This bug has now been fixed network wide. In a certain case of flagging logic, it was checking all flags instead of just your flags to see if you've already raised a flag. I've fixed the check and you should no longer see this issue anymore. Thanks for reporting, and let me know if you're still seeing it anywhere!


It looked like it was mostly cleaned (lots of closure). Deleted a few that wouldn't Roomba. Synonym is now added. Can merge later.


This was caused by simple human error (much like the much larger human error in which I never actually marked this resolved 6 months ago). Job listings can link externally for an application link instead of hosting the applications on site. This is clearly marked for jobs viewers as external application buttons will all have an icon indicating that it is a ...


I was about to say how we managed to cut down more a lot of amazon a few years back, but I soon realized that you were the reason for it, so without much ado, here's the status: I renamed amazon-rds-aurora to amazon-aurora to match what's there on the documentation. I then added aws-aurora as a synonym to amazon-aurora, that is: aws-aurora (× 204) →amazon-...

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