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7 votes

Merge [slate-react] and [react-slate]

Definitely duplicate tags, they've been merged and synonymised to conform with the other [react-*] tags: updating post history, 10 rows affected (pipe delimited) updating posts, 9 rows affected (pipe ...
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5 votes

Tag [swiftdata] should replace [swift-data]

swiftdata should be added as the primary tag Done: renamed swift-data to swiftdata. Current tag swift-data should be changed to a synonym This isn't strictly necessary - tags cannot differ by only ...
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  • 19.5k
3 votes

Synonymize [plotly-python] to [plotly]

In my view, tags of the form [language-technology] are only valuable when they further disambiguate over using [language] [technology] separately. (The [language] should be tagged anyway, so this ...
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2 votes

Merge and synonymize [cdp] with [chrome-devtools-protocol]

Pursuant the discussion in the comments, we've instead opted to delete the cdp. Its overlap with Customer Data Platforms of various flavours created too much ambiguity to be a good synonym candidate ...
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