Thanks for reporting this! We deleted a ton of IE-specific CSS and there was some complicated Less logic causing this bug that we didn’t catch in our local environment. This should now be fixed. Folks, remember, I’m a person. I’m working hard on improving our codebase every day. Some days there will be visual regressions. I’m sure you’ve shipped some.


I frankly don't think it's sufficient, but I just looked and the page does have this now: Use Stack Snippets to include runnable HTML, JavaScript or CSS. So in some minimalist way, this may be status-completed now.


The logic we used to determine if you were eligible for a survey took into account that you were a member of another team, but it was considering all teams you were ever part of and used the deactivated one for the title of the inbox message. Sorry about that, a fix is rolling to prod to make sure it ignores teams that you were deactivated from - that'll be ...


Thank you for reporting this. We did experience a brief outage on the /jobs page for some users and it has resolved.


Before a merge like this, it is important to verify that the asyncio tag is only being used for questions related to python-asyncio. If it is, those questions should be manually retagged before completing the merge, when it is easier to find them. To this end, I used a search query that found all questions that were tagged asyncio but lacked any tags ...


Added ps2exe-gui as well as a simple tag excerpt and description. Feel free to improve. Tagged two questions with the new tag.

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