Certainly, you may communicate with any OP (= "original poster") about their question. In such cases, however, I would not think about this as a "warning". Instead, consider how to best guide the person about how to optimally use the site / ask a question in order to get a good reception for it and an answer. The way you're thinking when you start ...


Comments are fraught with "Welcome Wagon" problems. Anything you say can potentially be interpreted as a slight or unwelcoming. My advice? Let the system work instead. Cast your close vote without comment, and move on. New users already have a wealth of information to draw from. They have the Help Center, FAQ posts on Meta, and the Question Asking ...


No, this would not be appropriate to ask.


They write a comment to OP. Comments are a privilege at 50 rep points. You have about 13 times more than that in rep points. I can't see a reason why you should not write helpful comments that help the community.


Here are my reasons why I would downvote if I see that question: lack of MRE "searched alot" text: "I've honestly looked at a lot of answers here" completely unrelated SQL code (with likely spelling "Scropt" error) I would expect someone who has 2K+ reputation to trim code to just the problem and explain (with possibly separate code) what they want to ...


There doesn't appear to be a canonical meta tag on a question page, so this is something SO can probably improve.


Treat it like any other bad question. It really doesn't matter who answered a question here, self-answering doesn't exempt the question from being moderated. Yes this comment from Martijn Pieters♦ is your answer. You just have to considerer that the questioner and the answerer are two different beings. Moderate the question like any other question and ...


Here’s a query I wrote to find all existing titles that don’t contain A-Z: select id as [Post Link] from posts where title not like'%[a-zA-Z]%' As you can see, there are a handful of (what I consider) legitimate titles with no alphabetics, but not enough to stop this FR from being a good idea (not just here but also on most of the other sites in the ...

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