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Let's col[lab]orate on a plan for this tag!

This is a proposal, not an invitation to go and burninate this tag or mass-retag questions I propose that For questions where it is being used to refer to a school lab, the tag is removed A dedicated ...
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Should we cleanup and burninate the [meta] tag?

Since it has been removed and 'do-not-used' once before back in 2012 or 2013, a suggestion on what to do with meta this time around is as follows: Cleanup the tag. Existing tags that questions can be ...
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Can we get [behind] the burnination of this tag?

Yes, get rid of it; this tag is too ambiguous to be useful The questions seem to be generally about: Displaying one thing behind another, or something displaying behind something when it shouldn't. ...
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The [rowname] and [columnname] tags are being burninated

Observations/Retag Guidance: Questions about the R function rownames can be retagged r-rownames Questions about the R function columnnames can be retagged r-colnames Questions about dataframes in ...
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Should we cleanup and burninate the [meta] tag?

The tag doesn't really meet the burnination criteria, since (according to the tag usage guidance at least) it unambiguously refers to a very specific, on-topic concept (the HTML meta tags). I do think ...
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Let's stop [Chat]tering

chat keeps growing, as of March 2, 2023 it has 5,779 questions. The tag excerpt is still the same. IHMO the potentially "worst" combinations: [chat] [facebook] 147 questions [chat] [...
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