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Amazon Collective launch and tag discussion

While there's a case to be made for calling everything aws-*, that doesn't really seem like the most correct solution, universally, because that isn't always how the services are actually named or how ...
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What's the sense of [sql-and] and [sql-or] when we have [logical-and] and [logical-or]?

I can only assume this is an outflow of other necessary tags like sql-order-by. Sometimes people want to tag all the things, and use other subtags to justify that. I tend to agree with Jörg W Mittag ...
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Get rid of google tag

This tag (along with many other tags created on draft Articles) has now been cleaned up. As indicated in the comments, this was one of several tags that was "stuck" due to being on a draft ...
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Please rename the [rls] tag to [rust-language-server]

The majority of usage of rls was for row-level-security. I went ahead and retagged a bunch of stuff, apologies to anyone watching the row-level-security tag (or those related). I didn't evaluate the ...
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Make "cel" tag synonym of "common-expression-language"

You are correct the cel tag was added incorrectly to the question you referenced (it has now been removed). That question was about cell highlighting, so the asker was probably trying for cell and ...
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