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They're not links to the same thing. The first one is a link to an answer to the question - as indicated by the "A:" before the title. The second one is a link to the question itself - it has a "Q:" before the title and a box indicating the number of answers (2) below the score. The solid green colour shows that it has an accepted answer.


Thanks for pointing this out! I've updated the status of the question which will add the item to our backlog. Together with the dev team, we'll see how and when we could be doing this. We'll make sure to update this post whenever we have more clarity :).


Thanks for the heads up, one of the nodes that runs our search cluster kept diving off the network and there was some... odd misconfiguration issues that prevented it gracefully re-entering the cluster. Our SRE team addressed the underlying issues and things are stable again. Apologies for the inconvenience!

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