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A post so nice, I upvoted it twice (actually, 10 times)!

I have posted on MSE regarding the full solution to this (since it will apply to all sites). Please read there: Upcoming cleanup of duplicate votes. TLDR: Yeah, it is a real issue, since day 1 of the ...
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Is something wrong with this question stuck "offline for maintenance"?

We've identified an issue with our CDN causing intermittent 503 errors for people in the Chicago area. https://www.stackstatus.net/
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Ask to rename a misspelled tag [yugabyte-db]

This seems to match our existing naming conventions of not adding a hyphen when the "DB" suffix appears at the end of the previous word. Examples: mongodb, couchdb, amazon-dynamodb, azure-...
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How should I report a grammar mistake in the developer Survey results?

Meta is the appropriate place to report such errors. And this one's been fixed. Thanks for reporting! ^_^
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The 2022 Developer Survey results header announcement uses the link text "here", which is not accessible to users browsing with screen readers

Update: We have deployed a fix that makes all the text in the announcement banner a link.
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