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The [price] tag is being burninated

status-completed Due to a single user's unilateral actions, we now also have product-price with the same issues. It currently has 181 questions, it's just as ambiguous as price, and should be removed ...
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Stop paying [tax]es

I spent years on a project writing software on a product for completing, calculating and submitting UK tax returns. I never used the tag, nor wanted to. From the Tour page "we're working together ...
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The [price] tag is being burninated

Observations/Retag Guidance: Most of the questions are about various forms of prices, with the majority being in e-commerce. Questions about orders in e-commerce can be tagged with orders Questions ...
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The [price] tag is being burninated

Looking through the questions, this might be better as a disambiguation. E-commerce More than half of the questions with the price tag are about E-commerce. In these cases, price seems to be a useful ...
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