I am happy to report that there is now a link to the timeline available for all users. More details are available here.


The link for the timeline has now been added for questions and answers, for all users. More details are available here.


I've corrected the article to use the new variable for the number of close votes needed instead of an integrated number. Shows correctly now.


Whenever a user account is deleted, all of that user's negatively-scored posts are automatically deleted. In this case, looking at the revision history makes it quite obvious why the question was downvoted. The earlier revisions were little more than rants. However, that problem can be easily corrected by editing. In the future, if you see a deleted post ...


Thanks for the report - this'll be fixed after the next build (probably Monday). I apologize for overlooking it for this many years! It's one of those edge-cases that somehow slipped through when adding additional checks at some point in the past. Details of the problem and solution are on Meta SE: My last Delete vote of the day used in Low Quality Posts ...


Thank you for flagging this. It was indeed affecting only the header and footer links of the C# jobs ads. An update that fixes this issue has been released.


It looks like LaTeX highlighting support is a relatively new addition to the supported list, so no default was yet set for the tag. I've now switched the tag default to use lang-latex, lets see how that goes:

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