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Under what circumstances may I add "urgent" or other similar phrases to my question, in order to obtain faster answers?

At best this is extra fluff in your question, which gets in the way of your actual question. This makes it harder for people to help you, which makes it less likely that you'll get an answer. Nobody ...
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Why should I provide a Minimal Reproducible Example for a very simple SQL query?

Lots of questions about the construction of SQL queries are asked on Stack Overflow every day, each competing for attention with the dozens of others that are asked. Those that take the trouble to ...
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How do I hide the left navigation sidebar?

How to hide the left navigation sidebar Click your reputation on the top bar Click the Edit Profile & Settings tab Click Preferences under Site Settings Click the Hide left navigation checkbox ...
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Why isn't it required to provide comments/feedback for downvotes, and why are proposals suggesting this so negatively received?

Forcing downvotes to be accompanied by a comment sounds like a good idea at first blush, and many here would like to see new users get all the info they need to ask questions that are a better fit! ...
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I've been told to create a "runnable" example with "Stack Snippets". How do I do that?

Stack Snippets are an on-site tool similar to, or They're more limited than those tools, but they have the advantage of being on-site, so your code/markup is in your ...
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Under what circumstances may I add "urgent" or other similar phrases to my question, in order to obtain faster answers?

If the question has the same meaning without it then such content is noise and is unnecessary. It does not help anyone write an answer to the question. Feel free to remove it along with any other ...
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How do I create a React Stack Snippet with JSX support?

Here's a step-by-step guide, first summary, then details with pictures. There are a couple of live demonstration snippets after the detailed instructions. Summary: Open the Stack Snippets editor by ...
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Why should I post complete errors? Why isn't the message itself enough?

A generic message like "No such file or directory" only says something about the specific error code that was returned, but nothing about where, why or how it happened. The rest of the error ...
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What is the process for tag removal (burnination)?

Criteria for Burnination There are four preliminary tests that help identifying problematic tags: Does it describe the contents of the questions to which it is applied? and is it unambiguous? Is the ...
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How much research effort is expected of Stack Overflow users?

As moderators, we typically try not to make controversial statements; if something is accepted by the community, then we go with it; but this question is a shining example of where conventional wisdom ...
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Why was I suspended from reviewing for selecting "Requires Editing" in Triage?

Thanks for taking the time to review posts in the Triage queue. Please do not be disheartened by a review suspension, as it is the least drastic action that moderators can take to bring an issue ...
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Under what circumstances may I add "urgent" or other similar phrases to my question, in order to obtain faster answers?

In my experience, these phrases do not actually improve the speed with which answers are posted, and they may in fact slow responses down. If someone posts an answer to an "urgent" question, ...
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How do I make a good edit?

You should read some of the editing guidelines in the Help Center. But there are some aspects of editing that aren't discussed much in the help center that have been clarified on meta. Keep these ...
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How can I use Stack Overflow to support our developer community?

Stack Overflow is Great for Technical Support Stack Overflow works really well for technical support, as long as the project team is not trying to outsource their entire customer support channel to ...
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What are the rules governing multiple accounts (i.e. sockpuppets)?

This is what Jeff Atwood had to say when the question came up a few years ago: It is not a problem to have multiple accounts, as long as they aren't voting for each other and doing other sockpuppet-y ...
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Why shouldn't I assume I know who downvoted my post?

First, let's get this out of the way: Of course that's going to be your first instinct. It's only natural. But there are at least three reasons why making that assumption isn't useful: The assumption ...
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What flags are automatically raised by the system?

Per user flags: These are raised when the user has performed a series of actions. Duplicate answers (auto) - raised on each duplicate answer Possible vandalism: deletions (auto) - raised when there ...
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How can I create a table in a post?

Tables have been added to Stack Exchange as of December 2020. This is what you want: |id|name |email| |--| --- | --- | |1 | Sta |[email protected]| |2 |Danny|[email protected]| |3 |Elle |[email protected]|...
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I've rethought my question about a homework assignment—why can't I get it deleted?

We intentionally make it difficult to delete questions, as that ultimately subverts our mission. As noted by Shog9, a former community manager: We're trying to create a library of reusable ...
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I want to seed Stack Overflow with questions about my product/project. What do I need to know?

This issue reoccurs on a frequent basis on Stack Overflow. If you want to seed (or just answer) questions about your project, be aware of the following Can I support my product here? Generally the ...
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Why are fellow users removing thank-you's from my questions?

Why is this done? Removing "Hi", "Thanks", "Appreciating any help", etc. makes questions more valuable for their future readers by making them look less like problems ...
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Why was my custom flag declined? When should I use a custom flag?

I'm going to try to TL;DR Yvette's post. Note that I'm referring to post flags; comment flags are a different story and I mostly don't care about how you flag those: Do not use 'other' flags when it'...
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Under what circumstances may I add "urgent" or other similar phrases to my question, in order to obtain faster answers?

One reason I think these phrases are inappropriate, which I haven't seen raised yet: they are time-specific by their very nature, which works against Stack Overflow's function as an archive of ...
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How do I present a proposal for change or write a feature request for Stack Overflow?

Before you post Start with research Chances are, if your suggestion is a big change, it or something similar has been requested before. Search carefully for your suggestion on Meta Stack Overflow. ...
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Why is "Can someone help me?" not an actual question?

I've always seen the kind of question you're describing here as evidence that the asker hasn't really thought through the question much themselves (or, at a minimum, they didn't take time to clarify ...
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Why is "Can someone help me?" not an actual question?

"Can you help me?" may be indicative of an unanswerable question, but it is not necessarily so. People often seem to be blinded by the "ask an (actual) question" mentality and downvote and close ...
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How much research effort is expected of Stack Overflow users?

It is not enough to do the research. You must also show us that you have done the research. Stating "I googled for hours and didn't find anything" is not satisfactory mostly because "...
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How can I see close and reopen history of a question that wasn't edited?

You can access a post's timeline from this url:<postId>/timeline Which is accessible from this button, under the post's score: You can get to the revision ...
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How can I log out from Stack Overflow?

The simplest way is to go to Also works on other StackExchange sites.
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Why was my moderator flag to have a duplicate question closed/reopened declined?

There are a couple of reasons why moderators tend to decline requests to resolve duplicate-closure disputes: A) You [probably] haven't done the preliminary work If you disagree with a particular ...

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