Ok; I removed your old chat account (there was no activity) - you should now be able to access chat successfully.


I just ran into a user adding mathnet, math.net and mathdotnet to questions, ensuring each has all three of these. Yes, they need to be synonymous.


Should be working again. Thanks for the report; if there's one thing 10K users should not be deprived of here, it's an archive of terrible jokes...


I started writing an answer by stating that we can't add a synonym in that direction, because twiml has more than 1.25 times the number of questions in twilio-twiml, but surprisingly, it went through and I was able to create a synonym. Either the underlying check has changed (which is a welcome one), or there's some other criteria at play (which would be ...


This was proposed amongst the 325 synonyms earlier, during the Clean up of run-together/hyphenated and singular/plural tags, but I had skipped over it because it did seem like there were two different use cases for them, given that a lot of questions were referring to "SQL Parameters" and tagged with sqlparameters (And I also really wanted to synonymize only ...

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