Back 2021) is broken. Link to Girls Who Code is supposed to contain the href value as: but instead, its href value is: http://$...
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Confusing blog post "Does ES6 make JavaScript frameworks obsolete?" [duplicate]

I read a really confusing blog post "Does ES6 make JavaScript frameworks obsolete?" announced at StackOverflow. It reads as if the article was written six years ago. All of the comments are ...
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85 votes
3 answers

Very outdated blog post about the "new" release of ES6

The latest blog post, Does ES6 make JavaScript frameworks obsolete?, is about the "new" release of ES6 (a version of JavaScript) and discusses the potential effects of this event in the ...
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What do you think about a physical Stack Overflow magazine?

I definitely like reading the Stack Overflow's blog, but sometimes I just don't want to be sitting in front of my computer or reading through my smartphone specially when COVID-19 made us (at least me)...
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Sing, Elton! - Blog article mistypes

In this blog article, Singleton is mistyped twice.
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34 votes
1 answer

What was the "most copied comment" with a score of 938?

I was reading the blog article How often do people actually copy and paste from Stack Overflow? Now we know and there was a section at the bottom (Ctrl+f for "copied comment") about the most ...
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Look like the blog link is broken

Celebrating the Stack Exchange sites that turned 10 years old The page is not found on this link, also I am not able to find the correct link from
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Does the blog comments section support markdown?

I made a comment on the 'Privacy is an afterthought in the software lifecycle. That needs to change.' article and the formatting is very strange. I can't tell if I messed it up or if it just doesn't ...
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Is appropriate to use the advantage of The Overflow Blog article to get the Announcer badge?

I have stumbled upon the Best practices for writing code comments article. Regardless of the excellent and interesting content (thumbs up to the author), I find this piece of code in the article quite ...
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What does Stack Overflow use for the plots and graphs in its blog articles?

How are the simple but effective plots used in the Stack Overflow blog articles created? Example article:
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Practically - what are the changes that SO talent will be seeing? [duplicate]

There was a recent blog post from Prasanth that talked about planned changes in Stack Overflow Careers. It seems to be an extremely high-level overview that something is changing, and both as a fairly ...
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697 votes
11 answers

Stop using announcement banner for blog advertising

I visited the homepage today and saw this: Where on the right, you have 2 links to the Overflow Blog, and on the top now, you have another. I have posted about the sidebar before: Stop misusing the ...
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Scroll action that start on the reply button on comment bring in reply box (Touch screen)

Today I read a StackOverflow blog post on mobile: If everyone hates it, why is OOP still so widely spread?. After reading the article, I scroll down and read comments there. The problem is when I ...
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Downvotes research: why do we need that?

In this blog post The Loop: Our Community Roadmap for Q3 2020, the issue of downvoting has been mentioned. It reads: Downvotes research (July) Receiving downvotes on Stack Overflow can be a ...
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How does comment moderation on the Stack Overflow blog work? [duplicate]

I posted a comment on the currently featured Stack Overflow blog post Tales from documentation: Write for your dumbest user over 7 hours back, and it said the comment was awaiting moderation. I ...
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What is Bizible JS and what function does it serve on the blog?

I'm seeing a tracking pixel called "bizible" on the blog. What is it doing?
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Graph in blog not suited for dark mode

In this new blog entry the graph is hard to read.
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Expand the profile with a personal blog for stack overflow (code dev part)

Sometimes I want to share knowledge that I recently gained about something. But just thinking about manage a blog in someplace makes me give up. (yes i'm lazy) Imagine kinda a medium (that don't ...
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2020 Developer Survey says "We're sorry, but the 2019 Developer Survey is now closed"

When you go to the 2020 Developer Survey which is linked from this blog post on it, you get the following error: We're sorry, but the 2019 Developer Survey is now closed. See you next year, when we ...
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In the Stack Overflow blog, what is an "affinity coding group"?

In the blog post New decade, new survey goals (& reminder to take the survey before it closes next week!), which refers to "gender and cultural gaps", the term "affinity coding group" is used: ...
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3 answers

Updates to the Stack Overflow blog

We've been busy working on an update for the blog and today we've pushed it live. As with most things software, this isn't something that's ever really done so we will be evolving things over time. ...
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Adding a link to the Stack Overflow blog on side panel

Can we add a link to the Stack Overflow blog here (side panel): Right now, the easiest way to access the blog is to view an article and then navigate to other posts. The other way described here was ...
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33 votes
1 answer

Please revise the latest blog to state it's only about C++ security issues

We've had a recent blog post that enumerates common security issues found on Stack Overflow and their solutions. To do that, it refers back to this article, which describes vulnerabilities in C++ ...
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2 answers

Navigating Stack Overflow Blog - Pagination?

Is it an intentional design decision that there's no consistent / predictable way of navigating the articles on the Stack Overflow blog? You pretty much get what's on the home page, or whatever "...
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2 answers

Blog title cut at most inconvenient place

A recent blog appears in featured blogs as Copying code from Stack Overflow? You might be spreading security… BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA It’s the total opposite. Let's see what that is about, kinda feel in ...
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16 votes
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Correct Kent C. Dodds' spelling in blogpost and banner

I know, I know, it's just a teeny, tiny thing but as we all here aim for correctness, I thought I would point out a little mistake that apparently managed to sneak into the blogpost and banner. On ...
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403 error in latest blog

In the latest blog post I cannot see what is written, I think that's the podcast? Now all the podcasts , in this page are giving the same error. But it used to work before. Is it possible to use ...
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Nominate a guest for the Stack Overflow podcast

Our Director of Public Q&A has requested nominations on Twitter for guests for the Stack Overflow podcast! Who should we nominate? Note: This post is an effort on my part to share this request ...
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Typo in 'Adding Static Code Analysis to Stack Overflow'

There is a minor typo in the Stack Overflow blog post "Adding Static Code Analysis to Stack Overflow". Not real code, ’cause by the time I though to take a screenshot we’d already fixed everything. ...
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Is "partner content" on the SO blog supposed to have a special tag?

I just read the "Einstein Analytics and Go" article, on Stack Overflow blog. The disclaimer indicates content from partners will be indicated "with tags", yet the tags just below this disclaimer text ...
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The height of the Stack Overflow Blog top bar is too large

On a 13" display the blog's top/nav bars cover about 1/4 of the page and they are sticky. Coupled with the browser GUI, the top third of my screen is non-content and that's not a great experience. Is ...
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