There are currently 166 questions with cyclic. 22 are also tagged graph - should be retagged to cyclic-graph (there is even a directed-acyclic-graphs that might fit for a few). 15 are also tagged dependency - should be retagged to circular-dependency*. 5 are also tagged reference - should be retagged to circular-reference*. 4 are also tagged import - should ...


There was a similar discussion about python-list. The final result from that seems to be that python-list became a synonym of list. I don't see any reason for not doing the same here. I have already proposed the synonym. To my knowledge, a synonym only affects new usages of the tag. So, the existing questions will remain the same. Question remains: if/when ...


...no. Docker and Dockerfile is still a household name, and it's one of those things that I still Google and look up when trying to troubleshoot or build my Docker containers. Once "Containerfile" starts becoming less of a whisper and more of the topic, then perhaps we can talk about a synonym. But definitely not now.

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