A couple of people have suggested renaming the tag to pyth-lang. Although it still starts with the first four characters of python, presumably the tag GUI would not suggest it any more unless people get as far as pyth-, which hopefully is much less frequent than people typing pyth and then hitting enter. It also seems less intrusive than the other ...


As this has not yet been suggested in an answer, I suggest its rename to esolang-pyth. This is so that it no longer conflicts with Python (due to the autocomplete) and the prefix is (IMHO) the most accurate representation of its purpose. This also makes sure that when a person is actually asking a Pyth question, they don't accidentally choose Python.


Rename it to pyth-esolang. I like the suggestion pyth-lang, but in my opinion some people may still think What does "pyth-lang" mean? I guess "pyth" means "python", and "lang" means "language"! Yes, it's a pretty easy riddle to guess! The two parts are just abbreviations! or, in different words, Obviously ...


What about changing the search algorithm to still favour extremely popular tags rather than obscure ones? I know pyth is a perfect match for the "pyth" string, but we are talking about a tag with 1 question versus one with 1.5m questions. How probable is that a user is indeed looking for pyth?


Delete the tag TL;DR While it's certainly valid, I believe it's highly unlikely to be actually used. If anything, maybe just remake it after a second relevant question exists. I believe pyth isn't all that useful considering that it has only had one question; if you are keeping this tag there's no reason not to add tags for all other esoteric languages that ...


Hans notes in a comment that, despite the apparent lack of thought behind this proposal, you nevertheless clearly know what you're talking about, being the top user by a large margin for the tensorflow.js tag. (Thanks for your hard work there!) Also, I reviewed the questions that were tagged tfjs, and it was apparent enough to me (despite my own total lack ...


Maybe the name of the tag could change to procedural-pyth


Done. I also approved your edits to the tag wiki and excerpt; thanks for being thorough!


Update Final: status-completed by Machavity Tags merged. Update1: Based on Community consensus, gsuite synonymized to => google-workspace. Merge/Rename still pending. Until moderators can actually get to this issue, Concerned users should be able to make a interim synonym between gsuite => google-workspace to avoid fragmentation.


There are really three tags under consideration: pointer-to-member, pointer-to-member-functions, and member-function-pointers, all from C++. According to the C++ standard (https://eel.is/c++draft/basic.compound#1.8) Pointers to data members and pointers to member functions are collectively called pointer-to-member types. So all three tags are the same ...


I've renamed the kony tag to temenos-quantum (and also created a synonym, so as not to break any bookmarks). While I agree with others' point that we prefer not to have the company name in our tags, I feel that the name of the product ("Quantum", in this case) is just too generic. If we went with a quantum tag, you'd constantly be fighting ...

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