As the term "superset" has a distinct meaning in set theory, I think that having it apply specifically to Apache Superset, when we have a more descriptive tag already available, can be misleading. There are a few questions tagged superset that do not relate to Apache Superset. Here are a few examples: Algorithm: need an algorithm for collapsing ...


We don't need a mod for this since there are only a few questions. I've retagged them as rust-ink. The ink tag will get deleted by the roomba later since there are no remaining open questions.


google-drive-shared-drive ← google-drive-team-drive I've merged the tags and created the synonym mapping shown above. There are currently 203 questions tagged google-drive-shared-drive. I lack the subject-matter expertise to make the call whether this is a useful tag on its own, or whether it should be merged into google-drive. If you want to discuss that, ...


In early December 2020, the flutter-hive tag was created (thanks @leftjoin for the comment). I don't know if that is the ultimate solution (instead of a tag like dart-hive) but, for the moment, it is a good alternative.

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