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This is now done. I've retagged the questions that were on topic but were referencing USB, Amazon's Certificate Manager, Heroku's Certificate Manager, the Java ACM libraries, etc. where appropriate. I closed anything that was off topic, often deleting the post as it was not going to be salvageable anyway.


I've torched it. Almost every single post with the tag was off-topic (lacking an MCVE, or way too broad). I've also found that acm-icpc has re-emerged, with 13 questions, another meta tag of the same ilk. It has been torched too. I've also burned through the following related tags (each has only a smallish number of posts, 85 or fewer): onlinejudge google-...


This tag absolutely should be burned, just like all coding competition tags that preceded. I’ve dealt with ~90% of the posts, closing a very large percentage (too broad or lacking a MCVE), the remainder were handled by others. It is now gone. In processing these I re-discovered competitive-coding, which is a meta tag just like leetcode is, only more so. It's ...


I’m removing the tag; it’s a manual process right now as there is no burnination support available. I’m cleaning up the posts where possible; we have a mix of access-control, Microsoft Access and general “trying to access X” questions, after all.


Just based on what's in the wiki for the two tags, ansible is the original (1.0) version of the system. At the time the tag was created it was the only version, so no version number was added to the tag. When Ansible 2.0 was released, a new tag was created, and the old tag left unversioned. Since they refer to two different incompatible product versions, the ...


Mumbl.. mumbl.. <inaudible> language cough ambiguous mumbl. Mumbl.. closed some mumbl. <inaudible> deleted others mumbl retagged mumbl. Tag’s gone.

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