Example 1: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/74660233/problem-asked-in-unstop-codeathon-challenge (Blurred by me on purpose)

deleted question screenshot

Example 2: https://stackoverflow.com/staging-ground/74732107 List of questions:

question on the list

After clicking the link:

not found page screenshot


The other one points to staging-ground, so why is it listed in the list with questions?

source of the page

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    That second link is to a staging ground question, I expect that to be related
    – Erik A
    Dec 8, 2022 at 15:01
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    "why is it listed in the list with questions" ... most likely the same bug causing unwanted questions being shown when clicking on the "x questions with new activity" button. Those staging-ground questions aren't shown when you refresh the whole page. (I mean this bug: Can we apply tag filters to "questions with new activity" in the Questions tab?, there are several other reports about issues related to that button)
    – Tom
    Dec 8, 2022 at 15:15

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I can confirm that this is a bug on the Staging Ground. I noticed the behaviour on this account just before the test went live, and put it down to timing. I opened the site on a sock puppet account to make sure, however, and confirmed the problem occurring again on that as well, which doesn't have access to the beta. I mentioned it in chat over there and it has been confirmed as a bug:

Interesting, users that don't have access to the SG can get qusetions that are going to the SG in their qusetion list; i'll post on the teams site

@Larnu we are aware of it - fine to post it there as no one has done yet. We missed blocking it on the real-time-update on filters and tag pages

It's also logged as a on the Staging Ground Testing Teams site.

This is now, reportedly, fixed (though we have seen it occur since, and a new has been logged, it might have been due to caching):

Yaakov Ellis:

This has been fixed

on filter listing
cool! there's a realtime update! no more S.G. link

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