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A regression bug was introduced here that prevented some (but not all) comment notifications from going out. The issue has been fixed. Unfortunately there is no practical way for us to requeue the comment notifications that didn't get sent out in the past few hours.


This has been fixed. As per m0sa♦ (SE staff): This will be fixed shortly, we missed an await call in our .NET Core port. System.Threading.Tasks.Task`1[System.String] no longer appears.


A fix for this will be rolling out soon, should be deployed in build rev 2020.4.1.36448 or later. This was caused by a difference in new-line / whitespace handling in the AspNetCore Razor engine.


Thank you very much for reporting this. We'd intended to hide one of the options in the nav bar at the top but accidentally hid the whole thing! Should be back now.


Boy howdy this bug is older than I thought. Sorry about that. The fix is in the queue for deployment to production.


Since there were no objections to this so far, I went ahead and changed snowflake-data-warehouse to snowflake-cloud-data-platform. snowflake, snowflake-data-warehouse and snowflake-cloud-data-platform are still considered synonyms to the new tag and should point there normally. snowflake-data-warehouse is also a synonym now and also points there.

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