First of all, congratulations on earning 3k! I'm very glad that you're motivated to cast close/reopen votes, we can always do with more curators on Stack Overflow. I understand that it can be scary to feel that you might be targeted because of your curation. I won't deny that your name being on the close banner increases the chance that you will face some ...


You can access a post's timeline from this url: http://stackoverflow.com/posts/<postId>/timeline Which is accessible from this button, under the post's score: You can get to the revision history from this url: http://stackoverflow.com/posts/<postId>/revisions


Yes, you can find who re-opened a question in the revision history of the question: https://stackoverflow.com/posts/<questionId>/revisions I use a userscript called "SEModifications" (github) to automatically add a link to the history (and timeline) in a question's footer: These links aren't available normally (a history link is only shown when ...


You can either use the revision history of the question, as mentioned by Cerbrus, or use the timeline: https://stackoverflow.com/posts/<POST ID>/timeline


You can do these type of analysis by means of the Stack Exchange Data Explorer. This query generates votes, posthistory (edits, close, notices etc) and review events you'll also find in the timeline: select creationdate , [type] , [typeid] as [History, vote or post typeid] , name from ( -- all posthistory events select creationdate , '...


You can see the history for questions. e.g: https://meta.stackoverflow.com/posts/275144/timeline Where the number is the id of the question. This doesn't show the full order of votes because adding timing information would make it possible for people to work out who voted for their question. The same format works for answers: https://meta....


I am happy to report that there is now a link to the timeline available for all users. More details are available here.


I’m working on behalf of the design system to ship some improvements to tables that will make them fully responsive (traditionally a pretty tough problem in the ol’ CSS world), and more accessible. In this case, this means applying overrides to the td instead of the tr. As you can imagine, Stack Overflow is a pretty big codebase, with many different ...


The link for the timeline has now been added for questions and answers, for all users. More details are available here.


Because it is experimental. Realistically, this particular view is only occasionally useful, and even less often used. I use a script to add a link to the timeline to every post. And I still almost never click it. The link does occasionally break page layouts though. ... Sometimes, experiments produce nothing of lasting value but the knowledge gained from ...


Since anyone can see this no matter what the reputation is Low-rep users that haven't yet reached that privilege can't see the breakdown; this is what my 1-point test account sees: Don't assume that that page is exactly the same for all reputation levels.


This really shouldn't be a thing that stops you from good curation of the site. Downvotes will come with or without it. Voting is anonymous as we all know and trying to guess who down-voted us simply isn't worth it. There are some systems in place to prevent extreme floods of revenge votes. Also, assuming most closed questions are from new users, they still ...


If you'd prefer more up-to-date data than SEDE provides, you can also get the question timeline in JSON format via the Stack Exchange API. Parsing and iterating over the JSON data is left as an exercise, but it's not terribly complicated — it's basically just a list of event records. For tracking up/down votes, you'll specifically want the records ...


The system has never recorded an actual deletion event anywhere in the history when a post is deleted from the Low Quality Posts Queue, from the get-go. In 2014, at the same time we got the disputed auto-flag for undeleting it, we also started inserting a "Post Deleted From Review" history event (which now also lists all of the users involved with the review)...


It's again nearly 2 years gone since this question. I support bringing it now. So: it's working it looks decent it adds value in information Theoreticly we can make it offical with just one Link. What is preventing it from beeing alive? To forestall the compulsory comment, I will take 6-8 weeks seriously


On October 23, 2013, you cast a reopen vote on that question. This put it into the reopen review queue. The final outcome was a split decision: 3 to leave closed, and 3 to reopen. That resulted in no action being taken, but the review was marked as "completed". On April 22, 2020, you cast another vote to reopen. This put the question again into the reopen ...


My personal opinion is that education cannot happen without disclosure and transparency - period! It is only through the full disclosure of information that anyone can learn at all. So even though there is a possibility that someone might take your decision to heart and become emotionally irrational over it ... that then could then become an opportunity for ...


Quoting a relevant MSE answer (note that while the answer itself was originally posted by a regular MSE user, the paragraph I quoted was added later by a staff member): We discussed changing the post notice language for users who do have permissions but decided to leave it as-is, so that still indicates that both the post owner and those with close/reopen ...


There isn't any privilege for seeing delete vote counts. You can see your own post delete vote count, if there were any. The only privilege is to see your own post vote count is for the close votes and the up/down breakdown. The only privilege for delete votes is about casting them.


By looking at your reputation changes, you can see whether you got the upvote or downvote first. For one post there, the order is UD, while the other is DU.


I don't think this would make any sense. The red background has always been used to indicate that the thing you are looking at is deleted. Handled flags have a red background because the flag is now deleted. Retracted or completed close votes have a red background because they are deleted. A history event cannot be in a deleted state, and shouldn't have a ...


This is fixed now. Specific edge case when significant edit messed up timeline load


The problem exists, but I think this is not the correct solution. That would make the close voters less accountable, thus it would encourage the VTC misuses. Not only the terrible amount of crap is a problem of the SO, but the many unfair closures are also a big problem. What could be done: The serial vote reversal script should intervene, if it detects a ...


It simply is not a problem. AFIK I've only experienced one single revenge voter, and that got caught and reversed. And that time I explained quite thoroughly why I thought a particular answer was bad and that I will downvote it. And you will also pretty quickly notice that 99% of the close votes you cast will be on questions from user with 1 rep.

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